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Pregnancy Charts 'Will I ever have a child?

' - sooner or later all horary astrologers are confronted by this question, but before they attempt to answer it they should first reflect upon how emotive and sensitive the issue can be Pregnancy charts touch upon fundamental issues connected with life and death and require a great degree of delicacy in the way that they are dealt with !ome astrologers feel that it is better to avoid certain aspects of this topic altogether - a pregnant woman as"ing if everything will be # $ , for e%ample, leaves the astrologer in a terrible predicament if miscarriage is foreseen in the chart In such instances there is a need to discriminate between the querent's wish to "now the future and the degree to which it may safely be foretold #n the other hand, if someone genuinely and sincerely wants to understand about a particular problem, and wants to learn of ways in which it can be alleviated, then horary should certainly furnish the answer #ne modern-day complication that you won't find dealt with in Christian &strology is that, whereas it may once have been a case of being 'fertile' or 'barren' and living with the consequences, today's society no longer e%pects women to sit bac" and let nature ta"e its course Infertility is a widespread problem, affecting one in si% couples, but ma'or advances such as the use of in-vitro fertilisation can often help to find a solution (reatments can be terribly e%pensive, traumatic and unreliable however, which is why our ethical dilemma is not solved by simply refusing to answer aw"ward questions - the querent may have a real need to "now the truth, even if it is hurtful and distressing at the time #ne practical suggestion is to consider redefining the limits of certain questions )or e%ample I refused to answer my sister's question 'Will I ever have a child?' but agreed to 'udge a more immediate horary 'will I have a child this year?', feeling that I could only give her an honest and unbiased answer on those terms &nother thing we can do is to heed the advice implicit in the chart, by ta"ing note of the planetary hour-ruler and paying close attention to the traditional 'Considerations before *udgement' +ecause they have such a strong emotional pull, pregnancy charts usually produce beautifully clear and stri"ing symbolism, but that does not mean it is appropriate to pass the answer to the client undiluted, if the chart has a 'stricture' such as an early or late ascendant, ta"e this as a warning, not that the chart is wrong necessarily, but that you need to be careful in how you venture your 'udgement (he aphorisms that follow detail -illy's main considerations for dealing with pregnancy charts .ost of them rest upon the condition of the /th house, the traditional house of pregnancy and children Where you are advised to beware of an infortune, remember that this can be any planet that is detrimentally placed &ll bad aspects of the lord of the 0th, 1th or 23th, for e%ample, can be regarded as an affliction, even if the planet is naturally regarded as benefic, and especially if that planet is affected by bad aspects and is peregrine or in detriment Conversely, !aturn and .ars, the traditional malefics, are not inevitably unfortunate If they are well placed, strong in essential dignities and direct in motion they can be relied upon to show the more positive sides of their natures In

general however, it is the fortunes that we hope to see strong and well- placed in pregnancy charts4 *upiter, the natural significator of children, and 5enus, the natural significator of fertility Indications of Pregnancy4 Pregnancy is shown by some "ind of promising aspect 6con'unction, se%tile, trine or square7 between the asc-ruler or .oon with the /th house ruler 6+e careful, however, if the /th-ruler is applying to, or is in aspect with, an unfortunate or detrimented planet as this will suggest difficulties and problems 7 If there is no application loo" for some "ind of translation, collection or antiscion relationship by or from the principal significators, which may show delayed success (he latter is a promising sign, but is not as good as a direct application between the main significators #ther positive indications are4 o )ruitful signs upon the ascendant or /th cusp 6Cancer, !corpio, Pisces7 o /th-ruler or .oon in 2st house o 2st-ruler or .oon in /th house o 2st-ruler in 2st, /th, 28th or 22th house, if it aspects well-placed benefics and *upiter is strong in the chart o (he above, but with 2st-ruler in 9th or :th house, suggesting that pregnancy will occur but will be delayed o +enefic planets in the 2st house, or angular, or in a promising aspect with 2st-ruler 6loo" for *upiter, 5enus or !un well placed, dignified and direct, and preferably in a se%tile or trine with a principal significator7 o *upiter in the ascendant or free from affliction in a strong house 6providing it is not in a barren sign - see below7 o (he asc in a fi%ed sign with a fortune placed in the first house or the /th-ruler strong in the asc or .C o 5enus in the /th, free from affliction o -ord of the hour angular, in reception with the ruler of his angle, or in the /th or 22th house in reception with the respective rulers o 2st-ruler, /th-ruler or .oon in aspect with, and in reception with, an essentially dignified planet in an angle 6-illy warns that in these 'udgements accidental dignity gives hopes, but no real assurance7 o &sc-ruler in good aspect to ascendant or .oon in a good house and in a favourable aspect to a beneficial planet in an angle o .oon in good aspect to /th cusp or having essential dignity there -illy also mentions another method of 'udging pregnancy using the planet from which the .oon last separated and that to which it ne%t applies4 if the .oon's last planet rules the /th sign from the position of the .oon's ne%t planet, and there is an application or aspect between the two, the pregnancy will be successful If this is the case but there is no aspect, yet the planet to which the .oon applies is angular, the pregnancy will be successful ;e also notes that if the dispositor of the main significator is well placed and strong it increases the arguments for success

