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Subject Class Level Enrolment Date )heme )opic 0ocused S,ill 1ntegrated S,ill

: English language : 4 Anugerah : Higher intermediate : 36 pupils : September !""# $ "%"& ' "%3&( : *orld o+ ,no-ledge : .nit 6 /etting around $buildings( : Listening : Spea,ing and -riting% !% Spea, clearl6 b6 pronouncing -ords accuratel6%

1ntended Learning 2utcomes : %& 2btain in+ormation +rom te3ts listened to in relation to main ideas4 speci+ic details and se5uence% Curriculum Speci+ication : %&%3 Listen to simple te3ts and tell -hat the te3t is about% !% %! 7ronounce 38s6llable -ords% 9ehavioral 2bjectives: 96 the end o+ the lesson4 pupils -ill be able to: % 7ronounce the name o+ di++erent building b6 sa6ing the -ord aloud during the 5ui:% !% Listen to description given and guess the building b6 participating in the 5ui:% Language 0ocus 7revious ;no-ledge Educational Emphasis )eaching Aids : nouns : nouns $hospital4 house4 shop( : )hin,ing S,ills <oral =alues -or, sheet% Stages>)ime Content )eaching>Learning Activities ?ationale ?emar,s : <a,ing predictions : Sharing4 hard-or,ing4 learning to appreciate

: 7icture cards4 -ord cards4 stic,er4 -hiteboard cards4 -hiteboard mar,er4 describtion o+ buildings and

Set 1nduction $@ 3 min(

*here have 6ou been during 6our school holida6A Have 6ou seen an6 buildings thereA

% )he teacher -ill have a 5uestion and ans-er session -ith pupils% !% )he teacher -ill as, pupils 5uestions such as B-here have 6ou been during 6our school holida6s and have 6ou seen an6 buildingsC% 3% )he pupils -ill volunteer to ans-er and ,no-ledge about the building% 4% 1+ the pupils mention an6 building that -ill be taught during the lesson4 the teacher -ill paste the -ord card on the blac,board% &% 1+ the -ord card o+ the building mentioned is not available4 the teacher -ill -rite the -ords do-n on the blac,board% % )he teacher -ill sho- pupils a -ord card such as BairportC% o+ an airport on the board% 3% )he teacher -ill get the class to pronounce the -ord together% 4% )he teacher -ill test the

8 )o help pupils recall -hat the6 had learnt% 8 )o get pupils to +ocus on the topic o+ the lesson% 8 to activate pupilCs

)eaching materials: *ord card <oral values: ?esponsibilit6

the 5uestion and share their e3perience schemata%

7resentation $@ D min(

Airport 7rison School 7ost o++ice <os5ue Church

8 7ictures are used to enable pupils learning to real li+e situations%

)eaching materials 8 8 -ord cards 7icture cards <oral values: <utual respect

!% )he teacher -ill then paste the picture 8 to relate pupils

<ar,et )rain station Shopping mall

pronunciation o+ b6 selecting a +epupils to pronounce it individuall6% &% )he teacher -ill get another pupil to tell the class the airport that the6 ,no-% 6% )he process is repeated +or other buildings% )he class is divided into si3 groups% going to have a 5ui:% 3% Each group -ill be given a -hiteboard card and a mar,er pen% 4% )he6 are re5uired to listen attentivel6 to the description given b6 the teacher about a building% &% )he pupils -ill have to guess -hat building is the teacher describing% 6% )he6 have to -rite it do-n on the -hiteboard card and hold it up to shothe teacher% D% )he teacher -ill get ever6 group to read the ans-er aloud -ith the correct pronunciation% E% )he teacher -ill chec, i+ the ans-er 8 8

7ractice $@ " min(

Airport 7rison School 7ost o++ice <os5ue Church <ar,et )rain station Shopping mall

)o get pupils to predict and guess -hat the teacher is describing% )o chec, -hether the pupils are able to spell and pronounce the -ord correctl6% )o test pupils level o+ master6 through an interesting -a6%

)eaching aids 8 8 8 -hite board card mar,er pen Description o+ buildings% <oral values 8 Cooperation

!% )he teacher tells the class that the6 are

and spelling or the -ord is correct% #% )he group -ith the correct ans-er -ill be given star% "% )he group -ith the most star -ill be the -inner and -ill be a-arded a 7roduction $@ E min( 9uildings -ith short description% stic,er% % )he teacher -ill distribute a -or, sheet to the pupils% !% )he pupils are re5uired to complete the tas, sheet individuall6% 3% )he teacher -ill -al, around the classroom to +acilitate pupils -or,% 4% )he teacher -ill give +urther e3planation i+ an6 re5uired% &% 1+ time permits4 the teacher -ill get the pupils to e3change their -or,sheet and chec, the ans-er i+ not the pupils -ill hand in the home-or, the ne3t Closure $@ & min( Do 6ou li,e 6our schoolA *h6A da6% % )he teacher sum up the lesson b6 as,ing pupils i+ the6 li,e their school% !% )he teacher tells the class that their school is ver6 ne- and clean% 3% )he teacher tells the class that the6 )o inculcate moral )o sum up the lesson b6 recapping the lesson% <oral =alues: Learn to appreciate4 cleanliness )eaching aids: 8 -or,sheet 8 )o enable pupils to name a building and cop6 do-n short description% <oral values 8 Hard-or,ing

should al-a6s ,eep their school clean%