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Tafsir Surah Falaq

Ahkfa Secrets Protection against Black Magic

By Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Surat al-Falaq is number 113 and in the first verse, Allah says to his prophet, say Ya Muhammad, Qul, I see refu!e "ith the lord of the daybrea #

I see refu!e "ith Allah the lord of the daybrea from the evil of "hat he has $reated and from the evil of the dar enin! ni!ht as it dar ens and "hen the moon !oes a"ay and from the evil of those "ho pra$ti$e "it$h$raft by blo"in! on not and from the evil of the envier "hen he envies# I see refu!e "ith Allah Subhana hu "a ta%ala "ith the lord of the daybreak# &he day brea s from "hat# 'hen the sun be!ins to rise, "hen it be!ins to appear in the dar ni!ht ( I am see in! refu!e# It means I am as in! Allah s"t to help me in order that I "ill be able to ta e a"ay the dar ness of the ni!ht, the dar ness of the self, the dar ness of that "hi$h has made me to be veiled from the dayli!ht, from the sour$e of no"led!e, from the o$ean of po"er from the o$ean of beauty from the beautiful names of Allah#

)Understanding Qul}
Holy Quran :Qaf wal Quran Al-Majid Holy Quran 5 !"# $f %& had 'aus&d (his Qur)an (o d&s'&nd u*on a moun(ain+ (hou ,- Muhammad. /&rily hads( s&&n i( humbl&d+ r&n( asund&r by (h& f&ar of Allah! Su'h simili(ud&)s 'oin %& for mankind (ha( ha*ly (h&y may r&fl&'(! But His Servant Sayedena Muhammad (s) was given the Power and is the Qadir is the Holy Quran wner of the Qaf! "llahs

Holy Quran 01!" And (hos& who b&li&/& and do 2ood works and b&li&/& in (ha( whi'h is r&/&al&d un(o

Muhammad - and i( is (h& (ru(h from (h&ir 3ord - H& ridd&(h (h&m of (h&ir ill-d&&ds and im*ro/&(h (h&ir s(a(&! ) Sayedena Muhammad *s+ $an $arry the ,oly Quran -

So Allah sayin! to Muhammad say, Qul Audhu bi 4abbil Falaq# I $annot $ome by myself# I am see in! refu!e in my lord, I need him, to ta e all that is bad and brin! everythin! that is !ood# &hat is "hy anythin! veiled, as soon as you be!in to ta e the veil a"ay, the ob.e$t be!ins to appear# So that is "hat the prophet "ants for his ummah, for "hat is hidden from them to be seen# &hat is "hy say# Abu ,urayrah said, the prophet tau!ht me t"o types of no"led!e# /ne I spread to everyone the other I hid it to myself if they "ould $ut my ne$ # &hat is heavenly no"led!e, that $an only be !iven to those "hom Allah "anted to no" that no"led!e# &hose "ho are lu$ y# &hat daybrea appeared to them# # the "hkfa is the $ana in "nnilation bla%k no manifestation& 'hen Ba(a is to be brought ba%k to life in His )ight in that *aybreak of Bahr Qudra+} &hey see refu!e in the one "ho "ill sho" them the daybrea # &hat means he "ill brea for them the ni!ht and brin! for them the dayli!ht# It is said also that al-Falaq is the

Falaq as-subh+ (h& daybr&ak or (h& 'r&a(ion# Qul Audhu bi 0abbil Falaq, say I see refu!e in the $reator "ho $reated $reation and all $reation "here in Allah1s hidden treasure#
It "as there in Allah1s no"led!e# Allah "ith ,is irada, "ith his no"led!e, "hen he "anted it to appear, it appeared thru his o$ean of his po"er, thru $reation# In his no"led!e it is there# So it "as hidden in the o$ean of no"led!e# It "as already there in Allah s"t o$ean of no"led!e, until his irada $ame for that to appear from the adam al mutlaq, the Absolute# Abstra$t# #"llahs ,ill -"mr- is Moving! to al )isan the 'ongue of 'ruth and 'hen "..ears+ Qaf to the )am} It "as hidden there and then it brea and it be!ins to appear# $aalllahu tala $ala( hadha ta(ween Allah has bro en that abstra$t un no"n hidden treasure by the light of %reation+ # /ur Muhammad (as)} And "ith the li!ht of his $reation, Allahu nur as-sama"ati "al ard, "ith that li!ht, the li!ht of $reation, these hidden $reations, that "ere hidden in that o$ean, be!an to ta e shape and to appear

