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Subject Class Level Enrolment Date )heme )opic 0ocused S,ill 1ntegrated S,ill

: English language : 4 Anugerah : Higher intermediate : 36 pupils : 4 September !""# $ : *orld o+ ,no-ledge : .nit 6 /oving Around $directions( : Listening : *riting 4%4 5ive accurate in+ormation -hen -riting messages6 instructions6 simple reports6 and -hen +illing out +orms% %&& ' !%&&(

1ntended Learning 2utcomes : %4 Listen to and +ollo- simple instructions and directions accuratel3%

Curriculum Speci+ication

: %4%3 Listen to and +ollo- simple directions to places in the neighbourhood% 4%4%3 *rite simple descriptions -ith picture cues%

7ehavioral 2bjectives: 73 the end o+ the lesson6 pupils -ill be able to: % Listen to the directions to 8ohn9s house and paste the bloc,s o+ various building into the bo:es in the map given% !% Listen to directions given and complete a -or,sheet b3 identi+3ing -here the people are going to% 3% *rite a short paragraph to give directions b3 re+erring to the map provided% Language 0ocus ;revious <no-ledge Educational Emphasis )eaching Aids : ;reposition o+ direction : =ouns $7uildings( : )hin,ing S,ills /oral ?alues : arranging and se>uencing : A-areness6 alertness6 responsible6 cautious6 hard-or,ing and cooperation%

: 0lash cards66 video6 tas, sheet6 blan, map6 video6 bloc,s o+ various buildings and -or,sheet%

Stages@)ime Set 1nduction $B & min(

Content Aight6 right6 le+t6 le+t6 -al, straightC%

)eaching@Learning Activities % )he teacher -ill get all the pupils to stand up% !% )he teacher -ill guide the class to chant Eright6 right6 le+t6 le+t6 -al, straightC9

Aationale D )o get pupils to +ocus on the topic o+ the lesson% D to activate pupil9s schemata%

Aemar,s )eaching materials: 0lash cards6 stic,er /oral values: alertness

D D D D ;re listening $B & min(

turn right turn le+t -al, straight stop % *al, to the bus stop in +ront o+ the school% !% At the junction in +ront o+ the bus stop6 turn le+t and -al,s straight% 3% *al, until 3ou see a par, on 3our right% 4% *al, across the par,% &% )hen ma,e sure 3ou see a red building in +ront o+ 3ou% 6% Cross the road% F% *al, up the stairs to the +irst

3% )he pupils are re>uired to per+orm the action -hile chanting%

% )he teacher -ill distribute the tas, sheet to the pupils% !% )he pupils are given ! minutes to read the tas, sheet% 3% )he teacher -ill pla3 a video entitled ECan 3ou please sho- me the -a3G9 4% )he pupils are re>uired to -atch the video and number the directions according to the correct se>uence% &% )he teacher gets the pupils to underline the ,e3 -ords +or giving directions% 6% )he teacher -ill then e:plain these ,e3 -ords to the class% F% )he teacher -ill sho- the class a

to use real li+e situations to ma,e pupils understand the vocabular3 learnt%

)eaching materials: ;icture cards *ord cards )as, sheet ?ideo /oral values: A-areness

?ideo to shopupils ho- to give and +ollosimple directions%

+loor% 4% 0ind a door mar,ed EHapp3 Dance Studio9 #% 5o into the studio% *hile listening $B !" min( )he missing buildings: D D D D D /os>ue 7an, Church Hospital 8ohn9s house

picture card% ;upils -ill be given a -ord card to label the picture% 4% )he teacher -ill use the picture card to e:plain the ,e3 -ords o+ giving directions to the class% !% )he teacher -ill get the class to sit in groups o+ +our or +ive% 3% )he teacher -ill give pupils a map o+ )aman Lim Heng S-ee -ith a +eempt3 bo:es on it and a bo: containing bloc,s o+ di++erent buildings% 4% )he teacher tells the class that the3 are going to listen to the directions o+ the route to 8ohn9s house% &% )he teacher e:plains to the pupils that the3 have to listen to the directions given b3 the teacher6 mar, the route and paste the missing building in the route to 8ohn9s house% 6% )he pupils are re>uired to -or, -ith their groups members% F% )he teacher -ill read one direction a+ter another and chec, on pupils9 progress +rom time to time to see i+ D )o enable pupils to practise the content o+ the lesson b3 engaging them in meaning+ul and interesting activit3% /oral values: Cooperation D 5roup activit3 to promote coDoperation% )eaching aids: /ap o+ )aman Lim Heng S-ee 7loc,s o+ di++erent buildings Directions o+ the route to 8ohn9s house

the3 are able to +ollo- the directions ;ost listening $B & min( % given% )he teacher gives the class a -or, sheet% !% )he class is re>uired to complete the -or, sheet independentl3% 3% )he pupils are re>uired to listen to the directions given and identi+3 -here the people are going to% 4% )he teacher -ill give +urther e:planation i+ an3 re>uired% &% )he teacher -ill chec, the ans-er -ith the pupils% 6% A supplementar3 -or,sheet is distributed to the pupils% F% )he pupils are re>uired to loo, at the map given and -rite a short paragraph Closure $B & min( e%g: Have 3ou helped an3one to +ind their -a3 b3 giving them directionsG Do 3ou thin, it is good to give directions to to give directions% % )he teacher as,s the pupils i+ the3 have helped an3one b3 giving them directions to their destination% !% )he teacher gets pupils to share their e:perience% 3% )he teacher tells the class that the3 have learnt ho- to give directions to D )o inculcate moral values% /oral ?alues: Aesponsible and be cautious% D )o enable pupils to gain more practice and +amiliariHe themselves b3 reading the -hich building does the teacher re+er to% )eaching aids: D -or, sheet ! directions and decide D -or, sheet /oral values D Hard-or,ing


go to places6 the3 -ill be able to help others in need% 4% )he teacher reminds the class that the3 have to be care+ul -hen the3 are giving directions to strangers and ma,e sure there is an adult -ith them i+ the3 are as,ed to guide them to the place the3 intend to go%