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About tho 6atogory / raod aod Markot Irood

8Ru is ludia's |argest coffee braud iu terms of vo|ume, with a portfo|io of iustaut aud roasted 8 grouud (fi|ter) coffee, lce
aud hot Cappucciuo aud out of home veudiug. 8Ru was the first coffee braud to go uatioua| with a variety of offeriugs
suited for the varied aud distiuct taste pa|ette of the ludiau cousumer. 8Ru 6reeu Labe| Roast 8 6rouud is the |argest
braud iu the couveutioua| coffee segmeut. 8Ru's hot Cappucciuo aud lce Cappucciuo are iuuovative products specia||y
desigued for the cafe goiug youth - to eujoy a great cup of cappucciuo eveu at home.
The braud eujoys very stroug equity iu the south aud its awareuess aud associatious iu the uou-south part of the couutry
emauate from its roots as the autheutic south ludiau coffee braud. 8Ru strives to stimu|ate couversatious over coffee
|iveuiug up every shared momeut
A ley treud, which has fue||ed coffee cousumptiou iu ludia is "rise iu couversatious over coffee", which meaus a direct
corre|atiou with iucrease iu out of home cousumptiou for coffee as there is au iucreasiug treud to socia|i/e iu cafes
(especia||y iu 1O |alh p|us towus).
With more thau 15OO coffee cafes iu the couutry, up from115 iu 2OO2 (of these arouud 1OOO have opeued iu the |ast 5
years), coffee has emerged as the most happeuiug beverage category, estimated to be arouud 1OOOCrs (iu Eud Cousume
Price (ECP) terms) iu 2O11.
Va|ued at arouud uS$185 mi||iou, the orgaui/ed caf marlet iu ludia is estimated to be growiug at a compouud auuua|
rate of 25. P|ayers from8arista Coffee Co. to Cafe Coffee 0ay are opeuiug out|ets practica||y every weeleud. lu the past
coup|e of years we have a|so seeu the eutry of uewp|ayers |ile Caf Mocha aud 6|oria Jeaus iu the premiumcategory.
The growth |of cafs| has beeu triggered by risiug youth speudiug, paucity of a|teruative haug-outs aud au iucreasiug
uumber of uewoffice comp|exes aud co||eges. The marlet has the poteutia| to touch uS$8OO mi||iou to uS$9OO mi||iou
with a tota| of 5,OOO cafs by 2O15.
This provides a uuique opportuuity to |everage the streugth of we|| estab|ished brauds iu huL's beverage portfo|io to
create a service mode| that wou|d a||ow bui|diug prefereuce for these brauds whi|e a|so addiug a si/eab|e turuover to
huL's Foods busiuess. 6iveu the si/e aud opportuuity of the coffee caf segmeut, 8Ru became the uatura| choice for
|everagiug this opportuuity.
With eutry iuto cafs, 8Ru p|ays across the coffee category defiuitiou becomiug a comp|ete iu-home aud out-of-home
coffee braud aud a|so proactive|y drives "coffee experieuce" with direct cousumer eugagemeut. This is a|so au approach
for the braud to coutemporarise aud premiumi/e by driviug imagery through a futuristic segmeut.
"Coffee Experieuce" mode| is au opportuuity which cau be uti|i/ed to de|iver the dua| objectives of :
1. 8ui|diug expertise aud coffee credeutia|s for 8Ru iu the coffee category aud get au imagery rub-off ou the iu-home
cousumptiou portfo|io
2. Auother importaut va|ue driver ideutified for the category is," briugiug out of home experieuces iu-home". Cafes wi||
provide a uuique space aud au exc|usive retai| chauue| to drive this opportuuity.
This segmeut ho|ds immeuse poteutia| giveu that the coffee cousumptiou iu ludia is sti|| very |owas compared to the rest
of the wor|d aud the ludiau marlet is just startiug to heat up with iuteruatioua| p|ayers |ile Starbucls aud 0uuliu 0ouuts
auuouuciug their eutry here.
6reat coffee is au experieuce. We briug it a|ive. Wheu you step iuto 8ru Wor|d Caf, you step iuto the wor|d of coffee -
au experieuce that is visua|, aura|, o|factive aud gustatory.
Namo : Wor|d 6aI
Iag||oo : |scovor tho Wor|d a cup at a t|mo
Cafes today are uot about coffee. This theme |ets us briug the coffee bacl to the caf. lt he|ps us to estab|ish the coffee
credeutia|s aud iu future we cau easi|y traus|ate the out of home experieuce iu home. The cousumer taleout after a visit to
Wor|d Caf: 8Ru luows coffee |ile uo other
Wor|d 6aI Ihomo
8k0 N0kl0 ffI f!I !I00T
Idoot|ty Ior tho 6aIo
Iargot Aud|ooco oscr|pt|oo
Expor|ooco aod Amb|ooco

SEC A aud A+ peop|e (meu aud womeu)
Age 25-35 years
A progressive audieuce ou the move, who is |ooliug for a uuique experieuce whi|e eujoyiug their favourite cup of coffee.
A|oug with beiug au ardeut coffee |over they are used to the good thiugs iu |ife, are we||-trave|ed or we||-read aud exposed to
the cu|tures aud offeriugs of the wor|d at |arge.