and to $ome out from that no"led!e o$ean to the o$ean of po"er, 2ahr al-Qudra, "here everythin! appears in this universe# $a adhhar kulla shay0in min al!kawinat+ 3verythin! that "as hidden there be!an to $ome out and appear, fa saarat maflu(an, li e "hen you see the trees in fall, all the leaves !oes on the !round, die# In the sprin! "hat happens, the leaves $ome slo"ly from nothin!# &hat is "hat "e $all mafluq# From no"here# You be!in to see the bran$h !ive small sti$ s, then they be$ome leaves and from them then $ome fruit# It means "hen you are able to brea up the dar ness of your e!o and your self, the li!ht of no"led!e and the fruit that $omes "ith it, "ill be able to appear and you "ill be able to nurse "hoever you "ant to nurse "ith that heavenly !ranted mil in order to share it "ith other people# Allah s"t is tea$hin! us, by tellin! his prophet, say, I see refu!e# It means "e need to rea$h that ind of no"led!e, "e have to see refu!e "ith "hat the prophet sou!ht refu!e# Allah is tea$hin! the prophet as me, $ome to me# I see refu!e in Allah# And "e, the nation of Muhammad, Allah said, wabtaghwa ilayhi al!waseelah+ %& ha/& (o s&&k r&fu2& in our *ro*h&( h& Th&n s&&ks r&fu2& for us in Allah sw(! And it is said that al"ays, "e see that if you are a do$tor here, you noti$e that at night the .atient is more si%k than in the daytime# loo that dis$overy is in the holy Quran, that s$ien$e# Al"ays the patient at ni!ht is heavy# As soon as sunrise $omes, Fa.r $omes, the patient is less heavy, more responsive to the do$tor# 2e$ause at ni!ht, evil or the devil is able to be every"here, and "ill brin! ne!ative ener!y to patient# &hat is "hy most heart patients have heart atta$ "hen4 at ni!ht5 &hat is "hy the prophet sou!h refu!e in the lord of al-Falaq, in Allah the lord of the daybrea # From "hat, he said# From the evil of "hat he has $reated# &hat means those evils are runnin! in that time# So patients be$ome very heavy# Similarly "e be$ome very heavy "hen "e don1t remember Allah s"t# I don1t li e to say it, but "e !o to bed li e animals# 'e don1t brin! Shahadah and sleep, "e don1t sleep "ith "udu, "e don1t pray 6 ra %ats# 'e don1t pray Fa.r prayer# 'e only eep up tryin! to entertain ourselves, in the desire and pleasure of this "orld, then "hen "e are tired, "e !o to bed# &hat is "hat Allah doesn1t li e# &hen shaytan I runnin! to $at$h you# &hen you feel yourself very heavy#

'hen do you find stren!th# 'hen you "a e up at Fa.r and "a e# 7p but if sleepin!, you "ill !et more and more dar ness, that is $alled thiqlan, dar ness on the heart and you be!in to feel depressed# You be!in to feel all inds of depression and bad thou!hts and pain and all inds of !ossip $ome to the mind# &hat is "hy the prophet never slept "ithout re$itin! surat al-I hlas, surat al-Falaq and surat al-8ass# &hen blo" on his hand and rub on his body to dress himself "ith bara a of these surahs# So the do$tors see the patients before Fa.r very heavy# As soon as Fa.r $omes, they see them suddenly be$omin! better and respond# So the same for you, you find the e!o "ill be!in to respond at Fa.r time# &hose "ho lose Fa.r prayer are losin! the li!htness they !et "hen they are prayin! on time# It is said that "hen Sayyidina Yusuf "as thro"n in the "ell, his nees, he feel on them in the "ell# And he ept all his ni!ht a"a e, not sleepin!, be$ause of the pain he "as feelin! "hen his brother%s thre" him and they "ere prophets# 9rophets "ho harmed their brother# 'hat do you thin , normal people not to harm their brothers# &hey harm not only their brother they harm everyone# So the prophets, 1: brothers sons of say# Ya%qub, thru him in the "ell an he feel on his nees and he "as a"a e all ni!ht in pain# And Allah left him "ith that pain, that ni!ht# &hat means that pain is a rin!in! bell# ;on1t thin pain is bad# 9ain is not bad# 9ain is somethin! that is !ivin! you a bu<< that there is somethin! "ron! in your system# Some people mi!ht have physi$al pain# =i e you !o an rin! a bell for people to no" about your presen$e or to open the door# &he pain tells you somethin! is physi$ally "ron! "ith your body# ;on1t !o and ta e 6 tablets of pain reliever# &hen you lose no"in! "hat ind of si$ ness you are in by eliminatin! the pain# 9ain $an be eliminate in many "ays# &here is also spiritual pain# &here is depression, that pain $ome and !ives them depression# 8ot to treat them li e psy$h# >ive them medi$ine that ma e them li e ve!etable# &hat pain is due to a $ause that is an illness and that pain is a bell# &hen there is the pain of nearness to >od# &hat as mu$h as you rea$h nearness the pain of love is burnin!# As mu$h as you are near the ;ivine presen$e, that nearness be$omes very far# 2e$ause of your <eal you "ant to rea$h, it sho"s you very far# 3ven if you are only one se$ond a"ay, you mi!ht feel it many years# &hat is the pain of love# &hat A"liya ? Saints are loo in! for# So 3 inds of pain# 9hysi$al, mental, stress or depression and finally one that $omes form love of nearness of the ;ivine presen$e So Sayyidina Yusuf "as feelin! pain in that ni!ht# Al"ays at ni!ht you feel at ni!ht# All this ne!# ener!y of his brothers "hen they thre" him in the "ell, "as affe$tin! he "as sittin! there and rememberin! his lord# At Fa.r time, "hen it be!an to be li!ht, Sayyidina @ibraeel $ame to him and said to him, Allah is orderin! you to as him "hatever you "ant and pray to him# idu1 anta wa amin ana fa da 2ibraeel wa "mana 3usuf+ $a kashafahullah ma kana4 he told 2ibraeel to .ray and he would say amin+

