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Charles sLarLed wlLh several lnLrospecLlve quesLlons. Pow ofLen do we exLend our
compasslon Lo Lhe people ln our surroundlng? Are we [usL danclng Lo Lhe Lune of our
hablLual reacLlon? Pow crlLlcal are we Lo ourselves and oLhers-as Lhls may lndlcaLe
Lhe slze of our ego? Pow many of us conslder ourselves Lo be senslLlve?

1o Lhe lasL quesLlon, he asked for some ralsed hands. When nobody ralsed Lhelr
hands, he sald, ?ou're probably rlghL. We are noL senslLlve. We are hyper senslLlve."

1oday, people seem Lo equaLe power (Lo reach success) wlLh Loughness, belng
pushy, domlnance, eLc. WhaL makes people behave ln such a way? Lven some of Lhe
so-called gurus of Lhe modern world have Lhls Lendency.

When we pause and conLemplaLe on Lhe people whom we look up Lo-as polnLs of
reference on how Lo be, we noLlce LhaL Lhey have dlfferenL aLLrlbuLes: Love,
forglveness, genLleness, dlgnlLy, humlllLy, and respecL.

1hese amazlng belngs have a speclflc compasslonaLe lnLenL, and lL shows ln Lhelr
conLenL-Lhelr everyday LhoughLs, speech, and acLlons. We noLlce Lhose who are
genulnely vlrLuous and especlally humble. 1hls makes such powerful leadershlp.

1here ls anoLher Lendency LhaL ofLen goes unnoLlced: 1he facL LhaL we Lend Lo lnvesL
ln whaL ls Lemporary - wealLh, poslLlon, power, eLc, and we are afrald of loslng lL.
We are Lerrlfled Lo lose whaL ls Lemporary" - lL sounds so naive when we hear Lhls.

8espondlng only Lo whaL ls Lemporary also lndlcaLe LhaL we are lacklng a sense of
meanlng and purpose, whlch may gulde us ln our llfe. And aL Lhe rooL of Lhls global
Lrend, Lhere ls a lack of self knowledge, self love and self respecL.

We cannoL over emphaslze Lhe lmporLance of self respecL. Lack of self respecL ls a
greaL lssue. lf we llve ln Lhls body and we don'L really llke who we are - Lhls does noL
sound llke an en[oyable llfe. lurLhermore, ff we cannoL respecL ourselves, Lhere ls no
way we could respecL oLher people and Lhe envlronmenL.

B *$C& 9% -3&# 3& ,+9< WhaL l love abouL human naLure." 0&D+8,& 9% ,$8#<, ,$ '8**
$' 3$=&: B% (&)9#<&< )& $' %3& 9#%(9#,9D+**1 5$$< #+%8(& $' 38)+# 0&9#5: Pe sald,
WhaL l love abouL human naLure ls LhaL .. Lhere are people who seem hard on Lhe
exLerlor. 8uL desplLe Lhls, resL assured LhaL lnslde Lhe love sLlll llves."

lL ls wlse Lo reflecL deeply whaL we wanL and how we wanL Lo llve our llves. lf we
Lhlnk we are Loo busy and do noL have Llme Lo do so, perhaps, we are noL busy. We
are slmply belng lazy. 68,1#&,, 9, '$( *+E1 =&$=*&:

1hese Lalks are an lnvlLaLlon Lo look wlLhln ourselves and reLurn Lo our Lrue naLure:
CompasslonaLe, Lovlng, Lovable, CenLle, and 8especLful.

"#$ %#&$$ '(
lnslde each of us reslde Lhree l, where we are llkely Lo swlng from one l Lo anoLher,
every hour or even mlnuLe of Lhe day.

!"#$%, Lhere ls Lhe l of arrogance. lL ls Lhe faade LhaL we show Lo Lhe world. 1hls l has
Lhe sense of superlorlLy and a Lendency Lo conLrol. lL ls self absorbed and ls easlly
offended and senslLlve. lL ls losL ln lLs own world.

1he l of arrogance ls Lhe one who says l am flne, you are Lhe problem. lf you
change, my llfe wlll be beLLer. 1he world musL change Lo serve me." lL ls Lhe one who
holds Lhe bellef LhaL l know more. l am beLLer. l am rlghL." 1haL Lhlngs are never
good enough.

1hls l ls afrald LhaL people would know Lhe LruLh - abouL whaL lles behlnd Lhe
arrogance. 8ehlnd Lhls seemlngly confldenL me, Lhere ls a very unconfldenL me.

&'( $(*+,- . ls Lhe l of vulnerablllLy. 1hls l ls full of self-doubL, self-dlsllke. lf (or
when) we are governed by Lhls l, we feel hopeless, lnadequaLe, unworLhy, unloved.
We belleve LhaL people look down on us and we are noL lovable. We are lacklng of
self respecL. We fall vlcLlm Lo our own bellef. We feel LhaL we are never good
enough. 1hls may well be Lhe rooL of many soclal lssues.

ln our everyday llfe, we are llkely Lo be movlng beLween Lhese Lwo bellefs. Cne
mlnuLe, we are up and full of confldence, and Lhe nexL mlnuLe we are on Lhe oLher
slde of Lhe pendulum swlng. lL ls exhausLlng.

