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Q: For the record , state your name and other personal circumstances Mr.

Witness A: Alejandro,31 years old, A ________at a Five-star otel !n Ma"ati #rosecutor: With the "ind permission o$ the onora%le &ourt. 'he testimony o$ Mr. Alejandro. is %ein( presented to prove that the accused )as inside the house at the time )hen the crime )as committed and to identi$y said accused as the $irst person )ho "ne) o$ the happenin( o$ the crime Q: Mr. )itness, you said earlier that you are a che$. For ho) lon( have you %een involved in this type o$ )or"* A: &lose to ten years. Q: ! see. Mr. Witness do you personally "no) the deceased victim* A: +es. Q: o) did the t)o o$ you meet* A: We )ere introduced %y common $riends. And she also $re,uently visited the restaurant at the hotel, so Q: -y $re,uently you mean* A: one to t)o times a )ee". Q: ! see. Mr. Alejandro, on the evenin( o$ _______, around ____ in the evenin(, )here )ere you* A: ! )as at the outside o$ the house o$ the victim smo"in( Q: ! see. A%out ho) $ar are you $rom the house* A: Around .-3 meters. Q: And at this distance, did you hear somethin( stran(e comin( $rom the residence o$ the deceased* A: +es. Q: What )as happenin( at that time* A: ! heard noises, o$ plates crashin(, and other thin(s %rea"in( )hile the spouses )here screamin( at each other. Q: And )hat happened ne/t*

A: 'he noise stopped. And ! )ent to chec" on the victim inside, and she )as already lyin( on the "itchen $loor, lan(uishin( at her o)n %lood. Q: What else did you notice Mr. Witness* A: 'here )as a "ni$e near the victim . Q: ! see. 0o you said earlier that you )ere a ____, am ! ri(ht* A: +es Q: 0o in this line o$ )or", you are very $amiliar )ith "itchen utensils* A: +es Q: !$ ! sho) you the "ni$e you sa) that dreaded ni(ht, )ould you reco(ni1e it* A: +es. Q: !s this the "ni$e you sa)* A: +es, it is the same one.



onor, )e re,uest that the "ni$e identi$ied %y the )itness %e

mar"ed as 23 . 4A5.
Q: 0o at the time you )ere outside the house, )ho )as the companion o$ the victim* A: er hus%and. Q: Who is* A: 0tate name

Q: !s there any person inside this courtroom %y that name you just mentioned A: +es, 0ir Q: &an you please point to the person )ho stands %y that name A: e loo"s li"e him, Ma6am.

#7802&9'87 A7'!F!&!8: We )ould li"e to mani$est on the record that the )itness has pointed to a person sittin( at the de$ense ta%le.

#7802&9'87: 'han" you, Mr. Alejandro. :o $urther ,uestions, +our .nd )itness


#7802&9'87: +our onor, the testimony o$ ;r. Arri1ala is %ein( presented to prove that she conducted an autopsy on the %ody o$ the deceased victim and that as a result o$ the autopsy, ;r. Arri1ala put his $indin(s in )ritin( as to the e/tent o$ the injuries and the cause o$ death o$ the victim. A''+.: ;r. Arri1ala, %ein( a medico-le(al o$$icer o$ the Western #olice ;istrict, )hat are your duties and responsi%ilities*

;7. Arri1ala: My duties and responsi%ilities as a Medico-<e(al 8$$icer are to conduct post mortem e/amination on cases o$ medico-le(al reports runnin( )ithin the Manila area and to represent these cases in court.

Q: o) lon( have you %een a medico le(al o$$icer o$ this said o$$ice* A: ! have %een a medico-le(al o$$icer o$ the Western #olice ;istrict $or 1= years.

Q: !n connection )ith such $unctions, do you remem%er havin( conducted a post-mortem e/amination on the person o$ _________________________ A: +es.

Q: When )as that* A: ! conducted the autopsy at 0coo%y ;oo Funeral #arlor on _______________.

Q: Were your $indin(s on that autopsy report that you conducted put in )ritin(* A: +es.

