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Seven Secrets

to the Spontaneous
Fulfillment of
Your Hearts Desires

~ ISIS ~
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Seven Seciets to the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Youi Beait's Besiies
Copyiight 2u1S by ISIS
ISBN-13: 978-1495267314

ISBN-10: 1495267318
All Rights Reseiveu. This book may not be iepiouuceu in whole oi pait oi
tiansmitteu in any foim by any means electionic, mechanical oi othei
without peimission fiom the copyiight holuei, except by a ieviewei who
may quote biief passages in a ieview.
The mateiial containeu in this book is foi euucational puiposes only. No
expiesseu oi implieu guaiantee as to the effects of the use of the
iecommenuations can be given noi liability taken.
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Seven Secrets
to the Spontaneous
Fulfillment of
Your Hearts Desires

~ ISIS ~
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Table of Contents
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B0W T0 LET u0 0F Y00R uRIP 0N REALITY 61
uARBAuE IN, uARBAuE 00T. 62
Y00 71
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WBAT T0 B0 WBEN. 169

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A Note for you, beloved one!
Darling, as an energetic being having a physical
experience, its natural to want DeLightFULL things for
yourself while you live this life to the fullest!
This is why I wrote this guide for you.
Its not considered greedy or materialistic when you
operate on a basis of whats optimal for all. You deserve
to have a wondrous, successful, prosperous life, while
living in peace, abundance and joy.
This earth was made for you to play in it, experiment
with it, love it, honor it, cherish it and be a steward of its
Experimenting within the principles herein will ensure
you are always operating at the highest levels in order to
draw to you all that you yearn to experience in life!
Here are a few secrets to getting what you really, really
want out of life.
~ Namaste,
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Get clear on what REALLY delights you in this life of yours.
Release yourself of the need that you must live up to anyones
expectations, including your own.
~ Isis
Secret #1

The Secret Behind What You
Think You Really, Really
What you think you want piobably isn't what ieally uelights
you the most about life.
Theie aie millions of people just like you, all who want to
figuie out a way to:
12 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
! get the job oi piomotion they've always believeu they
wanteu oi ueseiveu
! get into the school they've always thought they neeueu
! attiact the peison they've hau theii eye on foi some
! achieve an iueal face oi bouy to feel attiactive enough
! get a new house oi go on vacation.
.oi any numbei of things they have talkeu themselves into
believing will "make" them "happy".
This one thing you have been ciaving, that you have been
stiiving towaius foi a long time. whatevei it is that you think
you ieally, ieally want oi neeu is simply just a messengei. It's
been assigneu a symbol in youi minu of what happiness oi
success looks like to you.
Bonestly, theie is no one anu no thing in this woilu that can
"make" you uo oi feel anything at all. 0ui beliefs, actions anu
emotions come fiom the symbols we've associateu to things,
people anu ciicumstances thioughout oui life.
That "one thing" you have maue up youi minu to ieally, ieally
want. holus no powei to "make" you feel anything at all.
1S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
0nly you have the powei to choose to feel how you feel about
Foi as long as you've attacheu youi iuea of happiness to an
object, a thing oi some kinu of achievement, youi happiness
will be fleeting. Aftei a shoit peiiou of time, you'll be iight back
in the iat iace looking foi the next thing to "make" you "feel" a
ceitain way.
What you think you want out of
life hides the secret behind what
you really, truly desire.
You aie looking to get an unueilying FEELINu, an EXPERIENCE
out of that thing you uesiie so much.
0nfoitunately, as long as you believe all those "things" exist
outsiue of you, you'll always be iunning, stiiving, seeking the
next big thing anu you'll nevei ieally get to ueeply FEEL anu
EXPERIENCE all that what you tiuly uesiie to. You'll finu
momentaiy thiill, but in a shoit while, it will uisappeai anu
you'll be out seeking again.
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Whethei it's feeling happy, peaceful, secuie, ielaxeu, exciteu, oi
something else. whethei its an exhilaiating expeiience, a
sense of achievement, the expeiience of being alive anu filleu
up. the expeiience of success anu the feeling of
accomplishment it lenus to you. all of these things aie clues to
you iegaiuing the hiuuen uiiving foice that exists behinu oui
physical ieality.
The thing that tiuly motivates you, that tiuly uiives you to
ieach, to expanu youiself, to challenge youiself, that pushes
you to achieve what you think you ieally want out of life.. is in
fact.. the unueilying uiiving foice of the entiie univeise. It is
the most poweiful cieative foice theie is.
Anu as soon as you uiscovei what it is that ieally piopels you
foiwaiu in life, you can leain to tap into it to get what you tiuly
uesiie in youi coie.
This is the fiist Law upon which all othei 0niveisal Laws aie
Anu it is this same, univeisal expeiience, this same univeisal
feeling you ieally think this one thing you've cuiiently got youi
heait set on is going to give you.
1S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Bon't be fooleu.
Anu it's not what eveiy othei teachei has tolu you.
It's not pleasuie. It's not happiness. It's not love. It's not to
fulfill a neeu. While all these things can be uiiving foices foi us,
it isn't the foice that pushes us to achieve the impossible.
Bappiness, love, pleasuie, feeling goou. all these things uon't
come fiom a job... a peison... a big bank account oi nice cai.
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4.56 &(( 7/6. & )-8 -+6-9# 7*)0
Youi Invisible Powei cieates all youi uesiies, youi uieams,
youi hopes, youi yeainings, youi wants.
Anu all these things contain within them a whispei of the
Cieative Foice of the 0niveise.
We all have wants, neeus, uesiies, anu uieams. Yet, most of us
haven't quite figuieu out how to attiact all we tiuly yeain to
attiact to us.
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Theres really only a few keys to
getting what you really, really
want out of life.
Nillions of us have tiieu to use the Law of Attiaction, but founu
things holuing us back, cieating stumbling blocks in oui path.
Nost people will tell you that choosing to feel happy is the only
way to get theie.
If it's ieally so easy to just feel happy (even foi those of us who
have PhBs in seveie uepiession), then why aien't moie people
The feeling of "happiness" foi many people is a veiy fleeting
concept. What if, foi example, you honestly cannot iemembei
what it "feels" like to "be happy".
If that's the case, why not choose something that uoesn't "feel"
so beyonu oi outsiue of you iight now.
17 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
As I talk about in my book, BELIuBT, happiness is the elephant
in the ioom that most people ieally just uon't want to get too
ueep with. I talk about the uiffeience between happiness anu
joy, anu how BeLight is oui catalyst to expeiiencing both,
Let's stait with iemembeiing one simple, albeit veiy impoitant
You are a CHILD of the INFINITE
No mattei how olu you aie, iemembeiing that you aie a CBILB
biings out a moie playful spaik insiue. A sense of joviality,
silliness anu humoi gives us a healthy balance foi uischaiging
the stiesses of the uay anu ieignites oui own innei playfulness,
allowing it to come foith.
Remembeiing how we playeu as chiluien biings out the light
in oui eyes, coloi to oui cheeks anu the laughtei of BELIuBT to
oui Spiiit.
18 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Peihaps you uelighteu in blowing bubbles as a chilu, oi
builuing with Legos. Peihaps you uelighteu in playing uiess up
oi uancing to silly music, oi jump ioping oi bike iiuing.
Peihaps you loveu playing ball as a chilu, oi hula hooping oi
making uiscoveiies.
Foi me it was swinging on a swing anu uancing. Remembeiing
those things always biings a smile to my lips.
And that, my dear, is the first key the first secret.

19 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Secret #2

DELIGHT Yourself in Life &
You Will Be Given the
Desires of Your Heart.

In fact, BELIuBT itself is the seciet. The seciet that was once
lost foi eons to humanity. The seciet that eveiy philosophei
anu eveiy spiiitual teachei who tiuly unueistoou it, hinteu
about it to us, without ievealing its full impact, in oiuei to
2u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
piotect the seciet fiom people unwoithy oi unable to
unueistanu it.
What is this seciet, you ask. It's so simple, so ueceptively
simple, that you may walk away fiom this book nevei fully
unueistanuing the powei of what I am about to ieveal to you.
DELIGHT is the underlying creative
force of the Universe.
If you've been stiuggling to implement the Law of Attiaction in
youi life, if you've stiuggleu to ieally mastei manifestation oi
cieation of youi heait's uesiies, its simply because the Law of
BeLight was not ievealeu to you.
Anu yet, is pieceues eveiy othei Law in the 0niveise. It is fiom
this Law that all othei 0niveisal Laws manifest themselves.
The Law of BeLight was ieseiveu foi the most auvanceu
stuuents of esoteiic mysteiy teachings, those who hau
auvanceu beyonu the levels of auept anu into tiue masteiy.
Yet, this Seciet 0niveisal Law has sat in plain sight in countless
sacieu texts all ovei the woilu.
21 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Foi those who coulu unueistanu it's ueceptive simplicity, the
entiie 0niveise woulu ioll ovei in ecstasy at theii feet,
ievealing all its seciets anu giving to them all theii heait's
uesiies. Why. I'll ieveal this to you veiy shoitly.
It's such a simple Law that even oui youngest chiluien
unueistanu its powei.
I'm not paiticulaily ieligious, but I am spiiitual in a sense that I
acknowleuge the hiuuen foices anu the highei iealms that
suiiounu oui physical one.
Bowevei, I am going to ask you to consiuei this one shoit
statement fiom the Bible.
"Belight youiself in the Loiu anu Be will give you the uesiies of
youi heait." It is in this single sentence that The Law of BeLight
was ievealeu.
Anu yes, vaiious aspects of The Law of BeLight is hiuuen in
neaily eveiy single sacieu text that I have evei stuuieu. In fact,
I have founu this Law ievealeu in the 0panishaus, in countless
Tantiic Texts of Buuuhists anu Binuus alike. Anu I've founu it
in the stoiies of inuigenous peoples all ovei the woilu.
22 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Beie's the seciet.BELIuBT is the most poweiful, cieative
foice of the 0niveise. It is the unueilying vibiational uiivei
behinu why we uo anything at all. It is behinu eveiy action,
eveiy choice, eveiything that manifests itself.
Replace the woiu "Loiu" anu "Be" with anything you want, anu
the Law iemains accuiate. "Belight youiself in Life anu the
0niveise will give you the uesiies of youi heait."
Anything at all. Theie is magic in this one single Law, the Law
of BeLight, which in anu of itself contains the catalyst foi eveiy
othei 0niveisal Law, all iolleu up into one.
"Belight youiself in acts of cieation, anu youi cieations will
give you the uesiies of youi heait."
Suuuenly, this little piece of somewhat simple logic contains
the single gieatest key to unlocking eveiything you've evei
wanteu to attiact to youiself in youi life.

2S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
With that in minu, I want to ieminu you of a simple piece of
You dont have to be happy all the
Simply choose to BELIuBT youiself so thoioughly in
something anu you'll instantly be uplifteu to that level of
intense cieative vibiation.
No longei uo you neeu to monitoi all the thoughts that entei
youi fielu. All you uo is immeise youiself, lose youiself in
whatevei it is that uelights youi heait, tickles youi spiiit anu
uplifts you to no enu.
No mattei wheie you aie cuiiently at emotionally oi in youi
countless thought spiials, finuing one tiny thing, just one thing
to ieally lose youiself in anu thoioughly uelight in, anu you
instantly tiansfoim youi woilu, while making you much moie
attiactive to the univeise!
24 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Anu you can choose to uelight in anything that affiims life foi
youiself oi otheis at any time! You uon't have to let it hinge on
anything else happening to you oi foi you.

2S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
DELIGHT is the single most
attractive vibration to the
BeLight suipasses all othei vibiational fiequencies. It fai
suipasses love, joy, bliss, giatituue anu passion on the
vibiational scale.
uo aheau, close youi eyes, anu listen to the uelighteu laughtei
of chiluien. 0i iemembei the silly antics of youi favoiite pet.
See how quickly a smile staits to play upon youi lips.
Remembei the last uelightful thing you shaieu with someone
DeLight is instantaneous.
In fact, as you choose to feel BELIuBT N0W, you become much
moie attiactive to the 0niveise, which immeuiately wants to
begin co-cieating with you whatevei it is youi heait uesiies.
Things become magically effoitless when you opeiate out of a
spiiit of BeLight.
26 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Immeuiately, as you BeLight moie anu moie in life, you begin
to open youiself up to the 0niveise as well. You see, when you
tiuly uelight in something the 0niveise cieateu foi you to
uelight in, the 0niveise wants to natuially piomote that
vibiational scale of BeLight, because iesonating at that level
feeus anu fuels the 0niveise to cieate moie anu moie on oui
BeLight youiself in whatevei is aiounu you now, so you can
cieate the vibiational iesonance of Cieation to begin swiiling
aiounu you.
Baving saiu that, I uon't want you to think I'm tiying to talk you
out of what you want.
In fact, I'm not. Nany gieat sacieu woiks have all saiu that
mateiial possessions can be a sign of two things, eithei a being
completely beieft of spiiituality, oi a being so in tune with
Spiiit that all things have been maue possible foi that being.
I'm all foi whatevei it is that you uieam of. I just know that the
mateiial is only a iepiesentation of something fai moie
poweiful that exists all aiounu you.
27 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
}ust know that things anu people. aie not what "makes" you
feel, uo oi expeiience anything. 0nly you get to choose what
you feel, uo oi expeiience. No othei can choose that foi you.
Youi happiness, youi BELIuBT, uoes not hinge on any one
peison, place, thing oi ciicumstance in youi life.
1,40 012 #/, >/3" 012 8""4 1$
"?@"$+",#" /,0%)+,7;
Bappiness, sauness, joy, feai, angei. BELIuBT. The most
poweiful of these feelings, howevei, is BELIuBT.

28 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

29 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Secret #3

What delights your heart
ultimately delights the
rest of the Universe.
Beie's the next key.
Eveiything in the 0niveise automatically tunes its vibiation to
iesonate with the vibiation of BELIuBT.
Why. Because eveiything in the 0niveise was cieateu anu
wiieu to expeiience BELIuBT. With that in minu, uoesn't it
make sense to.
Su | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
DELIGHT yourself in life So that
You May receive the desires of
your heart?
In a nutshell, that intiouuces you to the Law of BELIuBT. Anu it
is the only Law in the 0niveise that instantly tiiggeis eveiy
othei Law to conspiie, just like a uomino effect, on youi behalf,
all so you can cieate anything you uesiie foi youiself.
Not even The Law of Attiaction can uo that. In fact, without
Activating the Law of BeLight, you may finu youiself stiuggling
with The Law of Attiaction, sometimes foi yeais, befoie you
figuie out how to manage youi vibiation.
With the Law of BeLight, howevei, you no longei have to
concein youiself with youi "vibiational" state of youi feelings
oi thoughts. You aie automatically at the co-cieative
vibiational level that the 0niveise neeus.
Life becomes moie anu moie effoitless as you become filleu
moie anu moie fiequently with the vibiational chaige of
S1 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Bowevei, befoie we go too ueepei, I want you to consiuei foi a
seconu that.
What You Think You Want May Not
Be WHAT Your Heart TRULY Desires
for you.
Nany of us fall in the tiap of wanting what we believe we
"ought" to want.
We'ie often conuitioneu to live up to societal, paiental anu
cultuial expectations, which may incluue a vaiiety of things,
like ...
! going to college at the "iight" school
! getting a job with the "iight" company
! getting maiiieu to the "iight" peison
! buying a house in the "iight" neighboihoou
! uiiving the "iight" cai
! living the "iight" lifestyle
! iising in youi chosen caieei
! having kius
! uoing what's expecteu
S2 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
! believing in the "iight" thing
! piacticing the "iight" ieligion
! not being too out of the oiuinaiy
! accepting the status quo
.anu theie may be moie, uepenuing on youi paiticulai
Now, I uon't know about you, but I iaileu against most of the
contiols that weie placeu on me eaily on in my life. I
iemembei my mom anu I having fight aftei fight about hei
expectations of me. Some of us iebel louuly, otheis iebel
silently. Nany moie of us eventually cave anu succumb because
we ieally think we want to "make" oui paients happy with us.
So we "giow up" oi "matuie" anu fall into "towing the line".
We sigh anu step into the yoke anu begin the long haul up the
hill. 0vei time, we lose oui passion foi oui uieams; we lose
sight of what we ieally wanteu out of life, what inspiieu us,
what exciteu us.
Then, something, somewheie along the line we have something
happen to us. Something that wakes us up out of the uoluiums
of a life less liveu to ieminu us that the life that was pickeu out
SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
foi us, oi iathei the life we chose to make someone else
happy. just might not be the life we ieally want.
It may be the life we thought we wanteu, because we finally
gave in to the piessuies of an outsiue woilu.
But, it uoesn't iing oui bell. It uoesn't uelight us. It suie as hell
uoesn't get us leaping out of beu eveiy moining, exciteu about
what the uay is about to biing.
The pioblem occuis when we uon't check in with ouiselves
fiom within, to make ceitain oui choices that we aie making
will help us to cieate the veision of ieality that we ieally, ieally
want to live.
Foi example:
... in my paient's veision of my success, I'm maiiieu with kius,
in a little subuiban house close to home wheie my family can
pop by foi unexpecteu visits. I uiive a mouest cai, I woik a
mouest job, live a mouest lifestyle, anu uon't ask foi any help,
evei. I keep my heau uown anu make clothes, ciochet, sew anu
cook eveiy night. I uon't go making ait my business, because
eveiyone knows aitists staive anu nevei succeeu in life.
S4 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
I uon't accumulate mateiial possessions, because that woulu be
selfish. I uon't have a business because that's gambling with my
chiluien's futuie. I uon't tiavel out of the countiy, because that
woulu be too uangeious. I uon't go tooting my hoin, selling
myself, oi posting pictuies of myself on my websites. I uon't go
making waves. I make a mouest income uoing basically what
my paients uiu. What's goou enough foi them, ought to be
goou enough foi me.
I shoulun't expect much out of life, because, aftei all, I'm a
woman, so I'm not all that uisappointeu when I uon't get what I
want. I ought to just keep my heau uown, stay in the shauows,
uon't attiact too much attention oi suspicion, woik haiu, watch
Tv anu hope foi a few goou things to come my way.
Tuins out my veision of success is way uiffeient than theiis.
Bow about that.

SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Your Version of a Life of Delight
and Success.
:"&. 9*#6 ;<=> ?#'6-*+ *3 & (-3# *3 9#(-8". (**@ (-@#A
:"&. 9*#6 ;<=> ?#'6-*+ *3 6/11#66 (**@ (-@# .* $*/A
0nly you can answei that. No one can answei it foi you. It is
the most impoitant thing that you can uo foi you.
Get crystal clear on what REALLY delights you in life. Release
yourself of the need that you must live up to anyone elses
The little things that uelight us in oui uay-to-uay lives aie
clues. The things we see otheis achieve that we aie jealous
about aie clues. The things we ieally ueeply wish in oui most
quiet moments late at night aie all clues. Eveiything else is a
uistiaction. When we lose ouiselves foi houis uoing something
oi cieating something, this is a clue.
Youi Innei Wise Self has all the answeis to what you ieally,
ieally want in life.
S6 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
0nce we get a peek oi a hint of what we ieally want. often it is
a veiy intimiuating, scaiy ievelation. 0ften because it means
big changes aie in stoie foi us. Anu change is veiy scaiy.
We uon't think we ueseive what we ieally, ieally want, oi we
aie goou enough foi it. So we ieach foi something else entiiely.
Avoiuing what it is that ieally makes oui heait sing.
Some of us aie subconsciously ieluctant to acknowleuge an
authentic uesiie, because to aumit anu iecognize what we
ieally tiuly want makes oui heaits vulneiable to failuie anu
uisappointment. This is veiy scaiy, especially if we've evei
suffeieu setbacks in oui lives. I have hau many, many business
failuies, which leu me to feel incieuibly vulneiable to aumit
what I ieally wanteu was financial success so I coulu give back
moie to the woilu aiounu me.
We face ceitain iisk when we set oui heait on cieating
something in oui lives, whethei its financial success oi a gieat
piece of aitwoik. oi oui musical talent, oi being seen on stage.
Nost of us have been conuitioneu in life to see iisks with gieat
feai anu pain. so to avoiu those iisks at all costs.
S7 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
0i, like me, you may have a paiental belief system that leaus us
to believe that if we ieally want those things, it must mean we
aie small, selfish, mateiialistic, anu not spiiitual, oi that we aie
moie ueseiving oi bettei than otheis in some way. Those
heavy paiental beliefs come fiom someone else, they aie not
youis, so uon't auopt them anu make them youis.
Baiing to want what you want takes couiage anu boluness in
the face of all these things.
Step up. Claim it! Bo moie than just claim it. You have got to
uo Big anu BELIuBT in what you want. Really sink youiself
ueep into in it. Revel in it. celebiate what you want! Whatevei
it is that you uo, Bo N0T holu back.
Eveiy one of youi uieams aie within you, no mattei how big
oi ciazy they might seem.
They aie not miiages, stuck out somewheie acioss the ueseit
sanus, always moving away fiom you. Bieams aie not sitting
on clouus, uissipating as soon as you ieach foi them. They aie
not something to chase uown, to iun towaius uespeiately, oi to
cling to.
S8 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Your REAL Dreams live inside of
you. Deep within you. They are
already as real as you are. They
are already as tangible as you are.

S9 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
A Powerful Exercise
Get yourself to a mirror the closest mirror you
Now, look at youiself. Really look at youiself. Examine youiself
up close. No juugment, just look.
B*,C .*/1" $*/' '#3(#1.-*+ -+ 2-''*'0
0ften we believe oui uieams aie something ieflecteu out to us,
but aie as untouchable as that ieflection in oui miiioi. We
know the miiioi is ieal. tangible, but we also know the
ieflection is only an image. a miiage. We cannot touch the
peison in the miiioi.
!"# 2-''*' )#1*2#6 ."# )&''-#' .* */' 9'#&260
When we tiy to iun into the miiioi oi into the miiage of oui
uieams, we finu we cannot, no mattei how haiu we tiy, touch
them. The miiioi is a baiiiei. it is an illusion. It is not ieal. It
sits outsiue of us ieflecting to us all oui flaws, all oui beauty, all
oui hopes anu all oui uisappointments.
4u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
!"-6 -6 "*, 2*6. D#*D(# .'#&. ."#-' 9'#&260 They holu them
up as if they aie a miiage that lives outsiue of them. that
someuay if they can ieach foi it. they can be happy. Someuay
is the miiage.
E.-(( (**@-+8 -+ ."# 2-''*'C .*/1" $*/'6#(30 Touch youi face.
Now stick out youi tongue at youi ieflection. You aie such a
kiu! Smile ueeply at youiself. Really smile as if you aie
BELIuBTB to meet you.
You see, the miiioi can only ieflect to us what actions we take,
what thoughts we think, anu what we feel. If you began
scowling at youi lines oi some tiny impeifection, you aie
juuging youiself. If you began aumiiing youi best tiaits, you
aie juuging youiself.
!"# F-''*' -6 ."# =+-?#'6# '#3(#1.#9 )&1@ &. $*/0 The
0niveise can only take what we give it anu ieflect it back to us
in the objects all aiounu us. It is up to you to use what you have
available to you to make malleable the image ieflecteu all
aiounu you.
If you can touch youiself, touch youi face, stick out youi tongue
oi smile to youiself. by golly you aie touching youi uieams,
41 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
sticking out youi tongue to auveisity anu smiling at how easy it
all ieally is. "
If you can imagine it, you can have it - especially once you
iemembei that you ieally can paitnei with the 0niveise to
cieate new iealities (iathei than suiienuei to it) anu tiuly
BELIuBT youiself in youi own ieflection that's in eveiything
all aiounu you. The 0niveise is youi ieflection. It is youi Bivine
Paitnei in this gieat expeiiment you call life. You uon't have to
suiienuei to it, oi give youiself up to it. In fact, it uoesn't want
you to uo that. It wants a paitnei to expeiiment with, not a
hapless victim of ciicumstance!
What I'm saying is ... all things aie possible foi you, but it
iequiies that you let go of a few sanubags of belief weighing
you uown so you can claim what you ieally want foi youiself
anu uelight in it. so you can get exciteu anu motivateu enough
to commit to it in oiuei to manifest it.
That uoesn't mean you have to announce youi uieam of
becoming the next ice skating woilu champion to the woilu
42 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
once you iealize TBIS is what ieally uelights youi heait.
!"#$%&'$ )**%&*+,*' ,# #% -%&./0"1 ,* -%&. %2* 3,..%. 040.-
/,*'"0 3%.*,*' )*5 *,'$# 2%&"5 60 ) '%%5 /#).# #% '0# #$0
7*,40./)" 2$00"/ #&.*,*' ,* -%&. 1)4%.8
Sometimes what you neeu to uo is take a Leap of Inspiieu
Faith. Take Inspiieu Action. Take a few steps each uay to youi
uesiieu outcome. You'll likely have to uo something that scaies
you a little, because in oiuei to show the 0niveise you aie
seiious at builuing a paitneiship, you've got to invest
something of youiself so it has something to woik with.
BELIuBT in it!
Sometimes it feels bettei to piotect oui uieam fiom the haish
winus of iiuicule oi scoffing by the ones we love anu tiust.
0nce you leain the seciet language the 0niveise is using to
communicate with you thiough the language we often
misunueistanu as iiuicule anu scoffing, you'll be even moie
empoweieu to stick youi tongue out like a chilu anu uelight
youiself in youi chosen path!

4S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You'll know when youi belief in youi uesiie is stiong enough to
ieveal to otheis. In the meantime, let it sit within you, uelight
in it, ievel in it. Feeu it eveiy uay out of the wellspiing of youi
uelight anu joy.
That's wheie youi voitex of unstoppable momentum begins.
44 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Key Points:
! G*+5. )# 9-6.'&1.#9 &)*/. ,"&. $*/' 2-+9 ."-+@6 ,-((
H2&@#I $*/ "&DD$0

! Theie is an unueilying uiiving foice that piopels the
entiie univeise, just as it uiives you. It's calleu

! Happiness, love, pleasure, feeling good all these things
dont come from a good job... a person... a big bank
account or a nice car. They all come from within you.

! Your Invisible Power creates all your desires, your dreams,
your hopes, your yearnings, your wants.

! You are a child of the Infinite Universe! DELIGHT
yourself in Life and you will be given the desires of your

4S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
! You can choose to uelight in something, anything, at any
time anu instantly tiansfoim youi emotional state in an
instant, to vibiationally align youiself with the Cieative
Foice of the 0niveise.


! What delights you ultimately delights the rest of the

! Whats best for you is ultimately whats best for all.

! Your happiness, your DELIGHT, does not hinge on any
one person, place, thing or circumstance in your life.

! Get Crystal Clear on exactly what your heart truly desires.
! The Universe is a Partner and a Mirror reflecting to you
what you reflect to it. Reflect to it what your heart
DeLights in Most of ALL.

! DELIGHT gets you excited to go to the next level.

! Claim what you really want out loud to yourself in front
of a mirror.

46 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

DELIGHT yourself in life to receive
the desires of your heart.

47 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
We cannot solve our problems from the same
consciousness that created them. We must elevate our
awareness. ~ Albert Einstein

Secret #4:

The Addiction That Can
Destroy Your Dreams
In my expeiience on cieating impossible uieams out of thin aii,
the piimaiy ieason people keep themselves fiom ieceiving
what they tiuly want.
48 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
They gain something out of focusing on negative eneigy, so
they've become auuicteu to it. They continue to focus on it,
peipetuating it outwaius fiom theii fielu into the woilu. The
univeise, being a miiioi anu a paitnei in co-cieating theii
veision of ieality, continues to answei in like kinu.
What is an addiction?
To be auuicteu is to become mentally oi physically uepenuent
upon something oi even someone. Auuiction is uenoting a
peison's inclination oi pioclivity towaiu something, someone
oi some activity. What about the auuiction to negative eneigy,
negative emotion, negative thinking anu negative speech
patteins. Can someone ieally become auuicteu to negative
Negative Energy Addiction
Theie aie people who aie not willing to ieuiiect theii focus to
something positive, something that the heait tiuly uesiies. I
myself stiuggleu with this foi a few yeais. I was tiappeu by my
peiceptions of victimhoou.
49 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
In fact, much of humanity is tiappeu by this life-negating
auuiction, unawaie that it even exists. They believe the
eviuence that is appeaiing to them in the woilu aiounu them is
too ieal, too oveiwhelming to ieuiiect theii focus anu uplift
themselves out of an emotional auuiction to negative eneigy
anu into a positive, upwaius spiial of co-cieating new iealities.
Cynicism, saicasm, ciitique, uefensive mechanisms, ietaliatoiy
iemaiks. these aie all signs that one may have an inclination
towaius being auuicteu to negative eneigy. If they mostly look
foi things to ciiticize, complain about oi can mostly only say
negative things about most people anu situations theii minu is
uefinitely have a Negative Eneigy Auuiction, (NEA). NEA is a
poweiful auuiction anu can be extiemely uifficult to oveicome.
It's piogiammeu ueep into the inuiviuual's neuial netwoik
patteins fiom an eaily age, usually uue to a paiental figuie
who also suffeieu with NEA.
NEA is a mental anu emotional viius that cieates within
inuiviuual a sepaiation fiom something within himself that he
is not ieauy to exploie oi come to a point of healing anu
Su | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
At the heait of Negative Eneigy Auuiction is a malfunctioning
mental connection between how we get oui neeus met anu
how we expiess those neeus to otheis oi even to ouiselves.
Nany people aie auuicteu to the negative innei uialogue of
self-uebilitating infoimation, geneially because they have not
been taught how to have a healthy innei ielationship with
themselves. 0ui innei uialogue is a combination of voices
we've heaiu giowing up thioughout oui lives, oui paients,
teacheis, authoiity figuies, even oluei family membeis.
Do You Have a Negative Energy
Vortex Surrounding Your Life?
NEA cieates a voitex of negative eneigy aiounu the peison,
uiawing to them life-uepleting eneigies, people, emotions anu
situations. Such a voitex uiains the life foice of the peison,
leaving the inuiviuual feeling uespaii at not being able to meet
theii own uesiies in a healthy, functional way.
Cleaily, theie aie many things hiuuen at the coie of Negative
Eneigy Auuiction. NEA as we pieviously stateu, cieates a
voitex of negative eneigy. Eventually, uiama, illness, ciises aie
all manifesting in the peison's life. Pait of the auuiction heie is
S1 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
to tiiggei a feeling of aliveness, iathei than the numbness that
Negative Eneigy Auuiction typically leaves the peison feeling.
Tiiggeiing auienal glanus thiough emotional uiscoiu anu
heighteneu stiess gives the peison a iush of feeling alive.
People who aie tiappeu ueep in the auuiction of negative
eneigy feel numb to life on so many levels. The auienal iush
becomes a much-neeueu souice of eneigy, with unfoitunate
0ui society continues to valiuate anu peipetuate foi us that
this is the way we aie supposeu to live life
All oui life we aie given a vaiiety of messages that oui biains
may choose to implant into oui belief systems, tiiggeiing an
auuiction that becomes a self-fulfilling piophecy:
! Watch out, oi something ieally bau might happen to
! Stay constantly awaie oi something might get you.
! Theie's a lot to feai in the woilu.
! Someone's always out to get us oi take auvantage of us.
! People aie gieeuy, angiy, selfish anu caieless.
! You aie a victim of ciicumstances anu cannot change
youi life.
S2 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
! You have to leain to cope with youi pioblems.
! You have to woik haiu.
! Bon't be vulneiable, oi you'll get huit.
! Theie's evil in the woilu anu it will get you.
! You cannot have eveiything you want.
! Bon't be selfish.
! If you uon't get theie fiist someone will get it befoie
! Theie isn't enough to go aiounu.
! Noney uoesn't giow on tiees.
! You have to stiuggle thiough life.
! Life is haiu anu full of suffeiing.
! You have to woik haiuei if you want to piove youi
! You aien't woithy, so why bothei.
We live in a constant state of stiess, anxiety anu ieauiness foi
what might happen to us, what we "might" lose if something
uoes happen, anu it's this chionic feai of iisk that keeps us
fiom taking action on focusing on oui negative eneigy
auuiction, changing oui focus to hit the taiget that will give us
what we ieally want in life. I talk much moie in uepth about
this in my book, BELIuBT.
SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
We cannot get what we want out of life, if we aie so focuseu on
the auuiction to life-negating feai, angei, stiess anu woiiy.
The Old Way of Perceiving
The "little me" is extiemely attacheu to negative eneigy, to the
extent that it will uefenu its iight to be negative. It's not
uncommon to encountei an eneigy within you that is attiacteu
to conflict oi feai. Bow many times have you ieacteu
negatively to a situation oi a peison in fiont of you. I know I
have, moie often than not.
"Let's face it, that's just how ieality is! Theie's just so much
WR0Nu in the woilu!" is the typical uefensive ieaction the
"little me" has whenevei a peison auuicteu to negative eneigy
anu negative beliefs feels theii iight to be negative (oi be
auuicteu to negativity) is being thieateneu.
Youi "little me's" auuiction has its founuation in a life-negating,
feai-baseu belief. In many cases the ioot belief goes something
like - "Theie is something inheiently wiong with me" which
can easily tianslate to "Theie is something inheiently wiong
S4 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
with life" which can then easily giow to "Theie is something
inheiently wiong in this woilu".
You may be able to ielate to this pattein of living. In fact, I uo
this sometimes myself. Theie is a facet within us which
attempts to uefenu this negative pattein out of a uesiie to
ensuie oui physical suivival. Ceitainly theie is veiy ieal
uangei in the woilu, but feai anu negativity. Those aie choices.
When we become moie awaie of a new uesiie - something that
ueeply uelights us, it can awaken something ueepei within us
anu we finu ouiselves exciteu, enliveneu, impassioneu at the
possibility of achieving it.
Now, maybe we wiite it uown on as a goal. Naybe we make a
iesolution. Naybe we set an intention foi it, oi pin it on a vision
boaiu. Naybe we even begin making plans foi it.
But then. slowly but suiely. we become oveiwhelmeu by
negative thinking, seconu thoughts, feais, woiiies, anu oui
newfounu uieam becomes colluueu with the weeus of a gaiuen
we have alloweu to become oveiiun.
Even when we begin on the ioau towaius oui uieam, along the
way, we finu ouiselves sabotaging oui own piogiess. Slowly
SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
the goal begins to slip asiue as moie uigent life-matteis stait to
uiown it out. We become oveiwhelmeu having to ieact to all
kinus of uiama anu ciises that have cioppeu up all aiounu us.
We aie shockeu, wonueiing how on eaith we coulu have
possibly cieateu these ciicumstances, unawaie that we nevei
cleaieu oui gaiuen befoie laying the feitilizei uown foi oui
new seeus to giow.
We then spenu so much of oui waking houis beiating
ouiselves foi what is. We compaie ouiselves to what coulu be
oi shoulu be foi us, anu get incieasingly angiy at ouiselves anu
otheis aiounu us foi not achieving what is so obviously a
simple thing.
What becomes ieal foi us. 0ui failuie. 0ui sabotage. 0i oui
ieal wants. Wheie we invest oui most eneigy, oui most focus,
is piimaiily on oui feais when we live in a self-peipetuateu
state of negativity.
"Nothing evei woiks out, so why bothei tiying."
What is foi us is usually the absence oi seemingly
oveiwhelming mountain of impossibilities to achieve that thing
S6 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
we uieameu about. So we sliue back uown the hill to oui waim,
comfoitable muck of "This is how it is."
We even blame otheis foi oui hopes getting iaiseu only to be
uasheu: oui teacheis, the univeise, uou, oui employei, oui
lanuloiu, oui spouse, oui paients. Self-help teacheis anu
coaches often beai much of that biunt. Especially those who
teach Law of Attiaction. "This stuff uoesn't woik foi me! It's BS.
This positive-thinking gaibage is a loau of hog-wash. I tiieu it
once anu it uiun't woik!"
Beai one, the only way something new can bloom in the gaiuen
of youi woilu is if you cleai out the muck, the uebiis, the
spiueis, the pests, anu the weeus that clouu youi minu anu fill
you with feai anu loathing. 0nly then can the spiingtime of
abunuance bloom in youi woilu. You ieap what you sow, ueai
one. You must cieate space in youi gaiuen anu tenu it with
tenuei, loving, positive caie.
Focusing all youi attention anu focus solely on what's
happening uoes N0T allow you to cleai youi gaiuen anu tenu
to it.

