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EE 340 Tutorial 1

Q1. Consider the circuit in the following figure 1:

Figure 1.

(a) For any value of resistance R, capacitance C, and frequency , find the value impedance Z1 which makes the equivalent impedance of the circuit, Zeq, purely real. What is the value of Zeq in that case? (b) Is it possible to create the impedance Z1 in part (a.) with a shorted, lossless transmission line of characteristic impedance Z0 =R = 50, at frequency = 27106 Hz with C=1F? If not, provide a convincing argument. If so, what is the minimum line length l needed, in meters? You may assume that c=3108 m/s here. Q2. A lossless air-filled transmission line operating at f (Hz) is terminated with a load RL, and V(z) across the line is measured, as illustrated. Find out : (i) f(Hz) ? (ii) VSWR? (iii) Z0()? V z (iv) C [F/m] of the line? Load=RL (v) L [H/m] of the line? (vi) ? V z (vi ) Fraction of power reflected by the load?


Z= -A

Z= 0

Figure 2.

Q3. An electromagnetic wave is propagating in the z-direction in a lossy medium with attenuation constant = 0.5 Np/m. If the wave's electric field amplitudes is 100V/m at z=0, how far the wave travel before its amplitude will reduce to (a) 10V/m, (b) 1V/m, (c) 1V/m. Sketch the wave. Q4. Consider the transmission line circuit shown below. Compute the incident power, the reflected power and the power transmitted into the infinite 75 line. Show that power conservation is satisfied.

Figure 3.

Q5. A generator is connected to a transmission line as shown below. Find the voltage as a function of z along the transmission line. Plot the magnitude of this voltage for -l z 0.

Figure 4.

Q6. Consider the lossless transmission line shown below, Calculate the input impedance at port 1.
l3= ,Z0

l2= 2/ l1= , Z01
2 3



, Z0

l4= , Z0


Figure 5.

Q7. Consider a transmission line (Z0 = 50) terminated in a load impedance ZL = j200. Find the location along the line (distance from the load, l) where a) Z(l) = 0 b) Z(l) = open c) Z(l) = + j 25 d) plot the voltage and current waveforms along the transmission line over one wavelength Q8. A 100 transmission line has an effective dielectric constant of 1.65. Find the shortest opencircuited length of this line that appears at its input as a capacitor of 5 pF at 2.5 GHz. Repeat for an inductance of 5 nH. Q9. Consider a lossless transmission line. (a) Determine the lines characteristic impedance so that it will have a minimum possible standing wave ratio for a load impedance 40 + j30 . (b) Find this minimum standing wave ratio and the corresponding voltage reflection coefficient. Q10. Consider a section of a uniform transmission line of length l, characteristics impedance Z0, and propagation constant between terminal 1-1/ and 2-2/ shown in fig 6(a). let (V1,I1) and (V2,I2) be the phasor voltages and phasor currents at terminals 1-1/ and 2-2/ respectively. a) derive the relation between (V1,I1) and (V2,I2) in terms of ABCD parameters as shown below

Also check whether A =D & AD-BC=1 b) The two-port system can be represented by equivalent symmetrical T-network as shown in fig. 6(b). Prove that

Figure 6.