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Henrietta Lacks Lacks

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St. Bonaventure University First-Year Experience ABR Committee, t. Bona!enture "ni!ersity, #$%$

Chapter 1: &'e Exam( Summary: )enrietta is examined at t'e *yneco+o*y c+inic at ,o'ns )op-ins )ospita+ by .r. )oward ,ones, and 'er brief medica+ 'istory is re!iewed. &'e medica+ 'istory *i!es t'e reader an understandin* of 'er bac-*round and sop'istication. Questions to Ponder: %. )ow wou+d you describe )enrietta/s experiences and attitudes toward medica+ care prior to 'er cancer dia*nosis0 #. 1'y did )enrietta *o to ,o'ns )op-ins rat'er t'an anot'er 'ospita+0 People Introduced in this Chapter: .a!id 2.ay3 4ac-s )enrietta 4ac-s adie 5ar*aret )oward ,ones .ebora' 4ac-s ,oe 4ac-s Key Terms:

Chapter : C+o!er( Summary: 1'en 'er mot'er dies )enrietta and 'er nine sib+in*s are sp+it to +i!e amon*st t'eir re+ati!es. )enrietta was sent to +i!e wit' 'er *randfat'er, &ommy 4ac-s, in C+o!er, 6A. )er cousin, .a!id 2.ay3, a+so +i!es wit' 'er *randfat'er. Questions to Ponder: %. .escribe )enrietta/s experiences wit' se*re*ation w'en s'e was *rowin* up in C+o!er. #. 1'y were 7obs at parrows 8oint so attracti!e to b+ac- men e!en t'ou*' t'ey were paid +ess t'an w'ite men doin* t'e exact same 7obs0

People Introduced in this Chapter: 4oretta 8+easant E+i9a 4ac-s 8+easant ,o'nny 8+easant &ommy 8+easant 4awrence 4ac-s 4uci+e E+sie 8+easant

Key Terms:

Chapter !: :.ia*nosis and &reatment( Summary: )enrietta under*oes radium treatment and sur*ery for 'er cancer. &'e aut'or describes w'at was -nown about cancer at t'e time as we++ as state-of-t'e-art treatments. &wo tissue samp+es are ta-en from )enrietta before 'er tumor is remo!ed. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'at was t'e current medica+ t'in-in* about cer!ica+ cancer at t'e time of )enrietta/s dia*nosis0 #. Comment on t'e use of radium as a cancer treatment and as a cause of cancer. ;. Carefu++y read t'e permission form )enrietta si*ned before 'er sur*ery. <i!en t'at s'e 'ad a sixt' *rade education do you t'in- s'e understood w'at s'e si*ned0

People Introduced in this Chapter: Ric'ard 1es+ey &e4inde <eor*e <ey 5ar*aret <ey 4awrence 1'arton

Key Terms: Epidermoid carcinoma =n!asi!e/nonin!asi!e carcinoma Carcinoma in situ

Chapter ": &'e Birt' of )e4a( Summary: &'e tissue samp+es ta-en from )enrietta be*in to *row>somet'in* t'at 'ad ne!er 'appened before. <eor*e <ey a*rees to s'are t'e *rowin* ce++s. Questions to Ponder: %. Comment on your perception of t'e steri+ity of t'e <ey/s +ab. #. 1'y do you t'in- <eor*e <ey a*reed to s'are t'e ce++s0 People Introduced in this Chapter: 5ary ?ubiceKey Terms:

Chapter #: :B+ac-ness Be preadin* A++ =nside( Summary: )enrietta tries 'ard to maintain as norma+ a +ife as possib+e w'i+e continuin* to under*o cancer treatments. At first, t'e treatments appear to be successfu+ and 'er tumor disappears. E+sie is mo!ed to Crowns!i++e tate )ospita+. Questions to Ponder: %. .escribe )enrietta/s reaction to 'er inferti+ity. #. )ow we++ do you t'in- s'e understood 'er i++ness0 )er treatment0

Chapter $: :4ady/s on t'e 8'one( Summary: Rebecca -+oot contacts Ro+and 8atti++o in an attempt to reac' )enrietta/s fami+y. )er first and second contacts wit' .ebora' are !ery different and +ea!e Rebecca confused. Rebecca a+so is ab+e to ta+- wit' )enrietta/s 'usband, .ay. Questions to Ponder: ;. 1'y did Ro+and 8atti++o as- Rebecca w'at s'e -new about African-Americans and science before 'e wou+d *i!e 'er .ebora'/s p'one number0 @. 1'y do you t'in- .ebora' deferred to :t'e men( w'en ma-in* a decision about w'et'er or not to ta+- wit' -+oot0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: Ro+and 8atti++o

