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Tutorial No.1 1. Arsenal football club wants to build a stadium that can accommodate 20,000 seats.

Estimate the total cost to build a new stadium if the cost to build a stadium of 8,000 seats is RM4,000,000. Define Gross Floor Area (GFA). By using the cost data and the given index from previous project as below, estimate the total cost of a 4 storey apartment, if the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the apartment is given as 6000m2 and the index for the proposed building is 200. Cost data from previous project Project Double storey terrace house 10 storey apartment 5 storey hotel 5 storey apartment 4 storey shop office GFA 400 15,000 12,000 7,700 9,500 Project Amount (RM) 450,000 12,500,000 30,000,000 3,465,000 7,125,000 Index for the project 185 190 215 190 210

2. 3.


By using the data below, estimate the cost for structure work of the bungalow. Item Pilecaps - Concrete Pilecaps Formwork Ground beam Concrete Ground beam Formwork Column stump Concrete Column stump Formwork Column Concrete Column Formwork Roof beam Concrete Roof beam Formwork 100mm thick floor slab Poudage as below: Pad footing 80kg/m3 Ground beam 200kg/m3 Roof beam 160kg/m3 Column stump 190kg/m3 Column 160kg/m3 100mm floor slab 10kg/m3 Unit rate Reinforcement Concrete Formwork Unit m3 m m3 m m3 m2 m3 m2 m3 m2 m3 Quantity 25 200 10 950 5 31 16 160 13 250 40

= RM 3.40/kg = RM 220.00/m3 = RM 10.00/m @ RM 35.00/m

Tutorial No.2 1. Based on the site plan and information given as below, develop a feasibility budget estimate for the project.

Apartment Site Land Area = 60,000m2 Floor Area = 12,000m2

Information: Building construction cost = RM 1,500.00/m2 Site development = RM 50.00/m2 Planning fees = RM 30,000.00 Geotechnical investigation = RM 100,000.00 Owner soft cost = RM 1,500,000.00 Design fees = 6% of total construction cost Permit fees = 3% of total construction cost Insurance = 2% of total construction cost Sales tax = 6% of subtotal Contingency = 10% of subtotal

Tutorial No.3 1. During tendering stage, you as an estimator priced the 50mm thick premix Asphalt macadam wearing course with RM 18.50/m2, when in the construction stage, the engineer issues a variation order to change the premix Asphalt macadam wearing course to 75mm thick, by using pro-rata, find out the new rates to submit your variation order to your client. Find out the total amount for preliminaries item. The contract sum is RM 25,000,000.00 for 3 years. Assumption shall be based on Appendix 1. You are required to make assumption on any data that is not given.
NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 DESCRIPTION Contract Document CIDB's levy Workmen Compensation SOCSO Contactors All Risk Performance Bond Site Management and Supervision Temporary Access Road Signboard General Plant & Transport Temporary Hoarding Setting Out of the Work Temporary Site Office Temporary Electricity Supply Temporary Water Supply Progress Report Site Meeting Site Clearing TOTAL PRELIMINARIES TENDER AMOUNT (RM)


Appendix 1 Profit = 8% Service tax = 5% Stamp duty = RM 10.00 Lorry 5 tonne = RM 300.00/day Wages for general worker = RM 40.00/day Contract documents to be distributed to client, contractor, architect, engineer and quantity surveyor A4 documentation = 500 pages, RM 0.30/page A1 drawings = 60 pages, RM 6.00/page A3 drawings = 40 pages, RM 4.50/page Hard cover binding = RM 450/set PAM form = RM 20.00/set Workmen Compensation Premium rate = 0.125% Workers = 20% from contract sum SOCSO Skill worker = 25 people Unskilled worker = 40 people Wages for skill worker = RM 60.00/day Wages for unskilled worker= RM 40.00/day Workday = 26/month Employers SOCSO = 1.75% CAR Premium rate = 0.10% Debris clearance = 1% Professional fee = 10% Performance Bond Premium rate = 2.00% per annum

Temporary Office Rental = RM 450/month 1 unit air-cond = RM 2,000.00/unit Table and chair = RM 3,000.00 2 unit computer = 2,500.00/unit 1 unit photostate machine = RM 5,000.00/unit Clean office once per month, RM 40/times Lorry to move in and move out 3 General worker to move General plant External wall area = 4500m2 Scaffold = RM 18/m2, 2 trips required Crane = RM 4,500/month, Lubricator cost = 10%, Maintenance = 10% Site Management and Supervision Project Manager = RM 8,000.00/month Project Engineer = RM 3,500.00/month Site Quantity Surveyor = RM 2,500.00/month Site Supervisor = RM 2,200.00/month Clerk = RM 1,800.00/month Safety guard = RM 800.00/month, 3 shifts EPF= 12% Temporary Water Supply Pipe, 100m, RM 45.00/m 650 gallons tank = RM 2,500.00/no Pump = RM 1,500.00/no Monthly bill = RM 450.00/month 2 general workers to take out the services Temporary Electricity Fixing = RM 1,500.00 Monthly bill = RM 1,000.00/month 2 general workers to take out the services Site Clearance Clear one month once, 3 general workers per time. End of the project, 10 workers, requires 2 days. Allow 10% fuel cost for lorry Metal hoarding 500m, RM 95.00/m Allow 20% maintenance, 10% to take out Temporary signboard Signboard = RM 3500.00 Allow 10% maintenance and 10% take out Temporary access 500m length x 2.10 width, RM 35.00/m2, culvert = RM 950.00 Allow 20% maintenance & 10% take out Monthly report = RM 25.00/set Setting Out of Work Professional fee = RM 30,000.00 Surveying tools = RM 15,000.00 Site Meeting No. of people attend the meeting = 10 persons Stationary = RM 5.00/month Food/drink = RM 20.00/month

