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Annual,47 C.F.R. $ 64.

200q(e) CPNI CertiftcatiQT

F,t Docket 06-36

Annual 64.2009:k\CPNI Certification for 2013

Date filed:
Cornpany covered by this eertification: Forrn 499 Filer [D:

January 11,2014 PW Carrier, Inc. ("Corpany") 829328 Pobitro Kumar Modok Chief Technology Offi cer

Name of signatory:

Title of signatory:

I, Pobitlo Kumar Modok, certify that I am an offlcer of the corrrpany named above, and acting as an agent of the company, that I have personal knowledge that the company has established operating procedures that ate adequate to ensure compliance with the Commission's CPNI rules. See 47 C.F.R. $
64.2001 et seq.

Attached to this cerlification, as Exhibit A, is an accompanying statement explaining how the company's procedures ensure that the company is in compiiance with the requirements set fbrth in seclion 64.2001 et sec1. of the Commission's rules. The company has not taken any actions (proceedings instituted or petitions filed by a oompany at

either state commissions, the court system,

brokels in the past year.

ol at the Comrnission against data

brokers) against data

'Ihe cor.npany has not received any custorner complaints in the past year concerning the unauthotized release of CPNI (number of customer complaints a company has received related to unauthorized access to CPNI, or unauthorized disclosure of CPNI, broken down by category or complaint, e.g., instances o1irnproper access by employees, instances of improper disclosule to individuals not authorized to leceive the intblmation, ol instances of improper access to online information by individuals not authorized to
view the infbrmation).


Pobitro Kumar Modok PW Can'ier, Inc.

i 9C Trolley Squale Wilmington, DE 19806

Exhibit A
Accorrpanying Statement to Annual Certificatjon of CPN I fbr 20


flled: lD:

JarlualY \1,2014

Cornpany covered by'this

certification: PW Can'ier, Inc' ("Conrpany")


Forr'/l9c) Filer

o1'sigrrator),: signatolr,:






Chie1'-l'echrrology Otlrcer'

Corrpany has not used CPNI except as included in 47 U.S.C. 222(d) exceptiorts.

a) b)


Ciornpan)'has not soLlght custolnef approval of the use of CPNI since CPNI is not rrsed

The C'orrparr), 5as tr.rrined all pelsonnel with access to CIPNlas to the identiflcation ol'CPNI and when CpNl l.ray be rLsed and has an express disciplinary pt'ocess in place tbr trny improper use oi cPN t.
The Con.rpan),has not used

c) d)

cPNl in any sales o|rnarketing


No outbould sales arrd rnalketirrg canrpaign can be conducted r.vithout rxanagelrent appltrval and with ttte CPNI rLrles. trn.r, suc).r canrpaiqn would lequire supelvisoly reviewto assure cornpliarrce