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Alan Dantas

I.T Consultant, Volunteer, Teacher and Youth Ambassador '11 [LION]

Hi! Thanks for reading my profile! I love receiving comments and suggestions about it, so if you think it can be better somehow or if you need any sort of help, please let me know! ****Always open for a good, challenging project**** I also love sharing experiences and connecting with people, so relevant connection requests are more than welcome! e-mail: ======================================================================== Now, a little about me: I've always loved volunteering and learning new things, I have learned English and the little French/Spanish I know all by myself and these factors were decisive for my selection for the U.S Embassy and World Learning's 2011 Youth Ambassadors program, which allowed me to really know the U.S culture and history, spread the Brazilian culture and volunteer there! It was great! I also love I.T! I have experience with Mainframe, IT governance, project delivery, customer support and satisfaction. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and daily improving my .NET and Java skills through studying hard and some small consultant projects. I'm currently teaching English at Wise UP Languages and I.T, more specifically Mainframe development at Impacta Technology Institute. I am also working on some consultant and development projects in the I.T and document translation areas for our own company, D&B Consultancy. Within these positions I am constantly improving my Teaching, Public speaking, English, Programming, Mainframe, Project management and delivery, customer support and satisfaction, class preparation and appraisal, testing and motivational speech skills. I consider myself communicative, easy to work with and comfortable with multicultural environments. For more information about my experiences, please feel free to check my Linkedin profile, blog or certificates page. Regards.


Mainframe instructor at Impacta Tecnologia November 2013 - Present (3 months) Responsible for class and performance report preparation and teaching on the Impacta Technology Institute's series of Mainframe courses. Also motivating them to develop their career with online professional tools such as Linkedin, Online courses,etc. Here's a short review of the first part: -The computer's origin and structure evolution until the current technology; -Computer's basic functionality and performance comparison; -Mainframe's market, evolution and available technologies; -Mainframe processing architecture; -Hardware and software features; -Mainframe networking; -MVS / zOS; -Subsystems; -Batch processing (Job,JCL,TSO,ISPF,JES); -Online processing (Transactions, CICS,etc); -Peopleware (Professions and possible careers within the I.T/Mainframe); -Algorithms; -Programming languages Consultant and Teacher at D&B Servios de T.I June 2013 - Present (8 months) - I.T and Language related educational projects: All levels of English and Portuguese students, both private and in-company; All levels of I.T students, both private or within our institutions; -I.T Services: Analysis of business requirements, both related to training, technical or equipment; Development of the necessary training for internal training; Train employees during systems implementations; Help implement commercial systems, with documentation, creation of procedures,etc. English Teacher at WiseUp Language School February 2013 - Present (1 year) Executive and teens English teacher at Wise UP, part of Abril Educao Group. Activities:


-Attend weekly meetings designated for improvements, feedback and methodology acknowledgement; -Prepare English classes using real data based on Wise up methodology and minister all classes speaking only English; -Correct and give feedback on both written and oral tests, written assignments,etc. 1 recommendation available upon request Software and Hardware Tech. Support at Self employed March 2007 - August 2013 (6 years 6 months) Technical support for hardware and software(Office, software setup,etc) on Windows based machines. Also worked on some projects to develop softwares/tool for small companies using C, C++ and SQL. Function: -To determine problems on end users' computers and fix it, either by using applications to clean the system, reinstalling the operating system or replacing hardware; -To assemble computers buying all the hardware and system; -To support users and small companies with various software/application utilization; -To participate with partners in projects that we would develop softwares/utilities for small companies. I.T Intern at Sanmina April 2013 - June 2013 (3 months) As part of the Field I.T Team, I have to monitor the health status of the actives as a whole. I also support software(Oracle ERP, Internal applications, office,windows among others) and hardware issues remotely and locally. Incident/change management and continuous improvement constantly used. Daily used tools -Configuration manager -Active directory -Google apps (E-mail, docs,etc) -Office (Support and used for reports as well) -Windows XP,Server,Seven -Linux -Internal Service/Work/Change request tool -Oracle ERP, Shop floor and other internal applications support. -Basic Network management Also worked hard on the development/improvement of procedures. System Specialist at IBM September 2011 - January 2013 (1 year 5 months) Mainframe system management and monitoring(Senior Console operator) designated, resource training, critical issues and changes for the following accounts: Delta Airlines, Ameriprise Financial, Sara Lee, HanesBrands, Nisource, The GAP Inc.,Whirlpool, ACE, Case New Holland,Onsemi, Freescale,