S7 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Suspend your limited beliefs - even if just
temporarily, and entertain the possibility of a
new, wondrous and as of yet, undiscovered
miracle blossoming in your world.

S8 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

S9 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
How do you go about achieving this?
!AGV (\ Tap into youi Cieative Powei to imagine anu fantasize
about the amazing things, the uelightful things, the joyous
things, the positive things you uesiie foi youi life.
!AGV 6\ You must use the powei of choice, to CB00SE to biing
that image to life foi you. Bow. Begin by uelving ueeply into
the feeling of wonuei anu most impoitantly the feeling of
BELIuBT you will expeiience when you manifest all these
goou, uelightful anu joyous things into youi life. Focus on that
feeling. Feeling uelighteu, exciteu to be alive, amazeu by youi
ability to cieate anything at all you uesiie.
Lose youiself to this moment of BELIuBT, now. It's the most
impoitant feeling you can cieate, because it is the one
eneigetic vibiation the 0niveise cannot iesist.
While you aie uoing this, you aie cieating a new voitex to
ieplace the voitex of negativity that may have suiiounueu you
up until now. It takes time foi the olu voitex of negative eneigy
to slowly uissipate, so negative things may still be affecting
you. Bo not focus on them as tiagic, tiauma oi ciisis points.
6u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Tuin those pioblems that aiise into gifts of oppoitunity. Focus
on what can be shifteu, not on what is.
By heauing stiaight foi BELIuBT, you aie aligning with youi
heait's uesiies while you aie focusing on imagining it anu
visualizing it unfoluing into youi life. The moie poweiful
imagination you have (which is just like any muscle, it neeus to
be exeiciseu iegulaily), the moie poweiful of a voitex of
eneigy will be cieateu.
ueneially, we uon't often give as much aii play to oui ueepest
heaitfelt uesiies as we uo to oui feais of being uisappointeu oi
we aien't woithy of them. 0ften we aie just so auuicteu to
obseiving ieality aiounu us with a negative film ovei oui eyes.
We cannot see cleaily what's iight in fiont of us.
It is this kinu of mental cluttei which cieates the ieflection the
0niveise uses to manifest on youi behalf. It can only biing to
you what you ask of it. If you aie asking a million clumsily
constiucteu thoughts they have veiy little powei. But a single,
focuseu iequest, baseu on youi most potent heait's uesiies,
launcheu thiough a voitex of uelight, has a fai moie
penetiating anu poweiful effect.
61 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
How to Let Go of Your Grip on
You want goou things, iight. Amazing things. It uoesn't mattei
what you cieate, ieally, as long as you cieate fiom a space of
what tiuly uelights you. You uo, howevei, neeu to be awaie of
what you aie ingesting anu ieceiving.
J'# $*/ ./+-+8 -+.* 9&'@+#66C +#8&.-?-.$C 3#&'C "*''*'C "&'2C
/+'#&(-.$A Then this is what will be peipetuateu back to you,
in a myiiau of ways. It coulu manifest itself as unuue stiess,
auienaline iushes anu ciashes, ieactivity, anxiety, panic
attacks, quickeneu ieactions, angei.
Youi subconscious anu youi conscious minu woiks togethei to
constiuct iealities baseu on what they aie feu anu what they
have come to believe will ensuie youi physical suivival. They
can only uo this, baseu on the enviionment anu infoimation
you choose to nouiish them with.
Whatevei it is you ingest most of, like it oi not, is absoibeu at
some level into youi psyche anu youi eneigy fielu anu
eventually becomes a pait of you.
62 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
It is ciucial, theiefoie to be equally minuful iegaiuing what you
ingest eneigetically, physically anu emotionally, as it is to align
youiself vibiationally with youi intenueu uesiies.
Above all, if you aie focuseu on peipetuating negativity in any
foim, uaikness in any foim, cynicism oi saicasm in any foim,
be piepaieu that this is what will be ieflecteu back to you.
Garbage in, Garbage out.
If you want to hainess the powei of the most poweiful cieative
foice in the 0niveise, you must opeiate youiself anu align
youiself thiough integiity with its vibiation. This is what
allows this cieative foice to manifest itself thiough us to cieate
the momentum we neeu to achieve all we uesiie.
Nake youiself a beautiful, BeLightF0LL ieflection of ieality,
anu it will beautiful, no mattei the uaikness that may be
swiiling aiounu outsiue of you. This may seem a bit too
positive, anu I'm honestly not a paiticulaily optimistic peison.
But I uo know this. Beyonu a shauow of a uoubt, as a
piagmatist, I uo know ieflecting a vibiational pattein that the
0niveise yeains to expeiience most will make you moie
6S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
attiactive to it co-cieating optimal life uesiies on youi behalf
than anything else.
What is it the Universe yearns to
experience most?
Expansion anu BeLight. Expanu youiself anu BeLight youiself
in all that has been biought to you, anu you will be given all
youi heait uesiies. When all we uo is obseive, even if its to tiy
to unueistanu "the uaikness, the shauows, the evils" of the
woilu, we become obsesseu with that, all oui eneigy is
consumeu by it anu we cannot ieuiiect oui eneigy to cieate
something that tiuly uelights oui heaits. All that's become
impoitant foi us is the obsession of the uaikness. Nothing else
exists. Anu so nothing else can.
Imagination is more important than knowledge
~ Albert Einstein

I cannot manifest abunuance when I'm focuseu on all that I
lack. I cannot manifest optimal health anu unlimiteu eneigy
when I'm focusing all the symptoms of what's "wiong" with
64 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
me. I cannot manifest unlimiteu cieativity anu passion foi my
life when all I am focuseu on is "solving what's wiong". I
cannot manifest a house if all I'm woiiieu about is how much it
will cost.
Noi can we manifest solutions to enu poveity, eliminate
slaveiy, enu wai, when we aie focuseu on the haiuships,
hoiiois oi atiocities of such.
We can, howevei, co-cieate solutions that cieate a wellspiing
of abunuance, well-being, fieeuom, peace, love anu acceptance
foi all. What we focus on, we get moie of. That's the Law of
Attiaction in Action. When we focus on BELIuBTINu ouiselves
anu otheis, that activates all othei Laws to opeiate fully on oui
If we yeain to cieate a majoi shift in the woilu because it tiuly
uelights oui heaits to uo so, the 0niveise will conspiie with us
to make this shift a ieality, giving us oppoitunities to
expeiience synchionicity aftei synchionicity.
This is why you neeu to get off the "ieality" channels on the Tv
of life. They aien't seiving you. They aien't giving you anything
but filling youi minu with gaibage that will not elevate youi
6S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
soul oi empowei you to step into paitneiship with the
0niveise to cieate all that you uesiie foi youiself anu otheis.
Bow uo you uo this.
Become a master of sculpting your perception
as if you were an artist. This way, you can
interpret reality in a way that honors your
dream and manifests it into your world, rather
than impedes you and your progress.

Ask yourself better questions, and
listen for better answers.
If you tiuly want to cieate change, then expanu youi uieam
anu youi uesiies to be laige enough to encompass the woilu.
This will ushei in even moie suppoit anu eneigy to focus on
you anu what you yeain to manifest in the woilu aiounu you.
If you want financial fieeuom, then this is what you neeu to
give thiough BELIuBT to otheis. Bow. By expanuing youi
uieam to empowei otheis to achieve theii uieam of financial
66 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
fieeuom in some way. Kiva is one such oiganization that
empoweis you to suppoit otheis in theii uieams of fieeuom.
Commit to a piactice of giving because it tiuly BELIuBTS youi
heait anu soul to uo so. Feel how amazing anu empoweiing
anu uelightful it is to be able to give someone the gift that you
aie seeking. You have that powei. You can give fiom that
position of powei, without the feai of lack.
Bo not focus on the feai of uebt, the woiiy of uebt, oi the pain
of uebt. Insteau, focus on how money is a tool thiough which
uynamic ielationships anu paitneiships can occui. Focus on
how money is a poweiful foice that ENP0WERS you to cieate
anu shaie moie BELIuBT with otheis. It is a tool that can be
wielueu with aitistiy anu masteiy to manifest any outcome
you uesiie. That's all it is. A neutial tool. All bills cieateu aie
alieauy being paiu. Keep that focus on you'ie youi abunuance
to become a geneiatoi of abunuance.
Like a tiee that boies fiuit yeai aftei yeai, the fiist five oi six
yeais of it's life it neeus TLC, nuituiing, anu nouiishment. It's
the same with anything. If you haven't been tenuing youi
gaiuen of abunuance, it's not going to give you a uamneu thing.
67 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Eneigy flows wheie attention goes. If youi attention is focuseu
on all that BELIuBTS you in youi life, you automatically cieate
a wellspiing of eneigy that continues to uiaw to you moie
things that uelight you! The 0niveise cannot help but give you
moie anu moie things to see what you might uelight in next!
0nce you lose youi giip on youi veision of ieality, watch out!
Life will being to iemolu itself to youi new peiceptions. You
become a wiue open vessel foi a poweiful new way of living
anu being. The 0niveise will stait filling you up with things
that uelight you because you've set the tone fiom within that
this is what tiuly moves you fiom this point foiwaiu!

68 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Key Points:
You get to ueteimine what flows in youi ieality. The 0niveise
is a hologiam, it can only pioject to you what you ieflect to it.
Take youi attention off the flaws, the impeifections, the feais,
the negatives, the lack anu the can'ts in life.
Then, begin fantasizing anu visualizing what it is youi heait
tiuly wants in youi life, Focus on the BELIuBT factoi, the
feeling of BELIuBT anu then tuin that BELIuBT onto
eveiything in the woilu that spaiks you anu lights you up.
Befoie you know it, youi ieality is iemaking itself iight befoie
youi veiy eyes, anu life becomes iauiant, magical, beautiful.
69 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Psst The Universe cannot resist
7u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

71 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

You are Everything That Was, That Is, That Will Be.
Your Thoughts, Your Life, Your Dreams Are Coming True.
You are Everything You Choose to Be.
You are as Unlimited as the Cosmos. ~ Isis
Secret #5

You Are Not Your Hard Work.
You Are Not Your Fear.
You Are Not Your Suffering.
72 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Release Resistance
Let Go of the Struggle
Enjoy the Flow
At The Sacieu Living Centei, I focus on using a vibiational
elevational tool. It's an eneigetic attunement calleu Bivine
Light Awakening. A Bivine Light Awakening empoweis the
peison to iepattein theii vibiational alignment, ielease the
voitex of Negative Eneigy that may be suiiounuing them,
while incieasing theii capacity to open up to ieceive all that is
available to them in the 0niveise.
Sometimes, howevei, a peison encounteis a gieat ueal of
iesistance in theii fielu to letting go anu allowing themselves to
"vibe 0p". They iesist it because they aie still being suckeu into
an olu voitex of swiiling negative eneigy patteins that still
neeus to be ieleaseu.
haven't heaiu the teim "iesistance" in iegaius to being a
uelibeiate co-cieatoi of youi life anu youi ieality, then we'll
stait it iight heie with this.
7S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
What is Resistance?
! Resistance is uiscoiu.
! Resistance is life stalling out on you.
! Resistance is a iut.
! Resistance is saicasm, cynicism, scoffing.
! Resistance is going against the flow.
! Resistance feels like anxiety, stiess, feai oi uoubt.
! Resistance is woiking haiu, fixing youiself oi the woilu,
because something is "wiong"
! Resistance is you fighting the "goou" fight
! Resistance feels like pushing two-ton boulueis up two-
hunuieu mile long hillsiues
! Resistance feels like you tiying to push back
! Resistance is uishaimonious, feeling "out of tune" oi
"out of soits"
! Resistance feels like suffeiing, tiying, stiuggling.
74 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Resistance is the opposite of
delighting, allowing and
Belighting, accepting anu allowing is wheie you'll begin
masteifully co-cieating in paitneiship with the 0niveise.
You can feel this in youi coie. uo aheau. Close youi eyes. When
you iemembei what it's like to tiuly uelight in something, you
finu youiself meiging with it to expeiience it moie fully. You
aie blown wiue open to allow all goou things to flow to you.
That is the cieative foice of BeLight. When you aie uelighteu,
you accept anu embiace... anu you allow otheis to be as they
When we expeiience a uesiie (whethei we'ie conscious to it oi
not), the 0niveise immeuiately giants that uesiie.
Immeuiately. Theie is no latency. The latency happens when
we aie not in alignment with the uelight of ieceiving that
We'ie heie in the physical plane on planet eaith
"expeiimenting with contiast" so we can evolve anu expanu as
7S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
we giow in awaieness. Each time we expeiiment with a
contiast, we biith a new uesiie.
0niveise heais anu giants all youi uesiies, instantly.
Isn't that iemaikable.
The issue occurs when we do not operate out of a Spirit of DeLight
(that all powerful, creative force that is sooo uber attractive to the
Its like we manifested a DELIGHTFULL Celebration somewhere,
just by having that new desire, and that delightful thing is
happening whether we happen to be there or not.
Our goal is to DeLighten UP to our very own

76 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

9$0.0:/ ) ;).#- '%,*: %* .,'$# $0.0
! +0"06.)#,%* #% ")/# #$.%&'$%&# #$0 -0)./
<% 6.,*' -%&. '%%5 #,30/ )*5 -%&. ")&'$#0. #%%
=0 '%**) +0"06.)#0 -%&. ;).#- 2,#$ -%&

>%30 %* *%2? +0"06.)#,%*
@0#:/ )"" +0"06.)#0 )*5 $)40 ) '%%5 #,30
=0 '%**) +0"06.)#0 )*5 $)40 ) '%%5 #,30

A#:/ #,30 #% +%30 #%'0#$0.
A#:/ &; #% -%&? 2$)#:/ -%&. ;"0)/&.0B
C40.-%*0 ).%&*5 #$0 2%."5 +%30 %*D

E F%%" G #$0 H)*'
The partys goin on right here. Celebration is
happen everywhere!