Chapter %: &'e .eat' and 4ife of Ce++ Cu+ture( Summary: Rebecca pro!ides 'istorica+ context for <ey/s brea-t'rou*' in 'uman ce++ *rowt'. <ey s'ares ce++s, at no cost, wit' researc'ers wor-in* to cure cancer. Questions to Ponder: A. 1'y do you t'in- <ey/s brea-t'rou*' was i*nored by bot' t'e *enera+ pub+ic and t'e medica+ community0 B. .o you t'in- Carre+/s c+aims about 'is immorta+ ce++s wou+d *o unc'a++en*ed today0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: A+exis Carre+

Key )octors and *esearchers Involved +ith ,enrietta and )evelopment o- ,e.a Cell .ine Chapter &: :A 5iserab+e pecimen( Summary: &'ou*' )enrietta/s doctors to+d )enrietta s'e was fine, from ,une %CA% )enrietta was in increasin* pain. At +ast, doctors confirmed t'at tumors were *rowin* inside )enrietta. 'e 'ad no c'oice but to stay in t'e 'ospita+, 'owe!er, radiation treatments and pain-i++ers fai+ed to stop t'e spread of cancer t'rou*'out )enrietta/s body. Ce++s were a*ain ta-en from )enrietta wit'out 'er -now+ed*e. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'at does :bene!o+ent deception( mean, accordin* to t'is aut'or0 #. 1'y did t'e doctor say t'at )enrietta was :a miserab+e specimen(0 ;. .o you t'in- t'at )enrietta recei!ed t'orou*' and proper medica+ care0

People Introduced in this Chapter: adie 5ar*aret .ay .r. <eor*e <ey 4aure Aure+ian

Key Terms: miserab+e specimen bene!o+ent deception immorta+

Chapter ': :&urner tation( Summary: &'e aut'or tra!e+s to Ba+timore to try to inter!iew )enrietta/s fami+y. 'e doesn/t succeed but meets residents in )enrietta/s o+d nei*'bor'ood in &urner tation, outside of Ba+timore. Questions to Ponder: %. )ow did &urner tation c'an*e from t'e %C@$s to t'e time t'e aut'or !isited t'ere0 #. 1'y do you t'in- peop+e were re+uctant to ta+- to t'e aut'or, Rebecca -+oot0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: .a!id : onny( 4ac-s ,r. &urner tation 5ic'ae+ Ro*ers Courtney peed C+o!er, 6ir*inia

Chapter 1(: :&'e Dt'er ide of t'e &rac-s( Summary: Rebecca tra!e+s to C+o!er, to ta+- to )enrietta/s cousins and meets :Cootie,( )enrietta/s cousin w'o sti++ suffers from t'e effects of a c'i+d'ood bout wit' po+io. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'at -ind of p+ace is C+o!er0 #. 1'at does Cootie say about :spirits( in C+o!er0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms:

)ector )enry, :Cootie(

:t'e ot'er side of t'e trac-s( po+io spirits

Chapter 11: :&'e .e!i+ of 8ain =tse+f( Summary: &'is c'apter re+ates )enrietta/s fina+ and unima*inab+y painfu+ days. )enrietta/s cousin Emmett and six ot'er men !isit )enrietta in t'e 'ospita+ and donate b+ood to 'e+p 'er. )owe!er, repeated transfusions and powerfu+ pain-i++ers are use+ess. Before s'e passes away, )enrietta as-s .ay and 'er sister to ta-e *ood care of t'e c'i+dren, especia++y +itt+e .ebora', w'en s'e is *one. Questions to Ponder: %. )ow did Emmett describe )enrietta in t'e 'ospita+0 #. )a!e you or someone in your fami+y e!er been sic- and in *reat pain0 .id members of your extended fami+y inc+udin* cousins come and 'e+p you or your fami+y member0 ;. &'ou*' )enrietta/s fami+y was not materia++y wea+t'y, cou+d we say t'at t'e 4ac-s fami+y was ric' in ot'er ways0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Emmett, E+sie, <+adys, and .ebora' 4ac-s adie Key Terms: transfusion ana+*esics

