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Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) 2.

Jason Weathersby, BIRT PMC

Quick Overview Quick BIRT Demo 2.2 Features BIRT WTP Wizard Demo ODA Wizard Demo

High Level BIRT Architecture

Report Designer Eclipse Report Designer

Chart Designer Eclipse WTP Custom Designer

Report Engine Data Transform. Services Generation Services Charting Engine

Eclipse DTP ODA


Report Design Engine

Presentation Services

XML Report Design

Data Data

Report Document

BIRT Introduction The Quick Tour

The BIRT Perspective
Data View, Palette, Outline View, Layout, Code, Preview

Data Sources, Data Sets, Parameters

BIRT Layout
Grids, Tables, Controls, Data Binding

Expression Builders vs. Code Pages

BIRT Preview
HTML View, BIRT Viewer, PDF Viewer, DOC Viewer

Deploying BIRT
J2EE Deploy, RCP Deploy, Other

BIRT Perspective

BIRT Perspective
Report Template Library

BIRT Projects
Report Project ODA Designer ODA Runtime New Web Project

BIRT Views
Data Explorer View
Extensible Data Sources Flat File, XML, Web Services, JDBC, Scripted. Data Sets SQL Query, Stored Procedures, Joint Data Sets. Parameters Cascaded, Dynamic, Static.

Palette View
Extensible Extensions provided to add new elements. Report Elements used in constructing a Report.

Library Explorer View

Reusable Report Elements. Dynamic reference.

Outline View
Hierarchal view of report. Quick Navigation.

BIRT Views Continued

Report Editor
Layout Report Canvas for element drag and drop. Master Page Headers, Footers, Margins and Orientation. Multiple master page support. Script Quick access to event handler scripts for selected report element. XML Source XML for report design. Preview Quick view of report HTML output.

Gui - for common properties (ie, Localization, Style, TOC). Binding Data Set container binding. Sorting Sort data inside the given element. Groups Quick access to add/modify groups. Map Conditional Data presentation. Highlights Conditional styling. Filter Complex filtering of data within the container.

Example BIRT Viewer

BIRT Viewer
AJAX Based. Parameter Discovery. J2EE Application (Application Server Deployment). Eclipse Plugin (RCP deployment). Report Engine API (Java Application Deployment).

BIRT Report Development Demo

BIRT 2.2 Feature Highlights

Eclipse 3.3 Support Dynamic CrossTab Web Services Data Source Better Flat File Data Source ODA Project Wizard Dynamic Reference to Connection Profile Word, Excel and Postscript Emitters More references to styles, including external CSS files Improved XML Editor Improved JavaScript Editor, with Debugging WTP Project Wizard JSP Tag library New Chart types

BIRT Web Project

BIRT Viewer Tag

BIRT Requestor Tag

BIRT Report Tag

BIRT ODA Project

Word Emitter XLS, PS On the way

New Examples View

BIRT WTP Project Wizard Demo

ODA Project Wizard Demo





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