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Project Review

Our first Quimestre project contained 3 main objectives to meet, organize a project using Gantt Chart, understand what is meant by computer modelling and understand the importance of an audience and purpose in design. I believe personally that met pretty much all of the objectives of the project, I created a Gantt Chart successfully and understood how to divide main tasks and subtasks along the time period. A computer model is like a simulator that reproduces an event that can really happen, we used it to see if our money budget would be enough to pay the trip. And finally I understood the importance of an audience and the purpose in design because our brochures were directed to the parents of Year 10 and so the design and presentation had to be suitable for the occasion and the matter. It is obvious what I learned in this project, because it is a new topic for me and everything I did was pretty much a new skill, new information, etc. First of all I didn't know what a Gantt Chart was but now I know how to create one and manipulate it to my benefit. The same happened with the spredsheet model which it taught me about formulas and spredsheets. It is a very important skill that I have learned, in my opinion, because it will now help me with future projects. I believe that the most important planning tools were the Gantt Chart and the computer model because it helped me plan my workout and understand how to use time efficiently, it showed me what to do (task) and how much time to put in it, and how to simulate that plan of the project before hand and understand in the trip was or wasn't going to work properly.

What I found fun during this project was looking for transport and accommodation because I felt that we were actually going to go on the trip. Notting times down, addresses and activities got me excited about the project and how nice it would have been to actually go on the trip with my friends. What I found hard in this project was the excel formulas because they seemed to be more complicated than what they looked like, sometimes they didn't actually work or showed weird values. But at the end I understood that it was a necessary skill that soon enough I will use again and I'll be thankful that I already know it.

The great thing about this project is that now I know that if I ever need to plan a trip like this I will be able to do it because of the new tools that we discovered and the new skills that I was taught I know will help me.

Andres F. Galarraga