Q: ;octor, ! am callin( your attention to this document. &an you tell us the relevancy o$ this document to this case* A: +es. 'his is the medico-le(al e/amination ! have conducted on the deceased Mrs. ;ecano.



onor, )e re,uest that the $irst pa(e o$ this document %e

mar"ed as 23 . 4-5 and its second pa(e as 23 . 4--15.

Q: 'his document is si(ned %y certain ;r. Armando Arri1ala. Who is this, ;r.* A: !t is !, sir.

A''+. +our

onor, )e pray that si(nature %e mar"ed as 23 . 4--.5.

Q: -ased on these $indin(s, the cadaver has _______, a%rasion on the upper nec",, %elo) o$ an(le o$ mandi%le and . sta% )ounds near the chest o$ the victim .!t also states )ounds located near the le$t and ri(ht )rist o$ the victime !n layman6s lan(ua(e, please e/plain to this onora%le &ourt this "ind o$ injury. A: !t means that there )ere some shallo) )ounds caused pro%a%ly %y a sharp o%ject on this part o$ the nec" o$ the victim and her chest part. >doctor points the part?

Q: ;o you "no) )hat could have caused this "ind o$ injury* A: !t may have %een caused %y a lon(, %enda%le and pointed %ject.

Q: &ould it have %een caused %y a "ni$e such as this* A: +es.

#7802&9'!8:: We pray that this "ni$e %e mar"ed as 23 . 4&5 +our


Q: -ased on your opinion and e/perience, ;octor, )ith the use o$ this "ind o$ "ni$e and

applyin( a certain de(ree o$ pressure @ are these su$$icient to cause such injury* A: +es.

Q: avin( e/amined the injury, is it possi%le that injury )as intentionally in$licted %y another person* A: +es. -ut there are a $e) instances o$ sta%%in( )hich are accidental and most o$ the victims are children or epileptics )ho are helpless and incapa%le o$ e/tricatin( themselves.

Q: !n your e/pert opinion, this "ind o$ injury sustained %y the victim could have caused her death or at least contri%uted to her death* A: +es. !t can cause death or may contri%ute to her death.

Q: What a%out this second injury* A: A mild incision on %oth the le$t and ri(ht )rist o$ the victim.

Q: What is this "ind o$ injury in layman6s lan(ua(e* A: 'here is a sli(ht open )ound, )hich means a %ro"en s"in and %leedin( Q: What could have caused this "ind o$ injury* A: #arryin( a lon( sharp pointed o%ject could cause such injury since it is impossi%le $rom this an(le to have suicide )ounds, i$ the victim )as holdin( the "ni$e hersel$ !t could only happen i$ the impact )as stron(. Q: !n your e/pert opinion, is it possi%le that the injury )as intentionally in$licted upon the victim* A: +es, it could %e intentional due to the nature o$ the dent. &ollateral mar"s are $ound on the adjacent area near the )rist. !$ it )ere accidental, there )ould only %e one dent and no other mar"s.

Q: &ould this "ind o$ injury cause immediate death*

A: :o. since this is only minor, and also dependin( on the an(le o$ the sharp o%ject used. Q: Which is e/actly )hat happened to the victim as stated in your report* A: +es. #rosecution: :o $urther ,uestions. +our onor.

7epu%lic o$ the #hilippines ;epartment o$ the !nterior and <ocal Aovernment :A'!8:A< #8<!&2 &8MM!00!8: # !<!##!:2 :A'!8:A< #8<!&2 _________________________________________ ___________________________



;irector, #:# &rime <a%oratory



7e,uest $or Autopsy 2/amination


1. 7e,uest conducts medico-le(al CautopsyD accompanyin( specimen to determine the cause o$ death.





:A'972 8F &A02 :








0#2&!M2: 09-M!''2; :

.. Further re,uest that this 8$$ice %e $urnished a copy o$ medico-le(al e/amination result $or our re$erence.


For consideration.

____________________________ ;r Armando Arri1ala

C& !2F 8F 8FF!&2D