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1 Exercise Exercise is huge.

. I briefly touched on what happens to you in the short term but consider also the long term effects of regular exercise. As you maintain a regiment of exercise your body fat percentage drops, your flexibility and strength increase (less chance of injury) your lifespan extends, your immune system is bolstered, you maintain your youth longer, you carry o er a sustained igor to other parts of your life, your resting heart rate goes down, and you ha e a general feeling of well being. !retty sweet. "learly exercising is ery important# gi en both its short and long term benefits. $ut do you ha e to do this e ery day% &hat seems strenuous. &ry expanding your definition ' (ou don)t gi e it your *++, e ery day. -ome days may be *+ minutes of simple light stretching, just to .eep the habit. /ther days may be 0.1 hour monster gym sessions. I use this habit to help me accomplish two other things ery important to me, mediation and getting in nature. /ften times my physical exertion is a one hour wal. through the par. or along the water front. !racticing a meditation is a great way to center yourself and help carry the s.ill o er to e eryday life. $eing in nature has a similar balancing effect on your well being. $ut you don)t need me to tell you to wor. out. &he benefits are all clearly documented by scientists and people. &here are networ.s and resources for support and endless sources of inspiration to moti ate you. 2 Meditation &his habit is 234E. (ou need to meditate. &hin. about what part of the human experience spirituality addresses the ego and fear two concepts that are -/ tied up with hitting on girls. I thin. a lot of people get messed up here because the benefits are ery intangible at first. &he 5- cur e6 of 7astery that I described abo e has a ery looong period of shit). If you)re not experienced then your image of what meditation should be li.e is wrong. 9ighting your expectations will be a constant battle as you learn to meditate. 2ere are some resources to help you learn. :eddit Article ;ery concise introduction to meditation 7indfulness in !lain English Ama<ing boo. that co ers the topic clearly and in depth. 7editation :etreat *+ day intensi e mediation retreat 2olosync &apes that induce a meditati e state (great training wheels) A fortuitous person may disco er means of ac=uiring the audio. (ma.e sure its .flac and not .mp> format ? listen with good headphones) !ractice 2urr durr. -tart meditating e eryday. &he e idence is in by a landslide, both anecdotally and empirically. 7editation will change your life so start today, any reason your not is an excuse. /nce you get the hang of it you will lea e your meditation sessions feeling centered, calm, and relaxed. It has an ego'lessening effect and awareness increasing effect that spills o er to your e eryday life. If you .eep up the practice you)ll notice that your focus and attention span increases dramatically, as does your sight and sound sensiti ity (thin. of the most isceral things you do sex, eating, sports etc.) $rain regions associated with attention, interoception and sensory processing will literally

@urlAhttpBCCwww.ncbi.nlm.nih.go CpmcCarticlesC!7"*>D*++0C Ebecome In the long term, meditation offers a 8profound transformation of how you experience reality) It will bring you joy, peace, and happiness. &his is real and you need to be doing it. 3 Reading ' If you read the right boo.s you will be mo ed, inspired, and moti ated. &hin. about what you expose yourself to. &here)s a million shitty blogs on the interent written by whoe er. $ut then theres boo.s out there that will change your life. $oo.s that the most gifted human beings on earth ha e spent years writing. A lifetime of experience, insights, and lessons learned gi en to you in a nice handheld easily digestible form. B) I started this habit at a half hour a day. :ecently I) e started reading about an hour a day and am burning through boo.s. Fith a constant flow of information in you increase your ability for information to flow out (applying .nowledge to your life) :eading is an easy habit to put off and you need to ma.e it a priority. If you)re not regularly reading then you may start to fall asleep as you pic. up a boo.. (our mind is not conditioned properly and you need to force yourself through that period. (our reading speed and comprehension do pic. up o er time just stic. to it. 4 Creative Recreation ' !eople are going to approach this one ery differently but if there is something you can sit down and do purely for your enjoyment than that)s awesome. &hin. of a flow state acti ity that you can put your full expression into. 9or me it)s playing an instrument. If you) e e er seen someone play the guitar or piano at an extremely high le el in a non performance setting then you)ll .now what I)m about. &he 5-6 cur e of learning an instrument is ery, ery, ery long. $ut you get out what you put in. (our amusements will lea e you feeling reju enated and can often brea. up and lighten the day. As you in est in your hobbies you will get more and more out of them I generali<ed this habit as 8creati e recreation) because I want to emphasi<e the fact that recreation is not a spectator sport. ;egetating on the couch watching commercials is not recreation. 5 Nutrition ' As you build a producti e life your ability to stay focused and ha e energy becomes ery important. Fhat you eat has a huge effect on how you feel. If you eat right you can a oid energy crashes, fight off sic.ness, and generally just feel 8good). I .now that I)m definitely not the best person to gi e nutrition ad ice but the resources are out there. It should be ob ious that what you put in your body is ery important. Go yourself a fa or and learn how your body wor.s. 9or me, I don)t eat sugar or processed food. I drin. *.1H of water a day and I ma.e an

