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1.1 Introduction
Muslim commercial Bank (MCB) is one of the privatized banks in Pakistan,
working in the economy of the country that is subject to the fluctuations most
of the time.
Now a days MCB is having the objective to focus on consumer banking and
their services, which gives them edge over the rest of the banks in the country
it’s consumers banking provides consumers with innovative saving schemes,
products and services.
So far MCB has shown remarkable achievements in fulfilling all of its
objectives along with the profit limits. It’s products has also presented an
admirable response by its clients and contributed a lot in developing the
bank’s repute as well as the economy which is really appreciable.

1.2 Background of the study

The economic growth of a country, among many other factors, depends
mainly on the strength of the financial institutions operating in a country.
The banking sector is one of the example of financial institutions which can
play a very vital role in development of the over all economy of a country.
Banking sector has now become a very challenging field with the advent of
modern technology and increased competition.

1.3 Purpose of the study

The main purpose of this study was the fulfillment of the degree requirements
of bachelor in management sciences of the institute of management studies
(IMS) University of Peshawar. Other purpose of the study is to analyze the
daily procedures of Muslim commercial bank (MCB).
1.4 Scope of Work
The scope of this particular study is confined to the MCB Main Branch,
Mardan, and N.W.F.P. As the functions of a financial institution are much
wider in scope so it is very difficult to clearly understand all these functions in
a limited time. Therefore, the performance of the Accounts Department of
MCB Main Branch, Mardan, is viewed in detail and the rest of the
departments are just glanced through.

1.5 Methodology of the Study

To complete the study in a more meaningful and practical way, the following
methods of data collections were used.

1.5.1 Primary Data

The data collected for the first time is called primary data, which was through
a. Interviews
The senior and the experienced staff at the branch level were
interviewed to know their views about the different problems faced
by them in their routine duties.
b. Observations
Being an internee, different methods, procedures and rules used by
the staff members while working there routine jobs were observed.

1.5.2 Secondary Data

The data, which has gone through mathematical and statistical techniques after
its collection, is called secondary data. The main sources of secondary data are
different publications of MCB. They include annual reports, manuals,
newsletters, website of MCB and brochures etc.

1.6 Scheme of the Report

Chapter 1
This chapter contains the background, purpose, scope, limitations and
methodology of study.
Chapter 2
This chapter contains the overview of overall MCB including its different
schemes and products.
Chapter 3
This chapter views the main the MCB Main Branch, Mardan, and its different
Chapter 4
In this chapter the critical analysis of the bank are made and strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are highlighted.
Chapter 5
In this chapter recommendations along with the action plan are made for the
efficient performance of the bank.

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