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Siberian Center for Eurasian Projects

11th Christmas New Earth expedition Report : Trip to the Country of the Wizards
Novosibirsk the south of Krasnoyarsk region, Siberia, Russia 9-17 January 2014 set=a.3823373438242.1 !4!3782!"t#pe=3 !hotos"

Nina #on$harova

Cedar Gates to the Abode of Dawn communit ! "# $anuar %&"#

%e &ive in the 'i((&e of $ru$ia& ti'es - a transition into a Ne) %or&(* +n !ara&&e& )ith e,isting so$iety, another )or&( a ne) attra$tive rea&ity has been $reate( in Siberia for the &ast t)o (e$a(es so that !eo!&e of the )or&( )ho share the sa'e vision $ou&( enter this ne) !ara&&e& so$iety* -he 11 th .hrist'as N/% /0R-1 e,!e(ition for the 2ro'ise( 3an( took !art fro' 9th to 17th of January 2014 in Siberia, the south of Krasnoyarsk region* +t )as initiate( by Nina #on$harova Siberia, Russia" in $oo!eration )ith 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity, 5/(u$ation for 3ife6 'ove'ent, 1are Krishna 'ove'ent, 1780N+-04 foun(ation an( 0sso$iation of %or&( .iti9ens* +t ha!!ene( to be$o'e an internationa& heartfe&t $oo!eration )ith 4hanesvara 4as, a So$ia& 1ea&er: S!iritua& -ea$her fro' 7S0 an( !eo!&e of Siberia* 2arti$i!ants of the e,!e(ition took !art in the .hrist'as $e&ebrations ha!!ening in the 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity on the 8ountain an( a&& over vi&&ages of the 2ro'ise( 3an( an( (eve&o!e( $oo!eration for a Ne) /arth - 2ea$e ;i&&age !ro<e$ts* %e &ive( in a frien(&y at'os!here, 'et !eo!&e )ho are 'asters of &ife, s!rea(ing &ove an( beauty )ith their hearts an( han(s an( $reating the foun(ation for a ne) $ivi&i9ation* %e a&so ha( our no'a(i$ 5Ne) 1ori9ons6 !rogra' for gro)ing unity an( envisioning $o&&e$tive a$tions for the Ne) /arth 2ea$e ;i&&age !ro<e$t* =ur tri! has be$o'e a $ross-roa(s of severa& 'ove'ents internationa& /arth is =ur .o''on 1o'e fa'i&y, /(u$ation for 3ife 8ove'ent an( the 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity*

1o) an( )hy (i( it ha!!en> %e invite you to see )ith the eyes of your heart, so you $an fee& the 4ivine 1an( that brought you to e,!erien$e this /n(eavour* %e starte( our tri! on the 9th of January by going by train fro' Novosibirsk to the $a!ita& of Khakassia* =ur train arrive( at 0bakan on the 10th of January ear&y in the 'orning* -he )eather )as not as $o&( as it usua&&y $an be in Siberia in )inter* %e )aite( for t)o hours in the rai&)ay station an( &eft by suburb train for Kuragino, the a('inistrative $enter of the Kuragino region )here the vi&&ages of the 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity are 'ost&y situate(* +n Kuragino )e ha( to take a fina& trans!ortation - a bus that brought us in t)o hours to 2etro!av&ovka vi&&age the $entra& vi&&age of the 2ro'ise( 3an(* 0t the bus station in 2etro!av&ovka )e )ere taken by 3y('i&a Ka&inina to her ne) )oo(en house bui&t right $&ose to the te'!&e in 2etro!av&ovka* So, the ten of us )ere hoste( in a s'a&& t)o storie( house* 0 hot Russian banya an( a !ure )hite sno) )ere )aiting for us, )here )e (ive( after the banya, &ike rea& Siberians* =ur 0'eri$an frien( has a&so ha( this Siberian sno) ba!ti9ing a(venture* 1

