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Contact Level 1 - Technique-1: The Eckasha Quick Seal Activation*

Purpose: The Contact Level 1 - Technique-I: Eckasha Quick Seal Activation is a progression from Maharic Seal Techniques, through which the accumulating benefits and properties of working with the Maharic Seal are strengthened, amplified and developed further. Regular use of general Maharic Seal techniques fulfills the following aspects of bio-spiritual development. Consistent use of the Contact Level 1 - Technique-I: Eckasha Quick Seal Technique strengthens, amplifies, e pedites and reinforces all of these Maharic Seal aspects, as it generates access to frequencies of the Kee- a-ShA !rimal "ight and Sound #ield Currents of $imensions 1!" 1# $ 1% via activation of the Eckasha %cka Code mathematical program. The Contact Level 1 - Technique-I: %ckasha &uick Seal Technique is also used to create and strengthen a dedicated line of frequenc' for development of clear communication between the $-() personal $ivine *lueprint Christos +vatar identit', the $ensit'-, -$-(.-(/-(,0 personal Rishi identit' and the .$ self. The %ckashaSealed dedicated line provides intensified protection and amplified bio-energetic field strength in terms of multi-dimensional Contact, Shadow 1ealing and %ckasha - Merkaba activation technologies. The Contact Level 1 - Technique-I: %ckasha &uick Seal +ctivation technique is also used as a preliminar' prerequisite technique run prior to more advanced technologies of Shadow 1ealing, +moraea #lame +ctivation and Contact.
&io-spiritual 'evelop(ent )enerate' via *aharic Seal an' a(pli+ie' ,- Eckasha Quick Seal techniques:

*egins the process of activating the 2th through ()th Chakras, 3athara Centers and $4+ Strand Templates of the personal anatom' to initiate and e pedite personal Soul, 5versoul and Christos +vatar identit' integration. +ssists the opening of natural Cr'stal Seals in the bod' that regulate $4+ Template activation, consciousness e pansion and spiritual identit' integration, to e pedite the natural processes of Conscious %volution. 5pens the natural !lanetar' *io-#eed 6nterface S'stem within the personal bod', enabling the bod' vehicle to become a trul' effective tool for lasting, Christiac $ivine *lueprint planetar' grid and sacred site work. Triggers $4+ Template activation7s that progressivel' and automaticall' initiate sequential activation of the full %ckasha Christos Merkaba 8ehicle phases. %nables spiritual energ' healers to transmit ()$ frequenc' sub-harmonics, providing more powerful, longer lasting -often permanent0 healing facilitation while transmuting and clearing personal and client bio-energetic field distortions. !rotects users from 9disharmonic9 energies associated with 9channeling7, energ' healing, +stral pro:ection, and buffers most t'pes of detrimental bio-energetic field infiltration, attachment and implantation -ps'cho-tronics, astral implants, possession etc.0.

+ssists 6ndigo T'pe 666 children anchor the higher frequencies that cause fractious, agitated and disruptive behavior -administered via parent0. +mplifies the results of spirituall' focused activities -meditation, pra'er, 'oga etc.0 1armoni;es personal < environmental energies. Creates Morphogenetic Re-patterning, clearing karmic miasmic imprints which otherwise block $4+ activation and e pedites attainment of true consciousness e pansion and full embodiment of the personal and =niversal 9Christos !rincipal9 Realigns, revitali;es and regenerates all aspects of the ph'sical and subtle bod' s'stems. Triggers activation of ((th and ()th sub-harmonics in ever' $4+ strand which assists correction of $4+ Template code reversals and the effects of interaction with other code reversed partners. !repares and equips practitioners to receive and hold the increasing flow of higher frequenc' energies flowing into the !lanetar' >rids and personal morphogenetic fields arising from the intensif'ing Stellar +ctivation7s C'cle now underwa' -)???-)?(@0.