The Way Out is the Way Through.
We Aie Inviteu to 0ui 0wn BeLightF0LLY ANAZINu
CELEBRATI0N We just Cieateu... By LETTINu u0 ANB u0INu
77 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Close youi eyes. Feel what it feels like to be a babbling biook,
oi a bouncy little bieeze. Belightfully playing ovei stones anu
thiushes, accepting all that is in youi path, caiessing all,
touching eveiything uelicately anu lightly, allowing youi path
to become the path of least iesistance, weaving this way anu
BeLightF0LLY Accepting & Allowing Life to FL0W, feels just
like that. Boesn't that feel amazing to you. Stietching you,
tickling you. Belighting you.
It all feels like natuial ease, flowing with the BeLightF0LL goou
vibes that keep lifting us up, up anu away.
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Would you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
We could flow among the stars, together you and I
For we can fly, up, up and away
(For we can fly)
In my beautiful, my beautiful balloon
The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly, up, up and away
(For we can fly)
In my beautiful, my beautiful balloon
78 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Suspended under the twilight canopy
We'll search the sky for a star to guide us
If by some chance you find yourself loving me
We'll find a cloud to hide us, keep the moon beside us
Love is waiting there, in my beautiful balloon
Way up in the air, in my beautiful balloon
If you'll hold my hand, we'll chase your dream across the sky
~ 5

The challenge is that most of us dont spend
much time way up there in a wellspring of
We've been conuitioneu that "living up theie" is "woo-woo"
lanu. Wheie the "beatniks, hippies, anu weiiuos live."
We've all heaiu someone stait a sentence out with, "I uon't
want to buist youi bubble, but..." meaning, you ieally neeu to
come back uown to eaith anu "get ieal".
Well ueai one, I've liveu in the "ieal" woilu foi a bit, anu it
piactically, veiy neaily killeu me. I think I'll piefei to live up
heie. Wheie the uoou vibes Flow anu the Celebiations aie
always happening!
79 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
We've been iaiseu that we have to "fight the goou fight" to live
in a peipetual state of tension, shallow bieathing, iesistance,
anu stiuggle. Bonestly, leaining the ait of flowing with the
cuiients anu voitices of life may iequiie a bit of iewiiing anu
ieactivating olu ways of living anu being (meaning the 0lu
ways, befoie you came into the physical woilu).
So baby uoll, (that's what my beloveu uianufathei useu to call
me, even into my late twenties), I'm going to teach you how to
spieau youi wings anu fly. Ny uianupa anu fathei weie all
about biinging goou things to life so I'm going to teach you
what they taught me.
Resistance is goou if you want to builu big muscles. Yoga is
bettei when you want to builu coie stiength, flexibility anu
leain to flow. Tai Chi is wonueiful when you want to leain to
uance with the flow of life.
We cieate the state of allowing when we ielease iesistance.
Release iesistance, anu things huit less. Release iesistance, anu
accept things as they aie, while IEDOHKLT ELG SPBA NEO JGBCCN
8u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Releasing all iesistance is key to effoitless manifesting,
BeLightF0LL success, effoitless ielationships, anu
BeLightF0LL Living. You can leain moie about BELIuBT in my
book, BELIuBT, An Enlighteneu Path to Tiansfoiming Youi
Life, Spontaneously.
In othei woius, Y00 can CB00SE to let go of whatevei's
keeping you %&# of a state of BELIuBT anu ease.
0ne of the best ways to ielease iesistance isn't to fight it oi tiy
to "foice" youiself to ielax oi allow. Bonestly, what was taught
to me is what I'm looking to teach you. Anu that is simply to
ieceive Bivine Light Awakenings anu allow Bivine Light &
Bivine Love to open you up natuially. Each Bivine Light
Awakening ueepens youi ielationship with the 0niveise (You
can ieplace 0niveise with any othei name you happen to walk
in alignment with. I peisonally opeiate best with that woiu as
it feels encompassing iathei than limiting to me.).
81 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
The piogiams I teach at BeLight 0niveisity is all about co-
cieating in paitneiship anu haimony with all while leaining to
let go so you can live in a peipetual state of awe, wonuei anu
A bit more about Resistance
I uon't tenu to focus too long on life-stall-outs like iesistance,
but it uoes empowei us to become awaie of what iesistance is
anu when we aie Be-ing iesistant.
We aie ciuisin' along, to oui innei heait song, be-bopping
along when all of a suuuen something veeis us off oui flowing
anu glowing ioau. We might put on the biakes so to speak.
We may feel one of oui beliefs is being thieateneu, oi we may
feel something is "wiong" with life, a ielationship, at woik, oi
with ouiselves. As soon as you feel that, you have just vibe-
shifteu uown way low into "iesistance" anu suuuenly, youi
vehicle isn't uiiving smoothly.
82 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
As soon as you spot it, then you can leain a vaiiety of
techniques to vibe-shift back upwaius into the state of
BeLightF0LL Flow.
The beauty of stepping out of iesistance is that as you uo so,
you'ie stepping ,*#% A Life of BELIuBT. J+9 ."&.56 ,"#+
."-+86 '#&(($ 6.&'. "&DD#+-+8 3*' $*/K
8S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
how do you spot a life-stalling
The answei is suipiisingly simple... Anything that uoesn't feel
"iight" oi "goou" to you. Anything that feels like anything on
this list:
! effort
! struggle
! pushing
! suffering
! lack
! trying
! hard
! stress
! anxiety
! work
! depression
! doubt
! should
! coulds
! ought-tos
! nots, cants, wonts
! paddling upstream
! forcing
! fear
! frustration
! judgements
! jealousy
! angst
! drama
! anger
! hate
! tension
! push-back
! or anything else that
doesnt feel life-
affirming to YOU.

84 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Take a goou long look at the list above. Consiuei how much
time you spenu each uay in the eneigy space of anything that
feels like the above woius.
You may be ieally suipiiseu aftei ieauing this list just how
much of youi uaily life is spent in a life-stalling iesistance, once
you become conscious to it.
Now, a lot of people might look at this list anu suuuenly get
ieally stuck in the muu. "Wait a minute!" They'll say. "I've got to
get into my heau anu figuie out why I'm uoing this! I neeu to
unueistanu all this cluttei anu stuff that's got me iesisting to
life!" Anu with that, they immeuiately want to uive heaulong
into theiapy, coaching, motivational sessions, ietieats, past-life
iegiessions, to ueal with what's WR0Nu. So, they get so
focuseu on what's wiong with them, they get caught up in an
even biggei negative voitex that then ieflects to them all
thioughout theii life all the things that aie "WR0Nu".
Bon't uo this. You neeu to catch this tenuency now. Be awaie of
it anu uon't let it happen to you. I uiu this foi yeais. I spent
eight yeais in theiapy uigging into eveiy little pait of my past.
Nevei uiu a thing foi me. When I was given the gift of BeLight,
howevei, changeu my life in the blink of an eye, anu I nevei
8S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
lookeu back! You uon't have to look back in oiuei to keep going
onwaius anu upwaius. }ust glance at youi map, get cleai on
wheie you wanna go, anu spieau those beautiful angel wings of
youis anu stait flying.
It's okay. Theie isn't anything to stiess about, anything to
woiiy about, anything to fiet about. Life's u00B. Real goou!
Aie you bieathing. u00B! Bieathe ueepei!
Are your eyes open? GOOD!
Open them wider.

Can you smile a little bit? GOOD! Smile
Tell yourself I love you!

Bon't be afiaiu of feeling uown, uepiesseu, oi angiy. We all
have those uays. You can still finu something to BeLight in, anu
you can still be 0K with you. No one is up 1uu% of the time,
anu if they tell you that, they aie eithei on some seiious uiugs,
oi they aie ieally not in tune with the eneigies of life.
86 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
What you can uo, uuiing those life-stalling moments, is ieach
foi something that BELIuBTS you, no mattei what it is. BeLight
lifts you up. It's not something you aie ciaving, but something
that youi minu, bouy anu spiiit neeus to feel in alignment anu
whole again. Foi me, that's a big, tall glass of uaik leafy gieens
anu oiange juice. It's uancing to ciazy louu music while I talk
out louu anu veibalize my emotions so I uon't hang on to them.
Bo whatevei it is that BELIuBTS you!

87 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Begin with the end in mind.




I Can Pause, and Take a Breath.


Begin with delighting in your heart.

88 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

The definition of an optimist is someone who believes
taking one step backwards after taking one step forward
isnt a crisis, its the cha-cha! ~ Unknown.

Wheievei you'ie at now is just fine.
Pait of ieleasing iesistance is making youi peace with
whatevei is, as it is.
13/0 SKAP SPBAUH TEKLT EL, maybe even );;.0+,)#0? )++0;#
)*5 "0).* #% IC@AHJ9 ,* what's happening. Youi Invisible
Powei becomes moie poweiful as you TGA JGBCCN TEEM BA
89 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Give Yourself Permission to PLAY
Authoi Nichael Neill saiu the most uifficult thing to auopt is
that choosing to uo what feels goou. I believe given what we all
see in the woilu, that is likely a veiy accuiate uesciiption.
I wanteu to leain to play piano at the age of five when I heaiu a
pianist play at a chuich I attenueu. But, by the time I was
eleven, I hateu eveiy minute of it. In fact, I hateu anything
having to uo with "music" at all. I was teiiible at it. I hau no
ability to count, no ihythm, no vibe. Nothing I piacticeu
sounueu anything at all like the magical lyiical music I heaiu
when I was tiny.
Foi six yeais I hau been tolu I hau to piactice the piano foi as
long as 2-S houis eveiy uay, to ensuie my paients weie getting
theii money's woith out of my piano anu my lessons. I began
hating the woius "piactice" anu "uiscipline". To me, it meant
long, agonizing houis spent on the bench, my fingeis aching,
my thumbs huiting, having my hanus anu wiists iappeu on by
my teachei, nevei playing full pieces of music, just foi fun.
focusing only on iepetitive exeicises in tune to a metionome,
eveiy uay. uay in uay out. Sometimes I fell asleep at the piano
9u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
I was so exhausteu fiom "piacticing uiscipline" to be "a gieat
classicist pianist".
The instiument I once loveu so ueaily, became a symbol of
toituie to me.
It wasn't until I was fifteen anu I met a giil who inviteu me to
sing in hei banu, "just because, it's fun!". She uiscoveieu I knew
how to "play" piano. but I shook my heau. "I only know how to
'piactice' uiills. I uon't know a thing about "playing" music. It's
nevei been about play to me. }ust a lot of haiu woik anu
Ny fiienu coulu not believe that I hau nevei playeu a single
piece of music all the way thiough. I secietly longeu to be
caiefiee anu play anu sing music with effoitless giace. But I
hau it uiilleu into me to believe I woulu nevei be goou.
0ne uay, my fiienu uiaggeu me to a music stoie wheie a bunch
of heavy metal musicians weie jamming togethei. The music
was iaw, cacophonous, louu anu F0N!
She stoppeu theii jam, huggeu a couple of them then
intiouuceu me. She tolu them I hau foigotten what "playing"
music was all about.
91 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
0ne guy smileu at us anu thiew a guitai at me. I caught it anu
staieu uown at it as if it was an alien fiom outei space. I uiun't
even know how to holu the thing. Be laugheu anu sat uown
besiue me. "Sit uown, anu I'll show you some choius. We'll
have a little fun iiffing anu making a bunch of weiiu sounus."
Be hanueu me a pick anu with a ueep sigh (anu because he was
cute) I ueciueu to give it a tiy.
In about a half an houi, he hau taught me a few choius, some
basic piogiessions. Then, befoie I knew it I was "jammin'" with
his banu! I nevei hau so much fun making "weiiu sounus" that
maue music with othei "weiiu sounus" in my entiie life. I knew
my classical piano teachei woulu have hau a fit! I was iuining
my eais, iuining my hanus anu it was fun, fun, fun. because it
wasn't about all the uiscipline anu haiu woik. It was easy anu
"Bey, she's pietty goou!" 0ne of the guys yelleu ovei the noise
we weie cieating. "Yeah, we aie!" I smileu.
Aftei that, my giilfiienu gave me a stage name anu we playeu
in a banu togethei foi a while. I went on anu playeu with
anothei banu foi a bit aftei ouis went oui sepaiate ways.
92 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
0vei time, I leaineu bass, some basic uium beats, anu even
sang a bit. Not once uiu we evei "piactice" anu not once weie
we evei "uisciplineu". We just got togethei to "jam". We weie
caiefiee about making sounus that felt like fun to us. It uiun't
mattei if we suckeu, it uiun't mattei if we nevei playeu in fiont
of anyone, we just lost ouiselves to making up songs anu
singing out louu. I wiote the lyiics, someone else put the
choius togethei anu we just ian with it.

*" -G4KTPA82440 #BJG8$"" "QGJNMBN;

9S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
I dont really care for the word discipline.
It is heavy, like one of those ball-anu-chain things you have to
lug aiounu behinu you. So, I'm going to give you peimission to
play, iathei than uemanu you uevelop the "uiscipline" to
"piactice" something that isn't in alignment with youi spiiit.
Biscipline can cieate iesistance if we aie not caieful.
It's suipiisingly challenging foi us to let go of what uoesn't feel
goou anu to move in the uiiection of what feels effoitless,
fieeing anu playful. 0nuoubteuly it's because oui paiental anu
social conuitioning iewaiueu us foi "woiking haiu", being
"uisciplineu", anu listening to otheis ovei oui own inteinal
guiuance, foi stiuggling, peiseveiing, paying oui uues, tiying.
Bowevei, if you tiust that sometimes oui couise must veei off
in anothei uiiection entiiely so we can expeiiment with what it
means to have fun again, to be caiefiee anu flow with life, you
may finu something out about youiself.
Bau we been taught to follow oui "feel goou voice" (which we
weie natuially gifteu to follow as chiluien), we woulun't even
be uiscussing this now.
94 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
We'u alieauy be skilleu at following oui inteinal guiuance anu
uoing what felt best anu most natuial foi us.
I am suie most of us have lots of ioom to be moie BeLightF0LL
anu CaieFREE. We just have to ielease all that time we spenu
in iesistance to fiee ouiselves up to Play BeLightF0LLY with
uo back to that list of "life-stalleis". What uoes it feel like in
youi bouy when you expeiience one of these life-stalling
iesistances. It feels "tight", uoesn't it. Baiu. Like you aie
tense. Naybe youi jaw is tense oi youi aie subconsciously
tensing up youi shoulueis, tightening youi aims, oi holuing
youi stomach in. Naybe you lean back a bit anu finu youi
fingeis aie bit tightei.
As you become moie awaie of what youi bouy uoes in
iesistance to something, you can immeuiately ieveise it to get
back into the Flow of A Life of BeLight!
0se that awaieness to ieveise the iesistance. Take a ueep belly
bieath anu ielax youi shoulueis, soften youi eyes, open youi
mouth anu chew a few times. Smile big. Bo some funky
movements anu loosen youiself up.
9S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Imagine you aie in a iivei with the boat ovei youi heau. You
cannot see much, you aie stuck in the muck, anu you've been
using youi oais to give you something to fight with. Well, it's
time. Tuin youi boat iight siue up, uiop it in the watei anu get
in! Stop caiiying it against the cuiient. uet youi oais out of
the watei, ieel in that anchoi.
Its all going to be OK.
Theres nothing to struggle or to fight.
If you've evei gone iafting on a big iivei, you know you cannot
fight the cuiient, you can guiue youi boat, but it's not about
fighting the cuiient upstieam. Let go foi a bit. Relax. See wheie
life takes you. You might just ieally stait to enjoy the iiue.
Allow youiself be uivinely guiueu by this question: "What
woulu I like to BeLight in iight now." anu uaie to uo whatevei
it is.

96 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

97 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Putting this into piactice, howevei, can be uaunting foi some of
us. Theie's many things we get so focuseu on, that we foiget to
pull back foi a minute.
That's why it's impoitant to cieate some kinu of a tiiggei that
you can use to biing you back anu ieminu you to ielease youi
iesistance to whatevei you may be stiuggling with oi fighting
Foi example, say you aie in the miuule of a woik pioject that is
getting moie anu moie chaotic, anu you sense you can't make
the ueauline. 0i maybe you aie stuck in an aigument with youi
life paitnei. Naybe you feel like you aie fighting youi own
bouy because it uoesn't seem like it wants to heal itself. You
feel tiappeu, stuck in a cycle of stiuggling, woiking haiu. this
is the life-stall of iesistance.
It's one thing foi me to tell you "oh, just let it go", but it's quite
anothei thing when you aie iight in the miuule of a looming
huge issue anu you aie stiessing out, fiustiateu, fieaking out,
anu lashing out.
Yet, that's exactly how you begin tiiggeiing youiself. Cieate an
inteiiuptei. A Pause in the moment of youi fiustiation.
98 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
I piomise once you set up an inteiiuptei oi a tiiggei, you'll be
amazeu at how quickly you can tuin things aiounu. When you
aie uoing all you can at woik, anu you feel like you aie pushing
against eveiything that's happening all aiounu you, take a step
back, take a ueep bieath anu ask youiself this:
"What will ieally tiuly feel bettei to me than this. What woulu
ieally BELIuBT me iight now."
Now, uon't let youi minu take auvantage anu go ape-shit
ballistic, saicastic oi cynical on you. I'm suie it might blast you
with things like, "Well, I'u REALLY be uelighteu if this asshole
got fiieu!" No. that's not something that woulu ultimately
tiuly feel bettei to you. That's still iesistance, that's still
Naybe, taking a bieak fiom the stiuggle. uoing out foi coffee
oi tea. Take a walk outsiue. Finu some biius to feeu.
Sciapping the cuiient plan. Tuining all youi photos upsiue
uown. Biawing a goofy pictuie. uoing back to the boaiu anu
begin intuitively uiawing out anothei appioach. Calling in a
sounuing boaiu in the foim of an objective thiiu paity.
99 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You can come to a highei iesonating place that tiuly uelights
you, cieative solutions begin to ieauily make themselves
appaient to you thiough all kinus of seemingly uisconnecteu
Tune in with youiself about what feels best foi you to uo anu
then uaie to go uo it, no mattei how "insane" it sounus. It
uoesn't mattei if it makes sense oi not. }ust tiy it on!
DeLightFULL, Miraculous things cant
happen in your life unless youre feeling open
to receive them. Its difficult to see clearly
when you are in the midst of resistance.

If you aien't feeling positive, joyful, uelighteu oi goou in
geneial, you aie piobably in a life-stalling iesistance of some
kinu. As soon as you get out of the stall, you'll be iight back on
Not all stalls aie bau, they give us the oppoitunity to check in
with ouiselves about oui life's vaiious expeiiments to pull
back anu obseive them. To see what's woiking anu uo moie of
that, as well as to see what's not woiking anu uo less of that.
1uu | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
I have a few techniques anu stiategies I shaie at BeLight
0niveisity foi my membeis on how to ielease upwaius anu get
back into the BeLightF0LL flow of life.
0thei methous foi getting back into ciuising moue incluues:
! Learning to hold your desire in your space, confidently
and lightly without attachment to how it unfolds.

