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[ot] = clothes

'7 [ga-ge] = store

. [i-geo ju-se-yo.] = Give me this one.
j ? [i-geo i-beo bwa-do dwae-yo?] = Can I try this on?
' [ga-bang] = bag
[sin-bal] = shoes

In addition to the phrases introduced in the audio lesson
[click here to listen to it], there are a few more expressions
that you can hear in an '7:

'` '? [cha-jeu-si-neun geo i-sseu-se-yo?] =
Is there something you are looking for?

? [i-reon geon eo-tteo-se-yo?] = How about
something like this?

'. [i-geot-do jal na-ga-yo.] = This one sells
well too. / This one is popular, too.

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