'n Petro(a)*o)+a! "& $anuar


Tem(*e in an e)enin, Petro(a)*o)+a

/very (ay !eo!&e fro' a&& over the vi&&ages, our frien(s, $a'e to visit us an( to e,$hange visions an( a$tions* So, our heartfe&t an( sou& unity has been $onstant&y gro)ing* 0s for out&ook unity it has been 'ore an( 'ore e'erging )hi&e )e got a?uatinte( )ith &ife an( se&f-organi9e( a$tivity of the !eo!&e of the 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity* +t )as obvious that a s!iritua& 5Ne) -esta'ent6 tea$hing )as the basis of unity an( a !ea$efu& $reative &ife of thousan(s of !eo!&e of the biggest $o''unity in the )or&( in Siberia* =ur inner events of the Ne) 1ori9ons s$hoo& for a)akening )ho )e are an( )hy )e are here, )ere integrate( )ith outer events visits, 'eetings, an( .hrist'as $e&ebrations in the vi&&ages* -he very first evening )e )ere invite( for a .hrist'as heartfe&t singing 'eeting of Svet&ana ;&a(i'irskaya, a for'er fa'ous singer in 8os$o) an( no) a ha!!y )o'an an( a&so a singer at the 2ro'ise( 3an(* 1er a!!earan$e is a goo( i&&ustration of the )ay )o'en &ive an( $reate at the 2ro'ise( 3an( )ithout be$o'ing o&(, as she no) has 4 $hi&(ren an( a gran((aughter an( sti&& &ooking &ike a young &a(y an( ra(iating <oy an( ha!!iness@

S)et*ana -*adimirs+a a . her ,randau,hter

Nina! S)et*ana! O*,a! "" $anuar

0s )e aske( for a 'eeting )ith a key 'anager of the $o''unity ;&a(i'ir ;e(ernokov to $&arify &ots of ?uestions, he, )hi&e being e,tre'e&y busy organi9ing things for their great annua& .hrist'as $e&ebration, foun( ?uite a &ot of ti'e for our 'eetings* 1e )as (ra)ing a !i$ture of &ife, ans)ering &ots of ?uestions $on$erning &ife in the $o''unity* 4on !ut &ots of ?uestions about !rin$i!&es of se&f-organi9ation an( )ays of (eve&o!'ent of the $o''unity, an( )e a&& )ere )on(ering an( be$o'ing 'ore an( 'ore ins!ire( by a ne) &ife e'erging fro' the (e!ths of Siberia* ;&a(i'ir e,!&aine( that they a&& ha( one an( sa'e s!iritua& basis 5-he 3ast -esta'ent6 tea$hing by ;issarion, an( that the entire !ra$ti$a& &ife has been $o&&e$tive&y 'anage( by
the unite( fa'i&ies they have in so'e A0 vi&&ages an( of $ourse on the 8ountain )here the 0bo(e of 4a)n is &o$ate(*

Dhanes)ara! -*adimir! Tan a! Tan a! O*,a! Sofia! Nina! / udmi*a! "" $anuar ! Petro(a)*o)+a

=n the 12 of January after the 'orning &iturgy in the te'!&e in 2etro!av&ovka, a rather big gathering of !eo!&e )as gathere(, $onsisting of re!resentatives of (ifferent vi&&ages, those )ho )ante( to rea$h the 'ountain to take !art in the .hrist'as $e&ebration on footB %e )itnesse( over)he&'ing <oy an( ha!!iness )hi&e &ooking at the fa$es of !eo!&e )ho &ive this tota&&y ne) )ay of &ife* Siberian frost (i(nCt frighten the' at a&& it on&y !ut so'e a((itiona& !ink $o&or on the $heeks of 'en an( )o'en so that no $os'eti$s )ere nee(e(* -he !eo!&e 'eant to go fro' one vi&&age to another an( !eo!&e fro' these vi&&ages on the )ay to the 8ountain )ou&( greet an( fee( the' an( $e&ebrate together seeing the' off for the ne,t vi&&age unti& they enter Dharovsk vi&&age to s!en( a night there an( go on )a&king unti& they rea$h the 'ountain*