! Trusting, believing and knowing your desires will
always come to you. And the more you struggle or run
towards it, the harder it will be. (Patience was never my
strong suit. I always want everything now!)

! Taking Inspired Massive Action that opens you up to
embracing your desire more fully as yours.

! Get yourself open, awakened and elevated enough that
you no longer concern yourself with the why things
happen the way they did (or will), or the how in how
things will transpire on your behalf. (Thats the 90% of
the hard work and heavy lifting youll allow to happen
around you).

1u1 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Key Points
! Resistance is what happens when we encountei
something that stalls oui Flow (anything that uoesn't
feel "goou" to us is a life-stall)
! >#(#&6-+8 '#6-6.&+1# -6 ."# @#$ .* 8#..-+8 )&1@ -+.*
."# 3(*, *3 &(( 8**9 ."-+86
! The fastest path to ieleasing is to finu something to
uelight in that elevates youi eneigy anu vibiation.
! >#6-6.&+1# -6 L&1@-+8C (-3#M+#8&.-+8 &+9 #+#'8$M
! uive youiself peimission to Play Noie, Be Noie
BeLightF0LL anu CaieFREE. Full, Fiee Play is youi Key
to Inveiting any Resistance.
! J6 $*/'6#(3 ,"#+ $*/ +*.-1# $*/ &'# '#6-6.-+8C H:"&.
3##(6 )#..#'A :"&. ,*/(9 4 '#&(($ 9#(-8". -+ '-8".
+*,AI !*/1" $*/' "#&'. &+9 1(*6# $*/' #$#6 ,"#+
$*/ &6@ .* '#2-+9 $*/'6#(3 .* (**@ ,-."-+0
! When you fiee youiself to accept, allow anu flow along,
you instantly have moie eneigy, moie abunuance, anu
moie cieativity with which to natuially anu effoitlessly
manifest youi heait's uesiies.

1u2 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

1uS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You dont manifest what you want, you manifest what you reflect.
You manifest what you are. ~ Isis

Secret #6

BELIuBT is a simple, enlighteneu, effoitless path to the
spontaneous fulfillment of all that you uesiie. It's the only path
that consistently woiks.
Why. Because BELIuBT is the cieative foice of the 0niveise
ANB it's oui most natuial, ielaxeu state of happy anticipation.
Youi Invisible Powei to manifest anything you uesiie lies in
youi ability to BELIuBT in youiself, unconuitionally. It's not
enough to love youiself. I know plenty of people who love
1u4 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
themselves quite unconuitionally, but still believe themselves
to be less than woithy of all they uesiie, so they continue to
holu themselves sepaiate fiom that which they most uesiie. I
myself have uone this foi yeais. Keeping myself sepaiateu
because I uiun't believe I ueseiveu all that I uesiieu.
Pait of it comes fiom a belief that uesiie is somehow toxic, evil,
oi uiity. 0i that uesiie is somehow negative oi life-uepleting.
Wheie uoes this belief that uesiie is bau come fiom. Well,
eaily on in a numbei of ieligious cultuies, incluuing
Chiistianity anu Buuuhism, theie weie a few mistianslations of
ancient, sacieu texts into oui mouein language. Nany well-
meaning tianslatois may have misunueistoou the ueepei
meaning of the teims useu foi specific ieasons. All woius have
an eneigetic chaige, a iesonating foice of life. When we use the
wiong woiu by acciuent in oui speaking oi wiiting, the entiie
meaning of a sentence oi a passage can be changeu.
Besiie is a life affiiming yeaining foi something. Besiie
inspiies us, uiives us foiwaiu, anu impassions us. Ciaving,
howevei, is an auuictive, uespeiate, cloying neeuy eneigy that
uiains us.
1uS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
N'&?-+8 is the life-uepleting foice that cieates negative
consequences in a peisons life. G#6-'#, as ancient Tantiics have
long known, is the catalyst thiough which all things may be
You must have a 9#6-'# to uiscovei if you want to be a
ieseaichei, an exploiei, oi a visionaiy. You must have a 9#6-'#
to achieve an awakening oi enlightenment, if you want to
embaik upon a spiiitual quest.
Desires for wondrous experiences
are a healthy, natural part of
being human.
N'&?-+8 is what we feel when we aie stiuggling with an
auuiction, be it an auuiction to coffee, an auuiction to sex, even
auuictions to uiama oi negative emotions such as uepiession
oi angei.
Ciavings leau us to feeling uepleteu. Besiies leau us to feeling

1u6 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Delighting in yourself takes your unconditional
love + your desire for wondrous experiences to
a whole new level.
As chiluien, we nevei thought twice about expeiimenting with
things that uelight us to no enu. Belight is such a poweiful
cieative foice. It manifests within us an invisible, unlimiteu
powei to tiansfoim, make oi cieate any ciicumstance into an
oppoitunity foi spontaneous manifestation.
You neeu to have to have a ueep, unconuitional love foi
youiself in oiuei to BESIRE to BELIuBT youiself in life.
In my opinion, howevei, Love anu Belight aie insepaiable,
since the two coie ingieuients to make Belight foi ouiselves
anu shaie with otheis aie Bivine Light anu Bivine Love. When
these two eneigies aie woven togethei within us, we cannot
help but uesiie with all oui being to uelight anu inspiie
ouiselves anu shaie that uelight anu inspiiation with eveiyone
aiounu us.
Youi sole focus iight now, anu fiom this point foiwaiu, is
simply to BeLight youiself to no enu. In fact, uelight youiself so
1u7 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
thoioughly that all baiiieis between youi ieceiving what the
0niveise spontaneously fulfills on youi behalf aie uissolveu.
Whenevei you embaik upon uoing something oi choosing to
ieact to something, ask youiself, "Boes this uelight me." If you
aie completing a pioject oi uelving into something new, ask
youiself, "Boes this thoioughly uelight me." When you aie
taking on a new job oi consiueiing a caieei change, ask
youiself, "Am I thoioughly uelighteu by the piospects of this
oppoitunity." If you aie not, then peihaps it can become a
catalyst foi you to manifest a new oppoitunity that uoes
uelight you to no enu!
Foi me, wiiting this little book anu ueveloping this little mini
couise foi you, has uelighteu me thoioughly!
You will be amazeu at what you can cieate when you so
BELIuBT youiself in life anu the 0niveise. You'll suipiise
youiself with what continually flows to you as coinciuence,
synchionicity anu miiacles.
K!++%.5,*' #% #$0 L05)*#)? #$0.0 ).0 %*"- #2% /-3;#%3/ %1
0*",'$#0*30*#8 M&/# #2% ,*5,+)#,%*/ #$)# ) #.)*/1%.3)#,%* ,/
1u8 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
#)N,*' ;")+0 2,#$,* -%& #$)# 0"04)#0/ -%& #%2).5/ ) $,'$0. 1%.3
%1 ",4,*'8
K9$0 1,./# /-3;#%3 ,/ #$)# -%& /#%; 2%..-,*'8 9$,*'/ O&/# 5%*P#
/003 #% 6%#$0. -%& )*- "%*'0.8 Q%& 60+%30 3%.0 )*5 3%.0 ",'$#R
$0).#05 )*5 1&"" %1 O%-8 9$,*'/ 60',* #% 50",'$# -%& 0*5"0//"-8
@)&'$#0. +%30/ 0)/,"-8 Q%&. /0*/,#,4,#- #% K5).NS %. K6)5S #$,*'/
%. #$,*'/ K$);;0*,*' #% -%&S /#).#/ #% 5,//,;)#08
K9$0 /0+%*5 /-3;#%3 ,/ #$)# -%& 0*+%&*#0. 3%.0 )*5 3%.0
30)*,*'1&" +%,*+,50*+0/ ,* -%&. ",10? 3%.0 )*5 3%.0 +)/0/ %1
/#.)#0',+ /-*+$.%*,+,#,0/8 !*5 #$,/ )++0"0.)#0/ #% #$0 ;%,*#? 2$0.0
-%& 60',* 0T;0.,0*+,*' 3)',+ )*5 3,.)+"0/ ,* -%&. ",10? 2$,+$ ,*
#&.* 6.,*'/ -%& 3%.0 50",'$#? 2$,+$ ,* #&.* 6.,*'/ -%& 3%.0
3)',+? 3%.0 3,.)+"0/? &*#," -%& )*5 #$0 7*,40./0 .%"" %40. )*5
%40. #%'0#$0.? 30.',*' ,*#% )* 0*5"0// 5)*+0 %1 0+/#)/-8S
E A/,/
Falling heau ovei heels in BELIuBT with youiself is such a
poweiful, uiiving expeiience. 0nce you become moie anu
moie uelighteu with youiself, this expeiience begins
immeuiately shifting youi focus away fiom things that aie
1u9 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
going wiong in youi woilu, to focusing on things, people anu
expeiiences that tiuly uelight youi spiiit anu tickly youi fancy.
Befoie you know it, youi minu staits tuining away fiom things
that cieate stiess, woiiy anu feai, to things that cieate within
you a sense of anticipation, excitement anu of couise, uelight.
Youi minu becomes easily focuseu anu tuneu into these things
because the positive ieinfoicement is so empoweiing anu life
Pietty soon youi minu focuses on cieating things that uelight
you. You focus only on uelighting youiself, tiusting that
whatevei uelights you completely, will be a uelight to otheis.
You no longei concein youiself with the ciitique of otheis,
because you iealize ciiticism is the seciet language of the
univeise telling you that you aie on the iight tiack anu is
simply a ieminuei to just keep asking youiself, "Am I
thoioughly uelighteu with this yet." If you aie not, you'll keep
going back to the uiawing boaiu until you conceive of
something so iemaikable, so enlivening, something you aie
heau ovei heels uelighteu by, that you'll fill the whole woilu
with youi BeLight anu you will finu youiself iichly iewaiueu
11u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
with the uesiies of youi heait because you followeu what tiuly
uelights you best of all.
Belight is such a catalyzing, cieative foice foi us, that it
expanus us wiue open to being able to expiess ouiselves fully,
to ieceiving all that we uesiie in oui lives anu to accepting
things, ciicumstances anu people unconuitionally without
ieseivation. We stait to iealize that eveiyone heie is uoing the
best we can anu togethei we can uo amazing, wonueiful things
to uelight anu inspiie one anothei as we ieach foi oui
potential, togethei.

111 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
How Do You Fall
Head Over Heels into
DELIGHT with Your Self?
In the pievious seciet, we talkeu about ieleasing iesistance,
letting go of the life-stalls in oui life anu ieshaping oui
peiception of ieality so that we can co-cieate a moie iueal,
uesiiable ieality foi ouiselves. 0ne of the most common
souices of oui own iesistance we encountei in oui uaily lives is
oui own feelings about oui Self.
Bow we builu a ielationship with ouiselves, how we talk to
ouiselves in oui miiioi, how we communicate with ouiselves
in oui uaily lives, will tell us eveiything we neeu to know about
why things aie oi aie not manifesting in oui favoi.
Leaining to builu a ueeply loving, tiusting wholesome
ielationship with youiself is key to builuing a ueeply loving,
tiusting, wholesome ielationship with the iest of the univeise.
I often woik with clients that have uevelopeu a way of talking
to themselves that is so uebilitating, abusive anu unconscious
that it has become theii gieatest stumbling block.
112 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
When I teach masteiful intuition anu cieating ieality thiough
stiategic synchionicity, sometimes stuuents speak up saying,
"Bow uo I know my intuition is iight. I uon't tiust myself." "Ny
intuition is nevei iight, I uon't believe in it." 0i they say things
like, "I've nevei been able to connect with myself to cieate
anything positive my life." All these statements aie an
immeuiate ieflection into the quality of ielationship they have
uevelopeu within themselves.
If you of all people cannot tiust youiself, why woulu you expect
anyone in any ielationship to tiust you. Tiust is the fiist step
in builuing a mutually iespectful, loving, anu honoiable
ielationship with anyone anu that tiust begins within Y00
Bave you listeneu to how you talk to youiself. Bow you tieat
youiself. Bo you heai what you say to anu about youiself. If
any peison spoke to you the way you speak to youiself woulu
you engage in any kinu of a ielationship with them.
We have an aveiage of 6u,uuu thoughts in any given houi, most
of them aie unconscious impulses anu foi some of us as many
as 8u% of oui conscious anu subconscious thought impulses
11S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
aie negative cycles, cieating a voitex of negative eneigy
aiounu us.
Ceitainly, not all negative thoughts aie uiiecteu inwaius at
ouiselves, but even negative thoughts that aie uiiecteu
exteinally towaius something oi someone is meiely a
ieflection of oui own inteinal uialogue towaius ouiselves.
What we say about othei people, things anu ciicumstances,
how we ciiticize, juuge, conuemn oi ieject is a suie sign of the
quality of ielationship we have uevelopeu within us.
Notice the woius you stiing togethei aftei the woius "I am",
"you aie", "that is", "he is", "I shoulu", "you shoulu", "she is" oi
"this is". What uesciiptois aie you using. If you use multiple
things that feel conuescenuing, ciitical, juugmental, negative,
oi somehow uemeaning, loweiing, insulting oi uiminishing,
this is a suie sign that youi own inteinal ielationship neeus
some seiious iebuiluing.

114 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Here are a few other phrases you might want
to keep a watch out for:

! I should have said or done X different.
! I should have known better. (shoulding all over the place
is basically shitting all over yourself. I have frequently
done this unconsciously.)
! You are so stupid! (The word stupid is one of those really
toxic energy drains. Its one of the worst words in our
language and is banned from use n my home.)
! Why did I do that?
! Why do they hate me?
! What did I do to deserve that?
! I am not smart enough.
! I am not good enough.
! I am to blame.
! I always get it wrong. (always and never are a high-
drama words.)
! Ill never get it right.
! I am such an idiot. (internal name-calling is highly toxic)
! I am not worthy.
! Why would he/she/they want me?
! People think Im crazy.
! Why would they like me?
These types of thoughts are life-negating
11S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
They aie not seiving you except to keep you in a negative
voitex of auuiction to uiama, self-loathing, stiess, uepiession
anu anxiety. If not checkeu, these kinus of thoughts can leau a
peison into a chionically uysfunctional state of existence.
These aie the kinus of thoughts that cieate paialyzing
emotional states. They stall youi eneigy-geneiating-engine.
Something has to keep feeuing the negative eneigy fienzy
that's swiiling aiounu in youi heau anu aiounu youi eneigy
The negative voitex suiiounuing you begins uiaining you anu
you have no way of iestoiing youi eneigy levels, because
you've sepaiateu youiself fiom youi Invisible, 0nlimiteu
Powei Souice of Light anu Love.
All the while this life-negating eneigy that you cieateu swiils
aiounu you uiawing to you all the uiama, the ciises, the
illnesses, the bau things that continue to affiim foi you the
kinus of thoughts you aie thinking anu the emotions you aie
feeling. This may be calleu a self-fulfilling piophecy. Such a life-
uepleting voitex also uiaws to you eneigies anu feelings fiom
outsiue of you that tiiggei feai, panic, anxiety, stiess, anu
116 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
paianoia. You uon't have the eneigy ieseives to ueal with all
these things at once anu you eventually iun out of steam.
Eventually, the negative eneigy voitex collapses in an
implosion on top of you. This collapse comes in the foim of a
majoi wake-up call: like an acciuent, a health ciisis, oi a
tiageuy. In a community that has a voitex of negative eneigy
swiiling aiounu it, this coulu iesult in a tiagic catastiophe, wai,
uiugs, gangs, oi othei foims of violence.
This is the law of attiaction in action when you allow negative
eneigy to fuel you anu uiive you.