extra effort to eat more plant based foods. I supplement my diet with fish oil etc. I thin. what)s most important though is that you proacti ely decide what you put in your body. 7a.e the time to coo. your meals, .eep your fridge stoc.ed, and don)t buy con enience food. 6 Reasonable Spending ' Hi.e nutrition, this habit is more of a choice you ma.e rather than an acti e in estment of your time. Its pretty straight forward, e ery day I try to manage my money reasonably. Apply the concept of reacti ityCproacti ely to your spending and you ha e an excellent framewor. for managing your money. Gid you plan on this purchase% If not then don)t do it. &he nature of planning a purchase is that it is in line with your goals and budget. &he nature of an impulsi eCreacti e purchase is =uite the opposite, 8it is right here and will satisfy me right now) (mostly consumerCcon enience items ) 7 rain uster ! Current Events ' !art of my morning routine is to chec. out the economist, my local news site, or the new yor. times and read two or three articles. 4i en my bac.ground and where I want to go in life it is going to ser e me well to be informed and ha e the ability to notice trends and understand the complexity of global issues. I also wor. ery hard to de elop my critical and lateral E ery day I challenge myself to sol e one extremely difficult problem. Actually I only figure them out about >+, of the time. /n my computer I ha e a repository of II, 7ensa, brain buster type boo.s that would ta.e a lifetime to wor. through. -ome problems I sol e in fi e minutes others ta.e me thirty until I brea. down and loo. at the solution. If you run a business or are any .ind of decision authority (or e entually want to be in that position) then I can)t ouch enough for this habit. (ou need to be sharp and informed. !eriod. " Social ' E ery day I ma.e an effort to ad ance my social s.ills. (our ability to communicate effecti ely with human beings has so many implications in your personal and professional life. I) e gone through experiments with this habit and I thin. the less your around people the more you need to ma.e it a priority (my lifestyle right now has me around new people AHH the time, but there ha e been other times in my life when I acti ely had to ma.e that happen) I) e tried a few different things. 9or a while I really focused on listening to people with the intent to understand, pushing the urge to get my point across aside and gi ing other people the floor when they were expressing themsel es. I) e done different experiments with eye contact and physicality while communicating as well. :egardless, going out and approaching trumps all when it comes to de eloping your social s.ills. # $ersonal Manage%ent ' &his is the easiest of all habits to implement. Just *+ minutes a day and your bachelor pad is clean and fresh. Kot many long term benefits here except maybe you don)t lose your possessions as often and

they ha e and increased lifespan. In the short term doing your laundry, not letting your dishes pile up, and your bed can offer you a peace of mind and allow you to wor. unfestered on other projects. 1& $ro'ect 1( 2 or %ore ti%es a )ee* ' 9or me I set aside a two hour bloc. twice a wee. to wor. on a personal project. &his could be fleshing out a business feasibility plan, recreating my weightlifting routine, catching up on some reading, creating a budget, doing research, or writing a mega post for rsd B) At the beginning of each wee. I choose what two projects I plan to wor. on and within the wee. I find time to fit them in. 3se this habit as a way of re itali<ing old projects that are collecting dust or to begin something new that you) e been about but ha en)t got around to. &he effects this habit has on your short and long term producti ity are huge. 11 $odcast+,E- ,al*+.niversit/ 0ecture ' If you)re a human being with a desire for .nowledge then you should be listening to podcasts, watching ted tal.s and iewing the thousands of lectures professors and researchers ha e on the internet. &his is a habit I integrated for both its short term and long term benefits. In the short term I find it interesting to learn about new topics. A lot of times it)s on a subject I)m interested in at the time, other times its something completely new. Either way I)m exposing myself to the best and brightest minds of today and expanding my understanding of the world. If you engaged yourself with this material e ery day, what would the long term effects be% $esides a ast and aried wealth of .nowledge you would begin to draw disciplines together. (our understanding and awareness would grow so large that the alue and wisdom you could offer other people would be incredible. L9or a practical tip, throw a =ueue of tal.s you)re interested in on your ipod and listen while exercising. 12 0anguage ' an ongoing tas. benefit and that mastery is ery, E ery day I spend thirty minutes learning a new language. &his is that I struggled to integrate. (ou reali<e almost no immediate it exceptionally difficult to do e ery day. &he 5-6 cur e of ery long (years).

