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Arrange the following sentences to form a logical sequence








A. Many social changes that were addressed in the 1960's are still the issues being confronted today. B. In spite of all the turmoil, there were some positive results: the civil right revolution, John F Kennedy's bold vision of a new frontier and the breathtaking advance in the space, all of which helped bring about progress and prosperity. C. 60s was a decade of social and political upheaval. D. However much was negative: student and anti-war protest movements, political assassinations, and ghetto riots excited American people and resulted in lack of respect for authority and the law. 1) CABD 2) CADB 3) ACBD 4) ABCD A. The beginning of time refers to when the ancestral spirits emerged from the formless earth in the human and animal form. B. They traveled upon it, creating and shaping its physical features, as well as the people, plants and animals. C. This life force, which was released at the beginning, is still present today and is given off at special places on the earth according to the Aborigines. D. Time, as a point in history, is an unknown concept in the traditional Aboriginal understanding. 1) DCBA 2) ABDC 3) DABC 4) ADCB A. Unfortunately, this definition of epic is too simple on the written page, although we desire Plato's conception of a dichotomized reality. B. The novel reveals cracks and holes and invites a new analysis and ultimately a mess of competition. C. When we define the inaccessible past, we recognize how definitions and truth begin to dissolve and compete in language. D. The novel begins to negate epic simplicity and idealization by dusting off traditional interpretations and misrepresentation that have accumulated as a poll shed surface over the years. 1) ACDB 2) CBDA 3) BDAC 4) CABD A. And when it is found this force depends in a certain way upon the relative position of the bodies and on their electric or magnetic condition, it seems at first sight natural to explain the facts by assuming the existence of something either at rest or in motion in each body. B. This constitutes its electric or magnetic state. C. The most obvious mechanical phenomenon in the electrical and magnetic experiments is the mutual action by which bodies in certain states set each other in motion while still at a sensible distance from each other. D. The first step, therefore, in reducing this phenomenon into scientific form, is to ascertain the magnitude and direction of the force acting between bodies. 1) BACD 2) ACBD 3) DACB 4) CDAB A. The child maintains a level of 'Mental Grammar' that, according to Jackendoff, may be completely unconscious. B. Therefore, although a child might have a vocabulary of just fifty words, he or she may be able to comprehend communication on a much higher level. C. Jackendoffs studies indicate that children have some grasp of the grammatical patterns of the language quite a while before they can use them in their own speech. D. That language is not indispensable is demonstrated by the fact that the children often comprehend much more than their language skills imply. 1) ADCB 2) CDAB 3) CABD 4) DCBA A. Close on its heels came a snake called Anaconda. B. It took a dinosaur to liven up the English film business in India. C. When Steven Spielbergs The Lost World hit cinema screens here, it posted a record of becoming the highest Hollywood grosser ever in the industry. D. And together they made for one of the best Hollywood seasons in India. 1) CDAB 2) ADBC 3) BADC 4) BCAD A. The reason behind such thinking is fairly simple. B. The growth was apparently funded by cheap leverage finance companies resulting in excess capacities being built up throughout their economic systems and these economies are now being focused to export their problems by dumping their surplus production throughout the global economy. C. The once upon a time miracle economies of East Africa are also crash landing after enjoying an unusually long spell of r obust growth. D. There is a growing perception that the global economy could well spill into a deflationary spiral as a result of the rapidly spreading last Asian economic crisis. 1) CADB 2) DACB 3) BDCA 4) BACD A. The evolution of Indias racial and ethnic diversity has a long history (more than 5000 years) compared with the very short history of American society confined to the latter half of the second millennium. B. This has resulted in an increase in the ethnic and cultural diversity of the U.S. C. Streams of people came to India through its north-west passes, settled in different geographic locales and intermixed with the indigenous population. D. Indian and American societies are strikingly similar to racial and ethnic diversities although each has evolved under different historical and geographical contexts. E. On the other hand, American society has evolved through a stream of European migration, and Asia and Latin America has become increasingly prominent since 1970. 1) ACDBE 2) ABCED 3) DACEB 4) DAEBC