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Automotive Controls Algorithm Engineer 1 Date Posted Location Degree Required Job Type Max Experience Position Id Job

Description 8/1/2011 Warren, MI bachelors Contract Full- ime ! "ears #810 $es%onsible &or s%eci&'ing re(uirements, e)ecution an* evaluation o& *esign, anal'sis, *evelo%ment, testing an* control o& ma+or engineering %ro+ects ,here creativit' an* initiative are involve* as ,ell as a high level o& in*e%en*ent +u*gment- E)ercises technical *irection over other engineers or engineering su%%ort %ersonnel an* ma' have ,or. *irection res%onsibilities over a grou% ,ith s%eci&ic engineering ob+ectives- Consults ,ith su%ervisor as re(uire*/ 0rovi*es technical lea*ershi% &or a*vance* technolog' *evelo%ment / Wor.s closel' ,ith multi-*isci%line* engineering teams to un*erstan* &unctional re(uirements an* im%lement a%%ro%riate solutions / 0er&orms com%le) *esign anal'sis / 1enerates technical solutions &or current, ne, an* ma+or %rograms / 2%eci&ies an* balances s'stem re(uirements / 3ea*s selection o& electro-mechanical actuators, sensors / 0lans an* im%lements test an*/or *evelo%ment s'stems / Im%lements engineering changes / Assist combustion engineers ,ith combustion s%eci&ic test an* measurement strategies / 4igh level o& oral an* ,ritten communication s.ills / 4igh level o& inter%ersonal s.ills to ,or. in*e%en*entl' an* e&&ectivel' ,ith others / Communicates in&ormation to an* &rom internal an* e)ternal customer organi5ations / 2ta's abreast o& ne, technolog' an* com%etitive %ro*ucts / Focuse* on continuous im%rovement6 engineering %ro+ects an* ,or. %rocesses 7uali&ications6 $e(uire* 82E, 82 in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or e(uivalent training 9no,le*ge o& basic control s'stem *esign metho*olog' an* control theor' :n*erstan*ing o& engineering theor' an* %rinci%les o& o%eration o& mechanical an* electrical s'stems 4igh level o& anal'tical abilit' ,here %roblems are unusual an* *i&&icult E)%erience in inter&acing an* integrating sensors an* actuators ,ith com%uter-base*, highs%ee* *ata ac(uisition an* control s'stems in a test laborator' setting E)%erience in Analog, ;igital an* Mi)e* Circuit ;esign, &amiliarit' ,ith tools li.e 20ICE/2A8E$ etc E)%erience in ;igital 3ogic ;esign, &amiliarit' ,ith tools li.e <4;3/<erilog 9no,le*ge o& Electrical 1roun*ing an* 2hiel*ing techni(ues, s%eci&icall' the re*uction or elimination o& electrical noise in nois', in*ustrial environments E)%erience in 0rinte* Circuit 8oar* *esign/manu&acturing, &amiliarit' ,ith 2ur&ace Mount echnolog' ;esign, =$CA; or e(uivalent 9no,le*ge in the im%lementation o& $eal- ime $a%i* 0rotot'%ing Controller using *2%ace $0C or E A2 2'stem Algorithm mo*eling e)%erience using MA 3A8, 2imulin., 2tate&lo,, $eal- ime Wor.sho% !> 'ears relevant ,or. e)%erience 0re&erre* M2EE / M2ME E)%erience in ?I 3A8<IEW E)%erience in *evelo%ing a%%lications &or an* commissioning o& com%le), state-o&-the-art engine test s'stems

:n*erstan*ing o& IC engines, transmissions, engine controls @ testing, EC:, an* some &amiliarit' ,ith engine calibration an* ma%%ing horough .no,le*ge an* e)%erience using AutoCA; 9no,le*ge in *igital &iltering an* *igital signal %rocessing techni(ues E)%erience ,ith I ;20 chi%s an* the I Co*e Com%oser 2tu*ioE)%erience ,ith %rogramming languages li.e C, C>>, <isual 8asic, Assembl'

Automotive Contro s A gorit!m Engineer "

General Purpose Responsible for automotive controls and software development. Work involves innovation, development, execution, and verification of control system requirements, architecture, algorithm and software. Independent judgment is used with minimal supervision. Major Job Duties and Responsibilities evelop and synthesi!e control feature requirements esign control algorithms and software for complex systems "reate and utili!e #atlab models for algorithm definition $tili!e autocode methodologies for implementation of software design $tili!e plant models for verification of algorithm and control features %erform feature and integration builds of software "onduct system&level and unit&level verification and validation testing %erform esign 'ailure #ode and (ffects ) '#(*+ and ,ariation analysis "ommunicates, coordinates, and consults with engineering departments and customers Write standardi!ed "- codes in order to define algorithms Required Skills/Experience .nowledge of #/ 0ffice )(xcel, Word and %ower%oint+ 1 2eginner level .nowledge of 3otus 4otes or other email communication tool 1 Intermediate level /trong interpersonal skills with the ability to present5work in group settings 6ood verbal communication skills to clearly convey message or project timelines5updates 6ood written communication skills to effectively prepare documents for management review and approval *bility to work well in a team environment & 7 years experience /trong leadership skills to effectively communication with multiple levels within the organi!ation /trong organi!ational skills with the ability to handle multiple projects and heavy work loads

/trong planning skills with the ability to prioriti!e workload independently /trong problem solving capabilities to effectively investigate issue and provide resolution .nowledge of #atlab, /imulink and *utocoding 1 8&9 years experience *bility to write standardi!ed "- codes to define algorithms 1 7 years experience .nowledge of control system architecture and design expertise 1 8 years experience %osition related experience in (ngineering 1 7 years %osition specific experience in (mbedded "ontrols *lgorithm, /oftware (ngineering 1 7 years Required Education/Training/Certi ications/!icenses 2achelors egree in "omputer /cience, (lectrical (ngineering or #echanical (ngineering Required Conditions Suppliers agree t"at all candidates sub#itted / #atc"ed to t"is assign#ent $ill success ull% co#plete t"e required Drug Testing and &ackground C"ecks prior to t"e supplier con ir#ing t"e acceptance o t"e assign#ent
#umber o$ %penings &or' (!i$t Trave Required 1 ;a' no