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Kumpulan Perintah CMD pada Jaringan komputer Kumpulan Perintah CMD pada Jaringan komputer Kumpulan Perintah CMD

pada Jaringan komputer

Perintah CMD CMD (Command Promt) cmd.exe adalah baris perintah penerjemah pada O !"# $indo%s C& dan $indo%s '( berbasis sistem operasi (termasuk $indo%s ")))# *P# +ista# er,er "))- dan er,er ")).). berikut ini list perintah/perintah 0ang sering di gunakan pada jaringan komputer1 ipcon2ig !all Menampilkan in2ormasi kon2igurasi koneksi# misaln0a 3ost 'ame# Primar0 D' (0pe# &thernet 4dapter 54'. ipcon2ig !displa0dns Menampilkan D' Cache. ipcon2ig !2lushdns Menghapus D' Cache ipcon2ig !release 6Menghapus7 semua koneksi 8P 4ddress. ipcon2ig !rene% Membuat 8P 4ddress baru untuk adapter tertentu. ipcon2ig !registerdns Melakukan re2resh D' dan meregister kembali koneksi D' . ipcon2ig !sho%classid Menampilkan in2ormasi D3CP Class. ipcon2ig !setclassid Mengubah D3CP Class 8D control netconnections Menampilkan 'et%ork Connection. ping

Contoh1 ping Melakukan test koneksi ke situs emakin sedikit 9 loss/n0a makan semakin baik koneksin0a. tracert Menampilkan in2ormasi 8P 4ddress route. netstat Menampilkan in2ormasi koneksi (CP!8P 0ang sedang akti2. route Menampilkan local route. hostname Menampilkan nama komputer. berikut beberapa contoh perintah cmd dasar1 Diba%ah ini ada Command : command 0ang digunakan seluruh CMD semua ,ersi O # kalau ada 0ang tidak support berarti bukan di O itu# a 4DD; &< 4<P 4 4 b >OO(C?@ ><O$ (4( c C4C5 C455 CD C3KD K C3K'(? C3O8C& C8P3&< CleanMgr C58P C5 C34'@& 1 iAin perubahan 2ile 1 pengalihan program exekusi= 1 Change Director0 / dipindahkan ke 2older 0ang spesi2ik 1 Perubahan Properti ser,er terminal 1 Check Disk / check and repair disk problems 1 Check the '(? 2ile s0stem 1 4ccept ke0board input to a batch 2ile 1 &ncr0pt or Decr0pt 2iles!2olders 1 4utomated cleanup o2 (emp 2iles# rec0cle bin 1 Clear memor0 leaks 1 Cop0 (D8' to the $indo%s clipboard. 1 Clear the screen= 1 mengubah setting boot %indo%s 1 bro%ser in2o OC OC84( 1 (ambah pengguna ke da2tar 2ile C +

1 4ddress <esolution Protocol 1 mengubah 2ile asosiasi ekstensi= 1 satu langkah asosiasi 2ile 1 mengubah attribut 2ile



C5; (&< CMD CO5O< COMP COMP4C( COMP<& CO'"P<( CO'+&<( COPB C Ccmd C +D& d D4(& D&?<4@ D&5 D&5P<O? D&5(<&& De,Con D8< D8<; & D8 KCOMP D8 KCOPB D8 KP4<( D' (4( DO K&B D 4C5s D 4dd D @et D Cuer0 D Mod D Mo,e D <M e &C3O &<4 & &*8( &*P4'D &*(<4C( 2 ?C ?8'D

1 $indo%s Clustering 1 tart a ne% CMD shell 1 Change colors o2 the CMD %indo%= 1 Compare the contents o2 t%o 2iles or sets o2 2iles 1 Compress 2iles or 2olders on an '(? partition 1 Compress indi,idual 2iles on an '(? partition 1 Connect or disconnect a Printer 1 Con,ert a ?4( dri,e to '(? . 1 Cop0 one or more 2iles to another location= 1 Client/side caching (O22line ?iles) 1 8mport or &xport 4cti,e Director0 data 1 Displa0 or set the date= 1 De2ragment hard dri,e

