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DATE, 2010

Dear Friend: All we need is a little more. Thats what the tax-and-spenders in Des Moines have been telling us over the past few years when it comes to taxes and spending. And the truth is, no matter how much we give them, their answer is always just a little more. But the only thing hardworking Iowans are getting more of is deficits, out-ofcontrol spending, higher taxes and attacks on our traditional values. My name is Gabe Swersie, and I think its time we stand up and tell the tax-andspenders NO MORE. Im running for State Representative in District 41, and today Im writing to you to introduce myself, tell you about my values and beliefs, and ask you to send me to Des Moines to put a stop to the madness. But first, since Im running to represent you, wont you please take a moment and fill out the enclosed Issue Questionnaire? Id like to know your thoughts about the critical issues facing our state during these trouble times. And troubled times they are. You see, after passing the three largest budgets in state history, our state was faced with a half-a-BILLION dollar budget deficit last year. Instead of making necessary budget cuts to make up for the shortfall, the Democrat leadership in Des Moines depended on a one-time stimulus loan from the

federal government. All this on top of the fact that the General Assembly borrowed $765 million over the next 20 years, which will cost the taxpayers $1.1 BILLION in interest payments. Well, what happens when the stimulus runs out? Whether they want to admit it or not, the General Assembly will be faced with a budget crisis -- and the only solutions will either be to cut spending or raise taxes. And if you and I dont start fighting back, were not going to like the General Assemblys fix. You see, the Democrat leadership in Des Moines has already raised the sales tax by $500 MILLION and supported a $250 million property tax increase. And you and I can be sure they have more in store unless we fight back now. In fact, if we dont fight back now -- harder than ever -- next year we may find ourselves past the point of no return. And thats a thought that sends shivers down my spine. If elected to be your next State Representative, you can be sure Ill do everything in my power to stop the special interest lobby dead in their tracks. In fact, if elected, I promise to: *** NEVER vote for a tax increase. Not only that, but Ill introduce and aggressively push legislation to lower the current tax burden on Iowas hardworking families. Defend traditional Iowan values. Ill stand up for the Second Amendment, the Sanctity of Life, traditional marriage and our religious liberties against those who wish to remake Iowa in the image of San Francisco. Protect Iowas Right to Work Law. Since 2006, our Right to Work Law has been under constant assault. Ill make sure that Iowas Right to Work Law is never overturned. Restore excellence in education. Its about time we put control of our schools back in the hands of local teachers and parents, instead of




special-interest bureaucrats in Des Moines. If you agree, please fill out the enclosed Issue Questionnaire and return it to me immediately. Now that you know my views on the issues facing Iowans this November, let me tell you a little more about myself and where my views come from. As a child, my parents did their best to instill in me traditional American values. Values like hard work, personal responsibility, and faith in God, family and community. The exact same values that most Iowans still hold dear today. After high school, I spent six years in the United States Navy, and three years in the U.S. Naval Reserves, where I learned even more about hard work and perseverance. Today, my wife Jenny and I do our best to instill these same values in our five children. But with constant attacks on our values coming out of Des Moines, it makes it a lot harder to raise a family. But if you send me to Des Moines, Ill work to get the government out of our lives so that hardworking Iowans can have more of their time and money. You see, I think its ridiculous that the average Iowan has to work until April 9 just to pay their tax bill. That means that you work more than a third of every year for the special-interest bureaucrats in Des Moines and Washington. And they still cant make ends meet. As the owner of my own small business, I also understand how bureaucratic red tape and burdensome government regulations do nothing to make sure businesses operate more efficiently. In fact, all they do is drive up the cost of doing business, forcing small business owners to close their doors putting even more Iowans out of work. And since there are currently more than 100,000 folks in Iowa unemployed, Id

say more government regulation and red tape is the last thing we need. Thats why I hope to earn your support in the November 2 General Election. But since Im not beholden to the special-interest lobby, you can be sure that those who depend on big government for their living will come at me with guns blazing this November. So please, if at all possible, include a generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 -- or whatever you can afford -- along with your signed Issue Questionnaire. I know thats a lot to ask for, but if we dont turn things around now, well all have greater problems down the line. But together, you and I can put Iowa back on the right track. Sincerely,

Gabe Swersie State House Candidate District 41 P.S. Its time we send a Representative to Des Moines who will fight for limited government, lower taxes and traditional Iowa values. If you agree, please fill out the enclosed Issue Questionnaire and return it with your most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 -- or whatever you can afford.