Merck/Schering. At this job I have: -Had the opportunity to work in improvement projects with different teams and technologies, such as Cobol, Rexx, Autohotkey, C,etc. -Constantly worked on improvements and problem solving(see awards); -Created/ Ministered technical and Governance trainings and workshops; -Participated in procedure standardization projects; -Participated in improvements between areas(Automation of critical procedures,etc); -Created and updated technical procedures; Daily used tools: -zOS (System monitoring, diagnostics, recycles,etc) -CICS (Problem determination,intermediate commands in changes, subsystem recycle,etc) -IMS (Problem determination,intermediate commands in changes, subsystem recycle,etc) -DB2 (Problem determination,intermediate commands in changes, subsystem recycle,etc) -Tivoli system automation (Task status management, problem determination,subsystem recycle,etc) -CA OPS/MVS (Task status management, problem determination,subsystem recycle,etc) -IBM Maximo (High severity Tickets and change management/Approval) -Managenow (High severity Tickets and change management/Approval) -HP Service manager (High severity Tickets and change management/Approval) 2 recommendations available upon request Data Processing Technician at IBM Global Services February 2011 - April 2012 (1 year 3 months) Mainframe support JR or Console Operator Rhythm. At this job I have: -Participated in training and workshops -Learned about every costumer technology Daily used tools -zOS (System monitoring, diagnostics, recycles,etc) -CICS (Problem determination,basic commands, subsystem recycle,etc) -IMS (Problem determination,basic commands, subsystem recycle,etc) -DB2 (Problem determination,basic commands, subsystem recycle,etc) -Tivoli system automation (Task status management, problem determination,subsystem recycle,etc) -CA OPS/MVS (Task status management, problem determination,subsystem recycle,etc)

-IBM Maximo (Ticket and change management) -Managenow (Ticket and change management) -HP Service manager (Ticket and change management) 2 recommendations available upon request Youth Ambassador '11 at U.S Embassy and World learning October 2010 - February 2011 (5 months) As part of the Youth Ambassadors team, I've joined volunteering causes in the U.S, met politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Arturo Valenzuela, presented workshops to high school students all over the country and also attended classes in some of these schools. Through this experience, I've improved my public speaking and English skills. I have: -Prepared and ministered various workshops in English about social issues in my City, country,etc. -Participated in social works, such as field cleaning, food distribution and educational activities in the US.

Volunteer Experience
Volunteer I.T Teacher at Liomar Freitas Camara April 2007 - October 2010 (3 years 7 months) I would teach basic office and computer techniques to students and even employees sometimes. I'd also take care of the computers well functioning, networking and inventory. Food filtering/distribution at Northwest Harvest February 2011 - Present (3 years) It was a great experience distributing food for the needy. The gratitude on their eyes is something that no money will buy. Volunteer Sole cleaner at Nature Consortium February 2011 - Present (3 years) I cleaned up the pest plants so that the planting team could insert the seeds for local trees. Marketing, Media and I.T Volunteer. at Projeto Soletrando (Spelling project) July 2013 - Present (7 months) About the project: Nowadays, public education is barely enough. Our children are not motivated to study, and when they are, the school conditions are, most of the times, terrible. The founders have created this project and dedicated a lot of their time (and money) on it. They basically go to elementary schools and organize spelling contests, but in a very dynamic and fun way! They give time and content in order to the students prepare themselves and the "Winner" of all the rounds AND their teacher win a tablet.


All this sounds great in theory, but the improvements in their education and grades are fantastic! We also keep track of this and it's amazing to see how big is the improvements! Within this project, I work with students development charts and reports,new supporters and volunteers acquisition through paper distribution, workshops and social media.

UNASP - Adventist University of So Paulo Bachelor's degree, Information Technology, 2011 - 2017 Grade: Information Systems Vector Software Factory Banksphere programming, Information Technology, 2013 - 2013 Grade: BKS and its tools Activities and Societies: BKS, banksphere, SQL, Java, data modeling, software quality. FATEC Americana Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Computer Games and Programming Skills, 2012 - 2012 Grade: Game development Stefanini IT Mainframe Programmer, Cobol, 2012 - 2012 SENAI Roberto Mange Computer Programming, 2009 - 2009 Grade: IT & CT Activities and Societies: Information and communication tecnlogies. SENAI Roberto Mange Computer Software Engineering, 2009 - 2009 Grade: C++ & DBMS Activities and Societies: C++, C, DBMS's and SQL.

Skills & Expertise

DB2 IBM Mainframe SQL Mainframe z/OS Change Management Windows English language skills Programming Teaching

C++ System Automation Problem Solving Requirements Analysis Active Directory CICS Public Speaking Problem Analysis ITIL Process C# PHP Disaster Recovery COBOL Maximo Network Administration MVS Teaching English as a Second Language Workshops JCL RACF XML Software Configuration Management VM Teaching portuguese IMS DB/DC Wireless Networking Banksphere System Administration Entrepreneurship Training Coaching Project Delivery Customer Satisfaction Leadership Employee Training SEO Interpreting Technical Translation Translation

Bachelor's degree, Information Technology UNASP - Adventist University of So Paulo Information Security related 5h


Banksphere programming, Information Technology Vector Software Factory Programming 120h

