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Section II Knowledge for the Technology Manager Technology Management Handbook. Ed. Richard C.

. Dorf Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC, 2000

Knowledge for the Technology Manager
4 Economics David R. Henderson , Sharon M . Oste r, Paul Heyne, Richard B. McKenzie , Ivan Png, David M. Levy, Richard Reime r, William M. Frix, William Samuelson , David Flath, Alok K . Chakrabarti, Arnold Reisman, Marc S. Gerstein , Lynne F. Baxter, Thoma s W. Gilligan, Peter S. Rose , George Bittlingm ayer
Markets Consumers Prot Marginal Analysis in Economics * Opportunity Cost Government Business Cycles Ination Cost-Benet Analysis Interest Rates Productivity Trade: Import/Export Understanding the Value Chain Supply Chain Management Monopoly and Antitrust Money and Banking Economics of Information Age Industries

5 Statistics Amy E. Herrmann, Janet K. Allen, Kenneth E . Case, Jerry Dechert , Terry E. Dielman, Frede rick A. Rossini , Alan L. Porte r, Marlene A. Smith, Steve Schmidt
Data Collection Sampling Quality Control Regression Technology Forecasting Data Analysis Design of Experiments

6 Accounting Paul A. Grifn, Henry E. Riggs, David M. Cottrell, Daniel L. Jensen , Michael W. Maher, John D. Lyon , Tung Au, Masako N. Darrough
Financial Statements Valuation in Accounting Ratio Analysis Cost Allocation Activity-Based Costing and Management Auditing Depreciation and Corporate Taxes Performance Evaluation

7 Organizations Ralph Katz, Janice A. Klein, Marc S. Gerstein , Jesse Peplinski , Patrick N . Koch , Farrokh Mistree, Urs E. Gattiker, John P. Olhoi , Karen Stephenson , Donald Palmer, Andrew Ward, Loren Falkenberg , Ron Franklin, Dick Campion , Kimberly D. Elsbach , Francis T. Hartman, Sim B. Sitkin, Kathleen M . Sutcliffe , Karl E. Weick , Charles A. OReilly III, Jahangir Karimi, Yash P. Gupta, Jay A. Conge r, Michael D. Kull, Jane E. Fountain, James A. Hatch
The Motivation of Technical Professionals Job Design The Logic of Organization Design Hierarchy and Integration in Organizations and their Products Organization Structure and Design Decisions The Matrix Organization Revisited Networks Power in Organizations Inuence Negotiating Effective Business Agreements Rewards for Professionals: A Social Identity Perspective Teams and Team Building Organizational Learning Organizational Culture Telecommuting Technologies The Nature of Technological Paradigms: A Conceptual Framework Leadership The Golden Rules of Power and Inuence Social Capital and Technological Innovation Human Capital

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