Chapter 1 : &'e torm( Summary: &'is c'apter describes w'at 'appened durin* )enrietta/s autopsyE as t'e doctor and 'is assistant too- tissue samp+es from )enrietta/s cancer-ridden body, t'e assistant fina++y rea+i9ed t'at )enrietta was a :rea+ person,( not on+y a source of ce++s. &'e c'apter a+so re+ates w'at 'appened durin* )enrietta/s funera+ and buria+, inc+udin* a sudden dead+y storm 7ust at t'e moment w'en )enrietta/s coffin was +owered into 'er *ra!e. Questions to Ponder: %. cientists and doctors are often critici9ed for treatin* peop+e as a body>as specimens>as numbers or statistics>as an entry in a medica+ c'art> a ce++ +ine>and not as indi!idua+ 'uman bein*s. Reca++ t'e numerous examp+es of t'is in t'e boo-. #. Are you fami+iar wit' t'e custom of pub+ic !iewin* of a deceased/s body0 1'at si*nificance does t'is 'a!e for a community0 ;. )ow did Cousin 8eter interpret t'e sudden storm0 .o you a*ree0 People Introduced in this Chapter: .r. 1i+bur 2pat'o+o*ist3 8eter 4ac-s 2cousin3 Key Terms: code of et'ics uremia autopsy

Chapter 1!: :&'e )e4a Factory( Summary: &'is c'apter describes 'ow )enrietta/s ce++s spread from .r. <ey/s +ab to t'e *+oba+ science community, 'ow )enrietta/s ce++s were used in t'e wor+d/s first ce++ production factory, and 'ow )e4a a++owed ot'ers to ma-e a fortune from t'e sa+e and transport of 'er ce++s :to any scientist interested>( )enrietta/s ce++s be*an t'e mu+tibi++ion-do++ar industry of se++in* 'uman bio+o*ica+ materia+s. Questions to Ponder: %. Compare t'e experiments on and distribution of )enrietta/s ce++s done by t'e &us-e*ee =nstitute wit' t'e &us-e*ee syp'i+is studies 2p. A$3, bot' conducted by t'e same =nstitute at t'e same time. 1'at are t'e simi+arities and differences between t'e two pro7ects0 #. .o you t'in- t'at t'e *ood brou*'t by researc' carried out usin* )enrietta/s ce++s outwei*'s t'e et'ica+ offenses of .r. <ey and 'is +aboratory0 People Introduced in this Chapter: ,onas a+ 1i++iam c'erer C'ar+es Bynum am Reader Key Terms: po+io 2infanti+e para+ysis3 neutra+i9ation tests !iro+o*y transformation and c+onin* standardi9ation of tissue cu+turin*

Chapter 1": :)e+en 4ane( Summary: From %CA@ unti+ t'e %CF$s, t'e woman be'ind t'e )e4a ce++s wou+d be -nown eit'er as )e+en 4ane or )e+en 4arson. )er fami+y did not -now t'at ce++s were extracted from )enrietta w'i+e s'e was a+i!e and t'at 'er ce++s sti++ +i!ed in +aboratories wor+dwide. Questions to Ponder: %. .id <ey *i!e accurate information to 7ourna+ists0 #. =n your opinion did <ey act et'ica++y in t'is matter0 People Introduced in this Chapter: )e+en 4ane )e+en 4arson Key Terms: ce++ cu+ture

Chapter 1#: :&oo Youn* to Remember( Summary: &'is c'apter exp+ains w'at +ife was +i-e for )enrietta/s c'i+dren ri*'t after s'e died. )enrietta/s c'i+dren, especia++y .ebora' and ,oe, were forced to endure a traumatic and dis'eartenin* c'i+d'ood after )enrietta passed away. Questions to Ponder: %. )enrietta/s cousins ca++ed Et'e+ :t'at 'atefu+ woman.( =n w'at ways did Et'e+ +i!e up to t'at name0 #. C'oose t'ree words to describe w'at +ife was +i-e for )enrietta/s c'i+dren in t'e years after 'er deat'. ;. 1'y did ,oe *row up to be suc' an an*ry c'i+d0 @. 1'at inf+uence did Bobbette 'a!e on .ebora'/s +ife0 A. .o you t'in- it wou+d 'a!e been beneficia+ to .ebora' if someone 'ad to+d 'er more about 'er mom and E+sie0 1'y or w'y not0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Et'e+ <a+en )enrietta/s C'i+dren- 4awrence, onny, .ebora', and ,oe Bobbette Key Terms: &ubercu+osis

