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Juwel Aich on the stage J.A. smiles. Kon banwa (good evening in Japanese) Good Evening. J.A.

: Hello ever bod . !robabl ou now "e:). #ou $now "e%

Audience: #es (&ith 'hout). Jewel Aich. J.A.: #es( our Jewel Aich. Ever ti"es ou see "e showing "agic. )agic( that goes with li*e that goes with our e"otion. +ut toda ( i a" here to be a part o* a "agical "o"ent. ,ur li*e is nothing but su" o* so"e "o"ents where an beautiful moment can be "agical and in other wa ( an "agical "o"ent is beautiful. Hence( our li*e is *ull o* "agic. -oda even( we are going to celebrate so"e beauti*ul "o"ents o* li*e. -he launching cere"on o* !anasonic( in association with its distributor Eco .deas /td. in +angladesh. J.A.: He 0awshin( where are ou% 0awshin.: . A" here1 Holding 2.dea *or /i*e3... J.A.: ,$.. /ets co"e out with the "agical "o"ent. A beauti*ul anchor( a "agical brand and a "agical "o"ent. &elco"e...( 2.deas *or /i*e3 4-he round 5o" will start "oving. A re6uvenating "usic will be pla ed accordingl 7 -here will be a lighting show on the sa"e ti"e( e8ecuted si"ultaneousl . -he anchor will co"e out *ro" the 5o" and will co"e towards the podiu"7

J.A: (-owards 0awshin)#ou loo$ stunningl *resh1 999: -han$ ou 'ir. #ou can +la"e it on spring. ) :avourite season. J.A: -al$ing o* spring( it re"inds "e o* *lowers( sun and bree; nights... 'o( ladies and gentle"en( now that ou got 0awshin( . thin$ ou ou wont need "e an "ore (ha ha ha ). 'ince now( she is going to ta$e care o* the show. J.A.: +e*ore i leave( 6ust one thing to share( li*e is beauti*ul. .ts "agical. .ts goes with .deas. 'o( Hats o** to 2.deas *or /i*e3. -han$ ou. JA smiles and leave the stage. 0awshin: -hat ou Jewel Aich 'ir *or his ti"e( wonder*ul words and Wonderful Smile! (ha ha ha) -han$s to ou all *or "a$ing a roo" in our bus schedule *or this event. /oo$s ver spontaneous and re6uvenating( all over the hall. &ith over si8 hundred and eight co"panies( !anasonic <orporations is the largest product "anu*acturer in the world. &ith their distinct lines o* electronic goods( the have enhanced and enriched li*est les around the world. And we are luc$ that Eco .deas /td.( is bringing in all those green products which not onl "a$es our li*e easier and "ore beauti*ul but also supports with energ e**icienc and hence( good *or our environ"ent in the long run. )a . now( call upon on stage )r. ) A )anna( the <hair"an = )anaging 5irector o* Eco .deas /td.( to e8press his valuable view to us. MR. M A Mannan, Chairman & Managing Director, Eco Ideas Ltd. )>. )annan on the podiu"( deliver his speeches 0awshin: than$ ou sir *or our inspiring words. 0ow( . would li$e to call upon on stage )r. ??????????( o* !anasonic <orporation. 0awshin: )r.???????( the delegate o* !anasonic <orporation. )r. ????????co"es on the podiu". 5eliver his speech. Mr. KKK gives his speech.

Mr. KKK gets back to his seat. 999: .t was reall nice to hear all those good words *ro" )r. ?????? ,nce again( . would li$e to than$ both !anasonic <orporations and Eco .deas /td. *or all those wonder*ul products that are "a$ing li*e en6o able and o* course to "an e8tent( @uiet "agical. 0ow( . want to tal$ about so"ething di**erent. &e all $now what happened to Japan. -he "assive earth@ua$e *ollowed b a devastating tsuna"i too$ a toll on not onl the lives o* thousands but also the econo" o* Japan. &e e8press our deep re"orse and pra *or all those souls: "a the rest in peace. .n "e"or o* all those devastations( "a . now re@uest ou all to stand up and pa respect in silence *or A "inute. Audiences stand up.1 minute silence. Audiences sit down. 0awshin: than$ ou all. -he histor o* hu"an civili;ation is *ull o* ups and down. .n the *ace daunting odds( we the hu"an beings never lose hope and "ove on. &ith the *aith o* the heart( we have alwa s achieved whatever we wanted to. !anasonic <orporation donated BCC "illion en and necessar supplies including AC thousand radios( AC thousand *lashlights and DCC thousand dr batteries to support the swi*t recover o* the northeast area o* Japan a**ected b the strong earth@ua$e on )arch AA.&e hope the people o* Japan will overco"e this cala"it and regain the prosperit the have lost in the disaster.

