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Requirements in NCM 107 B Nursing Leadership and Management

Submitted by: Baginda, Zehera Ann J. Balang, Sitti Haridzma A. Dodong, Sittirahma T. Licayu, Gladys Mae C. Pardo, Ma. Aika Christelle O. Sahiron, Sheridan Nihar S. Tabaloc, April Rose D. Wee, Jessica Jill B. Dumdumaya, Antoniette C.

Submitted to: Teresita D. Ong, RN MN Clinical Instructor

January 10, 2014


Peter Drucker, a successful entrepreneur once said, Management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things. This basically means that managers have certain protocols to follow and their ultimate end is always to meet and maintain the goals established by the institution. A leader, on the other hand, is the fuel that keeps and engine running. Leaders inspire their members to persevere. Leaders are the ones who get to make the tough calls and decisions that will make or break the system. The same thing holds true in Nursing Leadership and Management. An organized system of management and an empowering and influential leadership are key ingredients in delivering the best quality of patient care. One of the roles in nursing management is the recruitment and employment of nursing staff that is the basic layer of delivering patient care. The management must therefore set criteria and guidelines for recruitment. Standards, which include competence in skills and knowledge, persevering attitude towards work and profession empathy towards clients and effective communication skills should be met and maintained by the applicants and aspiring staff nurses. Credentials and specializations in certain fields and areas of nursing should also be taken into consideration by the management. This ensures that the skills and mastery of the hired applicants are in par with the needs and skills required by the unit. There should also be a striking balance in the number of patients with the number of hired nurses. Hiring and recruitment are vital in ensuring the productivity of the institution. A strict and competent hiring ultimately results in a competent delivery of patient care.

Situation Teamwork in Hiring Six nurses have just applied for a position in the open heart unit. Working with a group, develop an appropriate decision grid for selecting which nurse to hire. Identify six criteria for hiring you may give each criterion weighted points so that the decision is a quantitative solution. For example level of education could be weighted 5-10 points and experience 10-30 points. Criteria For Staff Nurses Employment CRITERIA NLE Rating General Average TOR Work Experience Credentials Personality and Grooming Language Proficiency TOTAL 1. NLE RATING 20 pts All hired nurses should be board exam passers. This ensures that the recruited staff nurses are licensed practitioners, capable of critical thinking, decision making and with the adequate intellectual resources to practice the nursing profession. The NLE rating is a reflection of the applicants practical knowledge on the principles, theories and concepts in the nursing practice. It is therefore essential that managers take into consideration the applicants board rating. 2. General Average (TOR)- 15 pts The applicants Transcript of Records shows how serious the applicant is about his chosen profession. It is important that the interviewer considers the applicants TOR because it outlines the applicants strengths and weaknesses and provides a glimpse of his capabilities and attitudes towards work. 3. Work Experience- 30 pts SCORE 20 15 30 15 10 10 100

The applicants work experience is very critical in hiring and recruitment. The longer the experience is, the more skillful the applicant is. A history of competent work experience reveals that the applicant is fit for the job. It is also important that the manager or interview takes note of the applicants work history. A telemetry nurse will be most likely assigned in open heart units or cardiac clinics, while a previous pediatric nurse will most likely exhibit competence in caring for and managing pediatric clients. This ensure that the applicants skills and areas of master fit with the area in which he is assigned 4. Credentials- 15 pts This will include the IV therapy seminars or other degrees (MN, MAN, and PhD), seminars, workshops and accolades attended and received by the applicant. This will measure the applicants skills and qualifications. Like the work experience, the applicants credentials should also match the job description. Nurses with BLS and ACLS training will most likely be assigned in Emergency unity while nurses with Telemetry trainings will be assigned in heart clinics. It is an important criterion for hiring because it is a reflection of the applicants skills and competencies. 5. Personality and Grooming- 10 pts An applicants dedication to work and attitude towards his patients are very important aspects in staffing, so is an applicants appearance and hygiene. This gives the interviewer a glimpse of what kind of a person and nurse the applicant is. The applicants personality greatly affects the quality of care that he will be delivering to his patients. A nurse with poor hygiene and neglectful attitude endanger the lives of the patients. 6. Language Proficiency- 10 pts Therapeutic communication skills are very essential in the nursing practice. A nurse will not be able to establish rapport and therapeutic relationship with his patients without effective communication. This will hinder the development of trust and patient cooperation.