Russian dance before wa*+in, for the 0ountain! Petro(a)*o)+a! "% $anuar +n the evening )e )ere invite( to &isten to the 4iorisyCs ;&a(i'ir Ka!unkin" songs in -atyana 4enisovaCs house in 2etro!av&ovka* +t )as a )on(rous $oin$i(en$e that 4iorisy !erfor'e( his s!iritua& songs in t)o &anguages Russian an( Sanskrit that resonate( )ith our Russian Krishnaite frien(shi!, as + observe( 4hanesvara !ea$efu&&y s'i&ing )hi&e &istening to su$h a singing* 0fter the $on$ert )e )ere sho)n a )orksho! for gir&s )ith beautifu& han(i$rafts $reate( by gir&s fro' the $o''unity* =n the1Ath of January again ;&a(i'ir arrive( at our $o9y s'a&& house to go on ans)ering ?uestions, this ti'e about e(u$ation* 1is story ins!ire( a&& of us great&y, )hy> Ee$ause they are on the )ay to $reating a tota&&y ne) e(u$ation - they have their o)n $o''unity s$hoo& offi$ia&&y registere( by govern'enta& e(u$ationa& authorities, an( in this s$hoo& $hi&(ren &earn to be rea& $reators of their &ife an( rea& ski&&fu& 'asters in this or that s!here of &ife (ear to the hearts of $hi&(ren* -here are a&so govern'ent s$hoo&s but the $o''unity su$$ee(e( in $hanging a&& the !rogra's to abo&ish the negative i'ages out of the !ro$ess of e(u$ation an( to in$&u(e as 'u$h $reative i'ages as !ossib&e, taking out a&& (estru$tive infor'ation* +nstea( they fi&& the free ti'e )ith $reative infor'ation about ho) arts an( ski&&s )ere (eve&o!e( (uring hu'anityFs history* -he $o''unity has been using the e&e'ents of 8ontessori an( ;a&(orf s$hoo&s using it as 'u$h as !ossib&e for a rea& &ife of the $o''unity on earth*

-he sa'e (ay )e visite( .here'shanka vi&&age to 'eet our o&( frien(s Stanis&av an( 3yu('i&a Ka9akovs, an( )ere ha!!y to be again together e,$hanging our goo( ne)s about 2ea$e ;i&&age vision an( a$tivity* +n the streets )e )itnesse( ha!!y !eo!&e an( sa) severa& Gather Grosts an( Sno) 8ai(ens going by horse to visit houses )here $hi&(ren &ive( to bring .hrist'as gifts to the'*

1ather 1rost! Snow maiden and our team! Cheremshan+a! "2 $anuar

0s 4hanesvara )rote a &etter to ;issarion, -ea$her an( foun(er of the 0bo(e of 4a)n $o''unity to !ut so'e s!iritua& ?uestions the -ea$her, )e )ere to&( that ;issarion )ou&( 'eet us on the 1Hth of January* + fe&t that it )ou&( be a ne) beginning of our $o&&aboration an( 'ore@ So, on the 14 th of January )e )ent by 'inibus to the 8ountain to <oin !eo!&e )ho )ent there either on
foot t)o (ays before or by ear&y $ars an( busses at H o-$&o$k on the 14 th of January to take !art in the 'orning &iturgy in the $enter of the 0bo(e of 4a)n an( )a&king to the to! of the 1eaven&y 0bo(e to then go (o)n for the va&&ey to have a fusion )ith the -ea$her an( &isten to his $e&ebration%or(* %e arrive( at the !&a$e fro' )hi$h )e )ent on foot to rea$h the 0bo(e of 4a)n on the 8ountain* %e )a&ke( on&y for one k' an( a ha&f that is 'u$h &ess than !eo!&e (o in su''er* 0t &ast )e sa) a s'a&& house fa'i&iar to 'e to get registere( an( to be to&( that )e shou&( go to the .e(ar #ates the 'ain entran$e $reate( )ith the !eo!&eCs han(s at the very beginning of this &egen(ary /n(eavour* %e a!!roa$he( the gates )ith )or(s )ritten on itI 50$$e!t 1o!e everybo(y )ho $o'es in6* -)o 'en 5on (uty6 greete( us )ith s'i&es an( aske( us to enter the 5to)n6 an( fo&&o) the 'ain roa( to 'eet /vgeny 2&otnikov the 5hea(6 of the to)n to bring the t)o of us, 4on an( 'e to the 0(rian an( 0nna .astrosC fa'i&y to stay for a night as at their house so that after s!en(ing a night on the 8ountain )e )ou&( have a 'eeting )ith ;issarion the ne,t (ay* +t ha!!ene( to be that very fa'i&y )ho hoste( our S)e(en (e&egation - 2a, an( 1e&en -in 2010* =ur tea' )ent for a $a'! an( in an hour or so )e a&& 'et at the $enter of the 5to)n6 to take !art in the (a)n !art of the &iturgy the u!!er !art of the &iturgy )as there, at the to! )ith Sergey .heva&kov, our very goo( frien(, a !riest, a for'er 'i&itary 'an fro' 8os$o) "* %e &istene( to the songs $reate( by !eo!&e sensing an( <oining their <oy an( a)eso'e state of sou&s* -hen )e )ent to the va&&ey to have a fusion )ith the -ea$her the !&a$e )here the t)o strea's of !eo!&e $a'e together* 3ots of ha!!y !eo!&e )ith s'i&ing fa$es )ere together in the (e!ths of Siberian taiga, on the 8ountain &ooking &ike a NoahFs ark, a'i(st 'ountains, forests, above an o&( )or&( of sufferings, rea(y to &isten to the -ea$herCs %or(* -he -ea$herCs )or( )as short, si'!&e an( ins!iring* 1e trusts the !eo!&e )ho fo&&o)e( the )i&& of #o(, 'anage( to sti&& be there, insi(e the taiga, $reating a foun(ation for a ne) )or&( for a&rea(y 20 years* 1e e,!resse( his ho!e that they )i&& be ab&e to fu&fi&& their $o''on as!iration* + fe&t that though in $o'!arison )ith 7 bi&&ions of !eo!&e of the !&anet, these !eo!&e 'ight see' to be on&y fe), sti&& they $ou&( be ab&e by their heroi$ (ee(s to $reate a ne) s!iritua& an( se&f-suffi$ient foun(ation for another ne) )or&(* + fe&t that their tea$her )ithout any &ooking ba$k has been $reating $on(itions for the' to $hange an( be$o'e this foun(ation* %e ha!!ene( to be stan(ing $&ose to =&eg Ko&esnik the hea( of .here'shanka a('inistration, ;issarionCs fo&&o)er, an( our frien(* 1e offere( his he&!, if nee(e(*

