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Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi

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Not to be confused with Syed Ahmad Barelvi. Islamic scholar

Ahmed Raza Khan

Title Born Died Ethnicity Era Region Jurisprudence Creed Main interest(s
In!luenced "y#.ho1$ In!luenced#.ho1$

Ala Hazrat 14 June 1 !"#1$ 1%&1 'a(ed "4)"!* +ndian ,odern era -outh A.ia Hanafi -unni A/eedah, Fi/h, 0a.a11uf

Barel#i mo#ement
Central !igures
Ahmed Raza Khan Barel#i ,u.tafa Raza Khan Hamid Raza Khan

Jamaat Ahle -unnat, 2aki.tan -unni 0ehreek, 2aki.tan -unni +ttehad 3ouncil, 2aki.tan 4a1at5e5+.lami, +nternational -unni 4a1at5e5+.lami, +nternational

Al Jamiatul A.hrafia 6 ,anzar5e5+.lam Al5Jame5atul5+.lamia 6 Jamiatur Raza

%ota"le &cholars
Ameen ,ian 7audri, +ndia -arfraz Ahmed 8aeemi, 2aki.tan ,uhammad +lya. 7adri, 2aki.tan Akhtar Raza, +ndia

7amaruzzaman Azmi, 9nited Kin(dom ,uhammad ,u.lehuddin -iddi/ui, 2aki.tan Ar.hadul 7audri, +ndia

Kanzul +man, tran.lation of the 7ur:an

, Hindi; , 1 !") :Ahmed Raza Khan (azil)e)Barel#i '9rdu 1%&1*, popularly kno1n a. Aala *azrat, 1a. a Hanafi -unni 1ho founded the Barelvi movement of -outh A.ia<#&$#=$#4$ Raza Khan 1rote on numerou. topic., includin( la1, reli(ion, philo.ophy [and the .cience.< He 1a. a prolific 1riter, producin( nearly 1,>>> 1ork. in hi. lifetime<#=
Contents #hide$

1 ?arly life 1<1 Reli(iou. .tudie. & Belief. &<1 @ppo.ition to other .ect. &<& @ppo.ition to heterodoA practice. = 2olitical /uieti.m 4 3ritici.m ! -ee al.o " Reference. B -ource. ?Aternal link.

?arly life#edit$
Hi. father 1a. 8a/i Ali Khan, hi. (rand father 1a. Raza Ali Khan and hi. (reat5(randfather -hah Kazim Ali Khan#!$ 1a. a noted -unni .cholar<#"$ Ahmad 1a. Corn on ,onday at 14 June 1 !" in Ja.uli,one of the area. of Bareilly -harif, united +ndia<Hi. Cirth name i. ,ohammad<Hi. (randfather called him Ahmad Raza and Ahmed:. mother named him Amman ,iyDn< He Cecame famou. 1ith the name 1hich 1a. kept Cy hi. (randfather#B$ Khan u.ed the appellation EACdul ,u.tafaE 'slave [or servant] of Mustafa* prior to .i(nin( hi. name in corre.pondence<# $ He .tudied +.lamic .cience. and completed a traditional 4ar.5i58izami cour.e under the .upervi.ion of hi. father 8a/F Gli KhDn, 1ho 1a. a le(al .cholar< He 1ent on the HaHH 1ith hi. father in 1 B <

Religious studies+edit,
Ahmed Raza Khan tran.lated the 7uran into 9rdu, 1hich 1a. fir.t puCli.hed in 1%1& under the title of Kanz ul- man fi !ar"uma al-#ur$an< 0he ori(inal manu.cript i. pre.erved in the liCrary of +dara 0ah/i/at5i5+mam Ahmed Raza, Karachi, and an ?n(li.h tran.lation of Kanzul man ha. al.o Ceen puCli.hed< Ahmed Raza Khan al.o 1rote .everal Cook. on the collection and compilation of hadith.< #%$

Ahmed Raza Khan:. Celief. re(ardin( ,uhammad include;