So @ibreel be!an to pray and he said amen# 'hen suddenly his heart be%ame like a burning .ro%ess& like sunlight %oming+ So after he "as $arryin! that ne!ative ener!y that $ame to him, then he sho"ed patien$e and he sho"ed humbleness "hen @ibraeel $ame and told him to ma e dua# &hat means you ma e ;ua, sho"in! humbleness, need a means, need to see refu!e and see the means of Sayyidina Muhammad *s+ to rea$h Allah1s presen$e# And Sayyidina Yusuf "as immediately $leaned up from physi$al and spiritual problems and his nees "ere o , his heart be$ame a fountain of no"led!e# 4abb&& qad aa(ay(an&& min al-mulk! / Allah you !ave me a in!dom, from both dunya and A hira# 'hen say# Yusuf be!an to feel better, be$ause @ibraeel too him dire$tly to the ;ivine presen$e, Sayyidina @ibreel too him, as the prophet, he "as ta in! a !uide and meditatin! on him, on Sayyidina @ibreel# As soon as he arrived to the divine presen$e, he told @ibreel, I ma e ;ua no" an you say amin# At that time he "as as in! and @ibreel "as sayin! amin# ,e said, o Allah ta e a"ay all inds of heaviness and si$ ness and diffi$ulties and problems, from people "ho are under the affli$tion of the dunya that "ere livin! at that time# And not only that, / Allah ta e a"ay all the diffi$ulty from nations that are $omin! after me# And that is "hy it is said in ruh al-bayan, be$ause of the dua of sayydina Yusuf, Allah ma es the patients, "hen they have diffi$ulty at ni!ht, "ill find a $ure or better response at Fa.r time# And today1s do$tors $an attest that patients respond better after daybrea than at ni!ht and this is due to the bara a of Sayyidina Yusuf 1s dua# And Allah said, qul 5 min sharri ma khalaq! From the evil of "hatever has $reated, the evil of his $reation# Allah does not $reate evil# 2ut "herever "e are tryin! to be a"ay from !ood, "e find ourselves fallin! into badness# 'e "ill $ome ba$ to that# Ibn masud sadi the prophet said, Allah s"t revealed to me these verses of holy Quran, surat al-Falaq and surat an-nass that there is nothin! li e them in the holy Quran# Ibn Abbas said, radi-Allahu anhuma, there "as somethin! ubaid ibn asim# ,e "as someone that hated the prophet, an unbeliever# ,e tried to ma e bla$ ma!i$ on the prophet *s+# the 9rophet, no one $an ma e bla$ ma!i$ on him, but Allah is tea$hin! us, that if Muhammad *s+ his body bein! human, but his spirit is $ompletely different# 3ven his body is $ompletely different# 2ut Allah !ave him the $hara$teristi$s to tell us, as many people today say there is no bla'k ma2i' and no wi('h'raf(! &hat is "hy Allah revealed that surah# &o $lear the prophet of bla$ ma!i$# &hat unbelievers "anted to ma e bla$ ma!i$ on the prophet# ,e brou!ht a statue and made 11 nots in thread, tyin! it 11 times# And that person did bla$ ma!i$ on the prophet, and no on no"s# 2ut the prophet be!an to feel !reat pain# So @ibreel and Mi hail $ame to him, they are readin! on him