Wa*+ for the )a**e for fusion




Nina! A*e4ander! Dhanes)ara! S)eta! Adrian! 0ountain! "# $anuar


5eaut 3

%e s!ent an unforgettab&e evening on the 8ountain )ith a very unusua& fa'i&y* %e ha( a heartfe&t 'eeting in a )ar' insi(e an( insi(e a&& of us at'os!here together )ith 0nna an( 0(rian* -hey to&( us their story* 1e )as born in .uba an( she in 7kraine* -hey 'et ea$h other in 7kraine an( that )as the !&a$e )here they first 'et ;issarion* -hey both i''e(iate&y fe&t the -ruth an( 'ove( to Siberia* No) theyFve &ive( on the 8ountain for a&'ost 14 years* -hey starte( by &iving in a tent an( )hen 0nnaCs 'other arrive( she )as horrifie( by that* No) they have a beautifu& house fu&& of <oy an( three $hi&(ren* 0(e&a, Jusiano ab( 4avi( are true 5'ountaineers6* 0nna )orks )ith $hi&(ren in a kin(ergarten, 0(rian at s$hoo& )orking )ith boys* 0nna &ooks &ike a gir&, inf&uen$e(, as it see's to 'e, by her high &ife !ur!ose an( a ne) )ay of &ife %e fe&t har'ony of their re&ationshi!s* 3ove )as there every)here the )ay !arents treat ea$h other an( $o''uni$ate )ith one another an( $hi&(ren in a <oyous an( <oking )ay* -he ne,t (ay ear&y in the 'orning 4on 4hanesvara $ooke( an unusua& an( tasty breakfast 5!rasa(6, so the +n(ian s'e&& of s!i$es fi&&e( the house )hereas gratitu(e fi&&e( our hearts* 0t 'i((ay )e ha( a 'eeting )ith the -ea$her, fa$e to fa$e an( heart to heart* + $ou&( fee& his si&ent an( !o)erfu& !resen$e, )hi&e sitting besi(e hi', though si'u&taneous&y + ha( to trans&ate the $onversation an( 4onCs s!iritua& ?uestions an( ;issarionCs ans)ers* -he -ruth about one an( the sa'e s!iritua& &a) for a&& !eo!&e of the /arth )as there* Jou $an )at$h this vi(eo here htt!I::)))*'e(iafire*$o':)at$h:KrgLL4H?ky9?n9o:4hanesvaraMNA9OsP4is$ussionP)ithP;issarionP1LJ an1A*avi %e a&so s!oke about 2ea$e 2o&e 2ea$e ;i&&age Ne) /arth !ro<e$ts to be 'anifeste( on the 2ro'ise( 3an(* -he 'eeting )as $o'!&ete( )ar'&y an( heartfe&ting&y an( )e a&& )ere <oyfu& in fee&ing that our $o''on (rea' about a 2ea$e 2o&e, the i(ea hinte( by the -ea$her, )as e,!resse( as an 0!!ea& of the !eo!&e of the 2ro'ise( 3an( for (ifferent !eo!&e fro' a&& over the )or&(, for a&& nations, 'ove'ents, re&igions to $o'e together an( &ive in a frien(&y at'os!here $reating together a ne) )or&(* +t a&so e,!resse( 'y )or&( tri! to fin( an( unite !eo!&e for this very /n(eavour* %e a&& fe&t <oy that our $o''on (rea' about this internationa& vi&&age for the future )as fe( )ith ne) !o)er an( be$o'ing 'ore an( 'ore rea&*

