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Pathways October 2009



On Sunday, October 11, Trinity Presbyterian Church will be cele-
TRINITY brating the 10th anniversary of the Extra Innings Tutoring and Men-
PRESBYTERIAN STAFF toring program. Throughout the morning, there will be opportunities
Pastor to learn more about, and celebrate the achievements of this long-
Gary Hanson standing program.
Home: (651) 501-1820
Cell: (651) 373-1821 The celebration will begin at the 9 am education hour where the his- tory and purpose of the program will be explained. At the 10 am
worship hour, several program volunteers will share their perspec-
Administrator/Pastoral tives of the program, sponsors will be recognized, and Susan
Care Coordinator Lundin, Extra Innings Program Director, will discuss the program‘s
Dee Lindblom impact on the children and volunteers who have participated. After-
Mon-Fri 8:30am-2:00pm wards, a cake and punch reception will be held in Fellowship Hall, ac-
Cell:(651) 353-6724 companied by a slide show of the program.
For more information please contact Bob Anderson (651-578-9367)
Christian Education
Director or Barb Outcelt (651-739-5433).
Joe Pendal
Several Trinity members shared some rewarding memories of their
Church Musician tutoring experiences at Extra Innings over the past several years.
Joyce Piper Here are some of their stories.
(651) 458-0341
Brad Wright: The most memorable experience that I have came
Choir Director when I took my student whom I had been tutoring for a year to work
Neal Strand one day for a career day at 3M. I had set up a schedule for her to
(651) 501-8225 have informational interviews with various successful women: an ex-
ecutive assistant, a computer programmer, a scientist, and a law-
Child Care Attendants
Nicole Rucker
yer. As we were walking in together past the guard, she turned to
Amanda Ulrich me with tears in her eyes and said ‖I never thought I would get in
here.‖ The day was a great success in motivating her to study
Custodians hard. It reminded me how important it is to provide role models and
Jeff Lindblom basic encouragement. You can make a difference.
Karen Lindblom
Barb Outcelt: Dorothy Ewald was a tutor early on, and her stu-
dent surprised Dorothy with a birthday cake. I know Dorothy was a
2125 Tower Drive very special person to that girl!
Woodbury MN 55125 I also was so impressed with a young woman at Tartan HS. She
Phone & Fax: came for three years (all through high school) and received a scholar-
(651) 738-0045 ship to St. Catherine's College upon graduation.
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I was not born a Presbyterian, I chose it while in seminary. When it became clear I was being
called to a church vocation, I carefully listed the strengths and weaknesses of several denomina-
tions including Presbyterian to see which one fit me best. A very convincing attribute of our de-
nomination is its huge emphasis on education, both for the clergy and the laity. I appreciated

the fact that most Presbyterian churches have strong education programs. Trinity is no different.
Our church solidified this viewpoint with the recent hiring of Joe Pendal as Director of Christian
Education. Although not ordained, Joe has
been seminary trained. He is a gifted teacher was not born a Presbyterian,
and communicator. Joe is as comfortable I chose it while in seminary.
teaching a course on Calvin to adults as he is
explaining the sacraments to our children. A very convincing attribute of
He brings energy, vibrancy and humor to our denomination is its huge
every classroom. As a member volunteer, he
was heavily involved with our youth and in
emphasis on education, both for the
teaching adult education. As a staff person, clergy and the laity. Trinity is no
he will become engaged in every educational
area of this church.
I hope you‘ve noticed the increased educational opportunities at Trinity. In addition to classes on
Sunday mornings or LOGOS on Wednesdays, here are additional offerings:
 Saturday morning classes for the entire family;
 Monday evening and Monday daytime classes on what we as Presbyterians believe;
 a half-day seminar on Calvin on November 7;
 on-line opportunities to study together through our church‘s website;
 an all church ―Lock-In‖ (October 9-10);
 and a winter weekend retreat in February at Clearwater Forest Camp are being planned!
I share Joe‘s educational philosophy that we are all at different places along the way of our faith
journey. More importantly, we all have something to learn from each other and from the Lord.
Joe has implemented programs and opportunities for all ages and at different times to be as
convenient for our busy schedules as possible.
Please contact Joe or me if you are interested in teaching or participating in any of these oppor-
tunities, and we‘ll try to fit you in the right slot. Together may we continue to be educated and
informed people of faith.
Yours in Christ, Gary