1 Delete one or more 2iles= 1 Delete '( user pro2iles 1 Delete a 2older and all sub2olders 1 De,ice Manager Command 5ine ;tilit0 1 Displa0 a list o2 2iles and 2olders= 1 Displa0 disk usage 1 Compare the contents o2 t%o 2lopp0 disks 1 Cop0 the contents o2 one 2lopp0 disk to another 1 Disk 4dministration 1 D' tatistics 1 &dit command line# recall commands# and create macros 1 4cti,e Director0 4C5s 1 4dd items to acti,e director0 (user group computer) 1 +ie% items in acti,e director0 (user group computer) 1 earch 2or items in acti,e director0 (user group computer) 1 Modi20 items in acti,e director0 (user group computer) 1 Mo,e an 4cti,e director0 Object 1 <emo,e items 2rom 4cti,e Director0 1 Displa0 message on screen= 1 &nd localisation o2 en,ironment changes in a batch 2ile= 1 Delete one or more 2iles= 1 Cuit the current script!routine and set an errorle,el= 1 ;ncompress 2iles 1 ;ncompress C4> 2iles


&+&'(C<&4(& 1 4dd a message to the $indo%s e,ent log

1 Compare t%o 2iles 1 earch 2or a text string in a 2ile

?8'D (< ?O< !? ?O< !? ?O< ?O<?85& ?O<M4( ?<&&D8 K ? ;(85 ?(P ?(BP& g @5O>45 @O(O h 3&5P i iC4C5 8? @P;PD4(&

1 earch 2or strings in 2iles 1 5oop command1 against a set o2 2iles= 1 5oop command1 against the results o2 another command= 1 5oop command1 all options ?iles# Director0# 5ist= 1 >atch process multiple 2iles 1 ?ormat a disk 1 Check 2ree disk space (in b0tes) 1 ?ile and +olume utilities 1 ?ile (rans2er Protocol 1 Displa0 or modi20 2ile t0pes used in 2ile extension associations= 1 Displa0 membership o2 global groups 1 Direct a batch program to jump to a labelled line= 1 ;pdate @roup Polic0 settings

1 Online 3elp 1 Change 2ile and 2older permissions 1 Conditionall0 per2orm a command= 1 8s the current user in an '( $orkgroup 1 Con2igure 8P

8?M&M>&< 8PCO'?8@ k K855 l 54>&5 5OC45 5O@O?? 5O@(8M& m M4P8 &'D M> 4cli M&M MD MK58'K MOD& MO<& MO+& M @ M 8&*&C M 8'?O

1 <emo,e a program 2rom memor0 1 &dit a disk label 1 Displa0 membership o2 local groups 1 $rite text to the '( e,ent ,ie%er 1 5og a user o22 1 5og the date and time in a 2ile 1 end email 2rom the command line


1 >aseline ecurit0 4nal0Aer. 1 Displa0 memor0 usage 1 Create ne% 2olders= 1 Create a s0mbolic link (linkd) 1 Con2igure a s0stem de,ice 1 Displa0 output# one screen at a time 1 Manage a ,olume mount point 1 Mo,e a user 2rom one domain to another 1 Microso2t $indo%s 8nstaller 1 $indo%s '( diagnostics 1 Mo,e 2iles 2rom one 2older to another= 1 end a message

MO;'(+O5 MO+&; &<

M ( C M;'@& M+ n '&( '&(DOM '&( 3 '&( +C '>( (4( '&( (4( 'O$

1 (erminal er,er Connection (<emote Desktop Protocol) 1 ?ind and <eplace text %ithin 2ile(s) 1 Cop0 in/use 2iles 1 Manage net%ork resources 1 Domain Manager 1 Con2igure 'et%ork 8nter2aces# $indo%s ?ire%all D <emote access 1 Command/line er,ice Controller 1 Displa0 net%orking statistics ('et>8O o,er (CP!8P) 1 Displa0 net%orking statistics ((CP!8P) 1 Displa0 the current Date and (ime 1 'ame ser,er lookup 1 >ackup 2olders to tape 1 &dit user account rights 1 Displa0 or set a search path 2or executable 2iles= 1 (race route plus net%ork latenc0 and packet loss 1 uspend processing o2 a batch 2ile and displa0 a message= 1 ho% permissions 2or a user 1 Per2ormance Monitor 1 <estore the pre,ious ,alue o2 the current director0 sa,ed b0 P; 3D= 1 Displa0 the status o2 ports and ser,ices 1 Con2igure po%er settings 1 Displa0# con2igure or rename a printer 1 4dd# delete# list printers set the de2ault printer 1 Change the command prompt= 1 &xecute process remotel0 1 ho% 2iles opened remotel0 1 Displa0 the 8D o2 a computer or a user 1 5ist in2ormation about a s0stem 1 Kill processes b0 name or process 8D 1 5ist detailed in2ormation about processes 1 Print a text 2ile 1 (est a net%ork connection