'n -adim Red+in house! 0ountain! "6$anuar

')anna! -*adimir! Dhanes)ara! Nina! "7$anuar

%hen the 'eeting )as over, ;&a(i'ir ;e(ernikov brought us in his $ar to 2etro!av&ovka* =n the )ay ba$k )e ha( a !re$ious o!!ortunity to 'eet +vanna, his )ife an( to s!eak again about the $o''unityCs &ife* %e )ent by a goo( )inter roa( an( ;&a(i'ir to&( us ho) they starte( $reating this roa( in the (ee! taiga an( the sett&e'ent on the 8ountain 20 years ago@ +t )as (one )ithout 'oney an( govern'enta& su!!ort* +t $ou&( be na'e( nothing but a heroi$ (ee(* %e arrive( at 2etro!av&ovka at our s'a&& house )ithout &i'its as it hoste( that evening 24 !eo!&e* %hi&e on the 'ountain so'e of our frien(s rushe( to us )ith great <oy $a&&ing 'e their 5'other6 an( so, )e invite( the' - !eo!&e fro' (ifferent vi&&ages of the 2ro'ise( 3an( to $o'e to 2etro!av&ovka to our house for $reating a <oint $e&ebration of &ife an( a .ir$&e of #ratitu(e*

%e starte( the ne,t (ay the 1Lth of January, )ith visiting a&& kin(s of 'aster sho!s, )here $hi&(ren &earn to get 'aster ski&&s an( it )as an i&&ustration of a theoreti$a& $onversation )ith ;&a(i'ir about the )ay they e(u$ate $hi&(ren to be$o'e $reators of &ife an( 'asters of this or that ski&&* 1e sho)e( us &ots of !ra$ti$a& things they (o to $reate a&& they nee( for in(e!en(ent &ife )ith an a$$ent for arts* %e sa) $hi&(renCs $reativity e,!resse( in (ifferent for's an( )e a&& ha( a fee&ing that a ne) generation of ne) !eo!&e of a ne) future is being e(u$ate( here* =&eg Ko&esnik he&!e( us to a&so visit #u&yaevka vi&&age by !rovi(ing us )ith a $ar* =ur intent )as to fee& the at'os!here of this s'a&& taiga vi&&age an( to 'eet our o&( frien(s Svet&ana 4ya$henko a $horeogra!her an( (an$er, 8itra a 'aster of han(i$rafts, 3esha Skorev 5(ire$tor6 of a Russian banya on the shore of Ka9ir river, +rina an( 0&e,an(er #rat$hevsC fa'i&y )ho host &ots of !eo!&e in their big an( beautifu& house, 2etra an( Digfri( a $ou!&e fro' #er'any, 2etra is a 'aster at knitting )o'en an( 'enCs (resses* %e visite( Kristo!h a )on(erfu& 'aster of $reating $horus singing of a&& kin(s of !rayers an( 'antras* +n his 1ouse of 8usi$ )e sang this ti'e a&& together 51ari ='6* +n the 1ouse of .hi&(renCs .reativity ;o&o(ya Ne'ov a 'an fro' 7kraine, to&( us about their e(u$ationa& )ork of $hi&(ren, !arents an( tea$hers to $reate har'onious re&ationshi!s )ith ea$h other an( a&& !eo!&e* +t )as a great (ay fu&& of events* +n the evening our tea' took !art in the .hrist'as $e&ebration of 2etro!av&ovka 7nite( fa'i&y* +t )as Dhanna 3a!teva a !ro(u$er, )ho invite( us to bring so'ething 5ne)6 to their event, so it )as both <oyfu& an( res!onsib&e to be )orth their trust* 0n( )e (i( our best to $reate a s!ontaneous !erfor'an$e e,!ressing the i(ea of one 7nite( fa'i&y &iving an( $o-$reating on a 2ro'ise( 3an(* L

