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World Tour: What you need to Know Before You Go Whether youre taking a world trip on your gap

year, thinking about studying abroad or simply looking for a good summer vacation spot here are the Top 10 Travel destinations1 that may just tickle your fancy for the coming year. 10. arcelona !. "ong #ong $. #uala %umpur &. 'ubai (. )stanbul *. +ew ,ork -. .ingapore /. 0aris 1. %ondon 1. angkok 2or the first time since 1010, an 3sian city tops the 4lobal 'estination 5ities )nde6 and 3sia dominates the list with five cities71 To honour these beautiful 3sian locations, were dedicating this article to some of the cities and some things you may not know about them7 With societies so steeped in tradition, it comes as no surprise that 3sian countries can have a strict set of eti8uette guidelines for visitors to follow when passing through. Whilst the rules were once much more intensely followed in the likes of "ong #ong, there9s still a level of respect one must e6ercise to avoid appearing rude. 5ities such as 'ubai and angkok strongly enforce laws that could result in imprisonment if not followed. .o take note, lest you commit a cultural fau6 pas. )t is important to respect cultural traditions and observe local laws when travelling abroad. 3 common misconception is that whats ok in your country is the same in foreign countries. This is not the case and it is e6tremely important that you do your research before you travel7 Well start with a city that is currently ranked first as a 4lobal 'estination, the sensory e6perience that is angkok located, of course, in Thailand. Whilst the 25: advises against all but essential travel to areas on the Thai; <alaysia borders and some on the Thai;5ambodian borders,/ in the city of angkok itself the rules perhaps arent as clear cut. The first rule in angkok is if theres no set price get ready to haggle your way to a good price ; but adopting a confrontational attitude wont help. )ts best to stick to tactics such as, =help me out on a good price here my friend> as a general rule. ?emember Thais dont like to @lose face so be gracious in your proceedings. !_"inal_#$.pd% 2 http://www.$' 3 https://www.go(.u)/%oreign-tra(el-ad(ice/thailand

3nother good thing to remember is that at all times you need to carry your passport- . )ts actually illegal to be without it so when deciding whether its safer to have it on you or in the hotel safe, the answer in Thailand is always securely on you7 :ne last tip, dont make defamatory comments about the #ing or the ?oyal 2amily for that matter*, its another way you could find yourself in a prison rather than with a bucket down #hao .an ?oad7 3 city that we often hear about in the news is 'ubai and those reports on offenses werent at all e6aggerated. .e6 outside marriage is definitely illegal, and if youre found out you run the risk of prosecution, imprisonment andAor a fine. 'ont think you can get away with it by conducting your affairs behind closed doors either . )ts also illegal to live, or share a hotel room, with someone of the opposite se6 to whom you are not married or closely related.( :ne last and final step revolves around the beautiful city of .ingapore, which is infamous for its clean nature. :n the spot fines are common, especially from some behaviours that we tolerate here in ritain, so make sure you arent caught chewing gum on the trains or littering. 3nd not to take the sparkle out of the 3sian jewel, nor to assume that these behaviours are something that travellers may take part in, but its worth mentioning that the death penalty is in use for offences that include murder and drug trafficking.& Whilst some laws are pretty obvious, and 8uite frankly fall within common sense, its the more obscure ones that you may find yourself caught out by. <ore detailed advice is available on the 25: website at and you can also follow them on 2acebook Bfacebook.comAfcotravelC or Twitter Btwitter.comAfcotravelC. 2or any of you who have a smartphone, there is a great free app called 0lan.0ack.D6plore which gives you all the info you might need before going. )t is also available on their website at;pack;e6plore; a;new;guide;for;travellers.

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