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Galin Instant Noodles 4th West Rd. Safadasht Industrial Town Tehran, Iran T: +98 21 8893 7062 F: +98 21 8893 8379 E: W:

Dear Valued Customer,

The retail processed food sector is a growing market. In 2010, processed foods dominated the new food and beverage product releases in most countries around the globe. We have also witnessed significant growth in the grain-based product sector, specifically for pasta/ noodles, bakery, and processed snack foods. Family lifestyle changes occurring in most countries have been a main contributing factor to the rise in consumption of processed foods. With an increasing number of women joining the workforce, time-consuming meals, in which women would spend hours cooking, are no longer a practical option. Instead, consumers are opting to prepare quick and easy meals using processed foods. Designed and published especially for you, this catalogue intends to portray a clear picture of our noodle production facility, as well as the quality assurance system in place. We bring you this offer realizing very well that the noodle markets vast potential as a whole still remains untouched in most areas around the globe as this market has grown into an industry that supplies 91.6 billion servings annually to consumers throughout the world according to the data provided by the World Instant Noodles Association. As a potential pioneering food importer and distributor of our premium instant noodles, your only limit would be the high blue sky! Let us support you in wining this prosperous market together.

Cordially yours,

Shirin Karimloo
Mg Director Galin Instant Noodles

Located in Safadasht Industrial Town, we are specialized in production and export of a large variety of high quality instant noodles worldwide.

Our Mission:
To provide superior quality noodles consistently, to satisfy and exceed our clients expectation, and to be always sensitive to our clients needs, and desires.

Our Vision:
To assure our clients unparalleled satisfaction. success and

Global Demand
As illustrated, the annual demand for instant noodles around the globe will grow by %23 or 22 billion instant noodle servings by 2017, compared to that of 93 billion in 2008. Some major contributing factors for such a tremendous growth in market size and consumption are increased rate of urbanization and growing number of working hours. That is why noodles have become more popular especially with young working adults as a quick, and wholesome meal solution compared to any other processed food groups.

Nutrition Facts
Main Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil, salt, water and various kind of flavoring powder. Contrary to the common misconception, instant noodles do not contain any wax, neither do the paper cups are waxed! The paper cups are lined with food grade polyethylene (PE) material. Our instant noodles contain Less than 0.5 gr of trans-fat per serving in addition to being enriched with Crude and Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin A. Finally, Galin Instant Noodles are low in fat, containing absolutely no cholesterol, MSG, preservatives, and any artificial color and flavor. Supplement Facts (65 gr)
Energy Total Fat Cholesterol Protein Carbohydrates Sugar Na Dietary Fiber Crude Fiber Vitamin E Vitamin C Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6 Vitamin A 296 Kcal 10.5 g 0 12.2 g 42.25 g Trace 0.2 g 0.38% 0.78% 40.96 IU 6.9 mg 0.15 mg 0.39 mg 222.56 IU

114 Billion

92 Billion



Production Line
Stainless Steel Flour Silo Fully Sanitized & Automated PLC Siemens Automation Sensor / Controls Packing: Operator Based / Fully Customizable Fully Controlled Under Strictest Quality Assurance Measures

Quality Control
We Test Galin Instant Noodles For: Moisture Level Ash Content Peroxides PH Level

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Product Line

75 gr ~ 120 gr

65 gr ~ 120 gr



The Six Reasons

Six attractive & Modern Designs Six Culturally familiar local tastes; Chicken, Beef, Vege, Curry, Shrimp & Pizza Private Label (OEM) both in terms of packaging and any local preferred taste (i.e. Arabian Noodles, Mediterranean Vege, etc) Shelf life of 18 months, the longest possible expiry period in the market Lead time: 28 days Guaranteed fixed lowest prices & volume discount pricing scheme. Freeze Drying the Vegetables preserves the original color and vitamins. Vegetables are processed in a freezing vacuumed environment where moisture dissipates directly into the gas phase thus preserving it for the longest possible time.


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Galin Instant Noodles 4th West Rd. Safadasht Industrial Town Tehran, Iran T: +98 21 8893 7062 F: +98 21 8893 8379 E: W: