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NURSING CARE PLAN Pt Name- PF ASSESS$EN% NURSING DIAGN&SIS" P #sica! $o,i!it# -/t aging1


D)-ing aging," mo,i!it# is most -e!ate" to "egene-ation o( m)sc!e (i,e-s1 Regene-ation ")-ing t is age is s!o+e" an" at-o. ie" m)sc!es a-e -e.!ace" ,# ot e- in()nctiona! com.onents1 D)e to "ec-ease" m)sc!e mass (-om "ec-ease" m)sc!e (i,e-s, st-engt o( aging .e-son a!so "ec!ines ma0ing mo,i!it# o( an e!"e.e-son "i((ic)!t1 Re(e-ence: $atteson 2 $cConne!!3s Ge-onto!ogica! N)-sing: Conce.ts an" P-actice1 P1459 Short term:

Diagnosis: U/B Incontinence, Dementia, Rig t B!in" E#e NURSING IN%ER'EN%I&NS

In"e.en"ent: P-o*i"e assistance in .e-(o-ming R&$1 Use si"e -ai!s o( ,e" Enco)-age to "o acti*ities +it in c!ient3s -ate1 %)-n c!ient to si"es e*e-# t+o o)-s at ,e" Assist c!ient in .e-(o-ming acti*ities o)tsi"e c!ients ca.acit# Sc e")!e acti*ities +it $aintains mo,i!it# an" ()nction o( e7t-emit#1 %o .-e*ent .atient (-om .ossi,!e (a!! %o im.-o*e in"e.en"ence/ se!(-esteem, an" m)sc!e st-engt %o a*oi" .-ess)-e )!ce-s1 C!ients +it" mo,i!it# cannot .e-(o-m most tas0s1 %o conse-*e ene-g# an" a*oi" (atig)e1


Short term: A(te- 8 o)-s o( n)-sing inte-*ention, s o-t te-m goa!s +e-e ()!!# met1 Long term: A(te- 6 "a#s o( n)-sing inte-*ention, !ong te-m goa!s +e-e ()!!# met1

Objective: Limite" Range o( motion Re!)ctance to mo*e S!o+e"/Di((ic)!t# mo*ement Ina,i!it# to t)-n an" mo*e ). (-om ,e" Ina,i!it# to am,)!ate $)sc!e /ea0ness Dec-ease" m)sc!e mass Be" an" + ee!c ai--

A(te- 6 "a# o( n)-sing inte-*ention, maintain .osition o( ()nction an" s0in integ-it# as e*i"ence" ,# a,sence o( cont-act)-es, (oot "-o., an" .-ess)-e )!ce-s1 Long term: A(te- 6 "a#s o( n)-sing inte-*ention, t e c!ients mo,i!it# an" st-engt +i!! ,e im.-o*e" as e*i"ence ,#:

E7.ecte" &)tcome: % e c!ient +i!! ,e a,!e to .e-(o-m R&$ +it no assistance1 C!ient +o)!" ,e a,!e to "o acti*ities +it in ca.acit# +/ no assistance C!ient +i!! mo*e +it !ess "i((ic)!t#

,o)n" F)nctiona! !e*e! sca!e: 4 9 -e:)i-es e!. (-om anot e.e-son (oassistance, s).e-*ision, oteac ing1

a"e:)ate -est .e-io"s ")-ing "a# Gi*e c!ient am.!e time + en "oing acti*ities1 Do not -)s .atient

P-e*ents (atig)e an" conse-*es ene-g# (oea!ing %o -e!ie*e/a*oi " an7iet# o( .atient1

Co!!a,o-ati*e: Assist in P #sica! t e-a.# o( c!ient P!an mea!s (oc!ient es.ecia!!# ig .-otein an" ca!o-ic mea!s

%o -egain ()nction o( g-oss motomo*ement o( .atient1 %o gi*e s)((icient ene-g# to c!ient an" (o- m)sc!e st-engt 1

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