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Leisure Services Swimming Instructor

1 Position Objectives The Swimming Instructor provides swimming lessons to groups, schools and individuals within the MARC and CAHC Swim School program guidelines. The main objective is to provide professional instruction in Swim School programs and provide a safe, fun and educational environment in which students progressively learn to swim. 2 Key Responsibility Areas

For each facility 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Maintain required qualifications. Delivery swimming instruction as per the Swim Schools Instructor guidelines.. Implement the MARC and CAHC policies and procedures ensuring a safe and secure environment for all. Supervise the students in your Swim School classes. Complete required administration task specific to the Swim School program. Attend training as set out by the Centres and Aquatic Team.

3 Organisational Relationship Reports to: Aquatics Manager

City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC

Direct report: Internal Liaisons:

Aquatic Program Coordinator/Aquatic Program Team Leader

Unit Managers and staff (as required in various branches) External Liaisons: Community Organisations / Schools / Residents / Club Members Life Saving Victoria AUSTSWIM VICSWIM

Swim School Members and parents ASCTA Aquatics & Recreation Victoria Swim Australia

4 Organisational Context The City of Monash is a cosmopolitan city with nearly 40% of its 172,000 residents coming from more than 30 countries, It is one of Melbournes most populous municipalities and is close to the demographic centre of Melbourne. It has a highly skilled and well-educated workforce, with 13% having a degree or higher education. Its residents also enjoy a high level of home ownership that is considerably higher than the Melbourne average. The Councils mission is to further improve the City of Monash as a place where people prefer to live, work and conduct business through: the protection, enhancement and development of the physical, economic, social and recreational environment of the City; ensuring services that reflect community values and measured community needs are provided efficiently and effectively; and promoting, encouraging and supporting a strong sense of community throughout the municipality. Five Divisions deliver the Councils programs and services. They are: City Development; Corporate Planning and finance; Community Services; Human Resources and Administration; and Infrastructure Services. The Community Services Division provides a wide range of customer focused services that are relevant, of high quality and based on best commercial principles. The Division delivers services in: Aquatic and Leisure; Aged accommodations and care; Home and community care; Home maintenance; Food services; Senior Citizens services; Childrens services;
City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC

Youth services; Maternal and child health services; Arts; Libraries; Community information; Recreation services; Waste management and recycling; Community liaison. The incumbent of this position is required to contribute to the achievement of the Councils mission through effective teamwork with colleagues, including those in other Divisions and in developing sound working relationships with a range of internal and external parties. The MARC is a community resource providing valuable aquatic and health and fitness facilities for the Monash community, schools and users from outside the municipality. The Centre is a premier facility within Victoria and has been architecturally designed to maximise the centres cutting edge technologies in pool filtration, wave pool technologies, state of the art fitness equipment, in built safety features and ease of access for specialist groups. Wellness Centre and Caf operations are operated under separate agreements with the City of Monash and managed on a daily basis by Centre management. The Centres budget is in excess of $5.5 million. MARC is a significant employer in the Monash area, employing approximately 140 staff, full-time and casual. The CAHC is a multi-functional facility within the Clayton Community Centre. This leading community centre houses Library Operations, Youth and Family Services, Maternal and Child Health Services, Occasional Care Services, a Caf, Arts and Theatre facilities, Department of Human Services- Allied Health services and Aquatic and Health Club facilities. The centre budget is approximately $1.5 million. MARC and CAHC are managed by a professional management team, which is focused on high levels of customer service. There are four main Business Units, which are supported by the Sales and Marketing Manager: Operations Aquatics Health & Fitness Service & Administration

City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC

Aquatic Team organisational chart

5 5.1 5.2 5.3

Accountability and Extent of Authority Exercises sound judgement and control over Swim School programs. Ensures safety of students. Provides direction and tuition to participants.

6 6.1 6.2

Judgement and Decision Making Exercises judgement over the behavior of guests ensuring that they do not place themselves or others at risk. Determines student's level of competency/skills and recommends appropriate programs. Specialist Knowledge and Skills Swimming instruction training and qualifications In-water Rescue training.

7 7.1 7.2

8 8.1 8.2 9

Management Skills Proven leadership and team management skills to deal with staffing, budget Well developed organisational and time management skills. Inter-Personal Skills

City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC

9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5

Highly developed interpersonal and communications skills, with particular abilities in teaching and training in an aquatic environment. Ability to foster and develop confidence in the MARC and CCC Swim School programs, focusing on parents / infants, children and schools. Strong customer service orientation Ability to convey instructions and information to guests. Ability to work in a team and help foster team goals.

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Qualifications and Experience Current AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety or Swim Australia Teacher qualification. Current CPR Qualification Key Selection Criteria Relevant qualifications in swimming instruction, and skills in managing students of various ages in an aquatic learning environment. Strong organisation and excellent customer service skills. Ability to work in a team and help foster team goals. Well-developed time management and supervision skills. Other Relevant Information Risk Management

The effective management of risk is critical to ensuring Council achieves and sustains its Corporate and Business Planning objectives. Risk is inherent in all business functions (there is no risk free environment); therefore it is managed in a consistent and structured method in accordance with the City of Monash Risk Management Framework and Australian Standards for Risk Management. All Council employees are committed to ensure that Organisational objectives are met whilst the welfare of the staff, community, visitors and contractors is protected and property (real and intellectual), equipment, information and financial assets are preserved. Every staff member of the City of Monash is responsible for identification of potential risks and opportunities related to their areas of responsibility, while management (at all levels) is responsible for the development of risk mitigation plans and the implementation of risk reduction strategies. Managing risks and opportunities forms an active part of day-to-day business activities and planning processes. Occupational Health and Safety

City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC

Under Councils Occupation Health and Safety Strategy all employees are required amongst other things, to act responsibly and in a manner which does not put the health and safety of themselves or others in the workplace at risk, diligently observe and maintain a duty of care to themselves and all others within the work environment and to perform duties in accordance with accepted work practices and procedures. Employees in a supervisory role must ensure that safe work practices are observed and issue instructions in relation to or cease unsafe work practices in the workplace. Equal Opportunity and Harassment All employees of the City of Monash have a legal and moral responsibility to treat each other fairly and are expected to fulfil these responsibilities as a condition of employment. As employer the City of Monash will not defend or support discriminatory actions of staff that are unlawful. Employees are encouraged to support each other in creating and maintaining an environment that is free of harassment. Privacy The City of Monash is committed to complying with the Information Privacy Act 2000. The City of Monash recognises the importance of the privacy of personal information collected by the Council and is committed to ensuring that personal information is appropriately stored and managed. All employees must therefore, at all times, ensure that the personal information collected and held by the Council is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Council employees will only collect information directly relating to the services being provided to clients. Council employees will not disclose personal information to any person or organisation without written consent or unless prescribed by a lawful instruction. Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct provides a framework for ethical professional behaviours that must be observed in the range of interactions between Council employees and with the public. It covers various areas of professional conduct and details the minimum standards of behaviour expected of employees. The Code applies to all employees of the City of Monash and all employees are expected to familiarise themselves with the Code and ensure compliance with its principles.

City of MONASH Position Documentation Casual Swimming Instructor MARC CAHC