Indications of Infertility4 o '+arren' signs on asc or /th cusp 6-illy lists barren signs as -eo, 5irgo and <emini, adding &ries, (aurus, -ibra, !agittarius, Capricorn and &quarius as signs that signify few children =orotheus says of !corpio that it abounds in children 'and in deaths for them' 7 o Infortunes or detrimented planets in the 2st house with the 2st- ruler poorly placed and *upiter wea" or unfortunate o .oon, 2st-ruler, /th-ruler or hour-ruler unfortunate and badly afflicted o &n infortune in the /th denies pregnancy unless it is direct, swift, dignified and generally well-placed o /th-ruler retrograde, combust, peregrine or otherwise unfortunate shows problems connected with children o *upiter afflicted in the /th house indicates that the woman is not pregnant or that the pregnancy will not be successful (he same if 5enus is afflicted by .ars or !aturn, is under the !un's beams or is combust & fortune in the /th house, however, mitigates unfortunate indications and improves the chance of a successful pregnancy o !aturn, .ars or especially !outh >ode in the 2st or /th house -illy says that !outh >ode in the /th house usually shows abortion 6miscarriage7, in the 2st house e%treme fear and mistrust of it o /th- ruler retrograde, cornbust or cadent from its sign or e%altation o !aturn or .ars in opposition to the /th-cusp or /th-ruler denies pregnancy, their square aspect hinders it o 2st-ruler con'unct or aspecting a retrograde or combust planet, or one in a cadent house Will I ever have a Child? If the querent has been trying for a child for a long time without success her chances of pregnancy are good if she has4 o 2st-ruler or /th-ruler in :th o /th-ruler or :th-ruler in 2st o .oon with :th-ruler (iming4 o (o see how many years before a woman has a child, 'udge by the house position of the /th-ruler, i e , the 2st house indicates the 2st year, the 3nd house indicates the 3nd year, and so on (he nature of the sign should also influence the 'udgement4 moveable signs hasten time, common signs are less swift and fi%ed signs are slow &bove all consider whether the significator is swift in motion and direct, which is the best indication of speed o 5enus or some other fortune, unafflicted in the /th house suggests an early pregnancy (he nearer a fortune is to the ascendant, the sooner the pregnancy will occur (he more remote, the more time must be allowed o .ars well dignified in the :th house suggests the woman is newly conceived If a woman is not sure how long she has been pregnant 'udge by the closest separating aspect

between the .oon, /th-ruler and hour-ruler (rine ? @ or / months, !e%tile ? 3 or si% months, square ? 9 months, opposition ? : months, con'unction ? I month o (he time of birth is often triggered by the transiting con'unction of the !un or .ars with the /th-ruler, .oon, asc or hour-ruler, or is sometimes shown by the querent's signiftcator changing signs &nother method is to 'udge by how far the /th-ruler is removed from the /th cusp, allowing one month for each sign If you need to 'udge whether the birth will be by day or by night, go by the ma'ority of significators, that is, whether they are in diurnal signs 6showing a day birth7 or nocturnal signs 6night birth7 (wins o (wins are indicated by common signs 6<emini, 5irgo, !agittarius, Pisces7 on the 2st or /th house cusp, with a fortune placed inside the house .ore so when the !un, .oon or /th-ruler are also in common signs o >orth >ode con'unct *upiter or 5enus in the /th house can indicate twins, the same is true if one of these casts a partile 6within 2 degree7 se%tile or trine to the degree ascending or /th house cusp o )i%ed signs on the asc or /th cusp deny twins o .oveable signs on the asc or /th cusp, with the !un and .oon inside these houses, also denies twins !e% of Child4 -oo" for strong indications, shown by a collection of testimonies, i e , 2st-ruler, /th-ruler, hour-ruler and .oon all in a masculine sign, degree or quarter would indicate a male child and vice-versa &dditional considerations are4 o *upiter in the :th suggests a male child o Pisces or !agittarius on the :th cusp indicates a female o .oon in the /th applying to *upiter or 5enus signifies a girl o #f the signs, masculine signs denote male children, feminine signs denote female children o #f the planets, !aturn, *upiter, .ars and !un denote male children, 5enus and the .oon denote female children .ercury varies according to its aspects and position AAAA &lways form your 'udgement upon the ma'ority of testimonies If the indications loo" equally balanced - defer 'udgement