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Oaks Lane, Newbury Park Ilford, Essex IG2 7PQ 07957218783



JOE (22) a blonde lady dress in evening wear walks down the busy main road, she walks up to Kuku Nest and enters.



BARTENDER(26) cleaning the bar for opening JOE Is the bar opened? BARTENDER Yes just opened JOE Am I the first to come in? BARTENDER Yes JOE You sure BARTENDER Yes *sighs, annoyed INT. BARSIDE EVENING

JOES phone then rings when the BARTENDER interrupts her BARTENDER What would you like to drink? Joe Surprise me *looks annoyed* JOE continues conversation on the phone. The Bartender returns with a drink. JOE (Sarcastic)


I said surprise me not poison me BARTENDER looks annoyed and takes the drink back and walks away. JOE finishes her conversation on the phone as the BARTENDER returns with a new drink. JOE Do you own the place? BARTENDER No but Ive worked here for six years JOE Wow cant get any other jobs? Before the BARTENDER can reply she puts her hand up to stop him as her phone rings again. The BARTENDER again walks away annoyed. Later he brings JOE a bowl of peanuts out of courtesy. JOE Are they fresh? BARTENDER: Well there from yesterday, within 24 hours that is JOE Im guessing you havent heard about peanuts at the bar MR six years Joe pushes the peanuts to one side with attitude. BARTENDER So what brings a fine young lady like you here today? JOE (flicks her hair) Blind date BARTENDER Hmm so where did you meet the lucky man JOE Hes such a romantic he said hell bring me my favourite white rose.


BARTENDER: I gather Im not an option JOE You were never in the equation JOE arrogantly takes her drink and sits to the side of the bar. EXT. OUTSIDE THE BAR EVENING

Alex opens the door and walks into the bar. INT. BARSIDE EVENING

ALEX places a white rose on the bar with her bag. BARTENDER What could I get you? ALEX Could I have a Sex on the Beach Please? BARTENDER Now thats my type of language So what are you here for? JOE is playing on her phone when she listens very carefully to their conversation. ALEX Im on a blind date and this one is really special BARTENDER Oh so whats this lucky guys name? (Looks at Joe) ALEX Joe JOE puts her phone down shocked as she turns around to the two. JOE Alex? The bartender looks confused 4|Page

ALEX Yes? JOE Wait is that a white rose? The BARTENDER turns around. BARTENDER Just my luck (Smirks) JOE walks over to the bar side and offers her hand to ALEX. Both females smile. JOE My last partner always thought I was destined to be different Both females walk out the bar hand in hand.




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