Preparation: Aou ma' use Contact Level 1 - Technique-I: The Eckasha Quick Seal Activation to begin using the Shadow 1ealing, +moraea #lame and Contact techniques contained in the $ance #or !rograms. 1owever, 'ou must have worked through the sequence of %ssential 4ewcomer7s Tecniques before initiating use of %ckasha &uick Seal +ctivation technique. =se of the %ckasha &uick Seal +ctivation preparator' steps will facilitate building of sufficient critical mass frequenc' during use of the %ckasha &uick Seal technique. Those who 1+8% worked with the %ckasha Maharic Seal +4$ 8eca Code 6nduction Techniques need onl' to follow Preparator- Step !. -The Te(porar- *aharic Seal Technique" E(eral' $ A(eth-st A.akenin) an' the /eca Co'e In'uction Techniques are all provided within the $ance #or "ifeB"ove Corkshop tapes and Course *ook, and appear on the +;urite !ress website. The *aharic Seal Technique Lon) /ersion is contained within the 3athara *io-Spiritual 1ealing S'stem Course *ook0 !reparation for use of this technique are the %ssential 4ew Comer7s Techniques as outlined on this page, %ssentials =sing the following Technique-1 The Eckasha Quick Seal Activation consistentl', 'urin) .eek 0 o+ the su))este' 1la(e &o'- Sche'ule, will enable the mathematical program of the %ckasha %cka Code to activate sufficientl' within the personal Shields and $4+ Template. Sufficient activation of the %ckasha Code begins building of a 7dedicated frequenc' line7 to 'our $-() Christos-+vatar identit' level and supplies adequate quantit' and strength of $-() frequenc' sub-

harmonics to successfull' engage Shadow 1ealing, +moraea #lame and Contact techniques.

This is the %ckasha S'mbol. The Circles in the center of the s'mbol are the Reuche. Proce'ureD Contact Level 1 -Technique-I: The Eckasha Quick Seal Activation The %ckasha !sonnD 2(3-ah A3 ThrA3-E-4a-A3 Ec3-ka-sha3 is gentl' sounded prior to each inbreath and on each out-breath, repeated in groups of .. The Psonn o+ L-ra ma' be sung softl' complete the technique. (. *egin b' slowing 'our breathing rh'thm, as 'ou imagine or visuali;e the Eckasha 5eirophant at the Pineal 6lan' in the center of 'our brain. 8isuali;e the %ckasha 1eirophant surrounded b' a Pale &lue Sphere o+ Li)ht. The !ale *lue Sphere containing the %ckasha 1eirophant is called the Eckasha Sphere. -The *lue Sphere serves as a buffer for 'our bod'7s readiness to accept the frequencies associated with the %ckasha CodeE the *lue Sphere holds the energ' for 'ou until 'our bod' can handle and assimilate the energ'. Aour bod', $4+ Template and Shields will automaticall' draw the appropriate amount of %ckasha Code frequenc' from the *lue Sphere as needed.0 ). Tone the Eckasha Psonn, softl' before 'ou inhaleD =m7-ah-+7 Thr+7-%-na-+7 . ..%c7-ka-sha7 . times. I45ALE" using the 6nhale breath to ener)eticall- )ra, the Pale &lue Eckasha Sphere located at the !ineal, and on the E75ALE, use the % hale *reath to push the Eckasha Sphere all the wa' down to Chakra - 1! at Earth3s Core as 'ou again tone the Eckasha PsonnE =m7-ah-+7 Thr+7-%-na-+7 ...%c7-ka-sha7 . times. Tr' to hear a soun' tone as the %ckasha Sphere hits the !lanetar' Shield at %arth7s Core. .. Repeat the Eckasha Psonn ! ti(es before 'ou inhale. =m7-ah-+7 Thr+7-%-na-+7 . ..%c7-ka-sha7. I45ALE, using the 6nhale breath to draw the Eckasha Sphere up to -our Personal *aharic Shiel' ()9 below 'our feet ... and E75ALE while watching the %ckasha Sphere become a !ale Silver - *lue Sphere that e pands outward to form a large sphere. Toning the Eckasha Psonn . times and imagine that -our *aharic Shiel' pops out as a !ale Silver disc, about /7 in diameter, surrounded b' a coating or aura of Pale &lue Li)ht with the %ckasha 1eirophant s'mbol at its center. /. *ring 'our attention to the center o+ -our *aharic Shiel' ()9 below 'our feet ..., tone the Eckasha Psonn . times ... and I45ALE, using the 6nhale breath to draw the Eckasha 5eirophant s-(,ol -without !ale *lue Sphere0 from the Maharic Shield center up into the #th 5eart Chakra8 E75ALE, using the % hale breath to e pand the frequencies of the %ckasha Code from the %ckasha 1eirophant into the 1eart Chakra as 'ou softl' tone the Eckasha Psonn . times...... ,. Tone the Eckasha Psonn again . times and I45ALE" using the 6nhale breath to energeticall' )ra, the Eckasha 5eirophant s-(,ol at the /th 1eart Chakra, and %F1+"%, using the % hale breath to push the Eckasha 5eirophant up into the 1#th