Chapter 1$: : pendin* Eternity in t'e ame 8+ace( Summary: =n t'is c'apter, t'e aut'or meets wit' se!era+ of )enrietta/s re+ati!es to +earn more about )enrietta/s +ife and w'o s'e tru+y was as a person. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'o is C+iff and w'ere did 'e brin* Rebecca0 1'y did 'e brin* 'er t'ere0 #. 1'at did t'e aut'or +earn about )enrietta and 'er past in t'is c'apter0 ;. 1'y does )enrietta 'a!e some :co+ored( fami+y members and some :w'ite( fami+y members0 @. =n w'at ways did race affect )enrietta/s upbrin*in* and fami+y +ife0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Cousin Cootie C+iff 4ac-s 5ournin* <eor*e ,o'n mit' 8+easants Edmund 8+easant )enrietta 8+easant

Robin 4ac-s A+bert 4ac-s 1inston 4ac-s Ben7amin 4ac-s &ommy 4ac-s Car+ton and Ruby 4ac-s <+adys and 4i++ian 4ac-s

Chapter 1%: :=++e*a+, =mmora+, and .ep+orab+e( Summary: &'is c'apter exp+ains t'e immora+ researc' t'at doctors were performin* on uninformed patients usin* )e4a ce++s. &'e c'apter describes w'y t'e Gationa+ =nstitutes of )ea+t' 2G=)3 determined t'at medica+ researc' in!o+!in* 'uman sub7ects 'ad to be appro!ed. Questions to Ponder: %. =n your opinion, was t'e cancer researc' .r. C'ester out'am performed on patients tru+y immora+, i++e*a+, and dep+orab+e0 1'y or w'y not0 #. 1'at were t'e dan*ers and benefits of out'am/s researc'0 ;. )ow did t'e Gurember* Code and t'e G=) affect t'e medica+ +aws in p+ace today0 @. 8redict w'at wi++ 'appen to cancer researc' and scientific pro*ress now t'e G=) 'as crac-ed down on medica+ et'ics. People Introduced in this Chapter: C'ester out'am 1i++iam )yman Berti+ B7or-+und tate Attorney <enera+ 4ouis 4ef-owit9 Key Terms: 6iro+o*ist =nnocuous =nformed consent Gurember* Code Gationa+ =nstitutes of )ea+t' 2G=)3 Board of Re*ents

Chapter 1&: : tran*est )ybrid( Summary: &'is c'apter exp+ains 'ow )e4a ce++s positi!e+y and ne*ati!e+y impacted medica+ and scientific researc' in t'e %CB$s. &'e c'apter a+so describes t'e ad!anta*es and disad!anta*es of fusin* )e4a ce++s wit' anima+ ce++s for researc' purposes. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'y were scientists worried t'at t'e medica+ fie+d of tissue and ce++ cu+turin* was becomin* a disaster0 1'at was *oin* wron*0 #. "p to t'is point in t'e boo-, w'at are some of t'e ways t'at )e4a ce++s 'a!e impacted medicine and medica+ researc'0 Examp+e- )e4a ce++s 'e+ped to create t'e 8o+io !accination ;. 1'y was t'e Ce++ Cu+ture Co++ection committee formed0 1'at was t'eir 7ob0 @. 1'at was t'e purpose be'ind fusin* anima+ and 'uman ce++s0 A. 1'y were some peop+e so a*ainst t'e idea of scientists fusin* )e4a ce++s wit' anima+ ce++s0 B. .o you a*ree or disa*ree wit' scientists creatin* anima+-'uman ce++ 'ybrids0 Exp+ain. People Introduced in this Chapter: <eor*e )yatt 4ewis Corie++ Robert te!enson )enry )arris ,o'n 1at-ins Key Terms: 4-Ce++s omatic ce++ fusion

