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AS/A017 BIBLIOGRAPHY Introduct on to t!" Stud# o$ L%n&u%&" ' t! S("c %) R"$"r"nc" to S(%n *!
The items listed all provide important background information and essential information for studies of particular topics. Those marked are introductory books suitable for students with no previous knowledge of linguistic ideas or grammatical terminology. Texts for classKaterina AntoniKaterina Antoni discussion will be provided by the Department. Aitchison, ., Teach yourself Linguistics !"ondon# $odder, %&&&' Task, (. "., and )aykin, *., Introducing Linguistics !"ondon# +con *ooks, ,---' Trask, (..., Students Dictionary of Language and Linguistics !"ondon# Arnold, %&&/' 0ule, 1., The 2tudy of "anguage, ,nd edition !.ambridge# 3niversity 4ress, %&&5' 4inker, 2teven, The language Instinct, 4enguin *ooks, %&&6 4inker, 2teven, Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language, 4hoenix, ,---

Deutscher, 1uy, The Unfolding of Language, Arrow *ooks, "ondon ,--5

Anderman, 1. and (ogers, )., Words, words, words: the translator and the language learner !.levedon# Avon, %&&5' *utt, ., Minireference Gra ar of S!anish !7xford# 3niversity 4ress, new ed. ,---' .rystal, D., Redisco"er Gra ar, revised ed. !"ondon# "ongman, no date' .rystal, D., The #a $ridge %ncyclo!aedia of Language !.ambridge# 3niversity 4ress, %&&/' 8romkin, 9. and (odman, (., &n Introduction to Language, 5th ed. !:ew 0ork# $arcourt *race, %&&;' $urtford, ., Gra ar: & Students Guide !.ambridge# 3niversity 4ress, %&&6' "apesa, (., 'istoria de la lengua es!a(ola, ;th edition !)adrid, 1redos, %&;-' "ipski, ., Latin)& erican S!anish *"ondon# "ongman, %&&;' )oliner, )., Diccionario de uso del es!a(ol, , vols, new revised edn !)adrid# 1redos, %&&;' 4enny, (., & 'istory of the S!anish Language !.ambridge# .ambridge 3niversity 4ress, %&&%'. (eal Academia <spa=ola, +rtograf,a de la lengua es!a(ola !)adrid# <spasa, %&&&' 2eco, )., Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de la lengua es!a(ola, %-th edition !)adrid# <spasa>.alpe, %&&;' 2pinelli, <., %nglish Gra ar for Students of S!anish, 6th ed. !"ondon# Arnold, %&&&' 2tewart, )., The S!anish Language Today !"ondon# (outledge, %&&&' 2tockwell, (., *owen, D., ? )artin, ., The Gra atical Structures of %nglish and S!anish !.hicago# .hicago 3niversity 4ress, %&@%' Thomas, "., -eginning Synta. !7xford# *lackwell, %&&A'

AsociaciBn de Academias de la "engua <spa=ola, Diccionario !anhis!/nico de dudas , 2antillana <diciones 1enerales, 2."., ,--@