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Sex and the City of God

Marriage Series

Marriage Series Titles
Marriage and its Creation……When is the Right Time?
Marriage is a Picture…………Singleness
Marriage and Gender Roles… Marriage between Believer and Unbelievers
Marriage Ethical Issues………Interracial, After Death, Wedding Ceremonies etc.
Lifelong Commitment
Matthew 19:6
Marriage is an “icon” and when accessed by others, it should
blow up to show God’s love for the church.
No favorite’s between male and female
Grow to be an Image Bearer NOT an Image Breaker

Key Words
Adultery-Act of
unfaithfulness when on
epartner engages in porneia

Divorce-Breaking of
marriage covenant
Malachi 2:14-16
Marriage-Union of one
In 2001, 33% of self-identified born-again individuals had been divorced
man and one woman formed
34% incidence among non-born-again individuals.
when two swear oath before
In 2001, 12% of protestant pastors (1 out of 8) had been divorced
Divorce represents a failure to achieve God’s ideal. It is never something to celebrate. Churches should
show love and grace to the divorcing and the divorced, but the notion of a “blessing on divorce” is crazy. A
divorce is rather, cause for mourning, a symptom of failure.

Divorce Can Be Necessary What are some reasons people get divorced?
Like disconnecting life support from the dead __
Until it is necessary…MUST TRY TO PREVENT IT Does the Bible allow divorce?

Even when biblically valid, IT IS NOT OBLIGATED

Deuteronomy 24:1-4
(Divorce Cast Law…Describes Situation)
What are these verses trying to express?
Does this sound like a biblical teaching….allowance of divorce with a mere document?
Matthew 19:3-9
Prohibition against ALL divorces for fallen people would be unbearable
Sin would lead to divorce…no way around it
Law was written to regulate sinful actions…divorce