=n the 17 th of January ;&a(i'ir an( +vanna ;e(ernikovs invite( us to visit their house in 2etro!av&ovka* -heir &ove an( (evotion story $ou&( not but 'ove us great&y* -heyFve &ive( in the $o''unity for 1H years* ;&a(i'ir 'entione( that every 'an shou&( be ab&e to $onstru$t his house an( to a&so be a 'aster of so'e favorite ski&&, usefu& for &ife* So, they &ive( on the 8ountain an( ;&a(i'ir $onstru$te( their house there* -hen they )ere aske( to go (o)n an( &ive in 2etro!av&ovka* %ithout any hesitation they 'ove(, &eaving their house for so'e $hi&(renCs a$tivity on the 'ountain* Ey that ti'e they ha( three $hi&(ren an( they ha( no house to &ive, so they ha( to &ive in their frien(sC house for 2 years an( then, as if fo&&o)ing the (ivine !&an, a govern'enta& !rogra' for house $onstru$tion for bigger fa'i&ies )as a$$e!te(* Nobo(y be&ieve( in this but they (i(* So, by entering this !rogra' they )ere given the nee(e( finan$e for the $onstru$tion of their ne) big an( beautifu& house* +snCt it a great e,a'!&e of a $on$e!t that )e $an not o)n anything on /arth an( a&& )i&& be given, if nee(e(, not to o)n but to take $are of an( ennob&e it )ith han(s an( &ove> 0t the en( of our $onversation ;&a(i'ir offere( 4hanesvara a&& he e,!resse( as his )ish to &ive for so'e 'onths to better &earn &ife in the $o''unity a !&a$e to &ive an( an inter!reter to $o''uni$ate )ith Russians* %e a&so agree( u!on our !ossib&e arriva& at the en( of 8ayO )hen the roa(s )i&& be $&ear to $hoose the &an( for an internationa& 2ea$e ;i&&age Ne) /arth !ro<e$t* Eefore &eaving 2etro!av&ovka that (ay, our 5un&i'ite( house6 again hoste( our frien(s fro' the 2ro'ise( 3an( an( )e $reate( a fina& .ir$&e of #ratitu(e* /verybo(y )ho )ishe( e,!resse( his:her gratitu(e an( i'!ressions about our &ife together an( visions for the future* -he e,!e(ition )as over )ithout an en(* %e fe&t ne) hori9ons to be o!ene( for 'anifesting our big $o''on (rea' for !eo!&e of the )or&( to &ive in a 2ea$e ;i&&age on a Ne) /arth an( $o$reate together in a frien(&y at'os!here to be$o'e a $ross- roa(s of a&& $reative 'ove'ents an( to 'ake a ne), (ifferent )or&( !ossib&e* Some im(ressions8 "9 What is the ""th Christmas New Earth e4(edition : nomadic New Hori;ons schoo* for me< Its the main event in my life It was an opportunity to visit a community of devoted and self-independent people and learn how they live. %9 What has chan,ed in m bod ! consciousness! sou*< An appreciation for their determined effort and leadership in this area of new possibility, creating a new future as an example to humanity. 29 What are the bri,htest im(ressions ' ha)e e4(erienced< Seeing such a large number of happy people who are united in purpose and community. It was a oy to experience. !hey are a model for people everywhere. #9 What *essons ha)e ' had and what (ractica* outcomes ha)e ' made for m se*f< "earning how these people devotedly follow their teacher. It is my desire to spend some more time at the community to learn more how they manage their community, and how they are so motivated to live selflessly. 69 What (ractica* ste(s do ' see in connection with the e)ent< #eturning to the community for a longer stay from the late spring through the summer. =9 What can ' do for the rea*i;ation of >Peace -i**a,e : New Earth : Peace Po*e? (roject @in case ' fee* itA< 7