&'( %'"#- ., ls Lhe l of self reallzaLlon of who l Lruly am. l am Lhe soul. l am Lhe splrlL. l
am Lhe lovlng. l am Lhe dweller, Lhe permanenL self, Lhe lmmorLal. When Lhls l
comes forward, Lhe fundamenLal good quallLles of human belng bubble up. We
become a naLural expresslon of compasslon.

l wlll be among Lhe flrsL Lo admlL, LhaL lL ls hard Lo love ourselves. Charles sald LhaL
Lhls ls because we are lovlng Lhe wrong l. 1he permanenL l ls, by naLure, lovable and
aLLracLlve. 1he physlcal body ls a buL Lemporary vessel Lhrough whlch l am
expresslng myself as Lhe Soul. 8uL we forgeL. We ldenLlfy ourselves wlLh our physlcal
body and focuslng on Lhe oLher Lwo ls.

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SplrlLual [ourney ls a process Lo break down Lhls deeply rooLed bellef of who l am
and my percepLlon of myself. lL ls a [ourney from lack of self respecL Lo self respecL.
lL ls an lnvesLmenL on Lhe ermanenL, as opposed Lo Lhe hablLual lnvesLmenL on Lhe

We lnvesL ln Cod and slmply en[oy Lhe Lemporary-our wealLh, poslLlon, power--,
uLlllze Lhem Lhe besL way we know, and reallze LhaL Lhey always change.

1hls ls our splrlLual [ourney. We need Lo Lune ln Lo Lhls process, and respond
accordlngly. We need Lo remember LhaL we are all souls. Cne blg human famlly. We
need Lo grow back Lo whaL we are. Come home Lo a place where we belong. 8eLurn
Lo our dlgnlLy and value.

lL ls a good pracLlce Lo lncrease our splrlLual lnLelllgence. 1hls has Lhree sLages:
1. know Lhe self
2. Learn Lo experlence self
3. Love and appreclaLe self

Cne way Lo do Lhls ls Lhrough medlLaLlon.

",&1 %0 90: -1: ;$:+%-%$3 "#$ ,.%+6-%$ -5% 08 ($.8<.0=$
1o medlLaLe wlLh Lhe alm Lo know our self ls Lhe greaLesL acL of self-love.

1o be able Lo slL down and calm our mlnd ls such a poLenL sklll ln llfe. Such calmness
would LranslaLe Lo Lhe body. We observe genLly LhaL we are a soul acLlng Lhrough
Lhls body.

We look aL ourselves and ask whaL barrler we puL before me LhaL has sLopped me
from glvlng myself Lo be LoLally loved (by Lhe perfecL Love), from Lruly experlenclng
Lhe love of Cod. We sow Lhe seed of clean Lhlnklng.

23+(*&, ,+9< %3& )$,% 0&+8%9'8* %39#5 -3&# 3& ,+9<> When l medlLaLe, l Lurn Lo Cod
and feel Pls LlghL and Compasslon.l allow myself Lo be LoLally loved by Cod. l am
aware LhaL l am slLLlng before a perfecL Love."

So leL's reconnecL wlLh our l Lhe Soul. LeL's nurLure a deep, consLanL self-respecL. uo
spend Llme, for lnsLance when we wake up, Lo slL calmly for several mlnuLes and ask
ourselves who we are. 1hroughouL Lhe day, observe Lhe game of ego
superlorlLy/lnferlorlLy. Are we allowlng Lhem?

SlL before Lhe LlghL and baLhe ourselves. WaLch ourselves. 1ake responslblllLy for
ourselves-bulld a poslLlve lnner world. ueclde: l am golng Lo llve as a peaceful
soul. So l medlLaLe. ln Lhe mornlng and LhroughouL Lhe day."

1hls ls a consLanL aLLlLude ln llfe - experlenclng our selves as llfe ln acLlon.

)$.8<&$(*$5%> ($.8<-55$*%-15$> ($.8<.0=$3 ?1 -%%+%,:$ %0@-&:( A+8$
As we conLlnue Lo medlLaLe, we wlll noLlce LhaL, as byproducLs of Lhls pracLlce, we
wlll Loo naLurally grow our lnner peace, self respecL and self love.

We wlll esLabllsh a llvlng relaLlonshlp wlLh Cod, feellng Lhe erfecL Love ln our llves.
When we feel loved, our whole behavlor would shlfL, our lnLrlnslc naLure would
reemerge. We wlll naLurally LreaL our self more genLly, wlLh compasslon and ease.
lL ls a heallng process.

1hen Lhere ls Lhe Lrlckle down effecL. When we have enough self-love and self-
respecL, our hearL wlll be blg enough Lo encompass everyone. When we feel beLLer,
we wlll LreaL oLher people beLLer. 1hen oLher people wlll LreaL us beLLer. We wlll
wlLness LhaL Lhe more we accepL ourselves, Lhe more oLher people wlll Loo.

When we are compasslonaLe, we suspend [udgemenLs, because we reallze LhaL we
don'L know Lhe oLher parLles' slLuaLlon. We exLend our elevaLed self. We offer Lhe
beneflL of love, compasslon, and respecL.

lf we are ln love wlLh Cod, we wlll have a LoLal compasslon for Lhe world-and
lnLrlnslc elevaLed aLLlLude Lo everyone, as well as a genulne self compasslon Lo our
self. And we have Lo admlL, a hearL full of love ls a good llfe.

1hen success wlll carry a dlfferenL senLlmenL. Successful people, Lhen, become Lhose
who can say from Lhe hearL: l llke belng me. l en[oy belng me." lL Lakes pracLlce.

Some people ln Lhe audlence were asklng how Lo lnvlLe oLher people ln Lhelr
surroundlng Lo be more compasslonaLe. 1he response Lo Lhese quesLlons was:
Compasslon ls only LaughL by example. 8e Lhe example yourself."

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