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Nipuna Indula Wanninayake

Address: H.No12, Sector 15/A Chandigarh 160015 India Tel: +91 7814098493

E-Mail: D.O.B: 20/06/1991 Nationality: Sri Lankan

A hardworking, dependable junior year (3rd year) undergraduate, pursuing a B.Eng degree in aerospace engineering, is looking forward to work as an intern in a technical related field at your esteemed company during the college training semester. The training semester commences from January to June 2014 and Im ready to undertake a 4-6 months long, paid or unpaid internship within that time in order to gain industrial experience and am willing to travel abroad if the job requires.

Education qualifications
Undergraduate in aerospace engineering at the PEC University of Technology (formerly Punjab Engineering College), Chandigarh, India. Expected year of graduation: 2015. GPA of the last semester: 7.0/10.0 Completed high school from Royal College, Colombo-7, Sri Lanka.

Knowledge and Skills

Through understanding at undergraduate level on Aerodynamics, Aircraft Instrumentations, Aircraft structures and performances, Vibrations and structural analysis, Gas turbine engines, Aircraft materials and other engineering related subject areas such as Mathematics, electrical engineering fundamentals, fluid dynamics etc. The curriculum of the B.Eng degree is in par with the syllabus for EASA part-66 training modules. (curriculum for the degree can be accessed at )

Practical understanding on the functioning of propeller and Turbojet/Turbofan engines and on wind tunnel testing

Experience in making technical/Lab reports and posses computer skills such as Auto-CAD and C++ programming

Have visited the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ) manufacturing complex in Bangalore, India as a part of a weeklong industrial tour and being familiarized with the production line processes of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts

Fluency in written and spoken English ( IELTS band score: 7.5 ; SAT-I score: 2160)

Work Experience
An active member of the college aero-modeling society, that specializes in building scale models of remote controlled fixed wing aircrafts.

Worked as a floor manager and book-keeper at ThreeStar International, a prominent merchandise import firm in Sri Lanka, during the summer vacations of 2012 and 2013. Responsibilities included managing up to 10 employees and keeping update of day-to-day business transactions.

I hereby acknowledge that all the information furnished above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Thank You Nipuna I. Wanninayake