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Question (1):

Are hydraulic cylinders included in the Scope of Section VIII, Division 1?

Reply (1): Yes, unless the cylinders in question are excluded from the Scope by the provisions of U1(c) and, in particular, U-1(c)(3) which applies to mechanical devices where the primary design considerations and/or stresses are derived from the functional requirements of the device or U-1(c)(9) which applies to vessels having an inside diameter not exceeding 6 in. In any case, the laws at the point of installation may dictate the construction and/or pressure testing requirements. As indicated by footnote 1 to U-1 of Section VIII, Division 1 , such laws must be reviewed to determine requirements that may be different or more restrictive than the Code rules. Question (2): If these hydraulic cylinders are constructed in accordance with Section VIII, Division 1 , may the hydrostatic test be conducted at the point of installation rather than at the Manufacturer's plant? Reply (2): Yes. Procedures for such field work are defined in U-2(i).

Interpretation: VIII-78-116 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, Table UW-12 and UG-101 , Baffle-to-Shell Joints Date Issued: August 1, 1978 File: BC78-352 Question (1) A heat exchanger utilizes a seamless pipe for the shell material. The pipe is split for a portion of its length in order to provide for the attachment of a baffle which is cut to fit the inside diameter, and hence the weld becomes a type No 2 joint per Table UW 12. No radiography is performed in the vessel. Are there any conditions under which the joint efficiency may be recorded for the longitudinal joint as 100%. Reply (1): No.

Question (2): All the conditions in Question (1) are the same except that the longitudinal baffle projects through the shell so that a corner joint is formed in accordance with Fig. UW-13.2 sketches (a), (c) (d), or (e). Are there any conditions under which the joint efficiency. relay be recorded for the longitudinal joint as 100%? Reply (2): No.

Interpretation: VIII-78-117 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-34 Date Issued: August 14, 1978 File: BC78-41 Question: A vessel has a flat head which is secured to a vessel by means of swing-away bolts. The equation used to calculate the thickness is given in UG-34(c)(2), Eq. (1) There is no specific sketch in Fig, UG-34 covering this method of attachment. What is the value of C to be used in this Calculation? Reply: Since Section VIII, Division 1 does not cover nor prohibit this construction, no C value is prescribed. Therefore, the provisions of U-2(g) shall be complied with. Interpretation: VIII-78-118 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-135 and Appendix M