Tutorial No.4 1. Build up rate for 1m3 reinforced in-situ concrete Grade 20(1:2: 4) in pad foundation, mixing, hoisting and placing by hand m3 2. Build up rate for 1m3 ready mixed reinforce in-situ concrete Grade 25 in isolated column, ready mixed concrete, hoisting and placing by plant m3 Build up rate for 1kg of 12mm diameter high tensile steel reinforcement in straight and bent bars in foundation- kg Build up rate for 1m2 for one layer of BRC fabric reinforcement well lapped at joints and embedded in foundation m2



5. Build up rate for 1m2 of wrought formwork to sides and soffit of roof beam m2 APPENDIX General Allowance Allow 20% profit Allow 25% for shrinkage, wastage and consolidated Allow 5% for wastage Allow 10% for lapping Allow 10% for tying bar in fabric reinforcement Allow 25% for labour in doing wrought formwork Material Cost Cement Sand Aggregate Ready mixed concrete Grade 25 (inclusive delivery) 12mm diameter bar Tying bar Fabric reinforcement (6.00m x 2.20m) 12mm thick timber board 2.40m x 1.20m Timber Nail Material Constant Tying Bar 6-12 16-25 32-50 Timber & board can be used Nail used for formwork Strutting Side of column Sides of foundation & wall Sides & soffits of beam Sides & soffit of slab Bag M3 M3 M3 Tonne Kg Pcs Pcs Tonne Kg 13.50 16.50 35.00 130.00 1500.00 3.50 158.40 40.00 1200.00 5.00

10kg/tonne 6kg/tonne 5kg/tonne 4 times 0.35kg/m2 0.02 m3 0.04 m3 0.05 m3 0.06 m3

Machinery Cost Crane rental (inclusive operator & fuel) Machinery Constant Crane output

RM 600.00/day 15m3/day

Labour Cost General worker Skilled labour Labour Constant Labour to mix concrete Labour for hoisting and placing concrete Pad fdn Gr. Slab ne 150mm G.slab 150-300mm G.slab exc. 300mm Suspended slab n.e. 150mm Ditto 150-300mm Ditto exc. 300mm Wall n.e. 150mm Wall 150-300mm Wall exc. 300mm Column and beam

Day Day

45.00 60.00


6.00hr/m3 7.75 hr/m3 6.50 hr/m3 5.00 hr/m3 9.25 hr/m3 7.50 hr/m3 6.50 hr/m3 10.00 hr/m3 8.50 hr/m3 7.50 hr/m3 8.00 hr/m3 5 workers/day 1.50hr/tonne

Labour help in hoisting and placing concrete using plant General labour for rebar Cutting & Bending for rebar 6-8mm dia. 10-12mm dia. 16-20mm dia. >25mm dia. Placing for rebar - Foundation 6-8mm dia. 10-12mm dia. 16-20mm dia. >25mm dia. General labour for BRC Cutting, bending & placing for BRC Bed, floor, roof Foundation Wall Staircase Prepare & Placing Formwork Slab, roof, wall i) Carpenter ii) General worker Beam & column i) Carpenter ii) General worker Take out Formwork General worker

40 hr/tonne 30 hr/tonne 20 hr/tonne 15 hr/tonne

40 hr/tonne 30 hr/tonne 25 hr/tonne 20 hr/tonne 0.15hr/m2

0.20hr/m2 0.25hr/m2 0.33hr/m2 0.50hr/m2

1.00hr/m2 0.75hr/m2 1.50hr/m2 0.75hr/m2


Tutorial No.5 1. Build up rate for 1m2 half brick wall in common clay bricks laid on cement and mortar (1:3) in stretcher bond, non-load bearing


Build up rate for 1m2 one brick wall in sand bricks in cement, lime and sand mortar (1:1:6) in stretcher bond, non-load bearing

Appendix 1. 2. Allow 5% wastage Allow 10% profit and attendance

Material Cost Sand bricks Clay bricks Wire Mesh Cement Lime Sand DPC 450mm x 450mm x 7mm Labour Cost Unskilled labour Skilled labour Material Constant Brick size 1m3 cement 1m3 lime Mortar output in 1m2 half brickwall Wire mesh in 1m2 brickwall Mortar used to lay DPC Cement paste to lay floor tiles Labour Output Half brickwall One brickwall Mixing mortar Lay DPC Plastering Lay floor tiles Mixing cement paste Bricklayer 1.00hr/m2 General worker 0.35hr/m2 Bricklayer 1.75hr/m2 General worker 0.70hr/m2 General worker 2.00hr/m3 Bricklayer 0.02hr/m General worker 0.01hr/m Plasterer 0.40hr/m2 General worker 0.40hr/m2 Tiler 0.75hr/m2 General worker 0.75hr/m2 General worker 2.00hr/m3 240mm x 115mm x 75mm 28 bags cement 40 bags lime 0.025m3 3.50m 0.002m3/m 0.02m3/m2 Day Day RM 45.00 RM 75.00 No No m Bag Bag m3 m2 No RM 0.25 RM 0.35 RM 0.60 RM 13.50 RM 3.50 RM 19.50 RM 8.00 RM 7.50