0ow( its " turn to "ove on1 +e*ore we welco"e ou to the ne8t seg"ent o* the progra"( lets have a loo$ to the <orporate AE o* !anasonic <orporation. Display of Panasonic orporate A!. 0awshin: incredible one1 Hope ou li$ed it 11

0ow( we are entering to the second round o* our launching cere"on . Here( ou will en6o a cultural choreograph ( a representation o* both +angladeshi -ribal <ulture and Japanese <ulture A05 a :usion "usical session( East "eets the &est. <ultureFit is an essential part o* our national li*e. <ulture is what we areG culture teaches us what to do and what not. +oth Japan and +angladesh have a strong cultural bac$ground. :ro" the countr s preHhistoric Jo"on !eriod to its h brid culture o* toda ( Japan has nu"erous wonder*ul ele"ents li$e geisha( sa"urai( $i"ono and toda s pop cultures. ,n the other hand( +angladesh being in*luenced b .sla"( Hinduis"( Jainis"( +uddhis" and <hristianit H is a rich hub o* "usic( dra"a( art and cra*ts( *ol$lore and *ol$tales and the sweetest language on the earth( +angla. -han$s to Eco ideas /td. as the brings ho"e worlds "ost technologicall advanced electronic goods "anu*actured b !anasonic. &hich( we consider as an a"a;ing opportunit to bring the two cultures together. +angladesh is beauti*ul( we all $now that. ,ne o* the "an ele"ents that add to this enchanting beaut is the diverse li*est le o* our ethnic people. -he have a rich culture and the *irst per*or"ance o* tonight is a tribal dance( representing tribal essence o* +angladesh. /adies and gentle"en( welco"e on stage /// and the troop1 """ and the troop come on stage and perform. 0awshin: thats wonder*ul. /// and troop( we love ou1 0ow( ladies and gentle"en( /ets have a loo$ to so"e o* the Global Advertise"ents o* !anasonic. Display of Panasonic global adverts. 999: honestl ( !anasonic( ou are "arvelous. &erent those too good1 its ti"e *or the second choreograph b ???????????. !lease welco"e the" on stage with a big round o* applause. ??????????????????per*or".

0awshin: 'i"pl A"a;ing1 Hope ou *eel the sa"e11 5ear audience( this launching is ta$ing place in a "onth that we all ad"ire with deep respect because it is the "onth o* our independence. IJth "arch is the da when the *ather o* the 0ation 'hei$h )u6ibur >ah"an declared independence. A*ter a blood war o* nine "onth( we *reed our countr ( our beloved 'honar +angla. -he ne8t choreograph is ho"age to that da and all those people whose i""ense sacri*ice "ade it possible *or us to en6o *reedo" toda . /adies and gentle"en( /ets e8press our tribute to the independence da ( a choreograph 2'hobdo E$ti 'hobdo3 #ndependence Day choreography $%hobdo ekti %hobdo& takes place.

0awshin: &,&F. a" prett "uch sure that the per*or"ance enthralled us all. -han$s to ?????????????????*or putting together such a wonder*ul choreograph . Give a big round applause *or ?????????????????????. /adies and gentle"en( be*ore( we "ove onto our ne8t seg"ent o* show( the "usical session( . want to than$ ou all *or being a $ind and patient audience. Hope ou are en6o ing the event1 0ow( the "uch awaited "usical session. +angladesh heralds( a"ong "an o* its *ol$ arts( +auls and their songs. -his particular seg"ent o* *ol$ "usic e8udes an engrossing " sticis" and spiritualis" in both the l rics and co"position. ,ur *irst per*or"er o* this evening is one such "aestro. /adies and gentle"en( please put our hand together to welco"e +aul Kalachan )ia. 'aul Kala han Mia perfoms. 0Awshin: i"peccable rendition. -hough . a" hearing this song *or the *irst ti"e in " li*e( . a" alread a *an. Hope "an o* ou *eel the sa"e. 0ow( we all $now that "usic is such an ele"ent that is be ond borders. )usic sooths our "ind( puri*ies our sense and above all( "usic brings cultures together. -onight( we are going to e8perience two such per*or"ances.

Here goes the :irst one. -he band(??????? has an ense"ble o* a *ew e8pat "usicians in it. /adies and gentle"en( please welco"e on stage ( ??????? with a big round o* applause. (he )))))))) band performs. 0awshin: -han$s ???????????band *or our i""aculate per*or"ance. &e are al"ost at the end o* the show. 0ow co"es last but not least( the "usical congestion( where east proudl greets west( where +aul Kala <han )ia will 6a" on with the +and( ???????. /adies and gentle"en( put our hands together as the "usical per*or"ers *ro" two di**erent cultures brea$ down the barrier and e"brace each other with sheer enthusias". +aul Kala <han )ia and the +and( ????????F -he Ja""ing session ta$es place. 0awshin: whooFthat was proli*ic. 5ear audience( its ti"e to call it a night. +ut be*ore that( . would li$e to call upon on stage )r. )usta*i;ur >ah"an 'a;id( 5irector( 'ales = )ar$eting o* Eco .deas /td. to give the vote o* than$s. )r. )usta*i;ur >ah"an 'a;id places vote of thanks 0awshin: -han$ ou all *or being with us and en6o ing the spectacular show o* !anasonic = E<, .deas /td.. &e hope( !anasonic will $eep adding new ideas *or our li*e and Eco .deas /td. will bring those ideas to us11 'ee ou ne8t ti"e. Good night and have a sa*e drive ho"e. 5ont *orget to wear our seatbelts( where driving. -han$ ou.