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The skill required to make perfect solvent cement welded joints increases in proportion to pipework diameter. The larger the diameter of the pipework, the more skill is required to ensure a successful joint. It is worth noting that installing large bore product successfully requires a minimum of two people due to increased difficulty in manipulating the product. By reading and following these simple step by step instructions you should achieve a perfect joint - every time.

G G G G Sharp wood saw or suitable cutting tool Tape measure and pencil Lint free cloth/industrial paper towel Two 75mm brushes G G G G Coarse file Coarse abrasive (emery) cloth Durapipe MEK Cleaner 1 litre tin(s) of Durapipe ABS Solvent Cement

Read the instructions for use and labels on ABS solvent cement and MEK cleaner. Always follow all safety instructions - they are for your protection. 4 Measure the socket depth of the fitting to be cemented.

1 Measure and cut pipe to length ensuring that the ends are cut square.

5 Using a pencil, mark the end of the pipe at a distance equal to the fitting socket depth plus 25mm. This enables a visual check to be made that the pipe is fully inserted into the fitting. 6 Offer the socket fitting to the end of the pipe to obtain a feel for the clearance gap between pipe and fitting. Do not fully insert at this stage. Pipe should comfortably enter the socket between 1/4 and 1/3 of socket depth. 7 Thoroughly abrade the end of the pipe up to the depth of the socket using a coarse grade abrasive cloth.

2 De-burr and remove any remaining swarf.

3 File a lead chamfer (5 - 10mm x 45) on the end of the pipe. This prevents cement being scraped from the surface of the fitting during joint assembly.

8 Thoroughly abrade the socket(s) of the fitting also using a coarse grade abrasive cloth.

9 Clean all of the abraded surfaces thoroughly, using a clean paper towel or lint-free cloth soaked with Durapipe MEK cleaner. Once completed, prepared surfaces should have a uniform, shiny appearance. 10 Remove the lid of the Durapipe ABS solvent cement and stir the cement thoroughly.

12 Immediately after application of the cement, and with the cement still liquid on both surfaces, push the pipe fully home into the socket of the fitting. Take care not to twist either the pipe or the fitting when pushing them home. 13 Using the pencil mark previously made on the pipe (see 5) ensure that the pipe is fully inserted into the socket.

NOTE: The fitting may try to slide off the pipe. In order to ensure that this does not happen you should hold in place for approximately one minute.

11 Two people, each using a clean 75mm brush should then work simultaneously in order to apply 2 uniform coatings of Durapipe ABS solvent cement to the prepared surfaces of both pipe and fitting. Use longitudinal brush strokes to achieve a more uniform application of cement. Work quickly to apply a first coat to coat both surfaces. Then immediately apply a second coat very rapidly to ensure that it remains liquid once completed.

14 Any excess cement should then be wiped off the joint using a clean paper towel.

Replace lids of Durapipe ABS solvent cement and Durapipe MEK when not in use in order to avoid evaporation and spillage. When not in use, brushes should stand in Durapipe MEK cleaner. When joints have been completed the brushes should be cleaned thoroughly using Durapipe MEK cleaner.

Do not joint in the rain or wet conditions. Do not use dirty brushes. Do not use dirty or oily cleaning cloths. Do not use the same brushes for different cements. Do not dilute or decant Durapipe ABS solvent cement. Follow safety instructions on Durapipe solvent cement and MEK containers. The completed joint should not be handled or subjected to stresses for a period of 4 hours from assembly. Allow a minimum joint curing period of at least 48 hours at 20C prior to pressurisation. Please note that curing times need to be extended when working in colder conditions.

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