Audhu billah A2ismillah ir-0ahman ir-0aheem ,readin! on him these t"o Surahs# And Mi hail said, the messen!er is feelin! pain# 3h said yes, ubaid ibn asim has affe$ted him "ith his "it$h$raft# And they told the prophet that the thin! he is tryin! to ma e ma!i$ on it, he had ta en and pla$ed in a "ell in birr maymun and put it under a stone under the "ater# ,e as ed "hat do I have to do# &hey said !o there and open the "ell, find the ro$ and under the ro$ is the statue "ith 11 nots# You burn it and you "ill be $lear of that ma!i$# &he prophet sent Ammar ibnu Yasir "ith a !roup of people to that "ell and they opened it and found the statue there and it had 11 nots# At that moment that "as revealed to the prophet, re$ite Qul Audhu bi rabb il5 !min sharri hasidin idha hasad# &he prophet be!an to re$ite and blo"# As he "as blo"in! the not "as openin!# ,e read the surah 11 time and "ith ea$h blo"in! one not opened# And finally that ma!i$ "ent# And that is "hy it is re$ommended before sleepin! to read I hlas, Falaq and 8as and "e "ill $ontinue in neBt session InshAllah#

Qul Audhu bi rabb il-falaq! Min sharri ma khalaq! %a min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqab!
And from the evil of the dar enin! ni!hts "hen it $omes "ith its dar ness or the moon "hen it sets or !oes a"ay#

%a min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqab!

'a min sharri ( from the evil or the harm that "e are !oin! to fa$e, fa$in! thru "hat5 Fa$in! thru that dar ness# Al-!hasaq, and the noun for it is al-!hasaq, means al-layl al-mudhlim, utterly dar ni!ht, $ompletely dar that you $annot see anythin! in it# =i e in a desert or some"here there are no buildin!s, "here it is $ompletely dar # And the prophet is sayin! you have to see refu!e in me from those dar ni!hts# 2e$ause at ni!ht shaytan are runnin! out# ;evils are runnin! out# In dar ness also, interpretational meanin!, the dar ni!hts of the heart, that the e!o "ill be runnin! after its selfish desires, the bad desires# 'hen your heart is full of dar ness you have to see refu!e in Allah to ta e that dar ness# &hat is des$ribed as %a min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqab! $dha waqab means "hen it is hardly ma in! an openin! in your heart, li e ma in! a hole# 'hen you say a ro$ has "aqab in it, it means it has an indentation "hi$h you $an put "ater in it and it "ill not !o out# So that means the most $on$entrated dar ness that $an be eBperien$ed or seen# =i e a laser, it is very sharp, that is li e that "aqab, it $an !o throu!h anythin! and ma e a hole# &hat ind of dar ness you have to be very $areful of and see refu!e# &hat "ill !ive you !reat problems in your life# ,e des$ribes it as dar ni!hts# You mi!ht !o out on dar ni!h and someone mi!ht rob you or ill you even and you don1t no" "ho "ill ill you even#