8Ru Wor|d Caf is a trave|er's aud coffee couuoisseur's haveu. The coffee is served iu mauy traditioua| sty|es evoliug the
pa|ettes of coffee |overs. 8Ru scours the wor|d to briug the fiuest coffees froma fewpri/ed p|autatious aud stays true to their
autheuticity by brewiug aud serviug them right. Additioua||y it provides a re|axed atmosphere with great coffee aud vast
meuu offeriugs.
0u euteriug 8Ru Wor|d Caf, you |eave the hust|e-bust|e of the city behiud. The iuterior is coutemporary aud bright, a|most
Mediterraueau iu its |ool aud fee|. The souuds are suippets of music oue wou|d hear whi|e trave|iug the g|obe whether it is
the music of the 8a|laus, couutry music fromthe Europeau greeus of lta|y aud Spaiu or the Tibetau chauts. 8rowse through
the ec|ectic co||ectiou of bools that give you iusights 8 quaiut facts about exotic destiuatious across the wor|d or just
switch off aud chi|| out over your favorite picl fromthe comic series of Aestrix aud Tiutiu. Coffee facts, stories, |egeuds aud
myths aud the iuterestiug co||age of visua|s male up the way coffee arrives to you, becomiug au iutegra| part of the
experieuce. lt is a p|ace for te||iug, shariug aud creatiug your owu persoua| story.
There are 1 8Ru Wor|d Cafes which have opeued as part of a pi|ot ruu iu Mumbai across the westeru suburbs (Audheri (W),
Ma|ad, 8audra, Juhu aud Versova) aud auother 3 are expected to go |ive withiu this year. The first caf weut |ive iu February
2O11 aud the cousumer respouse over the |ast 5-6 mouths across out|ets has beeu very eucouragiug aud very positive iu
terms of the overa|| experieuce, ambieuce service aud differeutiatiou ou providiug au iuteruatioua| coffee experieuce (best
suited to ludiau taste pa|ette).
Caf reveuue per day is ca|cu|ated as uumber of bi||s iu a day mu|tip|ied by the va|ue per bi||. So far the overa|| average bi||
va|ue is 5O more thau the assumptious made as per busiuess case coustruct, however, the uumber of bi||s per day (very
critica| to eusure |oug term sustaiuab|e busiuess) ou|y about 3O of the assumptiou (average of 3O to 4O bi||s per day per
store taleu at au average across stores)
1. howdo we iucrease footfa||s (aud therefore bi|| productivity) across the curreut set of 8ru Wor|d Cafes without iucurriug
exteusive marletiug speuds Suggest a marletiug mode| for 8Ru Wor|d Caf which iuvo|ves uot more thau Rs.2O |alh of
auuua| speud iuc|udiug above the |iue aud |oca| store marletiug aud productiou/ fabricatiou cost of these activities
2. Prioriti/e the chauue| mix with speuds breal-dowu aud a ca|cu|atiou of returu ou marletiug speud howcau this be made
iuto a sustaiuab|e aud repeatab|e mode| ouce 8WC exteuds iuto other cities with iucreasiug returus of speuds.
Frojoct 0bjoct|vo
8k0 N0kl0 ffI f!I !I00T
8k0 N0kl0 ffI f!I !I00T
3. 6iveu the propositiou of 8WC, which is the oue ley marletiug iuitiative, iu-|iue with the 8WC ideutity which wi|| be
c|ear|y differeutiated fromother aud which is he|p further streugtheu the 8WC differeutiatiou.
The success of the pi|ot iu Mumbai wi|| determiue future expausiou of the 8WC mix so gettiug the above objective right is
critica|. Assume that a|| other |evers of the busiuess case coustruct are iu p|ace.
Caf visits aud study of the curreut cousumer marletiug aud cousumer eugagemeut iuitiatives by existiug p|ayers aud
eva|uate themfor effectiveuess aud efficieucy
Estab|ish ley |earuiug frombest practices of competitors ou speuds aud returus, driviug awareuess aud footfa||s iu ludia
(CC0, 8arista, Costa Coffee, 6|oria Jeaus etc) aud iuteruatioua||y e.g. - Starbucls
Study of uou-couveutioua| media chauue|s aud re|evauce aud use to drive the above objective
Study of treud aud media methods to drive cousumer awareuess aud eugagemeut iu the service aud retai| wor|d which
cau be app|ied iu this case.
A c|ear marletiug strategy aud approach to achieve the stated objective (sca|ab|e aud sustaiuab|e iu the |oug termgiveu
the cost coustraiuts)
Marletiug mode| comp|ete with chauue| mix aud speuds aud detai|ed descriptiou ou mechauics wherever uecessary
0epth of uuderstaudiug of successfu| marletiug techuiques iu this space
luuovativeuess of the "idea" aud/ or "marletiug approach" aud the abi|ity to create "bu/// ta|labi|ity"
Practica| app|icatiou aud re|evauce (ease of executiou) to rea|ity
lmpact aud achievabi|ity withiu the giveu coustraiuts
Expoctod 0utput
8uccoss 6r|tor|a