,uhammad '.a1*, althou(h human, po..e..ed a noor 'li(ht* that predate. creation<#1>$ 0hi. contra.t. 1ith the 4eoCandi vie1 that ,uhammad 1a. insan-e-%amil 'Ethe complete manE*, a re.pected Cut phy.ically typical human<#11$#1&$ He i. haazir naazir 'can Ce pre.ent in many place. at the .ame time, a. oppo.ed to Iod, 1ho i. every1here Cy definition*<#1=$ Iod ha. (ranted him ilm-e-&haib 'the kno1led(e of the un.een*< Raza Khan 1rote; 'e do not hold that anyone can e(ual the %nowled&e of Allah Most )i&h* or +ossess it inde+endently* nor do we assert that Allah$s &ivin& of %nowled&e to the ,ro+het -Allah bless him and &ive him +eace. is anythin& but a +art. But what a +atent and tremendous difference between one +art [the ,ro+het$s] and another [anyone else$s]/ li%e the difference between the s%y and the earth* or rather even &reater and more immense. JAhmed Raza Khan, al-0awla al-Ma%%iyya -c11.* 234.

$pposition to other sects+edit,

,irza Ihulam Ahmad of 7adian claimed to Ce the ,ahdi 'me..iah* a1aited Cy the ,u.lim. a. 1ell a. a ne1 prophet< 0he.e claim. proved to Ce eAtremely controver.ial amon( many in the ,u.lim community, and he 1a. Cranded a heretic and apo.tate Cy many reli(iou. .cholar. of the time, includin( Ahmed Raza Khan< Ihulam Ahmad:. claim. are controver.ial to thi. day, Cut hi. ,ahdi .tatu. and prophethood i. Celieved in Cy the Ahmadiyya .ect< 0hou(h, 2aki.tan in 1%B4, have officially declared the Ahmadiyya .ect non5,u.lim.<#14$ When Ahmed Raza vi.ited ,ecca and ,edina for pil(rima(e in 1%>!, he prepared a draft document entitled Al Motamad Al Mustanad 'E0he ReliaCle 2roof.E* for pre.entation to the .cholar. of ,ecca and ,edina< Ahmed Raza Khan collected opinion. of the ulama of the HeHaz and compiled them in an AraCic lan(ua(e compendium 1ith the title, )usam al )armain 'E0he -1ord of 01o -anctuarie.E*, a 1ork containin( =4 verdict. from == ulama '&> ,eccan and 1= ,edine.e*< +n that 1ork, 1hich 1a. to in.pire a reciprocal .erie. of fat1a. Cet1een Barelvi. and 4eoCandi. la.tin( to the pre.ent, Ahmad Raza denounced a. %uffar the 4eoCandi leader. A.hraf Ali 0han1i, Ra.hid Ahmad Ian(ohi, and , 8anot1i<#1!$ Khan i..ued fat1a. a(ain.t other reli(iou. (roup. .uch a. 4eoCandi. and Ahl al5Hadith, them of Cein( to1ard. ,uhammad '.a1*< Khan 1ent a. far a. to declare not only all 4eoCandi. and Ahl al5Hadith a. infidel. and apo.tate.,#1"$ Cut al.o any non54eoCandi. 1ho douCted the apo.ta.y of 4eoCandi.<#1B$

$pposition to heterodo- practices+edit,

Raza Khan condemned many practice. he .a1 a. bid5at 'forCidden innovation.*, .uch a.; #awali 'reli(iou. mu.ic* and -ufi 1hirlin(, 1hich he oppo.ed a. un5+.lamic< Khan i..ued a fat1a in 1hich he /uoted the .ayin(. of the 3hi.ti -ufi order demon.tratin( their vie1 that mu.ical in.trument. are forCidden in +.lam<#1 $ !awaf 'ceremonially 1alkin( in circle. around a holy .ite * of tomC.<#1%$ Sa"da 'pro.tration* on -hrine. and 0omC. to tho.e other than Iod#&>$#&1$ !a5zieh, play. re5enactin( reli(iou. .cene.#&>$ Women (oin( to mazaar 'tomC.*#&&$