Similarly "hen you are in the dar ni!ht of the soul you $annot see any spiritual li!ht, and immersed in that dar ness, then you are in dan!er of losin! yourself by fallin! into the dar ni!ht of the heart# Also at ni!ht, all inds of $onspira$ies are made# Most $onspira$ies are made at ni!ht# Most .inn, marad al-.inn !o about at ni!ht# 'ild $ats lions and ti!ers and so forth $ome out at ni!ht# 3verythin! "ild $omes out at ni!ht, that means all inds of "ild desire $omes and a"a es at ni!ht, they a"a e "hen the heart is dead# &hat is "hy you see the "ild animalism $omin! thru their hearts and fillin! them "ith all inds of badness# So Allah said, say I see refu!e in Allah "hen the dar ni!ht $omes?envelops the earth# /r the other eBplanation is "hen the moon sets or !oes a"ay# 'hy Allah mentioned the moon# "l!ghasi( is the moon as well+ ,hy the moon# &he moon has li!ht# 2ut in reality the moon has no li!ht# the moon is only a planet, refle$tin! the li!ht, it has no li!ht of its o"n, it is dar # %a min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqab# And from the evilness or from the harm that "ill $ome from the moon "hen it "ill be e$lipsed, husuf# 'aqab means "hen it enters into an e$lipse# 'hen it enters into an e$lipse, there "ill be a lot of problems and diffi$ulties# &hat is "hy in previous times, "e used to see a lot of pla!ues or "ar, or $ontamination around the earth, "hen the moon !oes into e$lipse# &hat is "hy the prophet prayed 6 ra %ats sunnah al- husuf durin! that time to save man ind from the harm that mi!ht $ome on earth# 'hen the e$lipse $omes, don1t !o out and loo at the moon ho" it is disappearin!, be$ause there "ill be a ne!ative ener!y $omin! and hittin! you in your body, in your brain in your heart In your soul in everythin!# &hat is "hy the prophet "hen an e$lipse $omes, qui$ ly he enters his home and prays Salat al- husuf# So most of the diseases that "e see today are $omin! from the different ener!ies that are $omin! from the moon# &hat is "hy understandin! astronomy and astrolo!y are very important and they "ill sho" you ho" mu$h you are bein! affe$ted by the moon# ) &he 9hrase =unati$ or =unation%s means that the moon has effe$t or all natureFrom the evil of "hen the moon !oes and sets# Sayyida Aisha said that one day the prophet too her hand and sho"ed her the moon and said, ta1awudee min sharri hadha fa innahu al!Qhasi(# See refu!e in Allah from that for it is the thin! that has no li!ht "hen it enters in e$lipse and it "ill refle$t its badness and harm on humanity# ,e is in the body, the refle$tion on the body is harmful, and be$ause of it and be$ause of the sun they "ere $onfused# Many people "ere "orshippin! the moon and many "ere "orshippin! the sun# so moon and sun are fitna for people# Allah is testin! people by them# Sayydina Ibrahim, fa lama ra1 al-qamara ba<i!hanA 5nnee bareeyun mimma tushrikoon+

'hen he sa" the moon up in the s y, he said this is my $reator and I am "orshipin! it# 'hen it set, he said I don1t li e somethin! that !oes# &hat means that "hen it "as up "ith its li!ht shinin!, he "as fas$inated by its li!ht# ,e "as loo in! for that sour$e of li!ht, but the moon disappeared and then he said that $annot be my $reator# So the neBt day he sa" the sun $omin! up, he said this is bi!!er this is my lord# 'hen it also set, then he said, ho" "ill I a$$ept somethin! that disappears# &herefore I am dire$tin! my fa$e to the lord that $annot be seen in this dunya# So moon and sun "ere the sour$e of $onfusion# Allah "as testin! his servant and Allah saved him by him findin! the truth# So that is "hy Allah said, %a min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqab! From it, be$ause Allah s"t "as sendin! that surah to the prophet, to tell him that ma!i$ian, they do their "it$h$raft and their bla'k ma2i' wh&n (h& moon is disa**&arin2! And that is "hy he said, ,a min sharri ghaasi(in idha wa(ab#, "hen the moon sets do"n and !oes# It is the best time for ma!i$ or bla$ ma!i$ or "it$h$raft or voodoo and it has the most influen$e on people# &hat is "hy you find that the most voodoo is done at the end of the month "hen the moon disappears# 'hen the moon disappears, the effe$t of its ne!ative ener!y the ma!i$ians $an $hannel that ne!ative ener!y to send it or blo" it to affe$t people from far a"ay# &hat is "hy Allah "as !ivin! that verse to tell prophet see refu!e from those ma!i$ians "ho use that ener!y "hen the moon !oes a"ay#

%a min sharrin-nafa(haa(i ( from the evil of the "it$h$raft of those "ho blo" in nots# 6afa(ha( are those people "ho blo", they read somethin! and thy blo", in order that they "ill affe$t
others in their lives and this is in Islam, it is mentioned that there are su$h people "ho $an do that# &hose "ho are blo"in! in nots, "hen they do "it$h$raft, at the time the moon is settin!, they ta e some ropes or if they are able a hair from the person they "ish to harm# Many people !o to ma!i$ians or voodoo people or bla$ ma!i$ people they ta e them some part of $lothes of someone or a hair# And as them to do bla$ ma!i$# & he ma!i$ians as them for somethin! that they have or thread, and they ma e that into a small thread and they blo" in it "ith some re$itations, that they have learned, at the end of the month "hen the moon is settin! do"n they are blo"in! and ma in! ma!i$ on people# &hat is "hy in Arabi$ he says they are usin! it in pla$e of 0uqya or A<eemah# /ne they $an use for harm and one they $an use for blessin!# It is mentioned by ibn Abbas and from ayesha the "ife of the prophet, that the prophet had a servant "ho used to "or for him# and the prophet had a $omb# &hat $omb had some bro en teeth# &hat boy "hose name "as lubaid ibn asim, too the teeth of the $omb and !ave it to some ma!i$ian to do "it$h$raft on the prophet# And after a "hile the prophet be!an to feel that he is physi$ally "ea # And then @ibreel and Mi hail $ame to the prophet and Mi hail said, ,e is "ea # And @ibreel said, yes lubaib ibn asim A

