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1) Tell me about yourself ?

I did my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University and my proven track record shows that i have strong academic background. I also worked as Teaching assistant for Design and Manufacturing lab where i had to supervise around 40 undergraduate students each semester.and There used to be teams and assisted them in their design process. During my Undergraduate studies , I was the Member of AID association where i used to teach small kids maths and science classes. and also assisted old people in their activites every weekend. Is there any thing you see as essential to success in this position ? 2) What are your greatest Strengths ? I beleive in team work,strengths emundhi... i am very focused. dedicated. inka... quick learner,my strengths are my hardworking nature and deducation of my strength are i am honest and dedicated to my work. Proven track record as an acheiever , Honesty , Self Started and Good Communication skills, Can work with minimal supervision, dedication and enthusiasm 3) What are your weakness ? i can't say "no" to help others.I alway say "no" to take help from others.None is perfect... i always try to focus on a single point unless and until i get the solution even after going home if i have a problem.. i will think over it but now with proper oroganization i am able to prioritise my tasks and get things done Nobody is perfect, And depending upon the job description u have given me. I feel that i am a perfect fit for the position. What qualifications does one look while hiring.. its qualifications to do it well and the motivation to perform the work better . My educational background shows that i have the required qualifications and can excel in what ever i take on. So i can say honestly that i have nothing to say that would be a concern to perform this intern with excellence. or I am not a early bird. because i work late in the night to get the work done. if there are any appointments in the early morning i need to be informed in advance. 4)Tell me something you failed to do or did and feeling ashamed

You know.. I think of nothing... (pause ) i have a general management principle of avoiding the conflicts in the first place. Daily i take sometime in reviewing the things i did and if i find any fault or any clash of opinions then i ask that person for a chat and clarify the things before the become adverse. 5) Why did u leave previous position Graduated 6) silent treatment Is there any thing i can fill in that point 7)Why should i hire u As i understand from ur needs i have the required experience as i was the teaching assistant for 2 years and also the project leader during my undergraduate studies.And i am very much interested in working with adults and youth. 8) Arent u overqualified for this Overqualified is a relative term depending on how tight the job market is. And its very tight now. so i understand and accept it 9) Where do you see yourself in five years from now ? I am definitely interested in making a long term commitment. in terms of my future career path i will definitely perform my duties and responsibilites to excellence and opportunities will inevitably open up for me. 10) Describe ur ideal company location and job My ideal company would be the one which offers me to deal with the real life situations and i would prefer the job to be more challenging and requires research. I am very much interested in the Kstate research and extension which offers everything that is needed and Kansas is like one of the finest places one can work 11) Why do you want to work at our company ? I would like to work at KSU because the the job description matches well with my interests and experience. K-State Research extension's mission in expanding human capacity by developing educational programs and other planning of activites that enhance the quality of living of the people. 12) What are your career options ? i am seriously looking for opportunites where there would be good amount of challenge and responsibility.

13 ) Why have you been out of work so long ? I made a conscious decision not to jump in what ever opportunity that comes up. I decided to take time i needed to think through what i do best. what i most want to do and where i'd like to do it and then identify those companyies that could offer such an opportunity. 14) Tell me honestly about the strong points , and weak points of your boss( company and management team ) etc I worked in Design and manufacturing lab where i used to have two supervisors. My boss at lab and one at the class. the boss at lab is very smart and open to ideas. There are very few bosses who just dont want to hear ur ideas. The boss at the class is very approachable and he never talks negatively about others which makes him as a rolemodel.there are no negative points to say about him 15) tell me about a book u have read Five point some one by chetan bhagat 16) Tell me about a situation when ur work is critisized ? Once i was given a work by my supervisor And i was doing it late in the night at the lab . Then he told me to do it slowly as the deadline is a week away. Later he gave me a applause a i was the first to submit the work among my co workers. 17) What are your outside interests ? Listening to music. Teaching to orphans and helping old people at the old homes. 19) How do you feel reporting to younger people ? I always respect the company which hires and promotes depending on skills and merit. Whomsoever is in the position they acheived it and they know their job well. i really give due respect to the person to whom i am reporting. 20) On Confidential Matters I certainly would like to be open as i can be about that. but i respect the peoples trust in me in keeping some sensitive information confidential as u would expect that from ur key employers.