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POWERSTAR HQI-T | Metal halide lamps with quartz... | OSRAM

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High intensity discharge... lamps Metal halide lamps with... quartz POWERSTAR technology HQI-T

Product benefits Output of up to 400 W High efficiency Long life time E40 screw base for simple lamp handling UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter Areas of application Factories and workshops Sports halls and multi-purpose halls Industrial installations Docks and port facilities Marshaling yards, container transshipment facilities Buildings, monuments, bridges Approved only for use in enclosed [...] Show all

Product family: important data at a glance

250 W/D PRO


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Technical data

Electrical data Nominal wattage Nominal voltage Lamp current PFC capacitor at 50 Hz Ignition voltage Rated wattage Rated lamp efficacy (standard condition) Energy consumption 250 W 98 V 3A 32 F
1-0) 2-1)

4.0 / 5.0 kVp 250.00 W 76 lm/W 275 kWh/1000h

Light technical data Rated luminous flux Nominal luminous flux 19000 lm 19000 lm


Color temperature Color rendering index Ra Color rendering group Light color Rated LLMF at 2,000 h Rated LLMF at 4,000 h Rated LLMF at 6,000 h Rated LLMF at 8,000 h Rated LLMF at 12,000 h UV protection

POWERSTAR HQI-T | Metal halide lamps with quartz... | OSRAM

5500 K 92 1A 960 0.84 0.76 0.74 0.72 0.68 Yes

Dimensions & weight Diameter Length Light center length (LCL) 46.0 mm 226.0 mm 150.0 mm

Colors & materials Lamp mercury content 18.0 mg

Temperatures Maximum permitted outer bulb temperature Maximum permitted base edge temperature 500 C

250 C

Lifespan Rated lamp survival factor at 2,000 h Rated lamp survival factor at 4,000 h Rated lamp survival factor at 6,000 h Rated lamp survival factor at 8,000 h Rated lamp survival factor at 12,000 h Lifespan B50 0.95 0.90 0.80 0.70 0.50 12000 h

Additional product data Base (standard designation) Design / version E40 Clear

Capabilities Dimmable Burning position Enclosed luminaire required No Any



Certificates & standards Energy efficiency class A



Energy efficiency class

POWERSTAR HQI-T | Metal halide lamps with quartz... | OSRAM

Country specific categorizations ILCOS MT/UB-250/952-H/E/SL-E40-46/226

Graphics and application images

Product line drawing



Others graphics

Others graphics

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram


Energy efficiency class File Energy label, vertical EL-p-4008321677846 Type pdf Size 37.6 KB

General documents File Product Family Datasheet family POWERSTAR HQI-T 250W-400W Brochures High Intensity Discharge lamps. Technical information on reducing the wattage Brochures METAL HALIDE LAMPS (GB) Installation/Operation notice POWERSTAR HQI Technical Guide Operating instructions OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS HIGH-PRESSURE DISCHARGE LAMPS (GB) Type pdf Size 460.6 KB


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POWERSTAR HQI-T | Metal halide lamps with quartz... | OSRAM

Packaging information

EAN code

Packaging unit Pieces per unit Sleeves 1 Shipping carton box 12

Dimensions lxwxh 260 mm x 51 mm x 57 mm

Gross weight



175.80 g

0.76 dm


277 mm x 281 mm x 217 mm

2304.00 g

16.89 dm

Country-specific information

EAN code 4008321677846

SEG number 8333076

1) At rated voltage and cos 0.9 2) Minimum / Maximum 3) Color shifts possible in base-down burning position

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