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Rural Crime Task Force

7000 Michael Canlis Blvd French Camp, Ca 95231 209 !"# !!25 Fa$ 209 !"# !3#0

%e& 'ler& (ecem)er 23 , 2013 *anuar+ 2!&h, 201!


C,--.R/01R. T2.FT
In the 14000 block of N Beckman Rd, unknown suspects stole wire from Ag pump with value of !,000" 1#$%&!0' In the %0000 block of N (ennefick Rd, unknown suspects stole wire from pump, with a value of )!0" 14$1*1 In the )*00 block of + Acampo Rd, unknown suspects stole %000 worth of copper wire from pumps" 14$1!% In the &#00 block of ,ive -ak Rd, unknown suspects stole 1%! feet of copper wire estimated at 1'00" 1#$#00%4 In the area of Alpine.+ight /ile Rds, unknown suspects stole 1! feet of wire valued at !00" 14$1)01 In the 1&000 block of + 0ra1ier Rd, suspects stole * $%40 feet of wire valued at *!00"A mid &02s dark 3hev4 truck was seen leaving the area" 14$11%1 In the 1%000 block of N 5w4 '', unknown suspects attempted to steal the wire, but were unsuccessful" 14$)*% In the area of 6argent. Ra4 Roads, unknown suspects stole 1000 worth of wire" 14$#)0 In the #'00 block of + 7oodbridge Rd, unknown suspects stole copper wire valued at 1!00" 14$1#4 In the 1&000 block of + 5arne4 ,ane, unknown suspects stole wire and damaged the electrical bo8" ,oss estimated at !000" 1#$#0014 In the area of 0ra1ier. 3lements Roads, unknown suspects used the victim2s tractor to steal !40 feet of wire from a conduit" 9otal loss is 10,000"1#$%&&#! In the 1!000 block of N :ack 9one Road, unknown suspects stole an unknown amount of wire with an unknown value" 1#$%&''1 In the 4400 block of 7 0orest ,ake Rd, unknown suspects stole %00 feet of wire valued at #000" 1#$%&)'1

T,,3/.451-M.%T T2.FT
In the %4000 block of + 5w4 4, unknown suspect stole a %00 gallon fertili1er tank valued at 1!0" 6uspects were in a white pick up" 14$1!' In the '100 block of N ;odesta ,ane, suspects stole a (ubota <uad, diesel fuel, misc items" ,oss estimated at )000" ;ossible suspect is 3armen 6oto" 14$1'&)

In the area of 5arrold.+ 5w4 1%0, unknown suspects stole a trailer with :ohn =eere motor and tank mounted on it" ,oss valued at #0,000 In the area of 0ine. 5w4 %), unknown suspects stole 1%! ring rollers and a >?@ ditcher" ,oss estimated at #!00" 14$'*) In the 1*000 block of + 5w4 4, unknown suspect stole a radiator from a pump valued at 1000" 14$*)4 In the &000 block of + 0rench 3amp Rd, unknown suspects stole # interstate batteries valued at !00" 14$)04 In the area of (ettlemen. 5oerl Rds, unknown suspects stole a trailer with % port a potties on it" +stimated loss is #000" 14$%10 In the area of ,amb. 7alnut Arove Rd, unknown suspects stole a generator, auger and gas valued at )00" 1#$%&*'* In the area of Buckman. 0unck Rd, unknown suspects stole irrigation drip line, sprinklers and braces valued at 1100" 1#$%&##) In the %0000 block of 6e8ton Rd, unknown suspects broke into a storage container and stole an air compressor valued at #!00" 14$!#1 In the %*000 block of e 6orrenti ,n, unknown suspect stole two generators, two drills, and misc tools from a shipping container" ,oss estimated at *%00" 14$14*% In the area of :acobs. Burns 3utoff Rd, unknown suspect stole a 1! hp motor and a brass valve valued at %400" A black male in a brown pick up was seen in the area" 14$1#&0 In the '000 block of 7 3otta Rd, suspects stole hand tools and attempted to steal batteries from a tractor" 6uspects described as % white males" 9he first male is )2#@$)2)@ and #*!$ 4%! lbs" 9he second suspect is about )2, 1'0 lbs with facial hair" 9he4 were last seen in a green suv either a 3hev4 9ahoe or 6uburban with chrome wheels" 14$1#*1

F5.3 T2.FT
In the 1%000 block of + +ight /ile Rd, unknown suspects stole a green single a8le fuel wagon with #00 gallons of diesel" No identif4ing numbers or markings on it" 1#$%&'04

In the 1*000 block of + /ilgeo Av, unknown suspects stole a walnut burl and attempted to steal another one" ,oss estimated at 1*00" 14$1*10 and 14$*! In the %4000 block of + /ariposa Rd, suspects diverted water from victim to irrigate their fields" 14$1)4#

656-1C1,56 7.21C3.6 In ,odi area Areen 6uburban or 9ahoe believed to be involved in theft of tools" 14$1#*1 In 0rench 3amp.9rac4 area, brown pick up seen in area of theft 14$1#&0
In the 0armington area a white pick up was seen stealing a fertili1er tank" 14$1!' In the ,inden.3lements area a dark mid &02s 3hev4 pick up seen leaving area of wire theft" 14$11%1

R.C,7.R.( -R,-.RT8
A 4ellow fuel wagon was located b4 farmer in his field" No known owner" A 1&&0 ;olar milk tanker stolen out of /odesto in %01#" %0,000 1#$%!1)) A %00! 7est/ark 9anker stolen out of /odesto in %01# 1!,000 1#$%!1))

'RR.6T6 -edro Becerra, 5/A arrested for theft and possession of stolen vehicles 1#$ %!1)) Mario ,9eda, 5/A arrested for theft and stolen vehicles 1#$%!1))

-lease repor& an+ and all ac&ivi&+ &ha& makes +ou suspicious: 1; i&<s possi)le, onl+ ;ill +our ;uel &anks =i&h &he amoun& o; ;uel +ou need: 2ave &he >as &rucks come &o +ou more o;&en: For non emer>enc+ repor&s 2! hours a da+, +ou can call ?209@ !"# !!00: 1n &he even& o; emer>enc+ call 911: