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Directs nursing service activities for assigned intensive care unit patients.

Delegates responsibilities to auxiliary and intensive care unit staff nurses; supervises preparation and maintenance of intensive care unit patient clinical records, writes reports on intensive care unit staff performance and services rendered. Maintains pre-set inventory standards for solutions, supplies, medicines and equipment, and keeps track of narcotics.

Must be graduate of an accredited nursing program with current state licensure and at least 5 years of direct experience. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directs the work of others. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to top management.

HEAD NURSE Job Duties Head nurses direct and supervise nursing staff in provision of nursing care and ensure the availability of support services which facilitate this care. The first-line nurse administrator serves as a resource to staff , interpreting philosophy, goals, standards, policies and procedures. The head nurse participates in varying degrees in policy formation and decision making with other member of nursing administration. These administrators are the vital link between the nursing management and the staff that delivers care to the patient. Head nurses are responsible for delivering care that is therapeutically effective and safe as well as cost-effective. They accomplish this by effective utilization of resources through the administrative process. Usually, a head nurse is responsible for a nursing unit. Activities that received the most votes by head nurses as most representative of their responsibilities were identified in one survey.

Supervises and coordinates all patient care on the unit, including communication with physician. Assumes 24-hour responsibility of the unit. Confronts and resolves conflicts involving staff, physician, patients, and personnel. Schedules daily activities of the unit, including assignment planning, scheduled meal and break time, and conferences. Provides feedback to each employee on a planned basis, including a yearly observation. Meets regularly with nursing administration f0r feedback and problem solving. Aids in the implementation of new policies and procedures. Implements, evaluates, and revises plans to meet the unit goals. STAFF NURSE Job Duties Renders professional nursing care to patients within an assigned unit of a hospital, in support of medical care as directed by medic!l staff and pursuant to objectives and policies of the Hospital. Performs nursing techniques for the co-fort and well being of the patient. Prepares equipment and assist physician during trEatments and examinations of patients. AdministeRsprescribed medications, orally, aNd by inJections; Prov des treatment using therapeutic equipment; observes patients reactions to medications and treatments; observes progress of intravenous infusions ant subcutaneouS in&iltra4ions; chaNges or as3ist physician in changing dressings and cleaning wounds or incisions; takes temperature, pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, and heart beat to detect deviations from normal and gauge progress of patient, following physicians orders and approved nursing care plan. Observes, records, and reports to supervisor or physician patients condition and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents. Maintains patients medical records on nursing observations and actions taken, such as medications and treatments given, reaction, tests, intake and emission of liquids and solids, temperature, pulse and respiration rate. Records nursing needs of patients on nursing care plan to ensure the continuity of care. Observes emotional stability of patients, expresses interest in their progress, and prepares them for continuing care after discharged. Explains procedures and treatments ordered to gain patients cooperation and allay apprehension. Rotates on day, evening, and night tours of duty may asked rotate among the various clinical and nursing services of institution. Each service will have specialized duties, and staff nurse may

be known by the section to which assigned, such as Staff Nurse, Obstetrics or Staff Nurse, Pediatrics. May serve as a team for a group of personnel rendering nursing care to a number of patients. Assist in planning, supervising, and instructing midwives, nursing aides and students. Demonstrates nursing techniques and procedures, and assist non-professional nursing care personnel in rendering nursing care unit. May assist with operations and deliveries by preparing rooms, sterilizing instruments, equipments, and supplies, and handling them, in order of use, to surgeon or other medical specialist.