ma!i$# So at the end of the story as "e mentioned, the 9rophet told the Sahaba to !o and pull out that statue "hi$h "as "rapped "ith 11 nots and to brin! it out and they brou!ht it out and read on that statue surat al-Falaq# And as the prophet "as re$itin!, ea$h time he re$ited it, one not "as openin!, and he re$ited it 11 times# &hat is "hy it is very important to re$ite 11 times surat al-Falaq and surat al-8as# As he "as re$itin! and blo"in!, @ibreel "as sayin! bismilllah from everythin! that harms you and that 55

urq&&ka and Allah "ill $ure you

For that reason it is a$$eptable to read on people from holy Quran and from ,adith of the holy prophet, you $an read on people and blo" on them in order that Allah "ill $ure them# 3verythin! must be read in Arabi$# You $annot use syriani$ lan!ua!e or Indian lan!ua!e from the holy Quran and from the ;ua of the prophet# &hen they $ame to the prophet and said, "hat "ill "e do "ith the boy "ho made ma!i$ on you5 'hat do "e do "ith him, ill him# he said, fa amma ana fa 1afanee Allah# ,a la ureed an udhee an!naas# ,e said as for me, I "as $ured# And I do not "ish to harm the people# Sayyida Ayesha said, the prophet never an!ry for someone "ho harmed him# he "as only an!ry for people doin! "hat Allah does not li e# &hat is "here his an!er "as# So that surah is very important for us to learn# And the last verse4 from the evil of the envier "hen he envies, "e "ill $ontinues Insh-Allah#

one day sayyida Ayesha said that the prophet "hen he had somethin! "ron! in him physi$ally or "hatever, he used to re$ited Qul huwa Allahu ahad+ Qul Audhu bi-4abb il-falaq+ Qul Audhu bi rabb in 6as and then blo" and rub on his body "herever he had that pain or si$ ness# &hat means "henever you have an illness, you re$ite 3 Qul%s and blo" and rub on your body# &hat "as for the prophet "hen he had physi$al pain# And for us that is also for any pain "e have spiritually# And that is "hy I al"ays sa" Ma"lana Shay h 8a<im every day re$ite 3 Quls and then blo" and rub all over his body and blo" in his turban# &hat means he "rapped himself "ith that re$itation or enveloped it on himself, as if to testify that I believe in you my lord the one "ho is the only one "ho $an prote$t and save me from physi$al and spiritual pain, that mi!ht affe$t one from ne!ative ener!y that devils are $arryin! around and affe$tin! people "hen they are sleepin!# &here is also a ni$e symboli$ meanin! in that, wa min sharri 2haasiqin idha waqba and "e said, wa min sharrin-nafa(ha(i fil uqad!

&hat is the heart of the human bein!s is full of nots# 3ven the veins, the heart do$tors say you had a heart atta$ # 'hy, be$ause you had a blo$ a!e in your veins# &hat is a not is it not5 &hat is a not that blo$ s the flo" of the blood# &his is the effe$t of the ne!ative ener!y that "e are a$$umulatin! in our bodies, by our irresponsibility and our not $arin! "hat "e do on a a daily basis# As "e eBplained before, this "it$h$raft "hi$h they ma e by tyin! nots and blo"in! on them and "e "ithout feelin! our ma in! bla$ ma!i$ on ourselves by our bad behavior and bad manners# 'hen "e follo" the bad desires of the body, "e are affe$tin! the body li e blo"in! poison on it# &hat is "hy su$h illnesses develop, not .ust heart si$ nesses as they sho" it ma es nots in the arteries# And they ma e an!ioplasty, to !o thru these nots, push them and open these arteries#

,here is shaytan6 Is he not in the heart# Is not the house of shaytan there in the heart# &he prophet
said, inna fil jasadi mud2ha5 &here is somethin! in the body, if it is !ood, the "hole body is !ood and if it is bad the "hole body is bad# And that is the heart# And the house of shaytan is in the heart# If >ood then it is the ,ouse of 0ahman# &hat is "hy @ibreel $ame "hen prophet "as youn!, "hen he "as breastfeedin! "ith ,alima bin sadiya, and @ibreel $ame and did heart sur!ery, and opened his heart and too the dar $lot, the house of shaytan from the prophets heart# &he only one in the "orld "hose shaytan be$ame Muslim be$ause @ibreel made that # So they ma e an!ioplasty, to open these nots, that $ome from all the dar ness that is in the heart#