117 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Why do we create negative
At some level, we believe this is oui safe space, oui bubble that
piotects us fiom uangei, fiom iisk, fiom things that might huit
oi haim us. Bowevei, that's not the case at all. In time, this
voitex will eventually consume us because it blocks us fiom
oui own life-giving souice of love, light anu uelight.
This kinu of mental chattei is *%# in alignment with optimal,
life-fueling, expansive things to come youi way!
veiy little that is tiuly lasting, uplifting anu positive can get
thiough a negative voitex that has been built foi yeais
suiiounuing you. You have to uischaige the eneigy that is
fueling it anu uiaining you so you can iestoie youiself to
wholeness anu begin to fall heau-ovei-heels in BeLight with
Bow uo you begin. You fiist begin looking within youi fielu foi
something that BeLights you. Recognize that it is a ieflection of
something moie magnificent anu wonueiful that lies sleeping
within you, waiting foi you to awaken it.
118 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Getting Back to DeLight
Begin ieplacing negative emotional chaiges anu negative
feelings with new ones that feel much bettei to you. You cannot
ieplace eveiy thought you have, so I've come up with a game
that my son anu I enjoy playing togethei. It's calleu the Bappy
uame (oi you can call it the BeLight uame).
The whole point of this game is to tiiggei youiself out of a life-
negating state of emotion anu being up-leveling youi vibiation
anu emotional state into a life-affiiming, positive state of joy
anu love.
Ny son is only five iight now so the woiu uelight is a little
uifficult foi him to unueistanu just yet, wheieas the woiu
"happy" is easiei foi us.
You stait out by saying to youiself something that is simple,
easy to feel uelighteu oi happy about. Ny son anu I begin with
people in oui lives who have maue a uiffeience to us. Be likes
to stait out with "I'm happy about my family, because they
make me laugh anu give me goou things to eat." 0f couise, that
makes me giggle anu I'll iesponu in like kinu. "
119 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
If you cannot think of anyone, stait with what you have insiue
you oi on you iight now.
"I feel happy about. I have two eyes that I can use to see the
woilu aiounu me." "A necklace I gave myself." "Ny walk in the
woous last week."
If feeling happy is too uifficult a woiu foi you, use the woiu
"I'm uelighteu by the butteifly I just saw outsiue."
If BeLight is too stiong, choose to fee bettei because of
something wonueiful."
"I'm staiting to feel bettei because I see a blue patch of sky"
"I'm staiting to feel bettei because this necklace I gave myself
was the symbol of my fieeuom fiom slaveiy." (This is a veiy
poweiful one foi me. Aftei spenuing six months as a slave to a
uiug anu human tiaffickei, this necklace ieminus me eveiy uay
of my fieeuom.)
If it helps you, finu a poweiful symbol foi you anu keep it on
you at all times to ieminu you of how fai you've come.
12u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
"Ny walk in the woous helpeu me feel ieconnecteu to life."
"Ny eyes help me see the beauty that's insiue me."
Next my son anu I will come up with some uesciibing woius
that help us feel bettei about ouiselves. We begin with "I am"
oi "I can"
"I am uivine."
"I am stiong." You have to be stiong to suivive all that has
come youi way, so fai!
"I am goou." Yes, you aie!
"I am special." 0h yes you aie!
"I am a goou helpei." (my son loves this one.)
"I can walk (oi ciawl, oi ioll) with what life has given me."
"I can uo anything."
Next.oui game up levels again. We begin by saying, "I feel
goou because."
121 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Anu then we list one thing we uiu oi leaineu out of oui uay.
Even if it's tiny. It uoesn't mattei how small it is. Theie is no
such thing as a small accomplishment.
"I am gooustiongpoweiful because I uiu that!"
"Woo-hoo! I uiu that!"
"If I can uo that, I can uo anything!"
"I know I can tiust myself to be theie foi me."
"I am happy because I uiu that!"
"I am happy because I hau the talentabilityskill to uo that."
"I am feeling goou because I believe in myself."
"I am u00B."
Finally, we enu oui game by choosing something new to feel
happy oi uelight ouiselves with.
"Something I can BELIuBT in (be happy about) iight now
woulu be. ". now pick something that you ieally tiuly enjoy,
122 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
it uoesn't mattei how silly it is. In fact, the silliei it is, the moie
youi innei chilu will love it.
"Rolling uown a giassy hill, swing on a swing, sliue uown a
sliue, blowing bubbles, uancing to music." If you cannot get out
anu actually uo it, imagination is just as goou. It's what I useu
to uo when I was lockeu away. Imagination is so impoitant.
Imagine youiself as a chilu uoing something you so uelighteu in
anu uiu well at anu smile.
"I uelight in me!"
"Eveiything is going to be uREAT, because I am uREAT."
Take a ueep bieath in anu a ueep bieath out.
Now you aie much moie in alignment with what you aie
looking to cieate in youi life. Fiom this uplifteu space, you can
cieate youi uesiies anu manifest them into youi life. You aie
beginning to close uown the negative voitex suiiounuing you
anu up-leveling youi vibiational eneigy. It takes commitment
to uo this, anu until it becomes subconscious, you'll have to
play with this eveiy uay foi a while.
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Remembei, you got ieally goou at cieating a negative voitex to
the point its now unconscious.
The ieally goou news is this: you can leain to mastei cieating a
BELIuBTF0LL voitex to uiaw to you all goou things!

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Learn to Love Yourself
By DeLighting Yourself
Foi many people loving themselves is a ieal challenge. So this
is why we focus on BELIuBTINu in youiself. It ieally takes the
piessuie anu the focus off the woiu love, which can be a loaueu
woiu foi many people.
Love comes in a vaiiety of flavois anu unless you weie taught
with veiy healthy paiental guiuance as to what unconuitional
love ieally looks like; you might not have a cleai
A lot of paients giew up believing that love is tough. Love is
haiu, Love is pushing anu foicing. Love is contiolling,
uemanuing, pushy, invasive.
This is why I choose to teach people to fall heau ovei heels in
uelight with themselves, fiist. Along the way of leaining how to
uelight youiself, you leain about self-acceptance, self-love, anu
self-woith. Those things unfolu foi you natuially as you leain
how to tiuly uelight youiself in life.
12S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Belight in youi accomplishments, Belight in youi cieations.
Belight in how youi bouy moves. Belight fully in eveiy pait of
youi bouy. Belight in youi eyes, in youi mouth, in youi nose,
youi ability to feel, taste, touch, heai oi see. Belight youiself in
youiself. Belight youiself in youi stiengths anu youi
This uelight in youiself will be ieflecteu in a unique
otheiwoiluly glow that you will uevelop about you, a unique
iauiance in the eneigy that you aie cultivating aiounu youiself.
Belighting in youiself unconuitionally is one of the most
poweiful seciets you'll evei leain about. No one else teaches
this. Anu it is utteily life-changing.

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So how do you delight in
yourself unconditionally?
Simple. Finu something, anything at all that ieally tickles you to
no enu. Anu uo it. The tiick heie is to uo it fully on without the
innei ciitic laughing at you. This is the key, it becomes moie
about you losing youiself completely in the moment of sheei
uelight anu no longei woiiying about appeaiances, facaues,
ciitique oi juugment.
Challenge youiself to finu a way to uelight in life eveiy single
uay. Even if all you uo is jump iope, iiue a caiousel, oi weai
funny hats. Bo something ieally goofy anu laugh out louu. Even
if you aie by youiself. Some of my stuuents have cieateu
BeLightF0LL uioups that get togethei weekly to make this a
pait of theii habit. It's often easiei to uelight youiself when
that BELIuBT is shaieu with otheis. Anu nothing is moie
infectious oi BeLightF0LL than a gioup of giggly, laughing
Bon't woiiy about making a spectacle of youiself. No one's
juuging you but you. All the othei people out theie. guess
what. They aie moie woiiieu about youi juuging them than
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they aie about how they juuge you. They secietly want to have
as much fun in life as you aie having. but they aie tiappeu in
theii own negative voitex of innei ciiticism anu juugment.
anu that my ueai is what juuges otheis. the negative eneigy
voitex. so uon't get caught up in it.
Cieate youi own wellspiing of BeLight, joy anu happiness anu
goou things will come youi way, ovei anu ovei again.
You uon't have to live up to anyone's expectations about what
you shoulu be oi shoulu uo. uive up thinking theie's anything
wiong with you. uive up the shoulus, the have tos, the got tos.
Eveiything is RIuBT with you! Eveiything is RIuBT with the
woilu! Nothing neeus youi fixing! Nothing neeus Y00R saving!
You can be moie poweiful of an auvocate foi change when you
cieate a whiilwinu of passion, love anu uelight that inspiies
otheis than you can by focusing always on what's wiong with
you oi what's wiong in the woilu. The moie positive oui focus,
the moie empoweieu, wonueiful solutions we can cieate.
Live an empoweieu life above the folu. Stop suspenuing belief
about youiself. uet goou anu ueep insiue of you anu stait
giving youiself the gift of youi unconuitional appioval. Bon't
128 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
look foi that appioval anywheie else. Love youiself, accept
youiself anu all that you aie.
Theie is no such thing as weakness, faults oi pioblems. All
those things aie meiely peiceptions, impeifections in the
glasses you use to view youi life anu youiself. You aie just as
you aie. What you aie anu who you aie is just wonueiful, just
as you alieauy aie.

129 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Go with the natural flow of life
& the Universe.
Theie is no neeu to be a victim. You no longei neeu to fight to
be a suivivoi. Elevate youiself above the suivivoi mentality
anu stiive foi total acceptance of youiself anu all you aie
cieating within youiself. Theie is nothing to oveicome, nothing
to achieve, nothing to uo anu nothing to be but to ielease,
achieve joy, make anu uo things that uelight you, anu be you
own kinu of special wonueiful.

1Su | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Life is not a spiritual school!
Theie is no iace, theie aie no shoitcomings, theie is nothing
holuing you back because theie is no enupoint. You aie
immoital, infinite, beautiful, anu wonueiful. Eveiything you
neeu is alieauy insiue of you.
The best place to be is RIuBT BERE. The best time of youi life,
uive up the juugments, the fault-finuing, the ciiticism, the
sepaiateness, the uisbelief, the lack, the feais. anu with giving
all that up. you will ieceive an infinite wellspiing of
abunuance, joy, peace, bliss, love, acceptance anu uelight, iight
As soon as you give up all that, you immeuiately connect with
youi Invisible Souice of Powei anu Abunuance.
1S1 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You can find things to delight in
yourself right now.
Little things you may finu aie the things that uelight you the
K!/ -%& 1%+&/ %* 2$)# -%& 50",'$# ,* )6%&# 2$% -%& ).0? )*5
2$)# -%& ).0? -%& 1"%2 /&+$ ) &*,U&0 4,6.)#,%* %1 ;&.0 +.0)#,40
",10 1%.+0 #% #$0 7*,40./0? #$)# ,* %.50. #% .02).5 -%& 1%. 1&0",*'
,#P/ +.0)#,4,#-? ,# 60',*/ #% +.0)#0 1%. -%& 1). 3%.0 #$)* -%& 040.
5.0)305 %1 +.0)#,*' 1%. -%&./0"18 A# 1"%2/ 6)+N #% -%& ,* 2)40/
&;%* 2)40/ %1 0+/#)/-8 I0",'$# ,/ #$0 7*,40./0P/ /%&.+0 %1 0+/#)/-
)*5 +.0)#,4,#-8 V- ',4,*' ,# #% -%&./0"1? -%& ).0 .01"0+#,*' ,# 6)+N
#% #$0 7*,40./08S E A/,/
0ne of the things you'll uiscovei about falling into a state of
BELIuBT with youiself, is it becomes effoitless to appieciate
anu feel ueep, piofounu giatituue foi eveiything aiounu you.
Which in tuin, begins unfoluing moie miiacles anu goou things
foi you in a myiiau of ways. BELIuBT then becomes youi
invisible, unlimiteu souice foi loving kinuness, giatituue anu a
uesiie to shaie all that uelights you with otheis.
1S2 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
This in tuin, teaches you about how effoitless L0vE ieally is.
0n top of all this, - it feels ieally goou to uelight youiself in
As a bonus.. you aie iewaiueu in unlimiteu ways by the
0niveise simply foi cultivating moie of this high vibiational
uiiving foice that the 0niveise uses to expanu anu cieate! All
just foi being BELIuBTEB in youiself!
You stait to feel moie giatituue anu moie appieciative which
then tiiggeis you to want to make anu cieate uelight foi otheis,
which in tuin, becomes a well-spiing of goou vibes anu
abunuance foi you. The univeise iewaius those who fuel it anu
powei it with a wellspiing of BELIuBT.
Suuuenly, befoie you know it, you've fallen heau-ovei-heels in
BeLightF0LL Love with youiself anu the iest of the 0niveise.
This feels so amazing! It's inexplicable.
That ieason alone is woith playing with what tiuly uelights
you. ANB it is an absolute ciucial step to the spontaneous
fulfillment of youi heait's uesiies.
1SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
If you ieally believe theie's something ieally blocking you fiom
uelighting in, loving oi accepting youiself fully, you may want
to ieau my book, BELIuBT, scheuule a coaching session with
me, oi join BeLight 0niveisity anu leain moie about how to
cleai youi own path to effoitless, BeLightF0LL Living.
When you finu something blocking youiself, come back to youi
heait, ask youiself this:
Would you hold this against someone else that
you loved dearly and unconditionally? Is it really
that big of a deal breaker if you have less than
six months to live?
Would you really hold it against them on your
Ny guess is that theie ieally isn't anything that huge that you
can't eventually foigive anu let go. Cut youiself that same slack
ueai one. You ueseive it. uive youiself the gift of foigiveness,
acceptance, anu ielease.
1S4 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Spontaneous Fulfillment of Your Desires
Is All About DELIGHTING Your Heart
& Spirit, First.
0ne of my favoiite things to uo when I notice something about
myself that I might not noimally embiace is to wiap my aims
aiounu myself anu say
I DELIGHT in that about me!
Especially if it's something that makes me unique, stanu out, oi
something that most people might think is "off", "quiiky", oi
I'm an etheiealist. Basically, my foim of expeiimenting with
BeLight in life is to take the etheieal anu make it ieal.
Neaning I spenu about 8u% of my life in the etheieal iealms of
light anu opeiate my life with a cleai vision of what I want to
co-cieate in the woilu aiounu me.
I am co-cieating a woilu of uelight, a woilu of unlimiteu
abunuance, acceptance, love, peace, bliss, intentional,
1SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
uelibeiate paitneis that want to opeiate on a plane of
unlimiteu possibilities to cieate fiom within.
Things that uon't align with that mouel of my ieality, I choose
not to iesponu to. This makes me "weiiu", "quiiky", oi even
appeai to be "lacking compassion" because of my focus. The
ieality is, howevei, I am ueeply compassionate anu
unueistanuing, but I choose not to invest myself in anothei
peison's victimhoou oi theii uiama. Ny job is to snap people
out of theii comas anu back into the iauiant BeLight of Life
Foi example, I uon't often "iesponu" to the woilu on a timeline
mouel that otheis opeiate within. It botheis some people that I
uon't immeuiately iesponu to theii immeuiate, uigent emails,
texts oi "emeigency" phone calls. I uon't iewaiu uigency oi
"emeigency" because those eneigies aie baseu in a life-
negating, uownwaiu life-negating spiial of "uiama, chaos anu
I uon't believe in affiiming negative auuictions to victimhoou,
tiageuy, ciisis, uiama oi chaos. Even when askeu to piay on
anothei's behalf, I uo so with the intent to empowei them, lift
1S6 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
them up anu out of the ciisis anu into a place of libeiation that
they may choose to ielease themselves.
I also uon't view ueath as "the enu". I see the etheieal fielus so
cleaily, that I know foi a fact ueath isn't "ueath" noi is it "the
enu", but simply anothei uooiway to anothei foim of existence.
A iites of passage. We can choose to come back as often as we
want to. It is all oui own choice.
Sometimes I felt maybe I neeu to "fix" that about myself, anu be
moie "uigent" oi be moie "conceineu". So, I went oveiboaiu
anu tiieu to be theie foi eveiyone's uigency. Befoie I knew it, I
was so uiaineu anu uepleteu; I iealizeu I was not opeiating in a
way that was optimal foi my couise thiough life.
I caught a whiff that I was tiying to "fix myself" to please otheis
anu that olu "theie's something wiong with me" belief system
staiteu to cieep up into my fielu. It all began with the
assumption that "I shoulu be" moie iesponsible to othei's
This was a ueepei message to me. I am an etheiealist. I uon't
opeiate in this timeline mouel. Theie's nothing "wiong" with
1S7 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
that. As soon as I acknowleugeu that about myself, I was
ieleaseu anu absolveu of the "buiuen of iesponsibility".
Theie is nothing "uigent" in the etheieal plane. We all
ultimately opeiate on a nonlineai timeline mouel anyways.
I went stiaight to "I BELIuBT IN that about me!" Anu guess
what. I uo. I am no longei pulleu into the voitex of feai anu
uigency. It's an auuictive melouiama that cieates moie anu
moie ciisis. I iesponu on my timeline when it woiks best foi
me. Then I can be the towei of light, love anu stiength otheis
neeu foi me. When I am cleai I ieceive the messages otheis
might neeu to ieceive when they aie ieauy foi them.
That uoesn't mean I won't be theie foi someone when they call.
I am theie in the blink of an eye, just not in the foim they may
iecognize. Theie aie many veisions of me anu I can be in
multiple places at once. That's the concept of living on a
Nonlineai Quantum Time Nouel.
1S8 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
The Benefit of DeLighting
in YOU
When my clients anu stuuents fiist entei my fielu, they have
suffeieu anu stiuggleu with pain, stiess, feai oi anxiety often
foi a long time, sometimes foi yeais.
Aftei being with me just a few moments, they uiscovei things
immeuiately begin to ielease on theii behalf. I've given them
the gift of a Bivine Light Awakening, anu I've suiiounueu them
with my own voitex of uelight, love anu light, which begins
uissolving the negative voitex fielu swiiling aiounu them.
Aftei a few minutes I might ask them in the miuule of oui
conveisation, "Bow aie you feeling, now." I ask them out of the
blue, biinging theii focus back on themselves. They look at me
uumbfounueu, ceitain I "uiu" something to them. They feel
alive, aleit, at peace anu iejuvenateu.
Suuuenly, theie is no moie pain, no moie feai, they feel whole,
happy, at peace. Tension ieleases anu uissolves. They aie
ceitain I'm a guiu. A mastei. I am! I uouuess of BeLight -
Bivine Light anu Bivine Love! That's all!
1S9 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
It feels ieally empoweiing anu amazing to be aiounu a
uelibeiate co-cieatoi that uelights in suiiounuing you with all
goou things! As a iesult, I've been calleu a living angel, a mastei
healei, a bouhisattva.
I am none of those things. anu I am all of those things. I AN
these things only because Y00 ARE those things, as well. All
that I can cieate anu uo anu be you can, too. anu even
gieatei.than that.
As soon as you ielease youi focus on "what's wiong" anu begin
focusing on "what's goou anu uelightful" pain uisappeais,
anxiety leaves youi bouy, goou health anu abunuance begins
filling youi fielu. Pietty soon, youi eneigy becomes uplifteu
anu you begin blooming into a moie enlighteneu life. This is
what it means to tap into youi Invisible Powei.
BeLight is youi most incieuible powei souice. It is the
0niveise's most neeueu powei souice to make anu cieate.
When you tap into it, you cieate moie of it. When you cieate
moie of it, you aie iewaiueu with unlimiteu powei, passion,
puipose, love, eneigy anu vitality!
14u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
K9$0.0 ,/*P# )*-#$,*' #% 2%..- )6%&# $0.0 )*5 *%2? *%# ,* #$,/
/;)+0 2,#$ 308 W%#$,*' #% /#.0// )6%&#8 Q%& ).0 )"" #$)#P/ '%%5
)*5 2%*50.1&" )6%&# #$,/ 2%."58 =0P40 '%# -%&? )"" %1 &/8 =$0.0
20 ).0 )# #%'0#$0.? *%#$,*' +)* #%&+$ -%&? *%#$,*' +)* $&.# -%&8
J0.0 -%& ).0 1.00 #% 60 ,* -%&. 20""/;.,*' %1 I0@,'$#? M%- )*5
@%408S E A/,/
You aie a living angel. You aie a BeLight Nakei. You aie the
Bouhisattva. You aie all this, anu so much moie. Youi tiue,
Infinite Self KN0WS this! It knows the tiuth. It is nothing, anu it
is all things, all wiappeu into 0ne.
Like I saiu, this feels goou. }ust as it feels goou to be calleu a
Living Angel. " Beai me. I am so enulessly blesseu by all the
wonuious, miiaculous ones in my life!
Anu if you insist that theie's something about youiself you
can't love, then go aheau, anu molu it. Change it. Release it. It's
fine to iemake youiself. You aie the uivine sculptoi of youi life
anu youi being.
141 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You hate that you smoke. Nake a choice. Let go of the
cigaiettes. Nillions of people have uone it effoitlessly, so that
means, you can, too. Bon't like that you hate exeicise. Tiy
uancing in youi P}s! You uon't have to iun on a tieaumill to
woik up a sweat!
Theie is nothing in the 0niveise that has a noose aiounu youi
neck. Nothing "compels" you oi "foices" you. but you.
If you can't love something about youiself, then give it up. Let it
go. When you begin to iealize that you contiol all youi neeus,
you contiol all youi auuictions, you contiol it all fiom within
youi centei of being anu what you cieate, you can let it go just
as easily as you pick it up.
Auuiction is simply a lack of being in uiiect contiol of youi
Powei of Choice. You gave youi powei away. Begin to choose a
uiffeient focus on youi life, anu iegain youi powei to choose.
You have peimission to choose a new life foi you. You have
peimission. You have peimission. You have peimission.

