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SCENE ELEVEN (ALTERNATE ENDING) By: Simon Emrich It is 15 minutes later, Stanley had left the room after

sexually abusing Blanche. The bedroom is a mess and the remaining pieces of broken glass shattered on the floor as Blanche sits on the bed with her arms around her legs, all curled up. Her head is rested on her knees as she is staring into nothing. Blanche can't help but think about what had happened, for it is carved in her head. The hot trumpet and drums from the Four Deuces slowly fade away as Stella comes home with her baby in her arms. STELLA. Stanley! Blanche! I'm back! (She is received with nothing but silence.) Stanley? Blanche? (She walks around the house looking for them, with a slight sign of worry on her face. Her smile fades away as she approaches the curtain leading to where Blanche sleeps. She puts the baby in her new baby basket she received from Eunice and leaves it in the living room as she walks in the bedroom. She sees Blanche sitting there, with her clothes ripped into pieces, her hair messed up, and her make-up smeared into a blur. Her popping eyes gave Stella the clue that Blanche was crying.) Blanche, What happened? Why is the room so messy? And why, why are you like this? (Blanche doesn't answer, not even looking a Stella, frozen like a doll. Stella figured what had happened, and continues asking.) Who did this to you? And where is Stanley? (Realizing the realistic possibility that Stanley raped her, she stands up. Looking once again around the room, as her faces slowly grows furious.) It was Stanley, wasn't it? That Polack! Stay right here Blanche, I will make things clear. (She starts heading out of the room) BLANCHE. (Still staring at nothing) I need a long bath, a really, long one. (Stella turns back, realizing that Blanche is talking to herself, and heads out to find Stanley.) It is later that evening, Stella is still out looking for Stanley, visiting all possible locations, the bowling alley, Mitch's house, the Four Deuces. Blanche had broken out of her shell, and cleaned herself. She is starting to pack her things so she can escape this nightmare. She takes a look at Stella's baby, and takes him with her as she head for the front door. A knock is heard before she reaches the handle, and she puts her things down. BLANCHE. (Knowing it's not Stella or Stanley) Who is it? MITCH. It's me. Mitch. BLANCHE. Oh. Mitch, um, come in. (as she fixes her hair) MITCH. (opening the door) Blanche, I, I am sorry, for earlier. That wasn't the person I wanted to be, that wasn't me. BLANCHE (remembering what had happened between them earlier) Oh. (Her eyes start to tear up because it reminded her of the incident with Stanley.) MITCH. Blanch, what's wrong? You don't look so good. BLANCHE. (Trying to hide the tears) Nothing, everything is perfect.

MITCH. (Knowing thats a lie) Look, I know I hurt you earlier, but right now, I'm here to listen to anything you have to say. I'm all yours. Blanche tells Mitch about Stanley. MITCH. Oh my Lord! (Mitch takes blanch in his arms) You poor thing. BLANCHE. Help me MITCH. Let me take care of this. (He charges out the front door) Son of a bitch! Blanche feels relieved and decides to stat now that she's got the support from Stella and Mitch. She puts her things back where they were and looks at Stella's baby, and smiles. A few minutes later, Stanley rushing in. STANLEY. Stella! Where's my Stella? Where's my baby? (Looks around, see's Blanche with the baby, and walks towards her.) BLANCHE. (Shrieks, and stumbles into her room, hiding from Stanley.) STANLEY. (Ignores Blanche) Ah, they we go! My sweet son! At this point, Stanley isn't ashamed of himself, he feels dominating, and proud. He doesn't know Stella found out for they haven't seen each other. Stanley knows what he had done was extremely wrong, but he did not regret it. After a while, Stella returns from her trip to search for Stanley, only to find him in his house. She Immediately walks to Stanley and slaps him across the face. STELLA. You disgust me Stanley! I had suspected that you'd have this desire towards my sister, but how could you cheat on me! I was so wrong about you! (Realizes that Stanley has her baby) Give me my baby! (She snatches the baby from Stnaley's hands and runs out the front door.) Stanley is shocked and don't know what to do. He is heart-broken and know that Stella found out. Blanche has heard everything that just happened and is scared that Stanley will turn on her. However, all that Stanley wants right now is to have Stella back. He rushes out the door to find her. He knows she's at Eunice's. STANLEY. Stella! Hey Stella! Stella! (after a couple of tries, his eyes tear up and he had realized he'd lost everything .) The Blue Piano start to play, and Stanley wanders across the street slowly as Stella sees him through the window and turns away. After an hour or so, Stanley returns to his porch, with a revolver in his hand, and tears in his eyes. STANLEY. Stella! Stella! (With his voice starting to crack) After a few seconds, a loud gunshot is heard throughout the neighborhood. Stella and Blanche both realized what had happened and come out of their doors. Steve and Eunice come out as well to see what happened. Mitch got dragged over by the sound as well, so did Pablo. The blue Piano start to play as Stella tears up and runs down the stairs. Stella sobs on Stanley's dead body as the Blue Piano gets louder. The End

Rationale : The alternate ending I wrote was meant to give readers another point of view on the story. I personally felt like the ending was not only tragic but also quite dull. I felt like a little more action was needed so I decided to add not only fights, but also suicide to the flavor. The original play skipped how Blanche would act after being sexually abused by Stanley, I felt like that should be added. I also felt that they ending was really unfair. I felt really sorry for Blanche although her personality can be really irritating. The fact that she was sent away after being raped and with no one believing her is really harsh for an ending especially since no punishment for rape was shown. This turned my view on the situation and decided that the only way justice can be served was to have Stanley get punished and I tried to achieve this through a very ironic way. The format of the text I tried to keep as close to as the text as possible, and it's still in a play format. When Blanche was trying to take the baby with her as she tried to escape was because at that stage Blanche couldn't stand living with someone who raped her. And she believed that Stanley did not deserve to be with his son, so she tried to deny him that kind of as a payback, but she gets interrupted by Mitch's appearance after that so that did not happen.

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