Chakra .G9 above the head. Tone the %ckasha !sonn again and imagine that the Eckasha 5eirophant is spinnin) in a clock.ise 'irection -from 'our right side to 'our left side0 in the 1#th Chakra8 +s 'ou do this, tr' to feel B sense the energ' around 'ou, :ust a few inches out from 'our bod'... G. 4ow, move 'our attention to 'our Maharic Shield ()9 below 'our feet, take a couple of rela ing breaths, and I45ALE 'eepl-" using the 6nhale breath to pull Pale Silver an' &lue ener)-' from 'our Maharic Shield to Chakra-1# .G9 above 'our head, pullin) -our *aharic Seal Pillar' an' latchin) it onto -our 1#th Chakra8 This procedure activates 'our Te(porar- *aharic Seal Pillar" amplif'ing its intensit' and strength with the 3ee-Ra-Sh+ frequencies of the %ckasha Code. #eel the sensations of amplified %ckasha Code energ' :ust a few inches from 'our bod' now - tr' to sense the difference between the amplified %ckasha Code frequencies and those usuall' generated b' the Maharic Seal alone. @. 4ow envision the /9 diameter Pale Silver Cor' o+ *aharic Li)ht that would normall' come up with activation of 'our Maharic Seal !illar and focus on Chakra -1! at %arth7s Core. I45ALE, using the 6nhale breath to draw the Maharic Cord of !ale Silver energ' up into the bod' and to the #th 5eart Chakra center, e panding the !ale Silver energ' to form a Pale Silver *aharic Sphere of $-() frequenc' within the #th Chakra8 E75ALE, using the % hale breath to send 'our attention downward to chakra-1! at %arth7s Core. I45ALE, using the 6nhale breath to bring another load Maharic frequenc' up form the !lanetar' Shields to the #th 5eart Chakra, e panding it into the !ale Silver Maharic Sphere. Repeat this Inhale-up 9 e:hale-'o.n *aharic Ener)i;in) &reath several times, noticing that the *aharic Cor' )ro.s lar)er with each breath, e panding from appro imatel' /9 to G9 to 29 in diameter, until finall' the Maharic Cord e pands outward to from a skin around, and within ever' cell of 'our bod'. The Maharic %nergi;ing *reath loads 'our $-/ +stral field with Maharic #requenc'. 2. Move 'our attention to the !ale Silver *aharic Sphere 'ou have created in 'our /th 1eart Chakra. 641+"%, using the 6nhale breath to move the *aharic Sphere up to (eet the Eckasha 5eirophant at the 1#th Chakra .G9 above 'our head. +s 'ou do, sense a Sheath o+ Eckasha Co'e-char)e' Pale-Silver *aharic 1requenc- encasing 'our <-1 etheric ,o'-, radiating from .ithin the ,o'- to a,out 1= a,ove the skin8 This !ale Silver Maharic =Christos Skin= charges and saturates 'our etheric bod' with %ckasha Code amplifies $-() Maharic #requenc' sub-harmonicsE tr' to sense and e perience directl' the peacefulness and all-knowing nature of this frequenc'. H. 4ow for ! +inal ,reaths8 Tone the %ckasha !sonn, =m7-ah-+7 Thr+7-%-na-+7 . ..%c7-ka-sha7 . times. I45ALE and E75ALE, using the % hale breath to e pand the Maharic Sheath 9Christos Skin9 further outward around 'our bod' and into 'our +uric #ield, repeating the Eckasha Tones . times, as the !ale Silver Maharic Sheath Christos Skin begins to assume the tear-'rop shape of the Eckasha8 Repeat the Eckasha Psonn again, I45ALE, then E75ALE, and as 'ou repeat the tones see of feel the Pale Silver Eckasha tear-drop e:pan' +ull-' into -our Auric 1iel', its top-point anchored in the 1#th - Chakra .G9 above 'our head, its bottom embracing Chakra-1! at %arth7s Core

below 'our feet. Repeat the %ckasha !sonn tones, I45ALE and on the +inal E75ALE e pand the !ale Silver %ckasha 9Christos Skin9 Maharic Sheath out into the 2niverse as far as 'ou can, toning The %ckasha !sonn for the final time. (?. Aou ma' close b' softl' singing the Psonn o+ L-ra -96nvocation of the Maharata9.0

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