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Interpretation: VIII-78-104 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-93 Date Issued: July 19, 1978 File: BC78-349 Question

(1): Is it acceptable for a material supplier to transfer information from a Material Manufacturer's Certification or Certificate of Compliance, under his letterhead, in lieu Of furnishing a copy of the Material Manufacturer's CMTR or Certificate of Compliance as required by UG-93? Reply (1): It is the intent of Section VIII, Division 1 that a material supplier shall not transcribe data certified by a Material Manufacturer but shall furnish a copy of that certification, supplemented as necessary by additional documents which certify the results of tests, examinations, repairs, or treatments required by the basic Material Specification and performed by the material supplier. Question (2): Is it required by Section VIII, Division 1 for the CMTR or Certificate of Compliance described in Question (1), that either a metallurgist signature or a notarized signature appear on this document? Reply (2): No.

Interpretation: VIII-78-105 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, U-1(c)(6), UG-19(a), and UG-99(e) Date Issued: July 19, 1978 File: BC78-351 Question: When applying the exemption for a Section VIII, Division 1 pressure vessel in U-1(c)(6) to the tube side of a shell and tube heat exchanger when the tube side contains only water, should the 120 gal nominal water-containing capacity be applied to the entire water containing capacity of the tube side, including both channels or heads and tubes, or should it be applied separately to each channel and head? Reply: The intent of Section VIII, Division 1 regarding multiple chamber vessels is that each pressure chamber be treated as a separate pressure vessel. In the case of a shell or tube type heat exchanger as covered by your inquiry, U-1(c)(6) would apply to the total volume of the channels or heads and tubes. The channel sections or heads and the tubes would not be treated independently in determining volume of the water side of the heat exchanger. The intent of U-1(d)(2) is further clarified by UG-19(a) and UG-99(e) that deal with combination units. As indicated by footnote 1 to U-1 in Section VIII, Division 1, the Code does not take precedence over pressure vessel laws that may exist at the point of installation.

Interpretation: VIII-78-106 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-16(d), UG-27, and UG-45(a)(2), Wall Thickness of Nozzles and Shells Date Issued: July 20, 1978 File: BC77-291 Question (1): Is a 12-1/2% reduction of wall thickness for diameters other than those listed in Table 2 of ANSI B36.10-1970 required for the determination of nozzle neck thickness in accordance with UG45(a)(2)?