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The Lost Generation Sherwood Anderson,Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, F.

Scott Fitzgerald Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) best known for his collection of twenty-two short stories in Winesburg, Ohio. Although it was not a commercial success (publishe in 1919)! it was highly a mire by other contemporary writers an critics" #rites about the bore om an frustration of li$ing in a small town" %mall town characters are connecte to one another" &entral figure is 'eorge #illar " Alice (in man in )A $enture) has to accept that she will be lonely for the rest of her life" Gertrude Stein (1874-1948) - art collector (collecte the works of *icasso! +atisse)! writer! poet" %he is suppose to ha$e coine the term ),he -ost 'eneration") ,o (emingway. ),hat/s what you are" ,hat/s what you all are """ Al0 of you young people who ser$e in the war" 1ou are a lost generation)" %atur ay nights. $isitors (emingway! 2liot! *oun ! 3aulkner! 3it4geral " %he5s an a$antgar writer" The Making of Americans 6 fictious historical work of America The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas 6 7A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose8" 7America is my country! but *aris in my hometown8" %he ga$e a $ice an helpe young writers" Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) - writer! 9ournalist! war hero (## 0-00! %panish &i$il #ar)! foreign correspon ent! *ulit4er *ri4e! :obel *ri4e winner" 3a$orite pastimes. hunting! fishing an camping in the woo s! bo;ing! bullfighting" <se the style gui e of The Kansas City Star )<se short sentences" <se short first paragraphs" <se $igorous 2nglish" =e positi$e! not negati$e") >escribe his techni?ue as being foun e on the )iceberg principle8" ,he writer can lea$e things out! but he has to write truly" 0ceberg. 7@8 of it is un erwater. the wor s of a prose are parts of the iceberg" Amitions! but still! e$erything is there" Lean style, economic style, minimalist style. 2;patriate in the 19BCs. li$ing mainly in 3rance! %pain! returning to <% occasional0y" !n Our Time (19BD)$olume 6 %emi-autobiographical" !ic" Adams is the hero of this cycle of short stories. =ig ,wo - (earte Ei$er (fishing)! 0n ian &amp! ,he Fillers" ,he main theme is eath (emotional woun in the war)" 3acing eath an on5t be afrai . great theme of (emingway" The Sun Also "ises (19B6) - (publishe in the 2nglan un er the title #iesta$. ,he no$el is about ,he -ost 'eneration! American e;patriates! in *aris an *amplona" ,he romantic i eas are ri icule " Men %ithout Women & collection of stories (inclu ing The Killers$ A #are%ell to Arms (19B9) - A no$el on ## 1" / 'eath in the Afternoon (19GB) - bullfighting is e;tensi$ely escribe " #hat it means to be an )aficiona o) The #ifth Column an( the #irst #orty&)ine Stories & (,his $olume contains the famous stories! )A &lean! #ell--ighte *lace)! ),he %hort (appy -ife of 3rances +acomber)! ),he %nows of Filiman9aro)) A Mo*eable #east & (a posthumous autobiography) #or Whom the Bell Tolls (194C) - a no$el on the %panish &i$il #ar" The Ol( Man an( the Sea +,-./$

Francis Scott #ey Fitzgerald (1896-194C) - he wrote many short stories an four no$els" (is main theme. ,he Ha44 Age! the life of the rich! issipation (IcsapongJs)" -i$ing in *aris occasionally! getting to know the issolute (IcsapongK) life of the American e;patriates" The 0reat 0atsby (19BD) - ),he 'reat American :o$el) about what happene to the 'reat American >ream" >aisy an ,om =uchanan as oppose to Hay 'atsby" 'atsby turns out to be a tragic hero who still belie$es in romantic i eals" A self-ma e man! but ac?uire his wealth through sha y ealings" (is lo$e for >aisy is the lo$e for a ream that is unattainable" :ick &arraway! the narrator! is an obser$er! an participant in the e$ents" (e can not remain ob9ecti$e" :ick &arraway. interme iary (IkL4$etMtN)! becomes sub9ecti$e! passes moral 9u gement Hay 'atsby. lies! bootlegging (selling illegal things) >aisy an ,om =uchanan. rich class 2ast an #est 2gg. tra itionally rich (=uchanans) O might be rich ('atsby)