................................................................................................................................................................. Consultant and Teacher D&B Servios de T.I Education management (IT) Software development related (Cobol,JCL,C/C++/Java/C#) 11h +200h

System Specialist IBM IMS Concepts and commands - 8h Cloud/Virtualization IT Governance related Mainframe support related DBMSs and SQL SAP related courses INTSK134 14h 96h 35h 25h 10h

English Teacher WiseUp Language School Teaching & Speaking in public Education management (English) 17h 17h

................................................................................................................................................................. Independent Coursework Microsoft Virtual Academy: Software development foundations Microsoft Virtual Academy: C# Fundamentals: Development for absolute beginners Microsoft Virtual Academy: C# programming jump start


Fundao Bradesco: System design overview


Fundao Bradesco: Software test and problem solving 21H Fundao Bradesco: Programming logic Fundao Bradesco: C# Programming Fundao Bradesco: Requirements engineering Fundao Bradesco: Software development process Fundao Bradesco: Software revisions, verifications and inspections 37H 117H 26H 12H 16H

English French Portuguese Spanish German (Native or bilingual proficiency) (Limited working proficiency) (Native or bilingual proficiency) (Professional working proficiency) (Elementary proficiency)

Honors and Awards

IBM's Hall of fame IBM 2012 Award provided for recognition of outstanding behavior in dealing with costumer issues, specially a DB2 issue in one of the commercial accounts that I helped the costumer figure out which DB2 instance they were supposed to use in order to conclude critical testings before the SLA was missed.


D&B I.T Services website August 2013 to Present Members:Alan Dantas, Bruno Renato Batista, Caio Fernando de Sousa Bruno, Caio and I have developed the website. Caio was in charge of the image creation and design, I took care of the content, social media and Marketing, Bruno was responsible for part of the coding along with me. pt-br Bruno, Caio e Eu desenvolvemos o website. Caio ficou responsvel pela criao e desenho das imagens, Eu tomei conta do contedo, mdias sociais e Marketing, enquanto Bruno dividiu a responsabilidade do cdigo comigo. ITIL V3 Simulated test (English) August 2013 to August 2013 Members:Alan Dantas I have created this simulated test in order to help colleagues and students to practice ITIL with real questions and in a similar environment as the exam day. I have also created a series of videos on Youtube talking about ITIL questions and other subjects. In company teacher August 2013 to Present Members:Alan Dantas Teaching English for companies' staff and employees with various levels of fluency. I.T knowledge center 2013 to Present Members:Alan Dantas, Caio Fernando de Sousa, Bruno Renato Batista We noticed that the two biggest problems regarding youth getting involved with I.T are 1)The language: the best content is in English. 2)Money: Most of the Portuguese content that are valid for a starting apprentice is paid. We're creating a knowledge base through videos, blog posts and documents so we can use in our volunteer programs and share to everybody! Especially the children involved in our courses and volunteer causes. Our videos will be in: Most of the blog posts are in:


please feel free to share it to the world!

Teaching, Technical Training, Employee training, English, Project Management, Project delivery, Programming, New technologies, constant improvements.


Alan Dantas
I.T Consultant, Volunteer, Teacher and Youth Ambassador '11 [LION]

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"Excellent professional, focused and creative that always encourages us to continue studying the language that is one of his specialties:The English. (Excelente profissional, focado e criativo que sempre nos incentiva a continuar estudando a lingua que uma de suas especialidades: o ingls.)" Tayn da Silva Fonseca, was Alan's client "Alan is a great professional , never seen before someone that learn anything in few time and sometimes alone. A great techinical person , that any company should have. Committed to results, proactive, highly focused and ethical. He has a balanced set of technical and people related skills. Working with him was a great experience." Nathalia Marangoni, zOS System Operator - BLUES, IBM, worked directly with Alan at IBM "Alan has an excellent knowledge and backgroud on z/OS Operations and is a very committed professional. A real good guy to work with." Claudio Martins, z/OS System Programmer, IBM, was a consultant or contractor to Alan at IBM "I worked with Allan from 2011 to 2013. Although we worked on different shifts, we were still part of the same team. Allan contributed a lot to our team. He made many improvements and updates to our customer's procedures, helped to automate critical processes and also ministered some trainings. A nice friend I've made at IBM and a good person to work with!" Rafael Ferreira Moreno, System z | Mainframe Systems Operator, IBM, worked directly with Alan at IBM Global Services "Alan, sempre uma excelente pessoa que est sempre disponvel a ajudar seja em qualquer situao, engajar times de suporte, etc. Such a great dude to work with. Tive o prazer de estudarmos juntos a linguagem de programao Cobol, foi um ms bem empregado, pelo conhecimento, amizade, troca de conhecimento. Thank you Alan. See you." Leandro Alves de Paula, IMS Support, IBM, worked with Alan at IBM Global Services

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