$ut alas, the benefits in the long term must be exceptionally rewarding. I can only speculate as I currently only spea. one language, but from my time studying in Italy I can tell you I would ha e got a lot more out of the experience had I spo.e the language. "oming from a business perspecti e being biCmulti'lingual would li.ely be a huge ad antage. 9or me, I intend to spend a large part of my life tra elling. If you expect to li e another 1+CD+ years of life on this earth then imagine the lifetime of opportunities and experiences other languages may open you up to. Gon)t cut yourself off.

9or some practical ad ice getting started I recommend the rosetta stone. It)s a isual program that is a great way for getting you started. Histen to tal. radio ( ia internet) and get a language boo. with exercises to help you practice. 4et a women your seeing to join in. It accelerates the process so much if you ha e someone to practice with. Fe are the first generation with ready access to the internet. &he resources to help you pic. up a language are out there and they are free use them. 131 $lan t2e next da/ ' &his is so huge. Kote that there is a small learning cur e to this as you figure out a system that wor.s for you. 7aybe you li.e to manage your timetable through your phone, or maybe you just pencil out what you do on a list. Fhate er the method it must satisfy two re=uirementsB *) &he document must be easily accessible to you throughout the day, and 0) it must specify approximate times when you will complete each tas.. It)s pretty simple. Fhen you ha e some time to thin. with a clear mind you plan out what you want your next day to loo. li.e you do it. &he time you .now you ha e to yourself (mornings usually) you can set a more ridgid structure than the times where there are many ariables as to what you may be doing. &he plan is your ser ant, not your master. Ke er get upset if things don)t go the way you thought it)s just a guideline to .eep you on trac.. Host time, interferences, failing to execute out of la<iness or apathy, unforeseen e ents, all of this will happen. Gon)t be worried, the element of proacti ity you introduce into your life by planning your days out already places you way ahead. Another thing to .eep in mind is that your primary goal is not to be efficient. It is to be effecti e. Gon)t be so worried about ha ing some intense schedule that will burn you out Allow a good amount of time for transitions and e en more for other forms of time you will use organically. If you ha e in your head a picture of someone ruthlessly triaging priorities, fe erishly executing tas.s and running around from one item to the next then you should rethin. your understanding. As you go through your day you will apply yourself to each acti ity wholly and with e erything you) e got. (ou will ta.e things slow and execute with passion, care and effort not with haste or carelessness. 14 Sleep ' (our either plugged into the matrix or you)re not. If your plugged in you)re a spectator you watch t , you .ill time on faceboo., you days slip by as you wander through in lower consciousness. If your unplugged you)re a player (ou are consistent and massi e action, you are constantly ingesting new information, you are pushing your boundaries and limitations, you are growing. -o naturally if you)re li ing your life fully engaged you need a good night)s sleep. &he amount of stress you experience by pushing yourself, the information your internali<ing, and the focus and stamina you need to .eep going can all be facilitated by a good nine hours on the pillow.