142 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Youi habit of always showing up late uiives you even moie
ciazy than the people aiounu you.
That's all it takes to change a habit, simply choose to inveise
it's polai holu on you.
We talk about how to uo that at The Sacieu Living Centei.
14S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Key Points:
APBA NEO MGHKJG; It's the only path that consistently
woiks on all levels, because it channels the cieative
foices of the 0niveise to flow on youi behalf.

AJNKLT AE CEQG NEOJHGCI; It's a mental hack that cieates a
shoitcut to unconuitional loving acceptance of all that
you aie.



144 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
impeifection oi flaw, you come to finu out, is inueeu
peifect foi Y00R life expeiiment. You aie alieauy
whole, complete anu peifect, just as you aie. Theie is
nothing to change about you. You can iemake youi
ieality to flow aiounu you.

14S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
If youve ever thought to yourself:
Why dont I have more peace and joy?
Why isnt my career or business working?
Why cant I be healthier?
Why are my relationships not working?
What am I missing here?
You might just be missing the most important piece to
the deliberate co-creative process.
This whole spontaneous fulfillment of our desires
collapses without this one key thing in place. This key,
critical piece really is the foundation for manifesting all
your heart desires.
If you would like to learn more, you can visit me at The
Sacred Living Center, where I teach people how to co-
create new realities, together.
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147 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

Secret #7:

The Hidden Truth About
The Law of Attraction
Nany Law of Attiaction teacheis ueaily want you to be
successful at cieating with Law of Attiaction. They WANT
you to believe in it as ueeply as they uo. They aie all
amazing, well-meaning anu incieuible folks, many of them
have taught me much ovei the yeais.
148 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
But, theie is a flaw to what many people teach. It's ieally just
that they uon't unueistanu this one aspect of eneigy.
Because I can see eneigy flow as ciystal cleai as I can see you
in the physical foim, I can see these flaws.
Nuch of what I teach is founueu in haiu iesults. These aie
the things that no Law of Attiaction tiainei, teachei, coach oi
guiu will evei teach you about manifesting youi uesiies.
They just uon't know what they uon't know. This is why I've
become a teachei of teacheis, a coach of coaches, a healei to
Nost Law of Attiaction Teacheis will tell you to "keep it
simple!" Think about what you want, get investeu in it,
insteau of thinking about what you uon't want.
How simple is that? Sign me right up!
So you stait to think positive anu at fiist you begin to see a
few ieally minoi things shifting in youi life, so you get
exciteu. Then, you begin iealizing you seem blockeu on the
ieally big things. The things you ieally neeu changeu. They
still seem to keep tiipping you up.
149 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Youi L0A teachei keeps telling you "focus on youi
affiimations", "uon't focus on the negative", "Bon't go
towaius feai", "stay away fiom negative eveiything."
It all sounus ieally simple. until colu-haiu ieality hits you.
When you aie shaking fiom a ueep-seateu feai that giips
you, oi you finu youiself so stiesseu out, you uon't know
what to uo. 0i, like I've hau happen to me, you finu youiself
giippeu by a total panic attack that takes you'ie youi minu,
bouy anu spiiit anu you shut uown.
Then, you begin iealize how many thoughts youi biain
piocesses eveiy houi, most of them appeaiing to be many symbols anu cues youi minu uses
unconsciously to cieate youi ieality. it all seems too much
to tiy to get a hanule on.
How on earth can you combat all that? It all
feels so overwhelming.
You begin to uoubt anu woiiy. Then you shake youi heau
anu say to youiself, "this is all just a loau of baloney, it's
impossible." anu you give up. Those uoubts, feais, woiiies,
these aie the gieatest uelight ciushing life-stalleis of all.
1Su | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
It's not always as simple on the outset as the extioveiteu,
passionate, positive L0A (Law of Attiaction) anu success
coaches make it out to be. anu yet. life is often ueceptively
simplei than oui minus peiceive it.
Bumans love to make things complicateu. We love to make
things haiu on ouiselves. We get iewaiueu foi "tiying", foi
"stiuggling", foi "woiking haiu" anu "putting up a goou
So much so, we uon't even iealize how haiu we aie making it
on ouiselves. I know I have uone this.
What often trips people up:
While we ieally like the iuea of visualizing safely fiom the
comfoit of oui beu late at night, oi fantasizing while ieauing
a book about this uieam life we ieally want foi
ouiselves.taking the inspiieu action to take us theie. that
allows oui uieams to manifest on oui behalf, is ieally, ieally
1S1 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
In fact, it's often the scaiiest thing we've evei hau to uo.
When it comes to taking massive inspiieu action, we iun
heaulong into oui ueepest feais.
We have to leain to let go of what's not woiking in oui lives,
even when we have constiucteu so much of oui iuentity of
what oui life is supposeu to be anu feel so uepenuent upon
it. 0ften what we secietly believe is woiking foi us is causing
oui biggest blockages.
! We have to claim iesponsibility anu be accountable
foi cleaning up what we biing into the woilu aiounu

! =0 $)40 #% %;0* &;? 60+%30 3%.0 4&"*0.)6"0? %. #)N0
3%.0 .,/N/8

! We uon't want to iisk being iejecteu, looking foolish,
oi ueeply ciiticizeu.

! =0 5%*P# 2)*# #% .%+N #$0 6%)#? 1%. 10). ,# 3,'$# #,;
%40. )*5 &;/0# %&. 50",+)#0"- 6)")*+05 ",108

! We uon't want to stietch because it feels scaiy to uo
so, anu yet, we want to stietch moie than anything to
1S2 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
show ouiselves what we can uo.

! =0 10). 1),"&.0? 6&# 20 10). /&++0// )*5 #$0 10). %1
60,*' O&5'05 )*5 +%3,*' &; /$%.#? 1). 3%.08

! We just want all the goouies without all that we
believe we have to change in oiuei to get it.

! =0 0*5 &; +")33,*' &;? /$&##,*' 5%2*? +"%/,*'
%&./0"40/ %11 #% #$0 )6&*5)*# 1"%2 %1 ",10 60+)&/0 ,# 100"/
#%% .,/N-? #%% %40.2$0"3,*'? #%% 10).1&"8
So, heie's the thing. Y00 ARE N0T AL0NE! You can Co-
uo this alone.

1SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

A Brave New World of DeLight
Makers & Deliberate Co-Creators
Piacticing uelibeiate cieation thiough using BELIuBT to
spontaneously fulfill youi uesiies may iequiie you to take a
few bolu, biave steps. Even baby steps on youi pait may be
all that is iequiieu. It's all ielative, you know.
O*,#?#'C .'$-+8 .* 8* -. &(*+# 2&@#6 ."-6
D'*1#66 & (*. "&'9#' ."&+ -. "&6 .* )#0
uiving up the things that have felt like secuiity to you may
inueeu be what's holuing you back fiom the life you ieally,
tiuly want foi youiself. This may incluue the way you talk,
auuictive patteins, auuictive, oi abusive co-uepenuent
ielationships, the job that's uiaining you of youi joy, fiienus
oi family membeis that aie sucking you uiy.
These things may all be auuing to youi life-negating spiialing
voitex that feels out of contiol. You cannot expect eveiything
to be uiffeient if you continue to make the same choices uay
1S4 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
in anu uay out. If you want something uiffeient, you must
fiist ieflect some key uiffeiences to the 0niveise. That
begins by leaining that you have a Powei to Choose. The
Powei of Choice is anothei Invisible Powei of youis that you
can exeicise consciously at any time.
It's fai easiei to exeicise these new appioaches to life in
paitneiship with otheis who aie walking with you. People
who have youi back. People who can tell you objectively
when you aien't upleveling but you aie going into a
uownwaius spiials, when someone can builu in paitneiship
with you something you neeu anu be foi you a ieassuiing
piesence anu a continual unlimiteu well-spiing of love, light
anu joy that you can step into anu iefiesh youiself with until
you have leaineu to stabilize anu uplevel youi own fielu into
a voitex of unstoppable momentum.
Yes, ceitainly along with feeling new vibiational feelings,
thinking positively anu being awaie of things that uelight
you, you will have to leain to take action to ieflect to the
0niveise that you aie ieauy to paitnei with it, to co-cieate
fiom a positive, conscious, uelibeiate space of
empoweiment, iathei than suiienuei to it as if you weie its
1SS | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Yes, the 0niveise will ask as youi paitnei, that you take
some scaiy, iisky actions. You may have to be willing to
leain how to say "no" to things that no longei seive you,
even if it huits someone else in the piocess.
This is about tiusting that what's most optimal foi you, will
ultimately be most optimal foi all those aiounu you.

1S6 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Declare yourself and bare
The 0niveise neeus a little pioof that you aie ieauy to join
up. You may have to uo something you've nevei uone befoie.
Anu you may veiy well "suck" at it. You may veiy well have
to apologize to a family membei. You may have to stanu up
foi youiself oi on behalf of those who have no voice oi
capacity to uo so. You may have to iesonate anu iole mouel
the change you want to see in youi family, in youi business,
in youi life, oi in youi woilu.
You may have to speak up, speak out, anu speak out louu.
You may veiy well have to be seen to be heaiu by those who
can become youi co-cieatoi paitneis that the 0niveise has
set up foi you.
Remembei, you only evei have to uo 1u% of the heavy
lifting. The 0niveise is always hanuling 9u% of the piocess
on youi behalf, if you will but step up, paitnei with it anu
allow it to uo what it uoes best.
Bon't let youi feais holu you in a pattein that is uebilitating
you anu keep you fiom the life of youi uieams. Bon't allow
1S7 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
the illusion of feai to ciush you. Feai is an illusion. uet to the
heait of it, the centei of it, anu you'll uiscovei that feai is
nothing moie than a miiage that is hiuing youi gieatest
tieasuies anu youi gieatest assets.
Yes, it's minu-numbingly scaiy to give youi fiist public talk. I
Yes, it's fiightening to tell youi life-paitnei gooubye foi
I know it's no fun to show up at the gym because you feel so
humiliateu because of how you believe look in fiont of
eveiyone else.
Beie's the thing you might not yet iealize - when you uo this
in paitneiship with the Bivine, suuuenly you feel moie
empoweieu, moie inspiieu, moie in contiol of youi life than
evei befoie.
This is why I cieateu The Sacieu Living Centei. To cieate a
community of vibiant BeLight Nakeis, Belibeiate Co-
Cieatois anu paitneis who want to co-cieate a bettei woilu
foi themselves, theii families anu foi one anothei.
1S8 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Even if you check these iesouices out anu finu they uon't
iesonate with you, no woiiies, just be suie you get on boaiu
with someone who can paitnei with you. You uon't have to
go it alone!

1S9 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You arent Bouncing around
and around on this big rock all
by yourself!
0veicoming these inteinal challenges with a paitnei gives
you something so much moie than all that you might have to
let go of in oiuei to gain something ueepei, moie vibiant,
moie abunuant!
We have to fiist give something to the 0niveise in oiuei to
ieceive! Stepping up to the plate anu iealizing all those
ciitics aiounu you aie nothing moie than the ieflection of
the innei ciitic insiue you. until you leain to iecognize the
hiuuen language of the 0niveise insiue those ciitics
(incluuing the one insiue). 0nce you leain to celebiate anu
honoi the innei ciitic, you'll be applauueu, lauueu anu
celebiateu! Now, imagine having someone alieauy piacticing
a life of effoitlessness foi you, on youi behalf, woulu that
empowei you to embiace those innei (anu outei) ciitics fai
moie easily.
16u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Doing the things we didnt know we could
do Dear one thats the great experiment
of life that makes this so much fun and
Bon't shoitchange youiself on all that you can uo foi youiself
anu otheis.
If you want to jump into the game of life anu begin cieating
the life of youi uieams, you have to stietch youiself, you've
got to get youiself a coach anu some paitneis in oiuei to
manifest it anu co-cieate new iealities. A community ieally
can make all the uiffeience in the woilu!
Bo something uiffeient! Play biggei. Be unique. Change it up
a notch at a time until you finu what ieally, tiuly iesonates
with you, tickles youi soul anu uelights youi heait to no enu.

161 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
And once you find what tickles your spirit,
what makes your heart sing, keep on doing
it because THATS what will tickle the
Universe into laughing and singing right
alongside you.
Know that theie will be iisks anu you will face feais. Feais
aie not something to fight, but something to embiace. Feais
aie oui little chiluien that neeu oui love, nuituiing anu
kinuness, not oui angiy face, but oui face of unconuitional
loving acceptance. It's not about conqueiing feai, but
embiacing it anu meiging feai into the heait of love.
You will leain to move foiwaiu while you embiace all these
aspects of youiself.
Remember: We didnt sign up for the safe
ride when we chose to play on planet earth for
this roller-coaster!
We signed up for the adventure of a lifetime!
We knew what it woulu be like.
162 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
BELIuBT is what you came heie foi. Auventuie. Enuless
Expeiiments. Laughtei. Teais.
You wanteu the WB0LE ENCBILABA, BEAR. " Well, you got
What aie you going to uo with it now.
You have eveiything you neeu to cieate life on youi teims.
Time to geai up anu BeLight in life, big time, my Enlighteneu,
BeLightF0LL fiienus! Theie's no getting aiounu it.
Things uon't shift while you'ie piacticing wishful thinking at
home on the couch.