Th& an2io*las(y o*&ra(ion 'an b& don&+ by r&'i(in2 sura( al-Falaq on ours&l/&s+ bu( w& ar& h&&dl&ss+ 2hafil! Tha( is why $ us&d (o s&& our mas(&r r&'i(& (h& 7 quls in (h& mornin2 and &/&nin2 and blowin2 on hims&lf! B&'aus& h& knows (ha( $s how h& k&&*s (h& body 'l&an+ no blo'ka2&!
8o" he is CD years old, no $holesterol, no diabetes, no blood su!ar problem, nothin!5 "hy5 be$ause he is eepin! the most hi!h level of propheti$ medi$ine# 8atural# So these satani$ desires $ome to us and affe$t the physi$al body and the spiritual body# Also as you have nots in the physi$al body so many nots, so in the spiritual as$ension "e have too many nots, these are E:,::: veils# From the evil of the blo"ers in the nots# 'hat is then our duty# &o ta e that a"ay by re$itation of surat al-Falaq# And the hearts has a lot of nots $omin! from the sins that "e are doin! daily# And it develops a lot of spiritual nots be$ause of our doubts and our !ossips and the bad thou!hts about others, that ma e us to develop these nots, by Allah returnin! it ba$ on us "hen "e are envyin! someone or runnin! after someone, ba$ bitin! him or sayin! somethin! una$$eptable, Allah ma es on us spiritual nots and that "ill tie our spiritual as$ension, and then you are do"n and $annot move and not as$end# &hat is "hy many people are doin! muraqabah and they say they are not seein! anythin!# 'hy# 2e$ause

you have these spiritual nots and spiritual blo$ a!e that preventin! you fro rea$hin! anythin!#

'hen we have the wa min sharri hasidin idha hasad! 8n/y is (h& mos( dan2&rous of 99
'hat did "e read at the first of surat al-Falaq# Qul "udhu bi rabb il!fala(, say I see refu!e in the lord of daybrea and from the evil of "hat he has $reated and from the evil of dar enin! ni!htsA and from the veil of those "ho pra$ti$e "it$h$raft and blo" in nots# And finally, he left it to the end, the "orst of all, and from the envy "hen he envies# It means all the evil of the dar ness and the evil of "hat ,e $reated## and from the evil of the ma!i$ and sor$ery and finally from evil of envy# Hasad is (h& mos( dan2&rous si'kn&ss that you $an find# You must eep a lo" profile other"ise people "ill envy you and if they envy you you "ill !et a lot of problems# &he 9rophet said, the hasad eats !ood deeds, hasanat, as the fire eat%s the "ood# ,o" the fire eats the "ood qui$ ly, "hen you envy someone, that envy eats your re"ards and is !iven to the one you envy#

Tha( is why wh&n w& do Sala( an-6&ja(+

"e as Allah to save me from hasad, be$ause the hasad eats the !ood tidin!s, the hasanat as the fire eats the "ood# ,asad is somethin! that is possessin! us $ompletely from top to bottom# You $annot see anyone better than you, you "ant to be the best# 3ven $hildren# It is human nature# =oo "hat happened to the first one that envied in $reation, "ho did the first hasad $ome from5 It $ame from Iblis# 'hy be$ause he "as "orshippin! for a !oal# ,e "as "orshippin! to rea$h somethin!# So "hen he sa" he "as unable to rea$h it, hasad thre" him to# 'hat "as his !oal5 $( was al-maqam al-Mahmoud the hi!hest maqam that any servant $an rea$h# ,e "orshipped "ithout leavin! one handspan "here he did not ma e Sa.da, hopin! to rea$h maqam al-Mahmoud! %h&n h& saw (h& li2h( a( maqam al-Mahmoud+ h& kn&w (ha( i( was no( for him+ wh&n h& saw i( in (h& for&h&ad of Sayyidina Adam# If he had rea$hed maqam al-Mahmoud, he "ould have done hundreds of Sa.da# You have to run to Allah sayin! ilahi anta maqsoodee wa ridaka matlubi# ;on1t say I "ill do this and you !ive me that# You are servant and he is master# &he servant surrenders to the master# &he servant has no "ill# Sayyidna Muhammad had no "ill Allah !ave him that# Iblis "anted that, and "hen adam !ot it he "as ## S&'ond (im& of hasad+ qabil a2ains( habil# So Allah as ed them to sa$rifi$e to him# habil loo ed amon! his sheep and found the best one and sa$rifi$ed to Allah# Qabil loo ed for the "ea est one and sele$ted it for sa$rifi$e# Allah a$$epted the sa$rifi$e of habil and too it up in a fire# Qabil sa" that and "as .ealous and illed his brother# &oday "hat is $ausin! people to fi!ht# It is envy and .ealously# &hat is "hy you see problems around the "ord#