The Summer 2009 Vacation Bible School held in June was great
fun for the children and teachers alike. Here several Trinity chil-
dren race off in search of another adventure.
Thanks to Susan Jamison for sending along this photo!
OCTOBER 2009 Page 3

Moving right along … as part of
Building & Grounds
Mike Schenck 739-3727 the Long Range Planning Com-
mittee, I had the privilege of
Christian Education participating in each of the focus
Kirk Breen 436-4212
Gretchen White 337-0159 group meetings held over the
Christian Education Rallies
summer. Soon you will hear
Clerk of Session BIG; Looks Ahead
Marnelle Andersen more about that process and
735-3287 Now that Rally Sunday has come what we are doing there, but it
Communications and gone (by the time you read is important in a CE context to
Susan Jamison 578-7100 this we will be a number of point out that we received much
weeks into the ‘09-‘10 Christian feedback on Christian learning.
Long Range Planning
Darryl Willison 739-2674 Education year), we begin to Most particularly there was a re-
look ahead to the many learning curring call for small group stud-
Mental Health Group
Dee Lindblom opportunities being offered here ies and Bible studies. Our
738-0045 or 353-6724 at Trinity for all ages. friends at Trinity want to learn, and they want to learn together
Before setting aside totally our
Mission & Action joyful and successful Rally Sun- in a setting that fosters discus-
Joan Nichols 714-8314 sion and fellowship.
day, I must thank Jodi Camp-
Moderator of Deacons bell for organizing the Potluck To that end, we began, on Sep-
Garry Espe 730-6805
and the Candy Bar Walk … a tember 21, a four-week study
Newsletter sugar high was enjoyed by all! about Presbyterian thinking and
Mark Allen 204-3188 Also, thanks to our very own
Scripture. This course was an maestro, Neal Strand and the attempt to provide some basic
members of choir who inspired understanding of Presbyterian/
Wilson Ekinde 501-3661 us with song as part of our Wel- Reformed theology while looking
come Home Rally out front. And at specific Scripture to under-
Nursery Coordinator
Tina Hacker 714-9671 thanks to Pastor Gary Hanson stand why Presbyterians think
for his words of prayer that and do the things they … um,
Pastoral Care helped put us onto the path
Gary Hanson 738-0045 think and do. Coming up in a
guided by the Holy Spirit for few weeks, on Oct. 17 we
Personnel learning and fellowship. Not to start a ten-week Bible Study
Steve Theiss 578-9348
be forgotten are our fine Sunday on the Acts of the Apostles a
Prayer Chain School teachers, Lori Anderson critical book for all of us, espe-
Dee Lindblom
738-0045 or 353-6724 and Sara Finn (PreK), Meggin cially Protestants, as we get in- Sawyer (K-1), Kris and Curtis sight into the earliest days of
Crouse (2-4) and Amy and the church, especially the Apos-
Shared Ministry
Marnelle Andersen Brian Fisher (5-6) without their tle Paul. All you need for that
735-3287 enthusiasm for teaching our chil- class is a Bible and an open
Special Events dren, and their devotion to pre- mind.
Barb Freeman 731-1220 paring quality lessons, we would
Stewardship & Finance be at huge deficit and my job
John Upson 730-9690 would be really, really lousy to
Worship (Continued on page 4)
Kara Klink 735-0866
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YET ANOTHER POINT OF INTEREST: Saturday, Nov. 7 from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. we will
be honoring the 500th Anniversary of John Calvin‘s birth. Calvin in many ways is the father of
Reformed Theology, which led to Presbyterianism. Come and learn about the man whose insight
formed a version of the faith that is committed to being Reformed and Always Reforming.
WHAT ABOUT THE YOUTH? On October 4 we started our monthly First Sunday program
again and an Ab-Fab time was had by all. Remember, Youth Sunday School (7-12) is held after
Worship from 11:00-12:00 (on First Sundays we extend our time together to 2:30). Also, re-
member we began our Confirmation Classes for the Class of 2011 taking advantage of the ma-
jority‘s presence at LOGOS Bible Study time (5:30-6:00). If you want to explore being con-
firmed, join us at LOGOS. Call me or email to discuss whatever about the process you may
need to know.
FINAL THOUGHTS: I will try to contain myself as much as possible, but I cannot overstate how
very happy, enthused, excited, and privileged I am to be blessed with this job. We can and will
do so much together in the coming months and years … I pray that the excitement we saw on
Rally Sunday will result in strong commitments to learn about our faith, about each other, and
about how we will live out this faith in the wider world. Please call me or email me
( any time with comments, concerns, questions or ideas. I am willing
to try just about anything if it will bring more people together to learn and to enjoy the fellow-
ship that educational opportunities offer. - Joe Pendal