2olitical /uieti.m#edit$
9nlike mo.t other ,u.lim leader. in the re(ion at the time, Khan and hi. movement oppo.ed the +ndian independence movement due to it. leader.hip under Iandhi, 1ho 1a. not a ,u.lim<#&=$

Raza oppo.ed laCelin( then5Briti.h held +ndia to Ce 4ar al5HarC 'Eland of 1arE*, thu. any Hu.tification of Hihad '.tru((le* or hiHrat 'ma.. emi(ration to e.cape* a(ain.t the propo.ed plan. of the 4eoCandiyya ,ovement 1ho 1i.hed to Ce(in Hihaad< Raza:. .tance 1a. oppo.ed Cy 4eoCandi .cholar. .uch a. ,uhammad 8anotvi<#&4$ Raza Khan oppo.ed the Celief in a heliocentric .y.tem, in.tead .tatin( that the .un and moon circulate around the ?arth<#&!$


-ee al.o#edit$
1< &<

,u.tafa Raza Khan Hamid Raza Khan Akhtar Raza Khan 7amaruzzaman Azmi -yed Waheed A.hraf ,uhammad +lya. 7adri

Jump up. )ayat-e-Aala )adhrat, vol<1 p<1 Jump up. -ee; llustrated 0ictionary of the Muslim 'orld '&>11*, p< 11=< ,ar.hall 3avendi.h, +-B8 %B >B"14B%&%1 6lobalisation* 7eli&ion 8 0evelo+ment '&>11*, p< !=< Farhan( ,orady and K.mail Liriner 'ed.<*< Mondon; +nternational Journal of 2olitic. and ?conomic.< Ro1ena RoCin.on '&>>!* !remors of 9iolence/ Muslim Survivors of :thnic Strife in 'estern ndia , p< 1%1< 0hou.and @ak.; -a(e 2uClication., +-B8 >B"1%=4> 1 Ro.hen 4alal '&>1>* !he 7eli&ions of ndia/ A ;oncise 6uide to Nine Ma"or <aiths, p< !1< Revi.ed edition< 3ity of We.tmin.ter; 2en(uin Book., +-B8 %B >14=41!1B" BarCara 4< ,etcalf '&>>%* slam in South Asia in ,ractice, p< =4&< 2rinceton; 2rinceton 9niver.ity 2re..< !he ;olumbia 'orld 0ictionary of slamism '&>>B*, p< %&< @liver Roy and Antoine -feir 'ed.<*, 8e1 Nork; 3olumCia 9niver.ity 2re..< Ire(ory 3< and 9.ha -anyal '@ct)4ec 1%%%*< E4evotional +.lam and 2olitic. in Briti.h +ndia; Ahmad Riza Khan Barel1i and Hi. ,ovement, 1 B>)1%&>E< =ournal of the American >riental Society //0 '4*; B>B)B>%< doi;1><&=>BO">4 ""< J-0@R ">4 ""<

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B< Jump up. Ala )adhrat Cy Ba.ta1i, p< &! < Jump up. Man huwa Ahmed 7ida Cy -haHa:at Ali al57adri, p<1! %< Jump up. ARlahazrat a. a 0ran.lator of Holy 7urRan< 1imnet<or(#verification needed$ 1>< Jump up. slamic Beliefs* ,ractices* and ;ultures< ,ar.hall 3avendi.h< 1 -eptemCer &>1>< pp< 14!)<+-B8 %B
B%&"5>< Retrieved 4 ,ay &>11< 11< Jump up. ,a%istan +ers+ectives* 9olume @< 2aki.tan -tudy 3entre, 9niver.ity of Karachi, &>>&