Ibn Abbas said, that Allah has ended this surah by hasad, to sho" that it is the "orst of human $hara$teristi$s# ,e ended the surah "ith it# And it is also a si!n that as soon as the e!o or the self, an-8afs al-Ammarah, the $ommandin! self, that is al"ays tell you do this or do that, that self, that ma es to fall do"n, by envyin! your heart# 2e$ause there is a stru!!le bet"een your self and your heart# &he heart is the pla$e you $an re$eive heavenly inspirations#

Ma wasi1anee ardee 4
&he heart of the believer $ontains me# It is the pla$e "here heavenly manifestations are re$eived# &he e!o is "here shaytan plays "ith you, 8afs al-Ammarah# It !ets envy form the heart# As soon as it !ets the envy of the heart an dhat is "hen "e have the stru!!le bet"een the self and heart# &hat is "here the ,adith of the prophet $omes, "e returned from small .ihad to bi!!er .ihad# &hat is the hasad bet"een yourself, bet"een t"o fas$es or or!ans of the person# &he heart and the self# &he heart behind the po"er of the mind, fi!htin! the self# &he mind $ontrollin! the self obeyin!# &he heart surrenders to Allah that is al"ays pumpin!# &he only pump in the body, is there any other pump#

:um*in2 blood+ $arryin! oBy!en ) S&'r&( of numb&r ; and <i/in& lo/& and fir&-# Farryin! life# &o
$lean the blood# 8o other or!an is doin! "hat the heart is doin!# 2reathin! positive divine an!eli$ ener!y from the bahr al-Qudra, and miBin! "ith the bloods and distributin! to the "hole body# &he bad self is not happy# &here is hasad to ea$h other# =oo Subhanallah t"o elements are fi!htin! "ith ea$h other inside our self# And "hat are they doin!4 buildin! up nots that have to be removed# &he prophet $alled utba ibn Gamie and told him alam tara ayaatin nu<ilatA ma Aqat# ,ave you not seen that this ni!ht "ere revealed t"o suras of Quran never revealed before li e them# 'hat are they5 Qul Audhu bi 0abbil Falaq and Qul Audhu bi rabb in-8as# &hat is "hat <ayd ibn thabit, he put the "hole Quran to!ether, the Quran of <ayd# And he "as the last one "ho heard from the prophet ho" to re$ite the holy Quran and the prophet put these t"o suras at the end of the Quran, endin! the Quran "ith them# &hat is "hy today everyone uses the version of Quran of <ayd ibn thabit# @ibreel used to $ome to the prophet every 0amadan and stru$ture the Quran in the "ay "e see it today# And <ayd ibn thabit "as there and the prophet told him ho" to stru$ture the order of the suras of the Quran and that is "hy "e find these t"o suras at the end of the Quran# May Allah for!ive us and !ive us from the blessin! of these t"o suras# 'a min Allah at-ta"fiq# 2ihurmatil fatiha#
S(&* # Secrets of Fusion with Your Divine Reality 7nderstandin! 7nity "ith !uide to develop 3ner!y and destroy 2ad ,abits and sinful Fhara$ter# ;estroy ne!ative shell around us# S(&* " Power of The Hands ;etails on ho" to ener!i<e hands "ith ;ivine 8ames H 9ropheti$ 8ames # 9o"er of 'ashin! and 0ubbin!# 0eleasin! ener!y S(&* 7 Secrets of Points ! " Points # S$iritual Healing 'here does the 3ner!y $ome from and "here is it distributed around the body# =earnin! ,o" to I!nite the E 9oints * 6 more points for all I 9oints+ &hen D point of the heart# &here are over 3J: points on humans# S(&* 0 %$ening the Points of the Head a &ateway to the " Points of the Body'

'hat are the main Fha ras or =ataif of ener!y on the body , its prote$tion and understandin! harmful a$tion# 9o"er of &he Sunnah S(&* 5 Prote%tion "gainst 7vilness8 ;efendin! Yourself A!ainst 3vilness , In ,is ;ress is the ;ress of 9o"er# Fana in the Shay h is the /nly "ay to have the 9o"er of 0asulAllah ;ressin! You# More "rti%les for reading Tafsir Surah Falak Ahkfa S&'r&(s of Annilation and 9rote$tion A!ainst 2la$ Ma!i$ More ;etails of ,ands