Ever wonder what Joshua felt as he looked over the Jordan River? Here is a man who has just
buried his mentor and leader, Moses, and now must lead Israel to their new home, their prom-
ised land. He knew that Moses had laid hands on him- blessing him with God‘s wisdom and he
knew he was where God wanted him to be. But how does any leader follow after Moses? Moses
had talked with God, seen God‘s face! The Lord had demonstrated his mighty power and terrify-
ing acts to all of Israel through Moses!
I can see Joshua standing alone, his back to the desert and looking over the river to Israel‘s new
beginning. With the tingling of excitement at being free of the desert, being one step closer to
Gods promise, he would wonder what is next. Then his stomach would drop as he realizes he is
the one God chose to lead. He can‘t lean on Moses anymore. He freezes as the weight of re-
sponsibility settles over his shoulders.
There God comes to him and says, ―Now that my servant Moses is dead, you must lead my peo-
ple across the Jordan River into the land I am giving them.‖ God then reiterates the promise
given to Moses, that all the land will be Israel‘s and that God will go before them. God then ad-
dresses Joshua‘s fears, ―I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon
―Be strong and courageous, for you will lead my people to possess all the land I swore to give
their ancestors. Be strong and very courageous. Obey all the laws Moses gave you. Do not
turn away from them, and you will be successful in everything you do. Study this book of the
Law continually. Meditate on it day and night so you may be sure to obey all that is written in
it. Only then will you succeed. I command you- be strong and courageous! Do not be
afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.‖ Joshua 1:5-9

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Evie Ryden: Tutoring is extremely rewarding. The little gal I tutored last year is now a fourth
grader. With no prior experience, I had no idea if I would be a good tutor or not. We hit it
off right away, but as the year progressed we actually bonded. At first she would often arrive
late and then seem rather unfocused, which is completely understandable.
Children have to put in a really long day with school and after school ac-
tivities chores at home, and then tutoring at 6:30. I found ways to spark
her interest by interjecting fun ways to learn that would make us laugh to-
gether. She's a very bright little girl and I found that praise means a lot to
her and makes her a better student. By the end of the year she was al-
ways on time and alert and we were getting all her work done and finding
time for reading a book together out loud that we both enjoyed and often
doing some kind of impromptu project, like having her write a letter to
herself which I stuck in the mailbox for her. About the last 6 times we
met, she always had to share a hug with me. We were both sad when
school ended last spring. She gave me a pink letter "E" that she'd made into a magnet. (It's still
on my refrigerator) and I gave her a fun bottle of orange nail polish. I hope she had fun wearing
it this summer. I just found out that she'll be my student again this year and I hope she's look-
ing forward to it as much as I am.
Mark Allen: My most memorable experience at Extra Innings was when I was able to explain a
method of estimating to my student that finally made sense to her. It turned the task of estima-
tion into something she could do every day — not just for homework. It was a great feeling to
know that I witnessed the proverbial light bulb light up over my student‘s head.
Collected by Michelle Allen


In this photo, Pastor Gary Hanson affirms
the beliefs and faith of the church‘s new eld-
ers and deacons on September 20, 2009.
Left to right are: Ewan Ha, Curtis Crouse,
Kathie Wilkinson (hidden), Sue Schenck,
Susan Rooney, Joan Nichols, Kara Klink,
Mike Schenck, Pastor Gary and Gretchen
During worship on September 20, the new
elders and deacons for the class of 2012 (and
any replacements for vacancies) were for-
mally ordained by the laying of hands by the
Deacons and elders (members of the church
session) serve three year terms of service to
the church congregation.
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Starting my internship at Trinity has me feeling similar to Joshua. I am excited to learn and be
used by God in a new way. Yet I am nervous about this next step that God has called me to. It
is something that I have never done and has a lot of unknowns in the process. So as I start my
internship, I lean on the promises that God gave to Joshua: to be ‗strong and courageous‘ and
to constantly be seeking God in the Bible and in prayer, only then will there be success.
This is also the encouragement I give to any of you who find themselves at a new beginning.
Take time to discover what God has in store for you. Constantly meet with God, grow your rela-
tionship with God through studying and meditating on God‘s word. Discover what skills and tal-
ents the Lord has blessed you with to use in this new place. Then boldly step forward into the
unknown. Be strong and courageous in this new adventure. And remember that the Lord
your God is with you wherever you go!
Katie Whipple, Seminary Intern