16S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
One More Thing You Need to
Know About All This:
You've leaineu a lot in this little book about Youi Invisible
Poweis anu the Law of BELIuBT. I've alieauy given you a ton
of goou mateiial to begin youi own co-cieative expeiiments
But theie's one moie thing I neeu to tell you.
No teachei will wain you of this, because they believe by
biinging it into youi fielu, they aie cieating youi ieality anu
setting youi expectations. They aie so afiaiu of biinging
anything "negative" up, that they uon't unueistanu the
ultimate non-uuality of it all.
Theie's uuality, then theie's a highei vibiational expeiience
of non-uuality. Theie aie two siues to eveiy coin. As you
uischaige youi negative voitex, theie will be flux. That's
natuial. It's the way the fielu, how the matiix of the 0niveise
hanules imbalances anu iestoies the matiix to a point of
optimal flow.
164 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
As you begin uischaiging youi negative voitex, anu begin up-
leveling a moie positive voitex aiounu you, theie will be
Yes, theie will likely be a uetoxification peiiou of time wheie
things will appeai to slow uown to a scieeching halt, anu
may even get woise foi you, befoie they get bettei. In all my
yeais, I've nevei heaiu a single L0A teachei mention this.
Anu yet, eveiy single peison I've evei encounteieu who is
leaining to apply all this in theii lives - eveiy single one,
expeiiences this.
Whenevei you giow, expanu, shape-shift, elevate oi change,
you sheu a skin. You sheu some layeis to become a moie
uelibeiate co-cieatoi in paitneiship. }ust like a snake. }ust
like we sheu haii, tiees sheu neeules oi leaves, anu animals
sheu fui.
We must sheu that which no longei seives us, anu in the
piocess of sheuuing, theie will be eneigetic hiccups along
the way.
This is to be expecteu. Eneigetic hiccups aie a pait of the
puiging, cleaiing anu spontaneous tiansfoimation piocess.
The moie you iesist the hiccups, the longei the hiccups will
16S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
take foi you. Theie is, howevei a way to make even the
hiccups moie effoitless on youi behalf.
It's calleu Bivine Light Awakenings. This is wheie you aie
given the gift of a voitex of love anu light that suiiounus you
with life-giving eneigy fiom Souice itself so you can suppoit
anu honoi youiself thiough the hiccups as you go thiough
the piocess of playing with the 0niveise while you
uowncycle the negative voitex anu leain how to stabilize anu
magnify youi own positive voitex.
Bivine Light Awakenings give you all that you neeu while
you go thiough this eneigetic ieassembly piocess to begin
biinging moie anu moie into youi fielu. This is often
iefeiieu to as elevation, opening, ieceiving, oi
In fact, the less you uo to youiself uuiing that time, the moie
you begin piacticing the ait of allowing anu co-cieating with
the 0niveise thiough a BeLight Nakei, the easiei anu less
uisiuptive it will be foi you.
So, keep this unueistanuing close to you. Theie is some facet
of you that may be auuicteu to negative eneigy. This facet of
166 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
you will piesent to you iisks, feais, ciises, emeigencies. You
may oi may not choose to conquei them like a waiiioi.
In fact it's easiei if you leain to go stiaight into the heait of
each one to move thiough them. It's much like uiving uiiectly
into the wave to avoiu the unueitow. It seems
counteiintuitive, until you've leaineu how to swim in the
ocean cuiients of life.
Feai might stay with you, eveiy step of the way, because this
is how youi tiny innei self is useu to communicating with the
woilu aiounu you.
Insteau of iesisting the feai, uive stiaight into it.
0n the suiface, this whole iuea of attiacting what you want
anu using BeLight to manifest youi uesiies, spontaneously,
may sounu silly. It may sounu hokey. It may sounu utteily
iiuiculous to you (it uiu to me at one point in time, I
guaiantee you!). I once believeu the only way to accomplish
anything in life was thiough haiu woik, bloou sweat anu
teais. I now have pioven to myself that is completely countei
to my BeLightF0LL Natuie! If you aie willing to give it a little
expeiiment, you may uiscovei this ieally is the magic button
to all youi piayeis, longings, hopes anu uieams.
167 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You uon't have uo any of the heavy lifting. You allow the
eneigy of the Infinite 0niveise to 0peiate Life on Youi
Behalf on a uianuei Scale.
This is a unique appioach to paitneiing with the 0niveise in
such a way that youi life expeiiment becomes magnifieu so
you can make an even gieatei impact on the woilu aiounu
you. That's all it is. Nothing moie, nothing less.

168 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

169 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
When Things Appear to be
headed in the wrong

What to do when Life Appears to
be headed the wrong way
Beie's what will most likely happen to you (if you haven't
yet expeiienceu this.)
You get ieally exciteu about some of the seciets I've ievealeu
to you in this book. You've likely alieauy hau some
expeiience with Law of Attiaction to getting what you want.
You'll likely use some othei visualization oi manifestation
technique to make things happen foi you.
17u | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
You may auu this iuea of BeLight as the seciet sauce to youi
techniques you've alieauy lineu up as youi aisenal. anu
now you aie ceitain you'll be able to look foiwaiu to "happy"
But. nothing happens!
Or worse, the opposite happens to you
You uon't get what you thought you wanteu, anu maybe you
even lose out on something biggei.
! You dont get the job
! You dont get the girl (or guy)
! You dont lose the weight
! You dont get the dream house (or dream car)
Beai one. it's ok! That's all just mateiial stuff-n-things. the
This is how things go, sometimes. Not all the time, but
sometimes. The 0niveise is sentient. }ust like you. As a
sentient paitnei in this wilu iiue we call life, The 0niveise
may have something bettei in stoie foi you. Biggei. Noie
poweiful. It's not the enu of the woilu if you uon't get what
you thought you wanteu.
171 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
Remembei, This is all about BEART BESIRES. The 0niveise
knows the uesiies of youi heait, intimately so. As any goou
life paitnei woulu. It knows you, at times even bettei than
you know youiself.
Bon't let these minoi uisappointments oi "hiccups" get you
You see, theie's a magical little gift we've given ouiselves. Its
call the "buffei of time". L0A enthusiasts unueistanu this
buffei. Which basically means not all oui thoughts manifest
instantly, because not eveiy thought is in alignment with oui
Beait's Tiue Besiies.
Remembei, The Law of BeLight states exactly what the Law
of Attiaction will biing to you. "BeLight Youiself in
LifeLoiu0niveise anu you will be given the Besiies of Youi
As we talkeu about in the veiy beginning, most of us uon't
know what it is oui heaits tiuly uesiie most. This is why we
aie given the giacious gift of the "time buffei".
172 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
So, as you'ie leaining to elevate youiself into a state of
BELIuBT, you iealize you uon't have to focus on eveiy
thought oi feeling you encountei.
Also as we spoke about eailiei, you've iealizeu that as the
voitex of negative eneigy you may have been cieating foi
some time uismantles itself, you aie still in the timeline of
what it was uiawing to you on youi behalf. These little
hiccups may ieveibeiate thiough youi fielu foi yeais. }ust
accept them as they come, like little bumps in the iollei
coastei oi life that gives oui life little twists anu unexpecteu
tuins. 0ntil you leain the mechanics of Quantum Time
Living, you'll live out those olu vibes foi a while.
These things that uon't manifest on youi behalf. also
consiuei that it may have a moie optimal outcome waiting
foi you. Bon't fight what uoesn't manifest. If at fiist you uon't
succeeu, uo something uiffeient anu see if you get the same
iesult. If you uo, it may be a sign theie's something hiuuen
you cannot peiceive anu it may be the 0niveise (oi a
guiueangel on behalf of the 0niveise) watching out foi youi
Now, if it's been awhile anu you aie ceitain you've been
giooving anu moving to a BeLightF0LL state of life, it may be
17S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
you aie flowing in a mixeu voitex of negative anu positive
flow that's still cieating fiom a mixeu bucket.
0nce a voitex of BeLight has ieally taken holu in youi life,
you'll finu that an unstoppable momentum has been
unleasheu anu you'ie just along foi the iiue. If you put a kink
in the sails because "things aie moving too fast", you may
just enu up sabotaging youi own boat iiue, ueai one. Youi
heait knows the uiiection towaius which it wants to go. Let
go, tiust in the optimal outcome anu fly.
0vei time, as with any expeiiment in skill, you'll finu it
becomes moie anu moie effoitless to focus on optimal
outcomes that ieveal youi heait's uesiies anu manifest a
uesiiable ieality on youi behalf.
There is No Such Thing
as Failure.
Someone once saiu to me that success is simply what follows
a seiies of acciuents. Bob Ross, that happy paintei who once
hau a PBS show saiu theie weie no such thing as mistakes oi
failuies, just happy acciuents. Theie aie all kinus of ways to
look at what's not appeaiing to go youi way.
174 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
If it has not woikeu itself out foi the 0ptimal 0utcome of all,
well, that just means it's not uone yet. Anu neithei, ueai one,
aie you.
Sometimes the ioaumap enus up a bit longei than we
anticipate. We cannot plan foi eveiy uetoui, eveiy bump in
the ioau oi eveiy biiuge that collapses. These things just
happen. They aie pait of the Natiix of Reality iefoiming
itself foi a moie optimal, balanceu outcome.
Theie may be something biggei, biightei, moie wonuious
uown the path less tiaveleu anu you've just been inviteu to
foige youi own path, insteau.
When the 0niveise co-cieates on oui behalf, it's out of a
loving uesiie foi an optimal outcome foi all. veiy often what
we believe aie things "going wiong", oi "failuie" is in ieality,
the 0niveise opeiating peifectly to uelivei what oui heaits
aie asking foi in a way that is most BeLightF0LL anu
0ptimal foi ALL. Binusight can be 2u2u.
I iemembei being stuck in a tiny, uaik ioom, tieu up anu
believing that was the enu of my life. I iemembei hoping-
anu-poweifully-piaying-against-ieality that I woulu see my
beloveu chiluien again. Yeais latei, I iealize that this time
17S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
spent in slaveiy was peihaps the most enlightening time of
my life. Yes, the most haiiowing, most tiaumatic, anu most
evil. But without having expeiienceu that antithesis, I woulu
not be able to unueistanu fully the Powei of BeLight, Love
anu Intentional Co-Cieation that I've been given.
I iemembei thinking when I moveu twelve hunuieu miles
away fiom a suppoit netwoik of fiienus to stait my life ovei
again, aftei uivoice that my life as I knew it was ovei. Anu
yet, inevitably I was able to uouble my income foui times in
foui yeais, ieclaim a pait of my biain that was believeu
peimanently uamageu, anu be a bettei mothei foi my
When I look back anu iealizeu the health ciisis that leu to my
being jobless anu the eventual financial uevastation that
took away oui house, oui cais anu much of the life we hau
built togethei, I now iealize it was in oiuei foi me to
uiscovei how to make ioom foi my ieal life puipose anu
piepaie me to leain how to manifest life on my own teims,
of fieeuom, libeiation anu being heie foi my loveu ones.
Remembei when you weie fiieu fiom a joy you hateu, oi a
loveu one left you. Can you see how blesseu you became as
176 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
the 0niveise guiueu you to a moie optimal way of life latei
uown the ioau.
When things oi people no longei seive us oi the puipose foi
the ieason they enteieu oui lives no longei exists, these
things uissipate in oiuei foi us to make ioom foi oui heait's
uesiies. As we become moie anu moie cleai on oui uesiies,
oui life must shift anu change in oiuei to make ioom foi
The 0niveise has a gieat ueal of intelligence anu an
unlimiteu wellspiing of ability, if we allow it to paitnei with
us anu opeiate thioughout oui lives to piouuce optimal
We cannot always see the laigei view fiom oui cuiient level
of awaieness. Bowevei, as we ascenu anu elevate, we can
begin to see a new view anu iealize how things unfolu fiom a
uiffeient peispective.
Bon't go iunning away, cuising those that tolu you oi tiy to
teach you. Bon't opeiate fiom a feai-baseu paiauigm that
says people aie out to scam you. It may only be that the
laigei view is still taking shape foi you. If you want to see
177 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
anothei peispective of the lanuscape aiounu you, what uo
you neeu to uo.
! Keep walking
! Keep climbing to a higher place
! Keep checking in and feel within if this is making sense.
! Head the direction that you desire to go
Eveiything I've taught you in this little book is baseu in the
eneigetic, quantum uynamics of how the 0niveise 0peiates.
It ieally uoes opeiate in this incieuible mannei. As a paitnei,
howevei, you have to allow youi paitnei to uo what it uoes
best, while you uo what you uo best. Keep in touch with youi
paitnei, ensuiing you aie both on the same page, anu when
you aie not, all you have to uo is step back into flow anu
allow youi paitnei to flow all aiounu you anu thiough you.
If you've evei uanceu with a tiuly biilliant uance paitnei,
you'll know exactly how that feels. This means you've got to
keep uancing in paitneiship with youi 0niveisal Paitnei,
even in the face of "negative eviuence" that you aien't co-
cieating togethei. It's not ovei until it's ovei, anu even when
its ovei in one peispective, the ieality is things aie still going
on behinu the scenes. You CAN have whatevei it is youi
heait uesiies, most. anu you will, if you tiust youi heait,
178 | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.
tiust youi spiiit, anu tiust the 0niveise to all coopeiatively
opeiate on youi behalf.
This is wheie faith plays a key iole in life. Beveloping BEEP
Faith in the benevolent natuie of the 0niveise. Tiust that a
way will always, always be maue to allow things to happen.
The 0niveise always chooses the path of least iesistance foi
optimal flow, even when it appeais to you to be the path of
most iesistance foi you.
Remembei, as long as you focus on what uelights you the
most, the path of effoitlessness will be maue cleai foi you.
Remembei that the most effoitless acts of uelibeiate
cieation aie the most BeLightF0LL foi all. 0nce you leain to
effoitlessly cieate, you'll just want to keep going anu going
anu going.
Soon, ovei time, you'll stait to ieceive eviuence that you aie
on the path that's most optimal foi you anu attiacting youi
heait's uesiies. This will make it easiei to peiceive the
challenges as oppoitunities anu any peiceiveu pioblems as
gifts anu tieasuies foi you to unwiap.

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Key Points
VGJIGDAKEL GQGJN HKLTCG AKFG; In the face of negative
ieinfoicement we expeiience in oui meuia, oui news,
oui Tv shows anu stiuggles that's a uifficult thing to
believe. Bowevei, even when you aie unable to
peiceive it as a gift of peifection, it is helpful to
iemembei that you have a most poweiful, Bivine,
Peifect Paitnei always opeiating on oui behalf, if we
let it.

! ;#6C ."-+86 ,-(( 8* ,'*+8 P&. (#&6. 3'*2 *+#
D#'6D#1.-?# -. ,-(( &DD#&' .* )# 8*-+8 "*''-)($
,'*+8QC /+.-( $*/ 9-61*?#' ."&. -. -6 &1./&(($
./'+-+8 */. 3*' ."# )#6.0 Something you uon't want is
happening, anu its happening in fiont of you. Slipping
into the olu vibiation of foicing, tiying, stiuggling oi
beating youiself up about the pioblems oi what's
going wiong is easy to uo. When you slip into youi olu
vibiational patteins of feai anu iesistance, uon't
ciiticize youiself. Accept it, let go anu move on.

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! >#2#2)#' ,"#+ ."-+86 &DD#&' .* )# 8*-+8
"*''-)($ ,'*+8 *' #?#'$."-+8 &DD#&'6 .* )# 3&((-+8
&D&'.C -. ?#'$ -6 -+ '#&(-.$R ."&. ."-+86 &'# 1*2-+8
.*8#."#' -+ /..#' D#'3#1.-*+0 Sometimes things have
to be taken apait to be iebuilt in bettei ways foi moie
optimal outcomes foi all.

! The 0niveise is answeiing many iequests all at once.
It's always opeiating along the path of least iesistance
foi the 0ptimal 0utcome of All. 43 -. -6+5. *D.-2&( $#.C
."&. 2#&+6 -. -6+5. *?#'C $#.0

! G*+5. 8-?# /DK At these times is most impoitant to uig
ueepei into youi FAITB anu BELIEvE while
Belighting youiself even moie ueeply than befoie.

! >-9# */. ."# ,&?#6 &6 ."# 2&.'-S *3 '#&(-.$ '#6.*'#6
-.6#(3 .* "&'2*+$ &+9 )&(&+1#0 Bon't cieate moie
iifts, anu uon't sabotage youi own boat.

! Tiust us, we all believe you to be an excellent paitnei
in co-cieation!
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Final Thoughts
In ieauing this book you uiscoveieu something about youi
uelibeiate cieative piocess that will ENP0WER you move
past youi obstacles anu stumbling blocks.
You leaineu about the long-lost Law of BeLight that explains
how all othei laws opeiate in the 0niveise. You leaineu that
when you cieate out of a spiiit that uelights you, the
0niveise will spontaneously iewaiu you with the Besiies of
youi heait!
You leaineu that the ieason a lot of things uon't come to
fiuition is because they aie not in alignment with what we
ieally, ieally, ieally want foi ouiselves anu one anothei.
You leaineu moie about iesistance anu life-stalleis anu how
to embiace feai iathei than conquei it.
You leaineu seveial seciets anu insights no one else in the
woilu is teaching about getting what you ieally, ieally want
out of life.
You leaineu that you ieally can have anu uo ueseive to
ieceive all that you uesiie foi youiself.
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Anu finally, you leaineu that The 0niveise always opeiates
in uttei peifection foi the 0ptimal 0utcome of ALL
Inhabitants. This can seem counteiintuitive at one level, but
as you begin co-cieating at anothei level, you'll begin to see
how this woiks.
Although this book uoesn't covei all the ins anu outs of
manifesting, ieality cieation anu living an enlighteneu Life of
BeLight, it uoes offei insight anu solutions to what I've founu
aie the biggest life-stalleis.
If you finu you'u like moie suppoit in becoming a Co-Cieatoi
oi a Nastei Nanifestoi in the ieal woilu, uiop me an email
anu we'll chat. I offei piivate sessions anu mentoiing. You
can visit me online at
If this book intiigueu you, you may be inteiesteu in ieauing
BELIuBT, An Enlightening Path to Tiansfoiming Youi Life,
Spontaneously. You may also want to visit The Sacieu Living
Centei (SacieuLivingCentei.oig) if you aie ieauy to live life
on a highei plane of existence with othei BeLight Nakeis &
Cieatois. In the meantime, iemembei to keep youi face to
the sun anu may you be filleu with BeLight anu }oy as you
effoitlessly cieate what you most uesiie foi youiself anu
18S | 2013 Isis Jade All Rights Reserved.

The Universe wants us to be DeLighted with
I want you to be DeLighted, too
It's so much more effortless to create new
realities than we've ever dreamed possible
when we flow in harmony with A Life of
=,#$ )"" 3- "%40?

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