Chapter 1': :&'e 5ost Critica+ &ime on t'is Eart' is Gow( Summary: &'is c'apter describes 'ow difficu+t +ife was for bot' ,oe and .ebora'. &'e reader +earns about 'ow ,oe ends up in prison and w'y .ebora' decides to +ea!e C'eeta' to become a sin*+e mot'er. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'y was ,oe nic-named :Cra9y ,oe(0 .oes 'e +i!e up to t'at name0 #. 1'at does ,oe mean w'en 'e writes :t'e most critica+ time on t'is eart' is now(0 )ow can you re+ate to t'at statement0 ;. Compare and contrast t'e re+ations'ip of .ebora' and C'eeta' to t'e re+ations'ip between )enrietta and .ay described at t'e be*innin* of t'e boo-. )ow are t'e re+ations'ips simi+ar and different0 @. 8redict t'e s'oc-in* news .ebora' is about to *et. Based on 'ow t'e aut'or described .ebora' at t'e be*innin* of t'e boo-, 'ow do you t'in- s'e is *oin* to 'and+e t'e news0 People Introduced in this Chapter: A+fred :C'eeta'( Carter E+drid*e 4ee =!y ,une Ha-ariyya Bari Abdu+ Ra'man Key Terms: Dminous+y =nsubordination =nferiority comp+ex

Chapter (: :&'e )e4a Bomb( Summary: &'is c'apter exp+ains a ma7or ce++ cu+turin* prob+em t'at was disco!ered in %CBB. =t was be+ie!ed t'at a++ of t'e ce++s t'at 'ad been cu+tured and used for medica+ researc' up unti+ t'is point 'ad been contaminated by )e4a ce++s. =f pro!en to be true, t'is cou+d be a 'u*e setbac- for doctors and scientists. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'at exact+y was t'e :)e4a Bomb(0 #. 1'y were scientists and doctors so concerned wit' t'e news t'at tan+ey <art+er de+i!ered at t'e conference0 ;. 1'at wou+d 'appen to scientific and medica+ researc' if <art+er/s idea of )e4a contamination is true0 People Introduced in this Chapter: tan+ey <art+er &.C. )su Robert C'an*e 4eonard )ayf+ic Robert te!enson Key Terms: Ascertain pontaneous transformed 'uman ce++ cu+tures Ce++-+ine contamination <B8.-A

Chapter 1: :Gi*'t .octors( Summary: =n t'is c'apter, we be*in to understand 'ow )enrietta/s fami+y fee+s about 'er ce++s bein* ta-en from 'er wit'out consent. &'e fami+y starts to te++ Rebecca -+oot about )enrietta/s +ife and w'y t'ey percei!e t'emse+!es to be !ictims of an extreme in7ustice. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'y do you t'in- )enrietta/s fami+y treated Rebecca different+y t'an a++ t'e ot'er reporters w'o wanted information0 1'at made 'er different0 #. 1'o were t'e ni*'t doctors and w'at did t'ey do0 1'at type of impact did t'ey +ea!e on society0 ;. 1'at was t'e initia+ purpose of ,o'ns )op-ins )ospita+0 .id t'e doctors up'o+d t'e ori*ina+ purpose0 1'y or w'y not0 @. 1'y do you t'in- no one informed t'e 4ac-s fami+y )enrietta/s ce++s were ta-en0 1'y were fami+y members not updated on w'at )enrietta/s ce++s were doin* for science and medicine0 A. 1'y were 4ac-s fami+y members furious at t'e end of t'e c'apter0 B. =f you were a member of )enrietta/s fami+y, wou+d you be upset about t'e )e4a ce++ situation0 1'y or w'y not0

Chapter : :&'e Fame 'e o Ric'+y .eser!es( Summary: <eor*e <ey is dia*nosed wit' pancreatic cancer and passes away. After 'is deat', co++ea*ues pub+is' a tribute artic+e and )enrietta is fina++y named as t'e Idonor/ of t'e )e4a ce++ +ine. Questions to Ponder: %. 1ou+d you be an or*an or tissue donor0 1'y or w'y not0 #. 1ou+d you !o+unteer for medica+ researc'0 Exp+ain your answer. People Introduced in this Chapter: 1a+ter Ge+son- Rees Key Terms:

Chapter !: :=t/s A+i!e( Summary: )enrietta/s fami+y fina++y +earns 'er ce++s are a+i!e. &'e fami+y is notified and as-ed to *i!e b+ood samp+es. .ebora' be+ie!es s'e is bein* tested for cancer. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'y is effecti!e communication so important0 )ow do you communicate effecti!e+y0 #. )ow wou+d you fee+ and react if you found out doctors 'ad ta-en ce++s or tissue from a fami+y member wit'out consent0 ;. .id usan )su act in an et'ica+ manner w'en s'e spo-e wit' t'e 4ac-s fami+y0 1'y or w'y not0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: usan )su =nformed Consent