$eace $ole is the concept of people of various bac%grounds and cultures living in harmony. !his can only be accomplished by those who have a sufficiently high level of spiritual development and who are connected with the Supreme. $ersons who are &od-centered can teach others by their example. !he 'rishnaites have a concept that is very similar to the $eace $ole($eace )illage. !heir concept is that harmony is not possible on the material level alone. Actual harmony can only be reali*ed by inviting &od into our presence. +hen this is done, people from all wal%s of life and all cultures can live in harmony on the spiritual level, by rising above all material designations and material identities. !his is the basis of real harmony. It does not re,uire agreement on the details of their spiritual understanding, but on the common principle of service to &od. !he 'rishnaites come from a long tradition of masters who teach the spiritual science of the eternal religion. I would li%e to offer seminars(instruction on the spiritual science to those who live in the $eace )illage. 79 Whom @whatA and wh ' woud *i+e to e4(ress ,ratitude< I want to express my deep than%s to -ina &oncharova for inviting me on this expedition, and for her care, introduction to many wonderful people, and her assistance in translation which made it possible to have a meaningful and memorable, and even a profound, visit. Dhanes)ara Das! BSA .!he expedition is a wonder and discovery for me. I am still ama*ed by this unusual /ndeavour. !he brightest impression is creation of humans hands and the system of education for children to be co-creators. Also I was impressed by the fact of how the people of the Abode of 0awn community collaborate with governmental systems. 1y gratitude is to all those people who opened their doors to us and accepted us warmly and heartfelt. Tat ana Cremne)a! Dir an+a )i**a,e Toms+ re,ion! Siberia E Russia .!he 22th 3hristmas -ew /arth expedition has become a very meaningful event for me, as it made me reexamine my beliefs about the world, events, people. I reali*ed that I should follow the path of spiritual development and I do %now what is to be done first. I felt admiration for people, their fates, their wondrous %indness, openness, and absence of fanatics and in spite of many difficulties, their capacity to create a new life, based on new spiritual relationships. It is obvious that the system of education, real deeds and real achievements are worth seeing and experiencing. !he bright impressions are the 3ross +al% for the Abode of dawn on the 1ountain, and meeting Svetlana )ladimirs%aya, a singer. !he main lesson is to start with myself, to change my way of life, my attitude towards life and people, to read the spiritual teaching and all will be well 4 these are my first practical steps. I say than% you to all my friends for this precious experience to live together, to all people whom we met in the villages 4 $etropavlov%a, &ulyaev%a, 3heremshan%a. 1y special gratitude is to 0on #ousse for his simplicity, clarity of thoughts, for his way of life and his wish to ma%e a better world. . I have no words to express my gratitude to -ina &oncharova for her unordinary love to all people, for her special radiance, understanding, her s%ills to unite all people, for her faith in a bright future, for capacity to organi*e things on the highest level. 0ue to this the expedition has become a great and meaningful event full of events, inspirations and unforgettable impressions. In the future I would li%e to live in one of villages on the $romised "and. I could be useful in the field of arts and literature5 O*,a So*onen+o! Toms+ K

