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Scenario 1: Your team has been given the responsibility of creating an e-learning course on credit cards in ten days.

You are exactly on schedule, and there is a tight deadline. On the fourth day, your favourite cousin comes to Mysore and asks you to show him around. What would you do?

Firstly I will take this issue to my designated supervisor for his suggestions, and then I will propose flexible timing for the day so that I can balance well between professional and personal commitments. If by chance the permission is not given due to the criticality of the situation then I would not back out but my commitment and dedication towards the organisation in the future prospects will decrease because everyone wants work-life balance so that he/she could enjoys every aspects of life.
Scenario 2: In the team of MT-PDs, of which you are a part, there is some friction. One person feels that she is taking on too much work of another person, who is chronically ill & comes late or takes leave. She is resentful that others arent offering to take on the extra load. What do you think needs to be done?

1. If the task is generalised in nature then I will reallocate the work among others because giving too much burden to a single person will not allow that person to work at full potential and this may also lead to employee turnover. Assumption: Task is generalised in nature. 2. If it is a specialised task and critical to the organization then I will keep back-up as a bench strength or hire external specialist on a contract basis. Assumption: Task is specialised and critical to the organization
Situation 3: A corporate customer has made FLIP certifications mandatory, for applying to them. There is a large number of candidates taking the exams. You have decided to travel to some of the key centers, to ensure the process goes smoothly. At one center, you find an old friend your parents neighbours son - taking the exam. He Ramesh desperately needs the job, as his father has just passed away. During the exam, you notice that he is cheating. How would you handle the situation?

I would not let any candidate copy in the exam. Thus rule applies to my friend too. Ethically I would not be bending rules for a single candidate as it will be biasing towards others. But on personal terms, I will help him outside my work domain by forwarding his resume to close friend of mine and I would not be putting my professional reference due to FLIPs reputation. I would always keep professional and personal terms separate.

Situation 4: Looking at FLIPs range of courses and certifications, what are the target segments that FLIP could sell to? Put down as exhaustive a list as you can think of, with 1 line explanation for each.

1. Branch Banking and Retail Selling: Target customer Graduates specialised in finance, Employees of Branch and Retail Banking, those who are interested in retail banking. Explanation: They can learn the function and structure of retail banking and Front and Back office function of the Branch. 2. Currency and Interest rate Derivatives: Target Customer: Colleges which are providing specific master degree in banking and people who are working in trade finance operations. Explanation: Through this course, learner will be able to understand the basic of derivatives, interest rate swaps, pricing and hedging. 3. Credit risk and Operational Risk: Target Customer: Risk and Portfolio managers, Corporate bankers and analyst Explanation: they will understand how credit risk actually measured. 4. Finance and Banking Fundamentals of India: Target Customer: Every Graduates and Professional those who wants to build their career in Banking Sector. Explanation: This course will assist them in understanding basics of banking which will help them in building their career. Scenario 5: After you complete a year, which business area do you think you would like to take up? Why?
The business area I would like to take up would be Product Development. The main reason for this option is that from my final year of under graduation, I have been teaching students (juniors and batch mates) as a personal tutor and have an experience of 3 years (approx.) in the same field. Also, I have an inclination towards the profession of teaching and would to grow myself in the same field.

1) Why do you want to join FLIP?

I want to join FLIP because: Since the profile offered is related to Product Development and includes teaching and preparation of teaching material, I would get an opportunity to capitalize my teaching skills and grow myself in the company. The company would provide me with a unique and nurturing environment to face new challenges and learn numerous new and different things as a trainee. I can be open and frank with my peers that would in turn provide me with a conducive environment to learn and grow myself. 2) What are the reasons for your suitability to this role? I have 3 years of teaching experience as a personal tutor for under-graduation students which contained all accounts related subjects and tax as well. Along with my academic activities and multiple projects I was able to manage time for tuitions, so learned time management. I have a strong knowledge in particular subject area i.e. Accounts, Tax and Financial Management. I have ability to work in a team as well as using my own initiative. Since teaching as s profession has long term growth prospective, I would like to capitalize on the same.
Are you comfortable re-locating to Mysore? yes