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NEUEN Crem Ela EAs) = Prater ECr) INA i aN eZ © WHAT S UP WITH THE Weathe * SUMMER IN MARCH + RECORD FLOODS * ENDLESS DROUGHT y *SNOWMAGEDDON Saiga (Saiga tatarica) ‘Size: Head and body length, 108 -146 cm (42.5-57:5 inches; shoulder height, 57-79 cm (2224-31. inches} tai, 6-12 on (24-47 inches) Weight: Males, approx. 41 ka (90 lbs); females, approx. 28 kg (62 ibs) Habitat: Prefers onen cry steppe grassland and semi-cesert areas Surviving number: Estimated at 100,000- 110,000 WILDLIFE AS CANON SEES IT Time traveler. The saiga isa relict species from the last ice age, evolutionarily distinct from other animals. Its unique nature is as plain as the nose on its face, which is thought to filter dust and warm the frigid air in the winter. This nomad has roamed the steppes for millennia, living in large herds when conditions allow. Thanks to a high birthrate, it has been able to bounce back following particularly brutal winters. But poaching—for meat and for the males’ amber horns—has greatly intensified, recently decimating populations by 90%. Meanwhile, disease also threatens. Could the saiga’s time be up? ‘As we see it, we can help make the world a better place. Raising awareness of endangered species is just one of the ways we at Canon are taking action—for the good of the planet we call home. Visit to learn more. 30 WeatherGoneWild ~ Peet arent eee cere ee a PU eA A IaH) woe ce eC omens Cee aaa NCR TERE ey au ee Cre UR A etek Be a ee aie heniiete Ce eM ee ee ee ceriey ‘Kea—TWe World's ae cy September 2012 To fen MMMM ld Up, everyone ends- Te ern so Yemen’s Day of Reckoning Its old ruler is gone. The new challenge: coming Ce ere Te ee aeeaiee ee eee ioc The Empire Strikes Out ee ene and Pee oer ‘By Andrew Curry Photographs by Robert Clark +22 Mansions of the Roma Kings Po eee ee ‘And don't expect any of them to live in caravans aoe eR ee aed CU NOR CLO Ua