FThe e4(edition enriched me ,reat* 9 ' met with se)era* facts reenforcin, me in the truth of m out*oo+ for de)e*o(ment of the sou*9 0 (ractica* ste(s now are to *earn the *iterature that ' ,ot there! to become aware of what ' saw and heard in the communit in order to better rea*i;e the su(er tas+ in connection with its de)e*o(ment9 ' am ,ratefu* to e)er bod for ,ood Fc*imateG a** e4(edition *on,9 ' am ,ratefu* to a** members of the communit for their warm attitude towards usG9 A*e4ander Sa*tan! Toms+ FDurin, the H da s of our e4(edition! ' met man ha(( (eo(*e! smi*in,! read to share their *ife e4(erience! their stories about how the arri)ed to join the communit ! their *ife in the )i**a,es9 E)er da was fu** of communication! meetin, new (eo(*e! e)er da circ*es of ,ratitude and becomin, aware of the da we *i)ed to,ether9 ' shou*d start with how beautifu* the )i**a,es are8 much s+ ! s(ace! forestsI beautifu* streets are natura** co**aboratin, with wi*d nature9 1or a tired citi;en of a cit ! e)en this cou*d be enou,h3 'f ' cou*d te** with m words the rh thm of *ife ' was *uc+ to touch! ' mi,ht ha)e (assed to ou an unbe*ie)ab*e ha((iness @that mi,ht ha)e fe*t our ancestors who *i)ed in communitiesA! ha((iness of unit ! ha((iness of (eo(*e who do one and the same Endea)our! ha((iness of re*ati)e sou*s! ha((iness to be a (art of a bi, fami* 9 ' wi** not e)en tr to s(ea+ about -issarion J ma (eo(*e ca** him a Teacher J sim(* a Teacher9 ' res(ect their faith! thou,h ' ha)e not read an boo+s with his Teachin,9 5ut a ,reat Kuestion emer,es J how cou*d be ab*e to (ut to,ether such a ,reat number of @be*ie)e me! adeKuateA (eo(*e! (eo(*e:creators! interestin,! o(ened! and sincere (eo(*e : in one (*ace J as the sa in the fair ta*e8 >'snLt it a mirac*e J what a mirac*e it isMMM> Their musica* ta*ents! their schoo*s! their c*ubs! and their warm o(enness J itLs worth admirationM How i,norant we are to ,i)e names FWho is whoG< As for me! in m womanNs heart! which is tired of the cit ! business! *ife difficu*ties and *one*iness! some Ho(e a((ears >Now ' +now thatNs where ' wi** tr to a,ain be ha(( >3 Sofia Tar+o)a! No)osibirs+ 29 What is the ""th Christmas New Earth e4(edition : nomadic New Hori;ons Schoo* for me6 It was a real new step in integrating the Abode of 0awn /ndeavour with a creative potential of #ussia and the world for creating a $eace )illage 4 -ew /arth 4 $eace $ole community of devoted and self-independent people as a living example of a parallel new society 4 a real new world. 7. What has chan,ed in m bod ! consciousness! sou*< 1y true self soared - flight state in my body, !ruth in my consciousness, inspiration and love in my soul. 8. What are the bri,htest im(ressions ' ha)e e4(erienced< It is feeling the close presence of a !eacher as my own true self and %nowing from within that this /ndeavour from the future is successfully being fulfilled. 99 What *essons ha)e ' had and what (ractica* outcomes ha)e ' made for m se*f< It is awareness that integration of all creative powers is possible. +e have a practical outcome 4 its our mutual decision to create an international $eace )illage 4 -ew /arth pro ects as a manifestation of the !eachers dream about a $eace $ole. :. What (ractica* ste(s do ' see in connection with the e)ent<

!o invite people of the world to co-create a $eace )illage 4 -ew /arth pro ects together and come bac% in 1ay 7;29 to the $romised "and to choose the land offered by the Abode of 0awn community and envision the image of a $eace )illage - -ew /arth pro ects and next steps together. <. What can ' do for the rea*i;ation of >Peace -i**a,e : New Earth : Peace Po*eG (roject< Ill create a new concept enriched by insights of this expedition and spread the word to people of various bac%grounds and cultures to live together and co-create a parallel new society in harmony with &od, oneself, each other and the nature. I sense that it can be accomplished by those who will hear the 3all and be able to feel the =and of &od >. Whom @whatA and wh ' wou*d *i+e to e4(ress ,ratitude< &od and 3reator, people who hosted us and those people who supported the idea of the expedition by oining it 4 my new .old5 friend 0hanesvara 0as, a man from the future and all my dear friends from Siberia. !he !eacher who has been manifesting the will of &od since his awa%ening to +ho =e Is for his total devotion to the +ill of &od and for bringing !ruth, +ord and "ove expressed in actions. -ina &oncharova
Jour heartfe&t in!uts for Ne) /arth 2ea$e ;i&&age !ro<e$ts are a!!re$iate(B 2&ease $onta$t #ongA000Qngs*ru,$ R7 91A 4L4 7H 1A, R7 AKA" 2H 07 72