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Excelling Excel

1. Setting up Excel with your own ways a. Introducing office button

i. Opening new worksheet, rename and tab color change ii. Saving worksheet in different format (xlxs,xlxm,xlxb,pdf) iii. Encryption and digital signature

[2 hours 00 minutes]

b. Excel Options
i. Changing color scheme ii. Default font, font size and default number of sheets at startup iii. Changing Enter key behavior

c. Customizing quick access toolbar

i. Setting up shortcuts above the menu bar

d. Add ins for advance functionality

i. Analysis tool pack for data analysis ii. Solver add ins for linear programming

e. Trust Centre set up and using resources 2. Preparing your winning worksheets a. Introducing frequently used Menu bar items
i. Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, View ii. Activating Developer ribbon

[3 hours 00 minutes]

b. Preparing the spreadsheet for work

i. ii. iii. iv. v. i. ii. iii. iv. Setting header & footer Setting Margin, Page orientation, size, page breaks Gridline view and Heading view Setting font and font color Setting up Cell Height & Width Direct Manual Input Auto fill option Form option Obtaining data from other sources (MS Access, Web, Text)

c. Date insertion techniques

d. The universe of Paste & Paste Special

i. Paste options ii. Paste Operations iii. Combining multiple operations and options

e. Short Case Study 01 3. Apply your creativity by Editing worksheet data a. Editing text/content of the cell
i. Wrap text, Merge & Center, format painter ii. Cell Style change, indenting and alignment iii. Conditional Formatting

[3 hours 00 minutes]

b. Formatting cells
i. Number formatting and customizing format ii. Border, fill and protection status

c. Learning shortcuts

Excelling Excel
4. Use the power of Excel to analyze and present a. The pivotal Pivot
i. Pivot Table ii. Pivot Chart

[4 hours 00 minutes]

b. Graphical representation of data

i. Bar Chart, Column Chart, pie chart, Radar chart, Scatter diagram ii. Editing and formatting chart iii. Chart options and design

c. Data tools and Outlining

i. ii. iii. iv. Removing duplicates Grouping and Ungrouping Consolidation Data validation

d. Filtering & Sorting

i. Filtering (Text Filter, Label filter, Color filter) ii. Sorting (customization)

e. Comprehensive Case Study 01

5. Excel Formulas : The Power Play a. Basics

I. SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS II. COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS iii. Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

[4 hours 00 minutes]

b. Logical function

c. Text Function
i. ii. iii. iv. v. i. ii. iii. iv. UPPER, LOWER TRIM, PROPER CONCATENATE LEFT, RIGHT, MID TEXT, VALUE, T, EXACT Amortization Schedule/Loan Schedule [INTRATE, IPMT,ISPMT,PMT,PPMT,RATE] Project Evaluation [PV, FV, NPV,IRR,MIRR] Bond Valuation [ACCRINT,COUPDAYBS,NPER,DURATION,EFFECT,PRICE] Finance and Accounts [DB,DDB,FVSCHEDULE]

d. Financial Function

e. Date and Time function



Lookup and Reference


6. Basics of Macro : For your knowledge only

[1 hour 00 minutes]