Jump up. AkCar -< Ahmed '1%%%* slam today/ a short introduction to the Muslim world< +<B< 0auri. 2uCli.her., +-B8 %B 515 ">"45&!B5% 1=< Jump up. 8< 3< A.thana S A<8irmal '&>>%* 9rCan 0errori.m ; ,yth. And Realitie.< 2uCli.her 2ointer 2uCli.her., +-B8 %B 5 15B1=&5!% 5", p< "B 14< Jump up. Tahid Aziz, Ahmadiyya AnHuman +.haat +.lam '&>> * A survey of the Bahore Ahmadiyya movement/ history* beliefs* aims and wor%< A<a<i<i<l< 'u<k<*, +-B8 %B 515%>"1>%5>=5!< p< 4= 1!< Jump up. http;OOCook.<(oo(le<comOCook.UidV"1BJW@l4+ok3Sp(V2A& &Sd/VKhanX XdeoCandiXhu.amShlVenS.aVQSeiVh=M(9C544aH 4A@@/4I4A(SvedV>3477"A?1A7YvVonepa(eS/VKhan Z&>Z&>deoCandiZ&>hu.amSfVfal.e 1"< Jump up. Kenneth W< Jone. '1% %* Socio-7eli&ious 7eform Movements in British ndia* ,art C, vol< 1, p<

1B< 1 < 1%< &&< &=<

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Jump up. Ahkame -hariat part = pp< &)= &>< P Jump up to;a b Ahkame -hariat part 1 &1< Jump up. 7anoon5e5-hariat 2art1 Jump up. Fat1a5e5Raz1ia Jump up. R< 9padhyay, Barelvi. and 4eoCandhi.; [Bird. of the -ame Feather\< ?ura.ia Revie1, courte.y of the -outh A.ia Analy.i. Iroup< January & , &>11< &4< Jump up. ,< 8aeem 7ure.hi< ,an- slam in British ndian +olitics/ a study of the Khilafat Movement* 434?A432D < BR+MM, 1%%%< +-B8 %B 5%>5>4511=B15 < p< 1B% &!< Jump up. Fauz e ,uCeen 4ar Radd e Harkat e Tamin< Alahazratnet1ork<or( '&>115115&B*< Retrieved on &>1&5>"5>1<

Baraka, A ) A -aviour in a 4ark World 'Article* 0he +.lamic 0ime., ,arch &>>= -tockport, 9K Haroon, , 0he World of Ahmed Raza Kazi 2uClication., Mahore 1%B4 -anyal, 9.ha, Ahmed Riza Khan Barel1i; +n the 2ath of the 2rophet ',aker. of the ,u.lim World*, @ne1orld, &>>!<


?Aternal link.#edit$
0hi. article:. use o! e-ternal lin3s may not !ollo4 5i3ipedia6s policies or guidelines< 2lea.e improve thi. article Cy removin(eAce..ive or inappropriate eAternal link., and convertin( u.eful link. 1here appropriate into footnote reference.< -May 214C. Alahazrat<net +ntroduction to +mam Ahmad Raza Who i. heU Who i. Alahazrat U ?5Book Bio(raphy @nline 7uran 2roHect include. the 7ur:an tran.lation of Ahmed Rida Khan< 0he 0rue Mife 2icture of Hazrat A 3omplete ?ncyclopedia aCout Ahmed Raza Khan< 0he Mife and Work. of the ,u.lim Revivali.t, A:Ma Hadrat Re.earch 1ork. on Ahmed Raza Khan Book. and 1ork. of Ahmed Rida Khan Fata1a and 1ork. Cy Ahmed Rida Khan A detailed 1eC.ite aCout the Raza:. life and 1ork. World3at W+AF; B&&>4% 1 Authority control M338; nB%11!4 ! +-8+; >>>> >>>> 1!& B4%" I84; 11%4 >=>1 3ate(orie.; 1 !" Cirth. 1%&1 death. 2eople from Bareilly +ndian -ufi. +ndian 1riter. -unni imam. Barelvi Hanafi.

Hanafi fi/h .cholar. +ndian -unni ,u.lim .cholar. of +.lam 7uran tran.lator.

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