&a.e this shit seriously you will notice a difference. If you) e e er studied sleep you .now that your body goes through approximate M+ minute cycles (from deep sleep to :E7 sleep), you .now the amount of light you are recei ing effects your bodies melatonin production, you .now that what you eat before bed can affect your sleep, and you also .now that sound can disrupt your sleep. (ou .now that sleep plays an integral role in learning and memory. (ou are also aware that the human body associates certain surroundings or conditions with sleep (thin. when you wal. into a bathroom you feel li.e you ha e to pee. &he same thing when you are in your bed you get sleepy. &herefore only use your bed for sleep and sex). I sleep in total dar.ness, in a cool room, with a fan for white noise (drown out traffic and crea.s in house that would otherwise wa.e me up). I ha e comfortable mattress and I wa.e up to an alarm cloc. that gets brighter instead of noise (simulates the sun rising) I don)t set my alarm for the same time e ery morning, I set my alarm either N.1 or M hours from when I fall asleep (so I don)t wa.e up in the depth of a sleep cycle you may ha e to with the times but you will learn your body). &ry some of this and you will be ama<ed with the effects on your energy le els, retention of information, and how you enter your days in the morning. 15 $ro3essional -evelop%ent ' (ou)re either in the industry you want to be in or you)re not. Either way you should spend some of your day de eloping the s.ills necessary to succeed in the industry you want to be in. If you)re stuc. in a job you don)t li.e then this daily ritual is the .ey to through. (ou will de elop yourself in the area of your interest until you ha e the credentials, credibility, or opportunity to mo e permanently. 7aybe you)re stuc. as a ban. teller, but you want to get into internet mar.eting. (ou should begin to spend a part of your day learning the s.ills you are going to need to be an internet mar.eter. &hin. of it this way, most people are reacti e. 7ost people land a job through connections or con enience and after they ha e that job they then learn the s.ills necessary to succeed. (ou are not that person. (ou will do the re erse. (ou will gain the s.ills through your own force of will and then land 8the job). &his is the formula to car e a life of your design and li e your dreams. If you)re already in the industry of your dreams then you should ne er stagnate. "onstantly focus on learning new material, .eeping up with trends, obser ing competitors, or expanding your professional reputation. 9ocusing on this will allow you to offer more alue in whate er you do and will facilitate success. 16 4ournal ! Researc2 ' Oeep a journal and update it e ery day. Fhat is a journal% A journal is a place where you write out your thoughts and then loo. bac. at them and ponder. (ou then write about what you thought of your thoughts and thin. about that. (meta'meta cognition) Go you see how this can be a aluable tool for personal insight and growth%

&his isn)t a high school dairy. It)s a tool you use to trac. your thoughts, expand on insights, accelerate your growth, and loo. bac. on your progress. -hits happening% Frite about it. &he ery act of consciously creating syntax to your thoughts can help you become more rational and can facilitate problem sol ing in your life. &here is a second part to your journal writing ritual that you need to engage in. :esearch. As you ma.e disco eries and insights you should see. out truth and guidance. Fe ha e the internet and it is an ama<ing tool for feedbac.. /ur parents generation had to li e with misinformation their whole li es. /ur generation enjoys the luxury to with incredible ease ' access the forefront of human .nowledge in the snap of a finger. 3se this luxury to fuel your growth. 5alling 6part 7 5our t/pes Ko matter how hard you try, or how much effort you put in, you will at times fall apart. I would say theres four ways this happensB 4etting sic., apathy, 8short term mating strategy) and consuming commitments. If you don)t ha e a lot of self discipline then the most common way you will fall apart is apathy. (ou need to understand that apathy is death. Apathy I- death. It will .ill your growth and suc. you into la<iness. It happens as you slip into lower consciousness. "orrelatory displays in your beha iour emergeB depression, apathy, negati e and low self esteem thought patterns, etc. &here are so many things that can throw you off trac. and sin. you into apathyB Hoss of progress, negati e feedbac., feeling 8blue), ideo games, addictions, poor diet, lac. of sleep, fear, financialCfamilyCsocial stressors. &his is where responsibility is .ey. &his .nowledge helped me fight myself when my brain would come up with rationali<ations and excuses for why I coped out on my duties. &he rationali<ations were pretty good sometimes (I didn)t ha e enough time, I wasn)t physically able, I was sic., it would be counter producti e etc (your brain is ery cle er)) but the facts were in. I couldn)t gloss o er the correlation between my daily choices and how they affected my producti ity. Eat shitty food, get poor sleep, and you will be less producti e. Fhen you fall into the gutters of apathy the only way out is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. If you ha e e er ta.en the time to write out your alues then they can be a .ey extremely helpful in this situation. :ead them o er, ponder them and commit yourself to them. &he you can recommit yourself to your alues and get bac. on trac., the better. (ou will go through this process many, many, many times &he second way you completely fall of trac. is when you get sic.. &he a erage adult catches two to four colds a year. &hat)s two to four wee.s of setbac.s, suffering, and disruption. Kot much you can do about it other than pre ention (and as it turns out pre ention is pretty effecti eP (ou don)t e er ha e to get sic.Q @drin. water, a oid binge, get all your itamins and minerals, sleep, oral hygiene, washing your hands, and regular relaxation. /nly anecdotal