' 5OOK;P '(>4CK;P '(<8@3( p P4(3 P4; & P&<M P&<?MO' P8'@ POPD PO<(C<B PO$&<C?@ P<8'( P<'C'?@ P<'M'@< P<OMP( Ps&xec Ps?ile Ps@et id Ps8n2o PsKill Ps5ist P4(3P8'@

Ps5oggedOn 1 $hoEs logged on (locall0 or ,ia resource sharing) Ps5og5ist 1 &,ent log records PsPass%d 1 Change account pass%ord Ps er,ice 1 +ie% and control ser,ices Ps hutdo%n 1 hutdo%n or reboot a computer Ps uspend 1 uspend processes P; 3D F C@<&P 1 earch 2ile(s) 2or lines that match a gi,en pattern. 1 a,e and then change the current director0=

r <4 D845 <4 P3O'& <&CO+&< <&@ <&@&D8( <&@ +<-" <&@8'8 <&M <&' <D <&P54C& <M( 34<& <O>OCOPB <O;(& <;'4 <;'D55-" s C C58 ( &( &(* ?C 34<& 38?( 1 er,ice Control 1 chedule a command to run at a speci2ic time 1 Displa0 '( er,ices 1 Displa0# set# or remo,e en,ironment ,ariables= 1 Control the ,isibilit0 o2 en,ironment ,ariables= 1 et en,ironment ,ariables permanentl0 1 0stem ?ile Checker 1 5ist or edit a 2ile share or print share 1 hi2t the position o2 replaceable parameters in a batch 2ile= 1 Create a %indo%s shortcut (.5'K 2ile) 1 5ist the '( $orkgroups a user has joined 1 5ist the ;sers %ho are members o2 a $orkgroup 1 hutdo%n the computer C3(4 K 1 Manage <4 connections 1 Manage <4 connections 1 <eco,er a damaged 2ile 2rom a de2ecti,e disk. 1 8mport or export registr0 settings 1 <egister or unregister a D55 1 Change <egistr0 Permissions 1 <ecord comments (remarks) in a batch 2ile= 1 <ename a 2ile or 2iles= 1 <eplace or update one 2ile %ith another 1 hare a 2older or a printer 1 <obust ?ile and ?older Cop0 1 Delete 2older(s)=

1 <egistr01 <ead# et# &xport# Delete ke0s and ,alues

1 Manipulate net%ork routing tables 1 &xecute a program under a di22erent user account 1 <un a D55 command (add!remo,e print connections)


3O<(C;( 3O$@<P 3O$M>< 3;(DO$' 5&&P 5M@< OO' O<( (4<( ; ;> ( t (4 K58 ( (4 KK855 ;>8'4C5

1 $ait 2or x seconds 1 o2t%are 5icensing Management (+ista!")).) 1 chedule a command to run in the near 2uture 1 ort input 1 tart a program or command in a separate %indo%= 1 %itch ;ser 1 &dit 2ile and 2older Permissions# O%nership and Domain 1 4ssociate a path %ith a dri,e letter

B (&M8'?O 1 5ist s0stem con2iguration 1 5ist running applications and ser,ices 1 <emo,e a running process 2rom memor0

(8M& (8M&O;( (8(5& (58 ( (O;C3

1 Displa0 or set the s0stem time= 1 Dela0 processing o2 a batch 2ile 1 et the %indo% title 2or a CMD.&*& session= 1 (ask list %ith 2ull path 1 Change 2ile timestamps 1 (race route to a remote host 1 @raphical displa0 o2 2older structure 1 Displa0 the contents o2 a text 2ile= 1 5ist domain usernames and last login 1 Displa0 ,ersion in2ormation= 1 +eri20 that 2iles ha,e been sa,ed= 1 Displa0 a disk label= 1 5ocate and displa0 2iles in a director0 tree 1 Output the current ;ser'ame and domain 1 Compare the contents o2 t%o 2iles or sets o2 2iles 1 $indo%s s0stem diagnostics 1 $indo%s s0stem diagnostics 88 1 $M8 Commands 1 Change 2ile and 2older permissions 1 Cop0 2iles and 2olders 1 Comment ! <emark=

(<4C&<( (<&& (BP& u ; < (4( , +&< +&<8?B +O5 % $3&<& $3O4M8 $8'D8?? $8'M D $8'M DP $M8C x *C4C5 *COPB 11