Article and photos by Beth R. Hanson
The hardwood mulched section with new
plantings to the right of the sidewalk enter-
ing the Fellowship Hall wing is a recently in-
stalled rain garden.
A notice that grant money was available to
help residents and businesses establish rain
gardens was published last spring in a
Woodbury City publication. After meeting
with Barb Outcelt and a landscaper to help
establish the most suitable spot, I submitted
our grant and Trinity was subsequently cho-
sen as one of seven to receive $500.
The many benefits of rain gardens are to:
help filter runoff pollution, recharge local

groundwater, conserve and improve water quality,

protect rivers and streams, create habitat for birds
& butterflies, enhance sidewalk appeal and educate
the public about native plants. Some of the varie-
ties we chose have Biblical significance (more later).
In April, Barb and I attended an extremely helpful
informative orientation at City Hall and then stayed
after the presentation for a one-on-one consultation
about our specific project. Work began in earnest in
August and aside from time spent purchasing plants
and materials, the project was finished in two fes-

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Financials August 2009 Month Actual YTD Actual Year Budget

Total Program Donations $19,056.63 $156,371.73 $259,562.45

Total Program Expenditures $18,240.54 $157,389.86 $259,520.38

Donations Less Expenses $816.09 ($1,018.13) $42

Bldg Expansion Donations $5,731.61 $43,468.53

Bldg Expansion Expenses $7,053.00 $56,424.00

Mortgage Balance $787,081.71

Fall Stewardship bonfire and cookout

Come and enjoy fellowship and food at the fall stewardship bonfire and cookout on Saturday,
October 10 at 5 pm. The stewardship and finance committee will provide hot dogs, s'mores
and drinks. Please bring the family, some lawn chairs, and a side or dessert to share as we
celebrate Fall around a Trinity bonfire. In the case of wet weather, we will move to the fellow-
ship hall.


Dear Gary and the members of Trinity Presbyterian Church,
Thank you so much for the lovely cross as a going away gift and the wonderful reception held in
our honor. Trinity has been a very special part of our lives for over 12 years, and we feel
blessed to have had the opportunity to
know you, be a part of the church family,
and share in God‘s work with you. We will
cherish the memories we made there. We
are getting settled in here, meeting our
new neighbors, and visiting various
churches in search of a new church home.
We are confident God will lead us to just
the right church.
In the love of Christ Jesus,
Dennis & Pat Kimbrough
468 Silver Leaf Dr.
Lenoir City, TN 37772
(D) cell: (651)-261-1910
(P) cell: (651) 261-1907
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 Recently hospitalized: Bill Sharp
 Our sympathies are extended to Phil Stevens, whose father passed away in Connecticut on
Saturday, September 12.


Bob Culver, who turned 96 on September 2, was featured in the
Woodbury Bulletin on September 11. Bob‘s daughter, Carolyn
Krueger, arranged a party for him during the YMCA ―Silver Sneakers‖
exercise class that Bob has attended for five years. If you know
Bob‘s dry sense of humor and pronounced southern accent, you can
imagine him sharing his secret to living a long and relatively healthy life. ―I just didn‘t die,‖ Bob
quipped. - photo by Hank Long/Woodbury Bulletin.

FALL WORK DAY – All members are invited to help the Building & Grounds
committee spruce up the church on Saturday, October 10. They‘ll start at 9 am
and work until noon or one. The jobs planned are contingent on how many peo-
ple pitch in. Please contact Mike Schenck (739-3727 or for additional details.