e idence but I found that when I got sic. poor sleeps for many consecuti e days was always a factorE) &he third type of falling apart is what tyler would call your 8short term mating strategy). &o be honest with you, I don)t thin. this is that bad. I loo. bac. at my excel chart of times where I was in this mode, nothing would be getting done. I would be and and doing drugs. -ay a fi e day bender where I pull two or three times in that period. :etrospecti ly I wouldn)t change a thing though because in those moments I was ha ing -/ 73"2 93K. I met so many people and de eloped so many relationships. Fhen your in this mode you are just 8on). Its so ama<ing to me that your brain has these two le els it can operate on. 9rom my experience, the more resources you ha e (money, leisure time, lac. of responsibility) the more intense the effects of the 8short term mating strategy) mode can be. &hin., if you ha e a job or no more money etc. external forces li.e that can 9/:"E you to get your shit together. $ut when you)re in the mode you)re sure good at rationali<ing away your money, time, and responsibilities but holy fuc. does it help you pull girls. -o I thin. the .ey is to ta.e an element of proacti ely into this. Ac.nowledge that this is going to happen to you and that it)s /O. (ou .now you)ll get your shit together e entually. Just be smart about your life and don)t cope out on any major responsibilities. &he fourth way I would consistently fall off trac. with my habits is when I had a consuming commitment to honor. 7aybe this was a family obligation or a tra el day, or a big exam I had to prep for. Fhate er it is you just do what you need to do and get bac. on trac. as soon as you can. Fhen these .inds of things come up though I notice it)s a lot easier to bounce bac. as opposed to into some apathetic hurr durr state that)s the worst. Rebounding 7 ,)o $2eno%ena In my explorations I noticed two phenomena. &he first is that you can)t just focus on one area of your life. If you start seriously on one discipline e erything follows. (ou start fixing yourself in AHH areas of your life. &he second phenomenon that I noticed when falling off the path is that you will come bac. stronger than e er before. I am not sure if this is because you ha e lessons learned from falling off or because your definition of what being on the path has now been expanded. Either way the process of growth is ob ious, you fall and you get bac. up stronger that before. Oeep in mind that falling off the path is an ine itability and will happen (a lot). Its how you notice (awareness and higher consciousness) and recommit (ta.e right action) that will determine your growth rate. Strea*ing bac. o er my performance I noticed that my habits would strea.. &heres an element of general momentum (Excercising in a day may gi e you momentum

to complete other tas.s) and then there is an element of discipline specific momentum (If you meditated yesterday it is more li.ely that you will today) /n the flip side there)s negati e momentum. If you don)t do something today then it will be harder tomorrow and e en harder the next day. &he result is that disciplines strea.. (ou ha e runs where you)ll stic. with it e ery day, but then you will ha e runs, sometimes for wee.s, where it just ne er seems to fit in your schedule. 9or this reason extra effort has to be made to re itali<e indi idual habits that are falling apart. ,2e 6nxiet/ Response &he anxiety response is so .ey to your growth. I left this section last for a reasonQ this is such a !/FE:93H concept. (our body comes e=uipped with the tools for your growth and that anxious feeling you get I- &2E &//H. Fhen you reali<e you don)t .now what you need to .now there is an uncomfortable anxiety. (our poor ego is exposed and your feel good belief systems are sha.en. Go not run from this feeling of anxiety. It is -/ human nature to suppress the feelings and rationali<e them away. (ou loo. at your ban. balance and you reali<e you barely ha e enough money for next months rent, an uncomfortable anxiety comes o er you. 7aybe you got caught lying and an uncomfortable anxiety comes o er you. 7aybe you see an approach you .now you should do and an uncomfortable anxiety comes o er you. (our emotions are your feedbac. system. Go not let your ego get the best of you. (our ego will rationali<e your life away, gi ing you all the reasons to be /.O. with your mediocrity and failure. Fhen you feel that uncomfortable anxiety you need to ruthlessly see. out the cause and address it. &a.e full responsibility for what has happened to you. 7aybe you reali<ed you ha e been financially irresponsible. &he ego response would be to justify your situation, 5I needed to get that stuff, I had to ma.e those purchases6 &his is unacceptable if you want to grow. "onsciously ponder the anxiety and ta.e responsibility for your situation, 5Fow I was managing my money extremely poorly this last month. I need to figure my shit out, etc etcR $y di ing into that anxious response, figuring out what)s going on and 93HH responsibility for whate er is happening, you will facilitate your ability to "2AK4E and 4:/F in the future. Go not sabotage your growth and buy into your ego. &he .ey to your growth is your emotional system, and you would do well to get in touch with it (hint' meditation)