Chapter ": :4east &'ey Can .o( Summary: 5ic'ae+ Ro*ers, a writer for Ro++in* tone ma*a9ine, pub+is'es a story about )enrietta and 'er fami+y. &'is is t'e first time t'e mainstream media reports about )enrietta and 'er fami+y, and t'at t'ey were b+ac-. )enrietta/s sons become con!inced )op-ins sto+e 'er ce++s and made mi++ions. Questions to Ponder: %. <eor*e <ey didn/t ma-e money from of t'e )e4a ce++ +ine. )e a+so didn/t patent t'e ro++er drum t'at cou+d 'a!e made 'im a fortune. 1'at does t'is say about <ey and 'is c'aracter0 #. 1'at do you t'in- t'e imp+ications were w'en t'e wor+d disco!ered in %CFB t'at one of t'e most important too+s in medicine came from a b+ac- woman0 ;. C'oose t'ree words t'at describe 'ow you fee+ w'en someone ta-es credit for somet'in* you do. )ow do you react0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: 5ic'ae+ Ro*ers

Chapter #: :1'o &o+d You You Cou+d e++ 5y p+een0( Summary: ,o'n 5oore sues 'is doctor, .a!id <o+de, for usin* ce++s ta-en from 'is sp+een to try to patent proteins t'at t'e ce++s produced. <o+de stood to ma-e mi++ions from t'is patent and 5oore wanted some of t'e money. Questions to Ponder: %. .oes a patient retain ri*'ts to 'is ce++s and tissue after t'ey are remo!ed from 'is body0 #. 'ou+d ,o'n 5oore 'a!e recei!ed a sett+ement from t'is case0 1'y or w'y not0 ;. .id <o+de act et'ica++y and in t'e best interest of 'is patient t'rou*'out treatment0 8ro!ide examp+es to stren*t'en your ar*ument. People Introduced in this Chapter: ,o'n 5oore .a!id <o+de Key Terms: 8atent

Chapter $: Breac' of 8ri!acy( Summary: .ebora' recei!ed a copy of 5ic'ae+ <o+d/s boo-. &'e boo- Juoted detai+s from )enrietta/s medica+ records, inc+udin* t'e autopsyK 'er fami+y 'adn/t *i!en permission for t'ese records to be re+eased. Questions to Ponder: %. 1'y is doctor/patient confidentia+ity so important0 #. 'ou+d t'e dead 'a!e ri*'ts to pri!acy0 1'y or w'y not0 ;. C'oose t'ree words t'at describe 'ow you fee+ w'en someone doesn/t 'a!e respect for your pri!acy. )ow do you react to t'is0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: .a!id 8u++am 5ic'ae+ <o+d

Chapter %: &'e ecret of =mmorta+ity( Summary: &'e aut'or describes 'ow )enrietta/s cancer started and w'y it spread so Juic-+y. Rebecca a+so exp+ains w'y )enrietta/s ce++s are immorta+. Questions to Ponder: %. =f you were *i!en t'e option to be immorta+, wou+d you0 1'y or w'y not0 #. 'ou+d scientists be ab+e to manipu+ate .GA to produce :desi*ner babies(0 .efend your ar*ument. People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: )86 &e+omere and te+omerase )ayf+ic- 4imit

Chapter &: After 4ondon( Summary: &'e BBC ma-es a documentary about )enrietta and 'er fami+y. Ro+and 8atti++o or*ani9es t'e )e4a Cancer Contro+ ymposium in At+anta. &'e city of At+anta dec+ares Dctober %% as )enrietta 4ac-s .ay. ir 4ord ?eenan ?ester Cofie+d enters .ebora'/s +ife and fi+es a +awsuit a*ainst 'er, ,o'ns )op-ins, and many ot'ers. Questions to Ponder: %. =f you 'ad ce++s t'at cou+d +ead to a *reat medica+ disco!ery, wou+d you donate t'em for :t'e *ood of science,( or wou+d you se++ t'em0 Exp+ain your answer. #. )ow did ?idwe++/s 2)op-ins attorney3 attempt at protectin* .ebora' +ead to 'er brea-down0 ;. 1'y do you t'in- t'e *roup from )op-ins t'at 'ad been wor-in* on a way to 'onor )enrietta sudden+y stopped t'eir p+annin*0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Ric'ard ?idwe++ &erry 'arrer Barbara 1yc'e Adam Curtis ir 4ord ?eenan ?ester Cofie+d Key Terms:

Chapter 'E :A 6i++a*e of )enriettas( Summary: .ebora' a*rees to cooperate wit' Rebecca on t'e boo-K t'ey commence co++aboration on ,u+y C, #$$$ near t'e Ba+timore 'arbor. Questions to Ponder: %. .ebora' campai*ned to +earn more, and 'a!e ot'ers understand, about 'er mot'er and 'er sister. 1'y were t'eir unto+d stories !ita+ to .ebora'0 #. &oward t'e end of t'e c'apter, Rebecca as-ed .ebora' about t'e fo+der of )enrietta/s medica+ records .ebora' carried in 'er satc'e+K w'y mi*'t .ebora' 'a!e snapped :we ain/t ready for t'at( at Rebecca w'en Rebecca t'ou*'t .ebora' 'ad +aid t'e fi+e out for examination0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: <ary fluorescent in situ hybridization 2F= )3 C'ristop' 4en*auer

Chapter !(: :Ha-ariyya( Summary: 1it' .ebora' as c'auffeur and 'er *randsons .a!on and A+fred as rear-seat passen*ers, Rebecca *oes to Ha-ariyya/s apartment so s'e can inter!iew )enrietta/s youn*est son. Questions to Ponder: %. Ha-ariyya said, to RebeccaE !"e can#t even $o see a doctor cause "e can#t afford it% &nly 'eo'le that can $et any $ood from my mother cells is the 'eo'le that $ot money!( .iscuss t'e et'ica+ imp+ications of Ha-ariyya/s statement. #. )ow do you t'in- Et'e+/s treatment of youn* Ha-ariyya 2*i!en name ,oe3 affected 'is ado+escence t'en +ater-+ife +e*a+ s-irmis'es0 People Introduced in this Chapter: Key Terms: Ha-ariyya 2Hu'-CAR-ee-u'3

Chapter !1: :)e+a, <oddess of .eat'( Summary: Respectfu+ of .ebora'/s Juandary as to w'et'er Rebecca L or ot'ers L was bein* paid for )enrietta/s story, Rebecca p+ed*es to estab+is' a )enrietta 4ac-s .escendants c'o+ars'ip w'en t'e boo- is pub+is'ed. Rebecca a+so introduces .ebora' to t'e 1or+d 1ide 1eb w'ic' +eads .ebora' to fascinatin* and +on*-winded Henrietta and HeLa searc'es. Questions to Ponder: %. By t'is time, Rebecca be*an sendin* .ebora' media pac-ets containin* bot' factua+ and out+andis' fictiona+ stories of )e4a ce++ useK w'y do you t'in- Rebecca c'ose t'is time period to +et .ebora' sift t'ese fiction and non-fiction accounts. #. )enrietta/s *reat *randdau*'ter Eri-a earned a master/s de*ree in psyc'o+o*y in 5ay #$%$. =f you 'a!e access to records, trace your fami+y/s education tree L from your *reat *randparents on bot' sides to you.

Chapter ! : :/A++ &'at/s 5y 5ot'er/( Summary: .ebora', Ha-ariyya, and Rebecca meet C'ristop' at 'is ,o'ns )op-ins +ab to examine )e4a ce++s and discuss t'eir commerce. Questions to Ponder: %. .o you t'in- t'ere was any symbo+ism to .ebora', Ha-ariyya, and Rebecca meetin* at t'e )op-ins/s ,esus statue on 5ay %%, #$$% as t'ey readied to see )enrietta/s ce++sK )enrietta 'erse+f 'ad near+y passed t'e statue A$ years ear+ier 2,anuary #C, %CA%3 as :&'e =mmorta+ 4ife of )enrietta 4ac-s( be*an at ,o'ns )op-ins. #. C'ristop' to+d .ebora' and Ha-ariyya, about t'eir mot'er/s ce++sE :Dnce t'ere is a cure for cancer, it/s definite+y +ar*e+y because of your mot'er/s ce++s.( )e t'en used an ana+o*y about owners'ip ri*'ts of findin* oi+ on property. .iscuss your t'ou*'ts about t'e Henrietta )ells and &il Ri$hts &"nershi' conundrum.

Chapter !!: :&'e )ospita+ for t'e Ge*ro =nsane( Summary: .ebora' and Rebecca embar- on a wee--+on* Juest to disco!er E+ise/s 'istory, startin* at t'e former Hos'ital for the *e$ro Insane L at t'e time of t'eir !isit renamed The )ro"nsville +,-. Hos'ital )enter. 2&'e )ospita+ subseJuent+y c+osed in ,u+y #$$@.3 Questions to Ponder: %. .iscuss 4ur9/s *ent+e statement to .ebora' about 'er Juest to +earn detai+s of E+ise/s +ifeE : ometimes +earnin* can be 7ust as painfu+ as not -nowin*.( Re+ate t'at statement to an e!ent in your +ife. #. =f you were *i!en a *enea+o*y opportunity, w'at dead re+ati!e L w'o you 'a!e ne!er met L wou+d you exp+ore0 People Introduced in this Chapter: 8au+ 4ur9 ?ey &ermsE 8neumoencep'a+o*rap'y

Chapter !": :&'e 5edica+ Records( Summary: Rebecca and .ebora' be*in sortin* and re!iewin* )enrietta/s and E+ise/s medica+ records w'i+e stayin* at a 'ote+ somew'ere between Annapo+is 25.3 and C+o!er 26A3. Questions to Ponder: %. .urin* 'er decade of researc'in* and writin* :=mmorta+ 4ife,( and especia++y durin* t'is 'ote+ stay, 'ow do you t'in- Rebecca maintained 'er L for t'e most part L eJui+ibrium and +iterary focus amidst t'e 4ac-s c'i+dren/s c'aotic +i!es and erratic be'a!ior0 #. 8onder e!ents described at t'e bottom of pa*e #M;E did Rebecca/s reaction affect t'e boo-/s pro*ress0

Chapter !#: :)ea!en+y Bodies( Summary: .ebora' becomes emotiona++y and p'ysica++y o!erw'e+med wit' insi*'t about 'er mot'er and sister. Questions to Ponder: %. )ow did <ary affect .ebora'/s manic be'a!ior0 #. .escribe 'ow you t'in- readers reacted to <ary/s prayer t'at <od transfer .ebora'/s burdens to Rebecca.

Chapter !$: :)ea!en+y Bodies( Summary: <ary *i!es Rebecca a Bib+e and s'ares wit' 'er passa*es t'at ref+ect 'is be+iefE :)enrietta was c'osen>And w'en t'e 4ord c'ooses an an*e+ to do 'is wor-, you ne!er -now w'at t'ey *oin* to come bac- +oo-in* +i-e.( Questions to Ponder: %. .iscuss your fee+in*s about Rebecca/s JuestionE :You be+ie!e )enrietta is in t'ose ce++s0( #. .o you t'in- researc'in* and writin* t'is boo-, p+us interactin* wit' 4ac-s fami+y members, affected Rebecca/s re+i*ious mind-set0

Chapter !%: :Got'in* to Be cared About( Summary: .ebora'/s poor 'ea+t' prec+udes 'er from accompanyin* Rebecca durin* #$$% researc' tripsK Rebecca on+y reports positi!e findin*s to .ebora'. .ebora' prepares to attend a community co++e*e to better understand science and to spea- at a Gationa+ Foundation for Cancer Researc' conference in 'onor of 'er mot'er w'en t'e eptember %% attac-s occur. Questions to Ponder: %. After .ebora' suffered a stro-e 'er once-erratic be'a!ior was rep+aced by a ca+mer unwa!erin* demeanor. 1'at factors mi*'t 'a!e contributed to .ebora'/s stee+y determination0 #. 1'at way+aid .ebora'/s educationa+ p+ansK 'ow did t'at affect t'e next 4ac-s *eneration0

Chapter !&: :&'e 4on* Road to C+o!er( Summary: Rebecca returns to C+o!er in #$$C, boo- finis'ed, to reminisce in t'e town w'ere )enrietta/s 7ourney be*an. )er myriad ca++s to .ebora', to w'om Rebecca promised to read t'e boo-, went unanswered and !oice messa*es were not returned. A ca++ to onny confirms .ebora' died 7ust after 5ot'er/s .ay #$$C. Questions to Ponder: %. Contrast )enrietta/s *reat *randc'i+dren/s dreams and +i!es in #$$C wit' t'at of t'eir *reat *randmot'er at t'eir a*es. #. Researc', if possib+e, w'at dreams one or more of your *reat *randparents 'ad as %M year o+ds as we++ as t'eir +ifesty+es. )ow does t'is compare to, and impact, your +ife as a t. Bona!enture "ni!ersity fres'man0