OCTOBER Allan Johnson

2 Dick Johnson 21 Jean Brown
4 Ben Donnelly 23 Kris Crouse
5 Jim McCreary Christian Finn
Bergen Palmer 24 Jessica Griffin
7 Kate Radzwill 28 Dorothy Ewald
10 Tad Anderson 29 Don Carlson
Carl Lindquist 29 Athena Stevens
12 Jean Blanck 31 Emily Thuet
Jan Bostrom
13 Peter Lehmann We regret if we missed your birthday; if we
16 Deb Donnelly have, please phone the office! 738-0045

18 Sonya Hogie
OCTOBER 2009 Page 9


This week is an opportunity to
assist members in under-
National Alliance on Mental Illness (MN) standing mental illness and
(651) 645-2948 the challenges of living with one. Trinity has been doing
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) this since we formed the Mental Health & Wellness Group in 2006 to educate the con-
Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line gregation, foster awareness that mental ill-
(651) 290-8999 ness affects us all, and assure individuals and
families living with any kind of brain disorder
Suicide Hotline
that this is a place they can find the strength
to deal with their illness.
Trinity will launch the 2009 awareness week on Sunday, September 27, with a 9 am Adult Ed
class which will examine the policy statement on serious mental illness put forth by the Advisory
Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP). The policy is organized around two major biblical
themes: ―The Land of Exile‖ explores the difficulties and injustices endured by people with a se-
rious brain disorder, and ―God‘s Call to Comfort‖ focuses on appropriate ways congregations can
minister with and to people with such an illness.
The 10 am worship service will include prayers for mental illness recovery, and Joe Pendal will
preach on Jesus‘ healing works and prayer as his central message.
Tuesday, October 6, is National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding, a
day set aside to especially recognize that we are called to be compassionate, caring, and sup-
portive of those with a mental illness. We emphasize that they are not alone--God walks with
them, and the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church walks with them.
“What’s Up With This Kid?” Suzette Scheele, the Director of Children’s Programs for the
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-MN), will discuss common anxiety disorders, including
obsessive compulsive disorder, effective treatment options and resources for families and young
adults. This free class is on Monday, September 28, 6:30 pm, and is for parents, teachers,
“Are These Pills Necessary”? Dr. Charlotte Guest, a psychiatrist with the
Health East system, will discuss the side effects of some medications, weight gain
for example, that might make people reluctant to take them. The public is invited
to attend this free event on Monday, October 26 at 6:30 pm.

Do you have photographs of church events or members that you‘d

be willing to share in the newsletter? If so, contact the newsletter
editor by sending an email to
Most photos can be corrected for lighting, focus, skew and other
problems, so don‘t be shy about contributing. After all, this is your
Page 10 Pathways


“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? […] For God’s temple is
holy, and you are that temple.” (1 Cor. 3:16-17)
Is there a more beautiful verse in the bible?! And yet TV shows and ads insinuate daily that we
aren‘t ―good enough‖ and we really need to improve ourselves. We are told that our appearance
is lacking, so we should invest in a revolutionary anti-aging serum to smooth out wrinkles—or
invest in botox or plastic surgery.
Steven Jeffes, a renowned marketing executive, has written a book that reveals appalling statis-
tics of ―appearance discrimination.‖ Chapter One of Appearance Is Everything reveals that re-
search and observation has led the author to conclude that the world‘s population is divided into
five distinct categories of attractiveness: (1) beautiful, (2) attractive, (3) average, (4) unattrac-
tive, and (5) very unattractive.
Attractive people are considered to be more intelligent and capable than ―average‖ looking or
less attractive people, and are thus 2-5 times more likely to be hired for a position. Attractive
people are 2 to 7 times more likely to date and make friends, and are significantly more likely to
attain elected office. I am concerned that our children and youth are constantly exposed to this
subtle but powerful form of prejudice. Dr. Jeffes cites startling data that unattractive people are
2 to 6 times more likely to be laid off, are 2 to 5 times more likely to be convicted of a crime,
and are significantly more likely to be abused as children.
How do we teach our children that outward appearance is not a valid way to judge a person‘s
value and character, and encourage them to develop their inner beauty so that it reflects who
they really are? The bible reminds us that God focuses not on our outward appearance, but on
what is inside. "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward ap-
pearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." – (1 Samuel 16:7) Our concern should be with what
is in our hearts and with our actions rather than our presentation and appearance. I hope we
can model for our impressionable young people a message that is counter to fitting into society‘s
idea of beauty; namely, that they are special and wonderful and beautiful because God dwells in
Blessings, Dee Lindblom


This is a ministry of love to care for members of Trinity who are ill or
grieving. Knitted or crocheted shawls are made to be given to men,
women and children who have a need for prayer and support as they
face physical, emotional or spiritual issues in their lives. The Prayer
Shawl Ministry meets at Trinity, at 12:30, on the first Monday of most
months. We would love to have new knitters or crocheters join us! If
you would like to be part of this Ministry, please contact Dee Lindblom
(738-0045 or for more information.
OCTOBER 2009 Page 11

A Service of Remembrance and Healing

On Sunday, November 15, Trinity will hold a Service of Remembrance and Healing--a time of
prayer, special music and meditation. All who are grieving the loss of a loved one are invited to
this time of remembrance for family members and friends who have passed away this past
year. In addition, those suffering from physical disease, mental, financial, emotional or spiritual
distress are also encouraged to come to receive prayers and support. Everyone in the congrega-
tion is called to participate in this commitment to be a faithful community for all who seek God's
gift of healing and wholeness through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please join us at 7 pm, and
remain after the service for refreshments and fellowship.
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tive, energetic sessions. Two foot trenches were dug

and huge amounts of sand and clay hauled away and
replaced with good soil and peat.
Most of the plants were purchased at Outback Nurseries
in Hastings which specializes in native plants. Addi-
tional stock was from Gerten‘s, as well as a contribution
of discounted soil and peat moss.
A big Trinity thank you to all involved: along with Barb,
Stephanie Hoekstra, Roger Punt, Greg Van-
derVeer, Dick Johnson and Mike Schenck. Special
thanks to Anna Barker for sharing additional time as well as her experience and expertise.
I undertook great projects: I built houses for myself and planted vineyards. I made gardens and parks
and planted all kinds of fruit trees in them. I made reservoirs to water groves of flourishing trees. Ecclesi-
astes 2:4-6

We are all deacons! I happened upon this bit of cleverness a while ago during a conversation
with a friend who plays amateur baseball on summer weekends. He described how he joins his
mates at the appointed time – without benefit of practice! -- takes his place in the field and
lineup, and gets on with it. Usually a good play or at-bat is celebrated with a finger pointed at
the player who points right back, acknowledging the pat on the back. Benchtime is more sub-
dued than you might think. As often as not the conversation is about family, friends, work, ...
Not really very different than the bench conversations at Almighty Sluggers games, and not
really different from conversations that swirl around bowling lanes and sewing circles and Wor-
ship Committee meetings and other goings on here in the halls of Trinity Presbyterian Church.
We gather for a purpose, and share joys and concerns and offer support and encouragement
and enjoy the pleasantness of Christian fellowship. So, we are all deacons, and I am thankful
for the opportunity to do the deacon thing with you.
The Deacons helped with the potluck that followed the Rally Day service. It was a great, festive
time! The food should put Trinity in the finals for the ―potluck of the year‖ if there is such a
competition. Jodi Campbell was instrumental in making it come together, Roger Punt did
yeoman duty washing dishes, earning him honorary Deacon credentials for the month.
In next month's Discursion, I will take up the topic, ―Why it's just bad to leave me high‖. Until
that time,
Garry Espe, Deacon Moderator


The newsletter is also available on

the church website:
Trinity Presbyterian
2125 Tower Dr
Woodbury MN 55125 Next Newsletter Deadline:
651-731-0038 October 15, 2009


Sunday Schedule October Upcoming Events

Pastor‘s Column 2
Education Hour
October 4
9:00 am October 4
Christian Education 3 Mental Illness
Worship Communion Awareness Week
10:00 am begins
From the Intern... 4 October 11
Fellowship and Extra Innings October 10
Coffee B&G Fall Workday
Rain Garden 6 11:00 am Fall Bonfire
October 18 October 17
Birthdays 8 Book of Acts Bible
-=- October 25
Study begins
Child care is
Healthy Mind October 26
9 available during
Matters ―Are Those Pills
worship service
Pastoral Care 10 November 15
Service of
Remembrance and
Deacon Discursion 11

Additional parking is available in New Horizon‘s parking lot

directly across from Trinity and by parking along one side
of the driveway.