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Penis Size Does it Matter?

Table of Contents 1. Penis (Male external genital) 2. Penis Anatomy 3. The average penis size 4. How to measure the penis 5. Does the penis size is really matter? 6. Why the wider penis, Better? 7. Conclusion

Dr. Muhammad Tayub

DHMS / RHMP (Sexual Therapist) General Physician

Al Rehmat Health Care Center

Penis (Male external genitalia)

The penis is the male external sexual organs that he uses for having sex and for getting rid of liquid waste from the body. On the other words, the external male organ of copulation, used to transfer semen to the female. In most mammals, it is also used to expel urine from the body.

(1) Circumcised

(2) Uncircumcised

(3) Erected

Penis Anatomy Glans: The glans (the rounded tip of a penis) shows in picture (1) as the head of the penis. In
uncircumcised men, the glans is covered by the prepuce (the loose fold of skin) as shows in picture (2). The glans is a very sensitive part of the penis.

Corona: It

is the corona, Also known as the crown the corona is a ring of flesh (soft tissues) marking where the penis head and shaft join and the point of flesh connecting the glans to the penis shaft.

Frenum: This is the thin strip of flesh on the bottom of the penis that connecting the shaft to
the head.

Foreskin, Prepuce: The skin roll that covers the penis head as shows in uncircumcised
penis, but this skin roll is removed in circumcision as shown in circumcised penis.

Urethra: The little opening at the tip of the penis that carries urine from the bladder out of the
body and in the male also carries semen during ejaculation.

The Average Penis Size

The penis sizes are varies one to other. The average penis size is between 13 and 18cm (five to six inches in length when erect). And the penis averages size is three to four inches in length when flaccid, or non-erect.

How to Measure the Penis

The proper way to measure the length of penis is as follows:

1. Stand up your penis for the measurements of its length and size of penis.
2. Get erection, stiffened and swollen state of erectile tissues of the penis, as like as a result of sexual arousal. 3. Use your hands to point you penis parallel to the base. 4. Set a ruler against your pubic bone. Place one end against your pubic bone and the other end to your penis tip and measure the penis size in length and girth / width also.

Does Penis Size is really Matter?

In terms of sexual pleasure, the penis LENGHT DOESNOT matter but on the other hand the GIRTH DOES matter. Why is it? Let me clarify. In female, the Vagina is a complex muscular tunnel with nerve endings concentrated generally on the outside. There are some on the Mons pubis (the area just above the vagina where females pubic hair grows), a large amount of surface nerve endings in the Labia Minora and Labia Majora (the vaginal lips) and a vast amount of them in the clitoris and clitoral hood as shown in figure (4).

(4) Female Pelvis

Does Penis Size is really Matter?

The interior of the vagina has nerve endings as well, but they are only in the top third of the vaginal canal. Put your index finger into vagina and feel around with your finger tip. Now push your finger all of the way in and feel around again. The top third of the vagina has nerve endings at the muscles' surface to respond to minute movements and pressure while further up the vaginal canal pressure is felt but subtle movements can go unnoticed. A well endowed man is wonderful to look at and exciting to hold but his attributes end there. The average aroused vagina is only about 6 inches long and can fit a penis of that length and a little longer very comfortably. The longer than average man can make a wonderful sexual experience very uncomfortable because the head of his penis may begin to push up against the cervix (the cup shaped opening to female uterus). A shorter man is not without charm as the flared head of a short penis becomes a wonderful G spot stimulator and only this G spot stimulation can aroused the women and satisfy her during sexual intercourse. A girthy man is most women's dream. Women crave a feeling of fullness in the vagina and a man with a plump penis will encourages the bodies to self lubricate as he hits the surface nerves as well as the ones embedded deeply within the muscles.

Why the wider penis, better?

A wider penis could provide greater clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse as well as more stimulation of the outer, most sensitive portion of the vagina.

The penis width is more important for sexual satisfaction than penis length. Penis width needs to be given more consideration as the penis LENGHT DOESNOT matter but on the other hand the GIRTH DOES matter to provide maximum clitoral and G spot stimulation in female which can cause of maximum arousal & orgasm during sexual intercourse.